Bush gives Satanic Salute
by H. Millard (c) 2005
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In his scary inaugural speech this week--sort of a twisted and oral mish
mash of bits and pieces from Mein Kampf, the Communist Manifesto, the
Bible, 1984, Animal Farm and Alice in Wonderland--Emperor Bush told the
world of his divine mission of world domination. He didn't call it that,
of course, but when we consider what Bush has done in Iraq and the noises
he's making about Iran, how else can we interpret lines such as "All who
lie in tyranny and hopelessness can know: The United States will not
ignore your oppression, or excuse your oppressors. When you stand for
your liberty, we will stand with you," and, "So it is the policy of the
United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and
institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending
tyranny in our world"?

Of course, Bush's goal of imposing his will on other nations is mostly
playing out as an attempt to force all Arab and Muslim nations into
Americanizing and accepting an American style democracy. This means that
they must have bland, inoffensive, plain wrap values in all things and
pretend that the manipulated masses are running things. Those nations that
scurry and conform will be left untouched. You can tell the ones that are
on board, because they usually have leaders set up and paid by the U.S.
and these leaders ape the U.S. in dress and most other things. Bush will
allow these nations to remain Islamic, but their brand of Islam will have
to be to that faith, what a non-denominational, do your own thing, hippie
church in the U.S. is to Christianity.

The Bushies are all about double standards. Even though they talk about
North Korea as being evil, don't count on them attacking that nation.
It's not near Israel. Instead, watch as the Bushies attack Arab and
Muslim nations near Israel.

Also, even though the people of Germany, France, England and many other
European nations are being oppressed by their own tyrannical leaders,
the oppressors in these nations need not worry about Bush attacking them
or imposing economic sanctions on them or even saying a really harsh word
about them when they throw their citizens in jail for reading or
possessing the wrong books or wearing the wrong clothes or saying the
wrong things or showing the wrong symbols. Bush is okay with that.
That's not oppression. That's not tyranny. He's a neocon, you see. To
be a neocon is to be mostly interested in the interests of Israel and
Zionists. The oppression in Europe is being carried out against people
who in some way are seen as being the intellectual enemies of Israel or
Zionists or who are activists against the destruction and genocide of
European peoples. To neocons, such people deserve to be oppressed.

In Bush's new age inaugural screed, the scapegoats weren't evil Jews,
evil capitalists or evil sinners. Been there, done that. Instead, they
were evil tyrants, evil terrorists and evil freedom haters. In our brave
new age, we've mostly moved beyond those days when we could scapegoat
others based on their ethnicity (unless they're whites) or their economic
views or their religion. The new Bush Manifesto says that we must send
the jets and the tanks to fight terrorists and tyranny (as he defines the
terms) and bring freedom (also as he defines it) to every sand lot on the
planet, by gum. Gawd wants it, and Gawd speaks to George W. Bush.

If you're a Bushie neocon, how do you get people to back you? Propaganda.
Instead of one Josef Goebbels to tell a big lie, the Bushies have a
couple hundred of these shills on so called conservative talk radio and at
least one phony TV news network.

What do these Josef Goebbels clones say each time they speak to their
audiences? Very simple things that are repeated over and over again.
Here's the outline of a typical new Josef Goebbels talk radio program: 1.
George Bush is a moral man and is protecting America. 2. Conservatives
and Republicans want to save America. [The truth is that most of these
characters are really neocons and aren't real conservatives at all. Want a
simple and almost always correct test to tell the real conservatives from
the neocons? Just ask someone his or her position on Israel. If one of
these nincompoops claims to be a conservative but is slavish in his or her
praise for Israel, you can know that he or she is probably a neocon. The
neocons pretend to be behind America, but their real allegiance is to
Israel.] 3. The liberals and Democrats want to destroy America. 4. The
main stream media lies about George Bush and "conservatives." That's it.
That's the basic outline followed on almost all of these phony so-called
conservative radio and TV programs. Most are little more than
propagandistic infomercials for the Bush administration.

Bush pushes his notion of democracy as the system to be used in every
nation. But, what is his idea of democracy? Well, since it is American
style democracy that he's pushing, it is a representative democracy and
not a direct one. This is not true democracy, of course, and it is a
system by which the masses can be easily manipulated by a few photogenic
and rich politicians who will often lie to get into office. Once in
office, these politicians are mostly unaccountable to the people and
often vote any way they want without a concern for what the people want.
Also, once in office, it's usually easy to keep getting elected.
American democracy has been subverted by the manipulators' increased
knowledge of human psychology and their ability to use this knowledge to
manipulate people into acting or not acting in certain ways while
thinking they are doing so because of their own free will.

If you control the propaganda and are confident that you can sway a bunch
of easily suggestible people--such as the millions in the red states who
gave Bush his second term--you can be an ersatz dictator but not look like
one. The people wanted you to lead them. Of course, what you won't hear
from the Bushies is that Adolf Hitler had the support of the German people
and he wasn't a dictator. If you're one of the people who voted for Bush,
you probably do think that Hitler was a dictator. Do us all a favor,
before you vote again, turn off your phony conservative talk radio and
read a book. Then, maybe we can elect leaders who won't lie and who will
respect human life and not spill human blood for no reason.

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