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    Why I am against Bush's Iraq war - by the NNN Editor

1. Iraq did not attack the U.S.
There was no proof that Iraq planned to attack the U.S.
3. Congress did not declare war as required by the Constitution
4. The infiltration of the U.S. 'homeland' by up to 20 million illegal aliens is a greater threat
5. Squandering military/defense resources leaves the U.S. more vulnerable to real enemies.

PS. I don't think there has been a 'good' Constitutional war since the 1846 Mexican war.

    Iraq - a Frankenstein abomination patched together with various decomposing body parts from Kurds, Sunni and Shia sects...
can never be a NATION... let alone a 'democracy' - but at best a corrupt despotism - only held together by a ruthless dictator like Saddam.

When George Bush's neocon crusaders invaded and overthrew him on an WMD snipe hunt... the old sutures broke and the rotting limbs thrashed out in a mindless paroxysm of violence from the golem creature that was created by mad scientists under a CIA grant....

creature that was created by mad scientists under a CIA grant.... "
...The boundaries of modern Iraq were settled by British officials, including Winston Churchill, who combined three Ottoman districts, the northern mostly Kurdish district administered from Mosul; the middle mostly Sunni Arab district, which contained Baghdad; and the southern mostly Shiite district, whose major city was Basra.

In Arab nationalist thinking, these decisions reflected the British desire to create an inherently unstable nation, lacking historical legitimacy and forcing three antagonistic groups to live together, so the country would never be strong and unified and would be more easily controlled by outsiders...."

A history of Iraq, the cradle of Western civilization - by Eric Black - of the Star Tribune
Iraq, which gave the world Saddam Hussein, is also the birthplace of writing, the plow and the first great code of law. It's also the birthplace of Abraham, father of the Jews and the Arabs.In earlier epochs, the territory now called Iraq was the center of the greatest powers of the day. At other times it was conquered by Alexander the Great, ravaged by the Mongols and dominated by empires based in Persia, Turkey and Britain.

Let the mutant monster of Iraq disassemble, decompose and recycle - perhaps to fertilize two or three new nations!
Do not offer the transfusion of American blood into this grotesque miscreation of the black arts.

"Bush Bravely Leads 3rd Infantry Into Battle"
"IRAQ-KUWAIT BORDER—As the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division began its ground assault on Iraq Monday, President Bush marched alongside the front-line soldiers, bravely putting his own life on the line for his country by personally participating in the attack..." - (The Onion - link by Svejk)

Ant Kill System

by H. Millard (c) 2003

Hubris to Madness to Destruction by Bob Wallace
"I've watched George Bush change over the last year. He went from being a Good Ol' Boy who said if he lost the election, "life goes on," to a dogmatic, closed-minded man who apparently believes God has chosen him to bring the deluded leftist dream of "democracy" to the Middle East.
People have suggested to me that Bush is either insane or a psychopath (i.e., he has no conscience). He is neither. What has happened to him is a sequence the Greeks noticed thousands of years ago: Koros (stability) to Hubris (arrogance, moral blindness) to Ate (a kind of "madness") to Nemesis (destruction). One of the problems of the afflicted is that they never know what is happening to them..."

Americans Are Playing a Dangerous Game - by Chuck Baldwin
"...The U.S. Constitution requires our nation to obtain a Declaration of War from Congress before we attack any country! Why is that so difficult for people to understand? The Constitution is the supreme law of our land. Our elected leaders take an oath to obey the Constitution, not party bosses. How can we treat that oath and that supreme law so flippantly and still call ourselves patriotic Americans?..."
The US Government Is Dying - by Michael Rivero
"The US Government is dying. Its ultimate fate was sealed the moment the Federal Reserve Fiat money system was put into place... Bush wants a war to save the present government. And by supporting his war with our money and the blood of our children, all we buy is more of that same government." - (reader link)

Getting Ours - The Foundation Of Empire - by Fred Reed
Fred"Today, my absolutely last war column, until something actually blows up. I promise. Kind of. Everybody else in the chatter racket is hooting lustily, so why shouldn't I? I concede that as a geopolitical thinker I have the credentials of a bucket of paint, a condition I share with the State Department and White House. Gonna do it anyway. They do. Why are we going to fight Iraq? By asking the question I'm not suggesting that there is no reason, just that I don't know what it is. Help me..."

