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"Ask any white person if he or she rejects genocide, man, and they'll probably say they do. Of course, when you said 'genocide' they heard 'gas chambers and concentration camps.'

"'Yup,'" they may say. "'I sure do know what genocide is, and I reject it as evil. I'll fight it with all my power.'"

"Then, this white person may go right out and mix and mate with a non-white and produce children who, by the immutable laws of genetics, can only have half of it's chromosomes be from this white person while the other half are from the non-white person. Thus, the resulting child is not a white person. By definition, to be a white person takes two white halves as I told you before. Even though the white genes have been reduced, the white person doesn't see this as genocide. I call this soft genocide or bedroom genocide, man, as opposed to the other genocide with gas chambers and direct murders which I call hard genocide. The end result is the same. Genes are destroyed. Extinction is extinction whether it comes with a smile or with a frown--whether it is done against your will or with your will. Whether it comes fast or slow. Genocide is not the means, but the result, man.

"And you may hear some dumb ass yuppie aracial white saying something like, 'Well, in my opinion this isn't genocide or extinction. You must be a racist. We all bleed red blood. Humans are all the same. I believe in diversity and multiculturalism. Blah, blah, blah.'

"Oh yeah? Well, you dummy, it doesn't matter what your opinion is, because this is simple science based on the truths of genetics. You may not consider it to be genocide or extinction, just like you may not think that two and two equals four, but you're wrong. Period."

"But, there's more to soft genocide than just throwing whites into bed with nonwhites, man. Another part of soft genocide is to talk as many whites as possible out of having any children at all. Then, they become dead ends in their genetic lines. This isn't complicated. Soon, you have fewer white genes and more non-white genes. And, eventually you have no white genes at all

"Maybe speaking in terms of white genes and nonwhite genes is too general. Think of it in terms of, say, blue eyes, to get your arms around what we're talking about, man. You've got a gene pool full of blue eye genes in an isolated area of the world. Then, the area is overrun with brown eye gene immigrants. They swamp the gene pool with their brown eye genes and the aracial blue eye genes are too stupid to see that there really is a meaningful difference so they mate with the brown eye genes. 'Hey, all eyes are the same. Color doesn't matter. We're not eyeists.' After a time, there are fewer and fewer blue eyes in the area and eventually there may be none. I call that genocide and extinction. What else can you call it, man? Now, add in all the other genes for white characteristics and you get an idea of what's going on. Whites are being destroyed. All the white characteristics and genetic traits are being destroyed. First, no more blue eyes. Then, no more blond hair. Next, no more white skin. Suddenly, you have no more white people. Where'd they all go? They were absorbed. They were assimilated. They were killed off in bedroom genocide.

"Soon, you see a bunch of old white grandparents with black grandchildren who don't look anything like the grandparents. Different skin color. Different eye color and shape. Different hair color and texture. Different features. Different brains. Different everything. Same last name. 'Hey, we are family," they seem to sing, and you feel disgust at the stupidity of people who seem to be blindly marching to their own extinction and who aren't bright enough to tell this from that. You know in your heart that these are people who are full of death, not life, and their songs are death gurgles. Soon, they will be gone and they will be no more and no future versions of them will ever walk the earth ever again. Their unique version of white genes was just wiped out. Kaput.

"And, when you see other childless whites, you want to go up to them and shake them and tell them to get out there and produce as many children as possible if they want to live forever, but you know that you can only gently try to awaken them in this day. But, say you do speak to a male version of one of these childless ones because you know him well enough to speak of such things. Perhaps he'll tell you that his wife couldn't have children, so they had none. And, you want to scream at him to go out and get some more wives--many wives--who can have children, before it's too late, but you know that's not your place. So, in time, he and his wife die. They might as well never have existed. You spit on their graves and thank them for nothing. What was their purpose in having precious life? Did they pass it on? No. Did they multiply it? No. Did they add anything to the gene pool? No. Did they further their genetic line? No. Did they become strong links in the genetic chain? No. Did they struggle? No. Did they do what God wants? No. They were living dirt when they walked the earth, and now they are nonliving dirt underfoot. Nothing more.

"Man, I've said it before, hard genocide is a problem for those who hate white people because eventually they may get caught and be tried for genocide. Wouldn't it be smarter to devise a means by which you trick people into committing their own genocide while not thinking its genocide? Hey, call Godzilla, Fluffy and you may make them think he's a kitten. Why not just call genocide things such as diversity, multiculturalism and multiracialism? Do you just hate those white skinned, blue eyed, blond haired Aryans? No problem. Just convince them to mate with non-whites and the darker non-whites, the better. Soon, they'll mate themselves into oblivion. Eventually, there will be no white people left. Gone with the Mohicans. Gone with other disappearing peoples. And, who would call it genocide? 'Hey,' say the aracial boobs, 'there's only one race, the human race, and people have a right to mate with anyone they want to mate with. That's not genocide.'

"Oh, yes it is.

"It is the death of distinct genes and genetic types. And, what about this business about having free will and the right to choose one's mates? Well, welcome to the world of manipulating people with various advertising and PR programs. Welcome to the world of planting suggestions in people's minds. Welcome to a society that rewards those who mix and punishes those who don't. Welcome to a world where 'everyone knows' that race doesn't exist and that if you don't mate with non-whites that you're just some sort of evil racist who doesn't understand that we all bleed red blood. Welcome to a very evil world where death is celebrated and life is berated. Welcome to a world where God's laws are replaced with human laws.

"I'll tell you plain, man, Arman says that God demands that whites start having as many white children as possible and that He isn't gonna be kind to us unless we struggle and spread the white biomass as He wants. And, God looks kindly on those with the most children, man.

"God told us to multiply. It's part of His plan and He meant it then and He means it now. He didn't tell us to subtract ourselves from this planet as we're doing, but to be the dominant gene type on this planet. God is a bean counter, man, and He's counting our children and our grandchildren and our grandchildren's grandchildren and on and on and on. Our primary mission on earth is to breed like there's no tomorrow, because if we don't breed like that, there will be no tomorrow. We're in a breeding race, man, with all other humans, and we're falling behind. I think that may be why God has spoken to Arman at this time and given him the truth about existence. I think God is rooting for us, but that we must obey His rules. If we don't, if we listen to easily suggestible humans and their ever changing ideas of right and wrong and their crackpot views on race, well, we're gonners.

When God calls your family name and asks what you have done to multiply His Essence that is inside us, will you be standing all alone as a childless person, or will you be standing there with a family so vast it looks like a mighty tribe or nation all by itself?

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