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    The Ruatoki valley blazes as Tuhoe stands tall
The Tuhoe people of the Urewera region have suffered since a Crown invasion and persecution from the 1860's. It is January 16th 2005 Sunday in the Ruatoki valley. A Waitangi Tribunal hearing has been called. Tuhoe are waiting to meet the visitors many are on horseback. Determined to remind the Crown of these many wrongdoings, Tuhoe have come out in force.

A young Tuhoe tribesman, tino rangatiratanga flag in hand, riding a horse bareback, gallops down the valley to where the Crown is waiting reminiscent of times of when prophet-warrior Te Kooti rode thru these tribal lands during his armed-guerilla campaign to save Maori lands from an increasingly greedy British settler population. The flag flutters a symbol of resistance against colonisation and the Crown sponsored theft of indigenous lands. - (20 Jan 2005) - (video)




    Plans to portray Dominica's Carib Indians as cannibals in the sequel to hit film Pirates of the Caribbean have been criticised

    Oklahoma: American Indian man wanted for rape of elderly woman
The attacker is described as an American Indian male, approximately 45 years of age, 6-foot tall and about 235 pounds. He has a dark complexion and a quarter-size lump on the side of his face. He also had a long ponytail, dark colored eyes, a large gap between his upper front teeth and a large snake tattoo on his left arm running from the shoulder to past the elbow.

    New Zealand: 12-year-old White girl victim of racial attack by gang of Maori youth
A 12-year-old girl claims she was stoned, kicked and asked to strangle herself in a racially motivated attack in Invercargill as others stood by and did nothing. One girl then kicked her and she fell to the ground, the girl said. "They started throwing stones at me and were forcing me to strangle myself when I was on the ground." `All you white New Zealanders came in and stole our land'. - (another angry white)


    New Zealand: teenage girl has been brutally pack-raped by five Polynesians
A 15-year-old girl was severely traumatised by the Newtown attack. The pack rape happened between 2pm and 5pm but the victim was unable to bring herself to inform police till the weekend. The girl encountered the men when they were sitting at a table outside a McDonald's restaurant. They made some comments to her before she walked off - at a house under construction she decided to take a look inside but the men followed her and attacked her. The men were all described as Polynesian and at least four of the men were tattooed – one on his chin, one on the back of his shaved head, one had a large tattoo on his shoulder and upper arm, while the fourth had a "tribal-type" band around his upper arm.


    14-year-old New Zealand girl reports pack rape by Maori men
a Maori man
Between 2am and 5am on Sunday the girl was chased by four young men and dragged across the road to bushes at the front of Rotorua Girls' High School. The girl told police she was raped by at least three of the men over a 20-minute period before managing to struggle free.
Mr Hawkins said the girl kicked and screamed for help but there were few people around at that hour of the morning. She described her attackers as Maori and aged 17 to 20.






    Australia: Aborigines Burn Police Station on Island
An angry mob of Australian Aborigines burned a police station and court house Friday on a remote island that has been rocked by unrest since an indigenous man died in police custody, police said. The violence erupted a week after 36-year-old Cameron Doomadgee was found dead in police custody on Palm Island, off the east coast of mainland Queensland state. The island, which is home to about 2,300 Aborigines, has a history of high unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence.



  Australia unveils Aboriginal advisory body
it would focus on addressing domestic violence and reducing the widespread dependence on welfare.


  Sports: UK: Fijian Rugby player is jailed for rape attack
Watisoni LeqetiA Newport rugby player got a seven-year jail term for raping a woman in an alley in what a judge described as a "degrading and terrifying" attack. Fijian Watisoni Leqeti was found guilty unanimously at Shrewsbury Crown Court. He had denied raping the 24-year-old woman in the early hours of February 24 after following her from her friend's flat, before pushing her into an alley. The judge said that Leqeti had subjected the woman to a "degrading, forceful and terrifying rape". Leqeti had claimed that it was the woman who had pulled him into the alley and initiated sex, but the judge said this was a lie.

  Australia: Solomon Islands-born 'Sorcerer' Joseph Saqu, 44, found guilty to three counts of rape
Saqu befriended four women on Brisbane railway platforms and at shopping centres, convincing them he had magical powers by performing sleight of hand tricks. The court was told Saqu would win the women's confidence and go to their homes, placing a five cent coin on their bodies and then eventually in their vaginas. Under Queensland law, this constitutes rape. He promised the women they would be healed of illnesses and would become wealthy after the coin ceremony. While performing his "magical powers", Saqu invoked a deity he referred to as "RW".


   Jack Harelson maintained he did nothing wrong when he looted an ancient American Indian gravesite

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  Aboriginal News: Reaffirmation of Nationhood of the Dalungbara Aboriginal People
· The Dalungbara Aboriginal People bring to the public attention that we reaffirm our nationhood, including all our traditional land prior to British invasion. · Our nationhood has never been surrendered. · We claim all of our traditional land as cultural heritage and as sacred. (more at link)

Lyall Sempf has seceded from the invalid Commonwealth of Australia.

"A citizen has every right to form a new nation, or join a new nation."

