Muslim fanatics burn Danish flag

by H. Millard © 2006

"There was yet another example this past week of how topsy turvy, anti-life, and genocidal our world is today, man," said Homeless Jack.

"The Zeitgeist demands that humans not accept the simple truth of nature that the most essential part of humans is their genes. The Zeitgeist doesn't have any problem with letting humans understand the importance of genes for so-called lower animals and plants, but with humans it has put up a wall. Humans can discuss, with no fear of being called names, how this breed of dog, horse, or cat has this or that characteristic and how this other breed doesn't. But, when the talk turns to breeds of humans, the Zeitgeist clamps down and demands that no one discuss the subject. Welcome to the Dark Ages, man.

"In truth, all else follows genes. We are our genes and our genes are us. If our genes are changed, we are no longer us. We can change religions like we change clothes but we're still the same people. However, if we change our genes we are so changed that we are different people.

"Anyway, this past week, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark said that Danes should show their opposition to Islam even when unflattering labels are placed on the Danes because there are some things for which they 'should display no tolerance.' She also said that the tendency of young Muslims to find refuge in religion should be fought by encouraging them to 'learn Danish so they could integrate better.'

"See, the Zeitgeist has her wrongly mixing religion and genes and giving us the Danish version of 'don't put no hyphens in my name, boy, I'm just an American.' Such an attitude is a blender view of life and, at its heart, it's anti-life, because it denies the existence of the genetic diversity of, in this case, humans.

"If you're as confused as the Queen, you just need to know that, for the most part, the Muslims in Denmark aren't genetic Danes. I mean, they're not a bunch of blue eyed blondes running around with prayer mats. Most of the Muslims are non-White people from the Third World. So, by opposing their religion but not their genes, the Queen is essentially giving us the Zeitgeist's false 'genes don't matter' view of humans and indicating that she thinks the only real difference between the Muslims and the Danes is religion and culture.

"So, what would be the effect of the 'Muslims' integrating with the Danes as the Queen has suggested? Well, it'll result in some darker "Danes" being born who don't have European genetic features. And, if more and more of these non-Europeans settle in Denmark, the indigenous European gene pool there will be swamped and the nation will be transformed into a non-European nation.

"On the other hand, if the non-Europeans are few in number and if they integrate as the Queen wants, they will eventually be absorbed into the gene pool and their genes will be washed out if no more of their type move to the nation to breed with them and recreate their genotype. It all has to do with percentages of genes, man. We see that in America with many blue-eyed Indians running around. Many of these Indians look completely European. What happened? There were more cowboy genes and fewer Indian genes and the cowboys weren't shooting blanks. The many absorbed the few.

"You know, man, all of this stuff is pretty simple and common sense, but in our mad world today, it needs to be repeated over and over again in as many ways as possible. Maybe then, others will understand and internalize the truths of nature and in doing so, will get the Zeitgeist to change to a realistic view of humans.

"Live long and breed right, man."

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