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(There Ain't No Such Thing As Cheap Labor)
by H. Millard (c) 2005
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According to a recent news report, tighter controls at the Mexican border (Huh?) have caused a shortage of strawberry pickers in Oregon. This has caused some growers to whine that they need more slaves, ah, illegal aliens, er, immigrants, or the whole friggin' world is going to collapse as the strawberries rot in the fields. It's a catastrophe of Biblical proportions. Good God! We have to open the borders and let in more illegal aliens or America is going to collapse!

mechanical harvesterThe story sounds phony--probably planted by an open borders Bush operative--because there doesn't appear to be any real tightening of controls at the border. But, if true, great! Tighten that friggin' border up as tight as you can make it. Don't worry about the strawberries. They'll get picked. The growers will adapt to using American labor. Count on it.

In fact, a shortage of cheap imported labor is as good for America as pruning rose bushes is good for the roses. Unpruned rose bushes get spindly and weak, pruned ones get thick and strong. We've got enough people in this nation to produce our own home grown American berry pickers, and doing so will strengthen us as a nation. We don't need no stinkin' illegal alien berry pickers or illegal alien gardeners or illegal alien maids or illegal alien fast food workers or anything else with illegal in it. They're making us spindly and weak.

decadent lifestyleSince when did all Americans become bank presidents and computer billionaires too high and mighty to do ordinary labor? Don't we have school age kids in this nation who might like to make a little money here and there by picking berries and doing other honest, good for the mind and body, fingernail dirtying work? Have we become a nation of effete, decrepit yuppies sitting around in lounge chairs while being waited on by illegal aliens? Are we a nation of sissies afraid to do work because we think it's beneath us? All work is ennobling. Have we forgotten that?

If we cut back on immigration, both legal and illegal, there will be subtle pressures for us to start having more children to take the lower end jobs. That's the way it works. When people are needed, people are birthed. Yeah, I know, having babies is work that many Americans--and I'm speaking of European-Americans now--don't want to do anymore, so they rely on illegal aliens to do even that for them. Of course, and this may come as a shock to some aracial Bush-brained nitwits, their babies aren't really their babies at all because only babies born with their genes are their babies. Is this too hard to understand by these dimwits?

kidsOnce we boot the illegal aliens out and thus relieve the crowding pressures we feel, we'll start feeling a need for more people and we'll make them ourselves as our subconscious minds begin bubbling up rationales for us to have kids again. If our government then helps society enable child bearing via breaks for couples who have children so that they are not penalized for having kids, as is the case now, we'll be on the way back to being a vigorous, young, and growing nation--which would be a reversal of our present trends.

Today, the U.S. may look prosperous and strong (if you don't look too closely) but our nation is being eaten away inside by insidious and corrosive parasites. And, fools that we are, we think the parasites are helping us while they supply cheap labor to this or that rich business owner while destroying the fabric of this nation. Illegal aliens are hollowing out America like termites in wood.

Welcome to post-American America in the year 2005. America is like a street of phony Hollywood movie houses that look good from the front but which are only fronts. Open the doors and go inside and there are no insides. We are a nation of middlemen and illegal aliens. Few are really producing anything of lasting value.

outsourcingAt the same time that we've been busy deindustrializing America by sending our factories overseas, we've been bringing in factory level illegal alien workers to America. So where do they work? They work in the fields and in service industries. Their bosses like them because they're cheap and they don't have be given medical insurance or other benefits. If they complain about poor working conditions, well, there are many other illegal aliens on street corners to replace them. And, what happens if a berry picker or service industry illegal alien gets injured or sick? You and I pay for it. Figure that into the so-called low price of strawberries. And, what about the schools that are now full of illegal aliens and their anchor children? They're in the toilet.

Libertarians say TANSTAAFL--There Ain't No Such Think As A Free Lunch. Immigration reformers might consider changing that to TANSTACL--There Ain't No Such Thing As Cheap Labor. You can pay now, or you can pay later, but you're going to pay. And, it would be far better to pay a little more now by hiring American citizens than paying much more later by hiring illegal aliens.

So-called cheap illegal alien labor has become a big ponzi scheme foisted on American citizens. "Say, you don't want to pay more for your strawberries at the market do you?" asks the con man knowing that you're going to pay even more later on because of the hidden costs of having millions of illegal aliens in this nation. Meanwhile, the rich get rich while using so-called cheap illegal alien workers while you pick up the tab between what these so-called cheap workers make from their rich bosses and what it really costs to live in a First World society. You pay for their medical and dental costs, their schooling, and a thousand other things so that even though many of these workers report (if they report at all) small incomes, their quality of life is close to and may even exceed your quality of life. And, don't we work to have a higher quality of life? Isn't it really about that, and not about the amount you make? The rich bosses have spread the bosses' labor costs on the backs of all citizens. When you see a rich boss who employs illegal aliens, on the way to his bank, know that he's screwing you and putting some of your money into his account.

obese boyIt's time to reinvigorate America. We can start doing that by booting out all the illegal aliens. It's time to force a new spring for America out of our present winter, because if we don't force it, it's not going to happen. We need to start expanding again, instead of contracting. We need to start working with our hands again at least at some stage in our lives. Maybe we wouldn't have to spend so much money on exercise machines, jogging clothes and gym memberships to stay in shape if we actually did some manual labor instead of hiring Manuel to labor for us.

working kidI know something about how this works. When I was nine years old I started picking squash, slopping hogs, shoveling cow manure and doing other things on a number of small local truck farms whenever I could wrangle a job for a few days. As I got older, I washed dishes in restaurants. Other kids in the area did the same types of things. I then worked in factories. Part of my earnings went to my parents for my room and board.

Had there been mobs of illegal aliens around, I'm sure the other kids and I would have been forced out of jobs. And, parents might have stopped having kids if the kids couldn't contribute to the household.

I know that most who are reading this, already know all of the above, but it doesn't hurt to keep repeating it in as many different voices and in as many ways as possible. You never know, maybe a different turn of phrase or two will help some of the open borders crowd finally see the truth.

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