Darkess Falls - Day of the Dead - (c) 2004 by NNN
by H. Millard (c) 2004
H. Millard

As expected, President Bush proposed a new temporary worker program this week. The temporary workers will be mostly brown people from Mexico and points south. They won't really be temporary. What will happen is that we'll just be adding a new tier of workers. We'll still have illegal aliens hanging out on corners soliciting work and then we'll have newly legal aliens using job centers. Because the newly legal aliens, will come under our labor laws, they'll find that their illegal alien cousins are getting many of the jobs. The newly legal aliens will also have to compete with American citizens for jobs. Also, watch as they demand the vote. If Bush is still in office, he may grant them this right.

President Bush's inability to understand that genes matter and that people are not fungible was indicated when he told his audience "During one great period of immigration--between 1891 and 1920--our nation received some 18 million men, women and children from other nations. The hard work of these immigrants helped make our economy the largest in the world."

Swedish immigrantsWhat Mr. Bush forgot to say was that most of those immigrants were white Europeans. They left pre-birth control Europe because Europe was getting crowded. Because of the high European birth rate at that time, European nations were teeming with people. This caused all sorts of pressure that brought European expansion. Today, we're not taking in many people from Europe because the European birth rate has now fallen to below replacement levels and instead of expanding, white Europe is contracting.

Since President Bush's brother JEB is married to a Mexican and has brown mestizo children who don't look like the Bush family, you'd think President Bush would have a clue about genes. But, he doesn't.

Lalla GolfarelliOf course, there are plenty of non-white people on the planet, so if a European nation or America just wants to have people to fill jobs and change the nature of a nation it can follow the advice of Lalla Golfarelli, the head of family planning in Bologna."The truth is there doesn't have to be a demographic catastrophe. Look at a map. Look at Europe on that map. We are all only two to four hours away by boat or plane from many countries with many people. Open the gates. Immigration can solve this problem. If people would just open their minds they would realize there are enough people on this earth to go around."

So, Golfarelli figures Italy can replace its white Italians with blacks from Africa and all will be well and all will be the same. We truly live in mad times. People, Ms. Golfarelli and Mr. Bush, are not fungible. They are not identical.

Some more rational people in Italy have instituted a government program to give 1,000 euros for each child born. This may help with Italy's population problem and keep Italy Italian, but a similar attempt in Sweden worked for a few years and gave Sweden the highest birth rate in Europe in 1990, but then the program stopped working and the birth rate has fallen again. Comments from Swedes indicates an underlying attitude of self-indulgence. They are more interested in creature comforts than in children.

New Zealand 'White Power' guysClearly, a spiritual rebirth must happen among white people if we are to survive on this dark planet. It doesn't do much good for three or four whites to march around a town square screaming "white power." White power will only come with numbers and a proper world view. This means we need to have more children. And, we may have to bring in plural marriages and a new religious attitude to accomplish this.

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