Guitar player

"For what did thousands of Americans die in Iraq?"
The Road to Universal Slaughter
by Ryan McMaken - ("KPS Reports")
""Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.
How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar." - (from reader)

Grim ReaperBush's Pentagon stocks up on body bags
Nearly 10,000 bags were ordered, but officials say they have not been shipped to the Persian Gulf.

The military shuns the term body bag, which gained widespread usage during the Vietnam War, when 58,000 American military personnel died. Instead, the military began calling them "human remains pouches" during the 1991 Persian Gulf war. They are made of vinyl and cost the government about $38 a pouch. - (John Clark)

Use our weapons of mass-democracy
Prevent Bush from imposing his own, personal Day-of-Infamy - by Richard Barrett

George Bush may give the order soon that will kill this little Iraqi girl
BushmanIraqi girlIf she dies next month in a bombardment by the 'Axis of Goodness'
- would that be a war crime?
Take off the scarf and she would more easily fit into a school yard in the United States or Serbia rather than one in Asia, Africa or 'Latin' America.
(graphic from

More work, less sex, Chinese told
Hu JintaoThe general secretary of the Chinese communist party, Hu Jintao, has made a keynote speech urging the party's 65 million members to live a simple life and avoid the temptations of money, power and sex. Ref: Interactive Dynamic Statistics for the Growing Total Population on the Mainland of China
One Billion, 285 million, 191 thousand, and 333 when I just looked....
Ref: US population is currently estimated at "only" 289, 972, 322...
So why isn't Bush getting tough with China's Weapons of Mass Destruction...?
Ref: Population: The population of Iraq (1997 estimate) is 22,219,289

Bush gets tough with SaddamnBush War Preparations Intensify

U.S. Had Key Role In Iraq Buildup
Donald H. RumsfeldTrade in Chemical Arms Allowed Despite Their Use on Iranians, Kurds

Among the people instrumental in tilting U.S. policy toward Baghdad during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war was hawk Donald H. Rumsfeld, now defense secretary, whose December 1983 meeting with Hussein as a special presidential envoy paved the way for normalization of U.S.-Iraqi relations. Declassified documents show that Rumsfeld traveled to Baghdad at a time when Iraq was using chemical weapons on an "almost daily" basis in defiance of international conventions.

Bush enraged at Iraqi shoot down of American drone in no-fly zone
remote controlled aircraft"No Fly" zone"Saddam will pay for this!" -
Iraqi fighter planes have shot down a US unmanned surveillance drone over southern Iraq - Yet, despite its superior state-of-the-art cutting-edge military defense technology... the US has failed to bring down a SINGLE Iraqi drone penetrating the US Homeland Airspace in the Southern "No-fly" zone - which includes states of the Former Confederacy. - (Bushwar)

Citizens are urged to report Iraqi Drones and any 'UFO's to the Office of Homeland Security

Homeland Security may soon monitor the Internet
The White House is proposing an Internet-wide monitoring center to detect and defend against major cyber-attacks, but the Bush administration sought Friday to ease worries it might scrutinize individual users' e-mails along with other data traffic.

  • CIA gets terrorist hit list from Bush
    The White House has drawn up a "high-value target" list of al Qaida leaders and other terrorists the Central Intelligence Agency is authorized to kill without seeking additional authority if their capture is impractical.

    "I do not want more widows", Bush tells TV - (but vows to hug any new widows if he alone starts war)
    invoking the image of the mothers and widows of dead US servicemen...
    "... there's only one person who is responsible for making that decision, and that's me"
    The president went on, entangling himself in the strange syntax he uses when nervous:
    "And there's only one person who hugs the mothers and the widows, the wives and the kids on the death of their loved ones. Others hug, but having committed the troops, I've got an additional responsibility to hug, and that's me, and I know what it's like."

    NEW YORK--First he appointed himself President. Now George W. Bush has declared himself God.
    As Americans begin their third year of Supreme Court-ordered political occupation, Bush has just signed an impressive new executive order. You may be surprised to learn that it grants him the right to order your execution. No judge, jury or lawyer. No chance to prove your innocence. One stroke of Bush's pen, and bang--you're dead.

