by H. Millard © 2005

What is the most essential and basic glue that binds living, and formerly living, and yet to be living individuals to other individuals whether they are animal or plant? Is it a piece of paper such as a constitution? Is it nebulous concepts such as "freedom" and "democracy"? Is it that they have occupied the same piece of land? No. Not one of these things is essential or basic. And none of them are very strong glue. What naturally glues together things that live or have lived or will live is having the same genome. In humans, this is usually expressed as being of the same race.

Sane people who are genetically alike--and who are thus of the same race--will generally, from a statistical standpoint, look pretty much alike (we all know that) and will act pretty much alike (and we should all know that, as well). That's because their blueprints--their genomes--are very similar and they are designed from the ground on up to look alike and act alike. It's simple engineering. If you follow a blueprint for a certain type of car and you build the car with all the right parts in the right place, the final cars coming off the assembly line will be pretty much alike and you'll recognize them as all being the same make and model and as being different from other makes and models. There'll be some individual differences, of course, but they'll be close enough and be enough within the specs of the blueprint to be the same makes and models. So it is with humans of each race. Of course, with humans, the bigoted blenders want you to believe that even though the different races look different, they are really the same. Don't buy it. Such an argument is absurd on its face. Genotypes are from-the-ground-up blueprints for the creation of living animals and plants. If it looks different (a phenotype), as we have defined terms, it has, by definition, a different genotype. Different race of human--different blueprint.

If people of a particular genotype become numerous enough so that they become a nation inhabited only by their kind, and if they are enlightened, the leaders and the people will be pretty much in tune with each other. Thus, as has been said before, the people will generally get the leaders they deserve and the leaders will be cut from the same cloth as the people. This doesn't always lead to perfect nations or governments, but when the leaders and the people are one there's a far better chance of the people being able to realize their genetic group destiny than if they lived in a mixed nation of different races and different religions.

For example, a people whose genotype has made them to have characteristics that make them law abiding will create a nation that is probably safe and fairly crime free. That's the way it generally is with whites. Look at white areas of the U.S. for evidence of this. As I've written before, you don't even have to know the racial makeup of most places in the U.S. to know when they're mostly white. Just close your eyes to race and only consider the crime stats. If there's little violent crime, the area is probably white. Of course, the aracial numbnuts can't or won't connect up the dots and they'll do headstands to try to find other reasons the white areas are safe instead of the real reason; which is that the quality of the area comes from the people in the area and the people in the area come from their blueprint.

Mix dark genotypes into a nation with a white genotype and you'll start seeing that crime rates and social discord rise. You'll then also usually find that the law abiding people will become sitting ducks so long as they don't see themselves as being different from the others and begin protecting themselves from the others. "Why, we're all just Americans," say the numbnuts. Wrong. We are our genotypes and there's no "American genotype."

This brings us to what's going on in Hawaii these days where native Hawaiians want to have a native Hawaiian government. A government based on genotype. A government based on race. A government where the leaders and the people are one. A government based on what is real and genuine. A government of, by and for one people.

The legal mechanism that may create this racial government is the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act which is working its way through the U.S. Congress right now. As you might expect, the blenders, numbnuts and assorted propeller beanie race deniers, aracial goofballs, and neocon ninnies are out in full force against it and are getting their pimply faces all frowny. As you might also expect, most of these goofballs are at least marginally white, but don't tell them that, because they'll begin sputtering and denying that they even noticed that they are white and they'll probably tell you that all people bleed red blood or some such nonsense. That's what it's like to be an aracial nature and life denying Stepfordized drone Great White Mother and Great White Father with a subconscious belief that you're superior, and that because you're superior you must deny you're superior. Call this subconscious belief by its real name, as I have many times: noblesse oblige racism.

Confounding these later day Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers is the fact that some of the darkies don't want to be whitey, or partially whitey and partially darkie. "Don't they know their places, daaahling?" is the unspoken question in the subconscious minds of the GWMs and GWFs. "We're just trying to help them the way we helped the American Indians and the way we're now helping the Arabs." Unfortunately for the GWMs and the GWFs, many of these non-whites like themselves as they are. They don't need whites to tell them what to do to be civilized. They want to remain true to their genes. This, of course, gives the Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers conniptions beyond belief because all their lives these GWMs and GWFs have been fighting "racism," which in their case means they have been denying their own race and they expect others to follow suit to blend themselves all away. Now they're faced with what they call racism, and since it isn't coming from whites the GWMs and GWFs are confused. "Golly (asks the subconscious of the GWMs and the GWFs) doesn't everyone want to be white just like us? I mean we're white, but you know, we're not really white, I mean not like that. Gosh, under our skin we're all the same and the same that we are is the same that all the rest of you should want to be. We love all our darkie brothers and sisters and we know that they were, oh, just left in the oven a little too long or something like that, but they're really white people inside because, daaaahling, we all know that a white human is the basic model for humans and once we all blend together we'll end racism and be a one size fits all tan on the outside, white on the inside, white person."

What the Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act would do is allow the native Hawaiians to form a government based on race.

This goes against the blender's goofy notion that we should all blend together and not even consider race and that we should form aracial nations stuck together on artificial concepts. I say nonsense to this. The real glue is from our DNA and our genes and these add up to our race. Anything else is like a sticky note that is not permanent. This is where loyalty must be born and maintained, not on some notion of some numbnut who fell out of bed one morning after a neurotic dream about us all being one big undifferentiated race the human race. It's baloney. There is not one human race, there are many. There is a human species--in fact there may be more than one human species--depending on how the term species is defined. At any rate, the different groups of humans are very different from each other and that's the way it should be. However, the blenders don't like that they want us all to blend together.

One neocon who doesn't like what the Hawaiians are up to wrote recently that Jefferson Davis would like the Hawaiian plan because the proposed new government is based on "blatant racialism."

So, what's wrong with that? Must every society be mixed? What's wrong with letting distinct peoples have their own identities and the freedom to pursue their lives in the company of those like them? Have we been put on this earth to commit our own genocide by breeding ourselves into non-existence through the miscegenation that follows logically from mixed societies?

For increasing numbers of people--many of whom aren't white--the answer is that it is fine to be what nature or God has made you to be and to form your own societies based on what is real--your genotype.

The neocon who mentioned Jefferson Davis also points out that almost half of the marriages in Hawaii are interracial.

Well, should this bill pass, the native Hawaiians may develop enough pride in their genotype that they start breeding true again and they may even save their genotype from extinction.

Go Hawaiians!

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