Bush pledges allegiance
by H. Millard (c) 2005
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"I keep seeing columns and letters from slightly awake people wondering why George Bush won't protect our borders," said Homeless Jack. "Many of these folks have angst and internal conflicts up the yahoo because most of them voted for Bush thinking he was a good conservative. They believe, it will be discerned, that a good conservative would protect our borders. They are thus at a loss to explain Bush and his policies. They're in a difficult position, man. Their brains have been hardwired by Bush's crew of shrill shills such as Rush Limbaugh and just about any of the commentators on the Fox BushNetwork to believe that Bush is a conservative, yet their reason tells them he's not. Trying to reconcile things is enough to make one neurotic.

"Here's my quick treatment for the neurosis: Bush is not a conservative. Period. Don't even try to think he is or you'll go nuts. End of the confusion and the conflict.

Mexican Fox and neo-con liberal Bush"I figure that Bush can probably be called a neo-con liberal. His only conservative bonafides--if you can call them that--are that he probably wouldn't put a crucifix in a bottle of urine and he probably wouldn't burn an American flag. Is that what makes one a conservative? What about creating big and intrusive government? Isn't that a liberal thing to do? Bush seems to be working overtime to make the government bigger and more intrusive. What about balancing the budget? Bush has given us a gigantic deficit. What about things such as telling the truth? Conservatives think that's a conservative trait. Remember, Iraq? What about protecting our borders? Bush has never seen a border in America that he likes. He'd rather protect the borders of Iraq.

"You want to know why Bush will never protect our borders? He doesn't want to. He wants open borders.

"Why? Because he wants to blend America. He wants to grind down all the white genes and mix them up with non-white genes to end up with something tan.

Bush and short Hispanic appointee"You see, man, I figure that Bush, in addition to being a neo-con liberal, is also a blender at heart. In the U.S. he's the Mr. Big of blenders. And, it is this blending ideology that trumps everything else. Blenders don't like the eternal struggle of existence, man. They think that they can make some sort of cool world by removing the three main areas of conflict in the world today: different races, different religions, different nations. Most blenders are mad, man, they're whacked out loonies. They figure that by manipulating people and events they can blend away the differences and it'll be all joy, joy, joy. In the U.S., Bush is taking on the first category--race--by allowing in millions and millions of brown mestizos to change the present gene pool and make it more likely that the U.S. will be an even less white nation in the future. That's what he wants, man, a mestizo nation. It's all about probabilities in the gene pool. With millions and millions of non-whites in the U.S. the probability that whites will mate with them is increased. That'll be the end of whites. You don't mix white and something else and end up with white, man. In the mind of blenders, having no whites means you'll end racism, and since the blenders believe that all people are fungible, getting rid of distinct races, and especially whites, will be no big deal. And, since, in their screwy minds, we're all the same anyway you're not really getting rid of anyone when you blend them away. They don't care if we have no more people with white skin, blue eyes, blond hair and typical European features. In fact, they prefer it. "Hey, people are people. We all bleed red blood." White nation becomes brown nation. Good news to the blenders. Bad news for whites who want to remain white.

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's daughter, Noelle Bush, after her arrest  George P. Bush"The blending has already begun in Bush's own family, and I know most people who follow these things know about it, man. JEB Bush is married to a Mexican woman and his son is the first brown George Bush--George P. Bush. That's probably the clearest example we could have of what Bush is trying to create as the new American. If he wants to do that in his own family, well, under our laws, that's his right, but he shouldn't be trying to impose his ideas about this on the rest of us.

"Blenders are wrong, man. Their way leads to genocide and extinction. They are Dodo birds preaching that everyone else should also be Dodo birds. They're like cultists in a closed loop all smiling at each other and convincing each other that drinking poison in the jungle and dying is a great thing to do. Many of the blenders are nuts like those cultists, man, while some others are just not awake and have been brainwashed. We need to awaken them and deprogram them, man. We need to tell them to not be so gullible and to resist the siren like but screw loose calls to blend themselves away, man.

Bush blending..."When you stop struggling to be who you are, genetically, you might as well just go lie down in the snow and say goodnight forever. Yeah, I know some crackpot is probably going to jump up and say, 'Well there's no such thing as pure races.' So what? I'm not saying there are. I understand that there's been some mixing since we've been on this planet, but today it's reached epidemic proportions. I'm saying that we need to remain relatively pure and try to become more pure and that's the way to God. I'm saying that we should breed for those things that are the ideal for our type and we should try to remove impurities from our lines by picking the right mates.

"Genes are the most essential part of everything that lives and it is from genes that we derive our true identity and our true selves. Change the genes and you change the life and the line. That's what is happening to the U.S. and, unless I'm wrong, George Bush wants it to happen. That's why he won't protect our borders and that's also why he wants to grant amnesty to the millions of illegal mestizos already in this country. It's all about blending. And, yes, Bush is also trying to blend religions and nations, but those are for another talk some other time."

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