Adam and Eve

by H. Millard © 2009

Confused about things? 

Don't be.
You have a mission and a purpose in life that you must accomplish. If you are physically fit and are able to accomplish your mission and purpose but don't, then you are a dead end and your life is wasted. You might as well not have lived at all.
The mission and purpose are essential. Nothing is more important. Everything else is secondary.
Your mission and your purpose are to go forth and multiply and create more in your image. As many more as possible.
That's the same mission and purpose shared by all forms of life. The command is: BREED AND BREED TRUE! EXPAND ALWAYS, CONTRACT NEVER!
If you have done nothing in life; if you have no money;if you have a lousy job; if you've never become a celebrity--it doesn't matter. If you have gone forth and multiplied in your image so that you have many children, you are a success. Your children shall dance on the graves of the childless phonies. And, they shall dance twice as hard on the graves of every rich and famous person who chose to be childless and who died that way. Within every child you produce in your image will be part of the most important part of you--your genotype--your code. Those who multiply in their image are never losers in life.  They are always winners.
Now comes the more complex part of explaining the above as the absolute truth that it is. 
Sure, you'll see something similar about going forth and multiplying written in the Bible, but the absolute truth doesn't require the Bible. Go forth and multiply in your own image is nature's law, and it is written throughout existence starting right with the singularity that started all of existence--the big bang, or whatever the first singularity was that began the expansion from a single point and which has never stopped.  That principle--a single point expanding to fill all space is within us as individuals.  Each person born is a new single point commanded to fill all space with his or her kind.
You see, nature's laws (all of them, now) are contained in the largest things we can see and are also contained in the smallest subatomic particles and in the vibrations that make up subatomic particles and in everything in existence. They are the way things are. Water doesn't need instructions to run down hill. Natural laws don't have to be written down to be obeyed--except maybe by man whose big brain allows him to override or control his natural instincts in many cases.  This is both a blessing and a burden for humans.
When we speak of life and of it going forth and multiplying, we are talking about more than just the individual being that each of us is. We are talking about multiplying our genotype. The genotype is our internal blueprint or code that makes each of us, us, but which also makes us part of a distinct people who share our major characteristics that make us a distinct people or race unique from other distinct peoples or races. And, as you know, our genotype is composed of DNA and has the 25,000 to 30,000 genes that make us, us. The genotype is the real us. It is what makes us--so that we will multiply it.
How do you fulfill the mission and purpose?  You use your senses--primarily sight--to find suitable mates who share your genotype. You will generally recognize them because they will look much like you in the major ways of such things for our species. Specifically, they will have in common with you a homogeneous appearance, behavior and other characteristics that distinguish you and them from other types of humans. The most visible external sign for our particular people and this is really about this one people--this singular people--is white skin followed by the thousands of other, sometimes subtle signs that are characteristic of our people.
Let's jump into this skin business, just a little, because this is something that the blenders want you to ignore.  The fact is that skin is not a trifle and it is not like a paint job that has been added as an afterthought to some bland basic model human being. 
Skin comes from within. It is our largest organ.  It essential to who and what you are and is that which first faces the environment. It insulates, regulates temperature, synthesizes Vitamin D and does much more. White skin is a mutation and an evolutionary adaptation to allow in more sun in the northern areas of the planet that are the traditional homes of the indigenous peoples of Europe. It also has many other special features different from other types of skin, such as being more sensitive to certain types of chemicals and bleeding more easily. Our white skin is essential to who and what we are. It is not to be overlooked or dismissed as not being important--again, skin color is not like paint.  It is not layered on.  It is an essential part of us.
That's it.  That's your entire mission and your entire purpose in being alive as set forth by nature--go forth and multiply in your image. To do so requires that you mate often within the genotype. This means you must mate with people who look like you and who thus have the essential 46 chromosomes that produce our kind of human. It is only by combining 23 of your chromosomes with 23 similar chromosomes that you will multiply in your image. If you mate outside the genotype, you are not multiplying in your image.

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