    CIA Has OK To Kill Americans without Miranda rights, without trial
    Authority Comes From Bush's Rules For War On Terror

    The authority to kill U.S. citizens is granted under a secret finding signed by the president after the Sept. 11 attacks that directs the CIA to covertly attack al-Qaida anywhere in the world. The authority makes no exception for Americans, so permission to strike them is understood rather than specifically described, officials said.
  • Why the Pentagon will watch where you shop - (

(He knows Saadam stole the quart of strawberries, by damn!)
by H. Millard (c) 2002

Pat BuchananA Dangerous Form of Altruism by Pat Buchanan
"...In lives lost, these were small wars with big gains. But in 1917, Wilson took us into the Great War “to make the world safe for democracy.” What vital interest was in peril? None. What did we get out of it? Bolshevism, fascism, Nazism, and World War II..."
USA is not wanted in Iraq - by Patrick J. Buchanan - (

Pax Americana by Richard Barrett
Here is a breakdown on recent wars in which America has been engaged and the consequences of each:

"lawn jockey"
by H. Millard (c) 2002

US Eagle StampOur Glorios LeaderCongress Gives Commander Bush Blank Check
The Senate joined the House on Friday morning in voting solidly to give Bush II the authority to use the entire US military force against Iraq anytime he feels like it - anywhere in the world - with a preemptive blitz that may include nuclear, biological, chemical and other classified weapons of mass destruction. As the US has righteously declared itself exempt from war crimes, any collateral casualties will be deeply regretted. - (this was done to save face as Bush said he didn't need any damn Congressional Declaration of War as we are already in a Perpetual War Against Terrorism)

Strategic Note: With all of our legions in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia... the Homeland could be taken over by an enterprising coalition of Bloods, Crips, Mexican Mafia with the technical assistance of People's Liberation Army advisors currently working as waiters in various Chinese restaurants.

Why We Should Attack Saddam Hussein By Michael Peirce

A Day of Infamy by William J. Thomson
"Today, October 11, 2002 – a date which will live in infamy – the Constitution of the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate.
By a vote of 296-133 in the House and 77-23 in the Senate, Congress abdicated its constitutional authority to declare war (Article I, Section 8), and placed the power to declare and wage war in the hands of the most inept president in United States history.

Analysis: Bush's Mesopotamian folly
PARIS, Oct. 13 (UPI) -- While the drums of war continue to resound and to gather momentum in Washington, Europeans, on the other hand, are moving to a very different beat. And as President George W. Bush prepares for his Mesopotamian expedition, travelers from the United States to France are greeted with a short question, followed by just as short a statement. The question: "Alors, c'est la guerre?" So, it's war? It's followed by the rhetorical statement: "Mais c'est de la folie!" -- But this is madness.

The US was unwilling or unable to effect a 'regime change' in Castro's Cuba - "90 miles from the mainland" yet Bush now expects to effect a "regime change" on the other side of the world.

Their Generation, Now Unemployed, Must Fight the War
Then Become Slaves in Red State That Follows - by Francis P. Yockey

UK: War Crimes? Peace Crimes? US planes sprayed Wiltshire with Sarin
CROPDUSTER aircraft flown by British and US military personnel sprayed deadly chemical weapons, including Sarin and VX, over the Wiltshire countryside in the late 1960s. News of the tests is broken in declassified documents released this week by the Pentagon.
They took place at the highly secretive Porton Down facility near Salisbury, despite there being virtually no information about the long-term health effects of even very low exposures to the lethal nerve agents.
As well as Sarin and VX, the tests involved Soman and Tabun. According to the documents, seen by The Times, the chemical weapons were used on open grassland and woodland.

The declassified documents acknowledge a far wider use of chemical and biological weapons than admitted by the British or US Governments. The disclosure could not come at a worse time for Tony Blair and President Bush, who argue that Iraq’s stockpiling of such nerve agents justifies a “regime change”. - (British Nation)

Bush: how I'll rule the world - (Rense link)

Bush Dynasty declares intent to Dominate the World through pre-emptive Terror Strikes
Bush Proposes U.S. Shift to First-Strike Military Policy

The Bush White House has released a new national strategy document which states
the US should strive for lasting military superiority with a policy of pre-emptive strikes to defeat terrorism.