15 Sep 2004 Bora of Dalungbara - The Dalungbara Aboriginal People
         Our motto: Learn together, live together.

  Ota Benga: The Story of the Pygmy on Display in an American zoo
Ota BengaOta Benga, or Otabenga, pictured above, was an African Forest Person, said to be of the Bachichiri, a family of "Bushmen" originally living in the forests along the Kasai River in what is now Zaire. He was captured in a raid by the Baschilele, who were said to have killed his family and burned his house, then turned him over to the Zappo-Zap, a tribe of African natives loyal to King Leopold II, of Belgium, absentee owner of the Congo Free State. He was held captive until acquired by Samuel Phillips Verner, a Missionary-Explorer from South Carolina who was looking for "Pygmies" who would come to be exhibited at the St. Louis Exposition of 1904.
Ota's caretakers transferred him to the Bronx Zoo where he was made into a sensation as an exhibit of evolution, residing in the primate house with an Orangutan as a roommate. - (forum)

   Africa: Congo pygmies 'exterminated' - cannibalized
Ugandan PygmyThe International Criminal Court is being urged to investigate "a campaign of extermination" against pygmies in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Minority Rights Group International say they have gathered evidence of mass killings, cannibalism and rape. Congolese regard them as "subhuman" with some believing their flesh can confer magical powers. Horror: "There have been systemic rapes and killings on a huge scale," One witness they spoke to survived the late night massacre of an entire village. He said that everyone was shot and hacked to death and the huts were burnt. - (NNN Darkest Africa)

  • British Columbia: Tribe halts killer whale rescue
    Ray Lowsey 's Original Whale MaskAttempts to rescue a lost whale in Canada are causing conflict between biologists and a small Indian tribe who say the whale is the returned spirit of a former chief. They tell the story of their chief who on his deathbed three years ago promised to return as a whale. - (NNN Canada)


New Zealand Maoris march to defend beaches
Maori protesterAbout 10,000 mainly Maori protesters have marched through the New Zealand capital against plans to nationalise the country's beaches and seabed.

Indigenous people say such a law would infringe their ancestral rights and customary ownership of seaside land.

  Cannibal Victim's Relatives to Visit Fiji
Fiji cannibalThe Australian descendants of a Christian missionary eaten by cannibals 136 years ago will travel to Fiji this week, hoping to help lift a curse on the village where he was killed. Rev. Thomas Baker was murdered in 1867 at Nubutautau, a remote community high in the hills of the South Pacific island of Viti Levu. Residents say their community has had bad luck since Baker was consumed and they blame his avenging spirit.
Fiji villagers to say sorry for eating British missionary
- "We ate everything but his boots."

   Papua New Guinea: ''Witch' hacked to death
tribesmenPapua nativeA WOMAN accused of sorcery has been hacked to death and dumped in a river just outside Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Moresby. The woman's husband and son were also attacked at the weekend by rival tribesmen, who accused the family of practising sorcery. Many Papua New Guineans cling to ancestral beliefs in black magic and payback revenge attacks. Last week, tribesmen in the remote Western Highlands rampaged through a neighbouring village, raping women, killing pigs and destroying food gardens.


[Reader notes] "Clarification needs to be made on your site.
Maori are not the aboriginal people of New Zealand.
They exterminated and ate them all."
Reference links: New Zealand History - and - "Ancient Celtic New Zealand "

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15 Sep 2004 Bora of Dalungbara - The Dalungbara Aboriginal People
         Our motto: Learn together, live together.

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New Zealand
New Zealand European 74.5%
"other" European:          4.6%, 
Maori:                           9.7%
Asian and others:          7.4% 
Pacific Islander:            3.8%
United States

White (not 'Spanic'):                      71.8%
"'Spanic'" origin:                            11.5%

Black                                            12.8%

Asian and Pacific Islander:               4.0%
American Indian, Eskimo and Aleut:  0.9% 

British Isles origin 40%
French origin        27%
other European     20%
European total:            87%
"Other", mostly Asian: 11.5%
Amerindian:                  1.5%,
Caucasian:              92%, 
Asian:                       7%,
Aboriginal and other:  1% 
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 * Did early hunters exterminate mega fauna in America?
   What no one is saying is: Did the ancestors of the modern Native Americans wipe out the 
   game? Political correctness and Rouseauian romanticism aside, the answer is "Yes." 
 * Safari with the Hadzabe:
   The Hadzabe will eat anything that moves. Elephant, giraffe, lion--you name it...
   The modern world has found a variety of uses for leftover hunter-gatherers.
   Time and again, they have taken up urban positions as bums, criminals, or alcoholics.
The Ignoble Savage By Thomas S. Garlinghouse
Bashers of Western civilization wax nostalgic over an imagined Golden Age, when Noble Savages, uncontaminated by capitalism, enjoyed peace, harmony and environmental balance. In reality, prehistoric peoples waged incessant, brutal wars and hunted vast numbers of animal species to extinction - perhaps even the woolly mammoth and other great Ice Age creatures of North America.

Charles Dickens on 'The Noble Savage' Reproduced from New Nation, no. 1

The Noble Savages.

Rousseau and the noble savage myth. 

The Shadow of the Noble Savage:
Headhunting and Ritual Cannibalism 
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