"One Party, one Corporation, one President!"
  • Bush Manifesto For - US World Dictatorship
    "In declaring itself dictator of the world, The United States will have no accountability to non-United States citizens. It will bomb who it likes when it likes, and change regimes when and as it sees fit, it will not be subject to investigations for war crimes, for torture, or for breaches of fundamental human rights."

Texas farms more vital than Iraq desert - by James Jones
"We are at war? Well, that has been obvious for some time. The telltale signs are when a country is invaded, its territory is occupied, its citizens are killed and its rights are taken away. Of course, that is what has been going on right before our very eyes. Every day, Mexicans intrude, occupy our territory, kill our citizens -- even Border Patrolmen right on our own soil, while doing their very duties -- and replace our language, deplete our resources and install themselves in our offices..."

Bush's bathroom

War for the Sake of War? - by by William Norman Grigg
Near the climax of George Orwell’s incomparable novel 1984, the hapless Winston Smith undergoes torture and interrogation at the hands of O’Brien, an agent of Big Brother’s Police State. In order to break Smith’s will, O’Brien describes the one-party state he serves as a pitiless leviathan not subject to law or reason.

And, Orwell might have added, the object of war is war. In order to keep its subjects in control, Big Brother's regime was perpetually involved in a three-sided war with Eastasia and Eurasia – a war in which last week’s "eternal ally" was this week’s "mortal enemy."

The Mystique Of Iraq - by Charley Reese
Charley Reese
For some reason unknown to me, Iraq casts a strange spell on the members of the Bush family when they occupy the White House. It seems to corrupt them so that they resort to lies and elaborate deceptions as their frenzy for war grows feverish.
The original Gulf War was based largely on lies. There was the outright lie that Iraqi soldiers had snatched Kuwaiti babies out of incubators to steal the incubators.

Mark TwainThe Loud Little Handful - by Mark Twain
"The loud little handful – as usual – will shout for the war. The pulpit will – warily and cautiously – object... at first. The great, big, dull bulk of the nation will rub its sleepy eyes and try to make out why there should be a war, and will say, earnestly and indignantly, "It is unjust and dishonorable, and there is no necessity for it.

Then the handful will shout louder. A few fair men on the other side will argue and reason against the war with speech and pen, and at first will have a hearing and be applauded, but it will not last long; those others will outshout them, and presently the antiwar audiences will thin out and lose popularity.

Before long, you will see this curious thing: the speakers stoned from the platform, and free speech strangled by hordes of furious men...Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.

Mark Twain, The Mysterious Stranger (1910).

- (Teutonland link)

talk radio
by H. Millard (c) 2002

The War for World Government - By Joe Sansone
President Bush’s September 12th speech before the U.N. was a testament before the world that the United States is now the mercenary force of world government. Bush’s strongest argument for war with Iraq was not that Iraq was a threat to the United States, but that Iraq had violated U.N. security resolutions.

It was eerie as the President spoke to international delegates about the need to enforce U.N. security resolutions asking, “Are Security Council resolutions to be honored and enforced or cast aside without consequence?” Later saying, “The Security Council Resolutions will be enforced, the just demands of peace and security will be met or action will be unavoidable”, Bush implied that the United States would enforce U.N. resolutions even if the U.N. didn’t want them enforced.

President Bush spoke as if a decision to wage war was already decided by the United States unless full compliance by Iraq materializes. When did congress declare war? By what authority does the president have the power to declare war?

The Unholy War - By Joe Sansone
Rightfully so, the Bush administration has condemned terrorism and the “Jihad,” the Islamic holy war, but Bush, Cheney and company, along with mind numb cheerleaders have now crossed the line and are leading the charge for an unholy war of their own. They are calling for the United States of America to become an aggressor nation.

Iraqi children

Beltway Right Wrong - Only Congress Can Declare War - By Sam Francis
Very graciously for the Emperor of the New World Order, President Bush has stated that he will consult Congress before going to war against Iraq and even promises to listen to people who don't want to go to war at all.

War Is A Racket - Major General Smedley Butler
WAR is a racket. It always has been.

General Smedley ButlerIt is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small "inside" group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

WWI solder
by Constantin von Hoffmeister © 2002

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