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by H. Millard © 2014

We are White people, and we are this inside and out. Our skin color is not a trifle.  It is essential to our beings, to our identity, and to our evolution.  Our Whiteness  is not sprayed on us like a cheap coat of paint. It comes from our DNA code--from inside us.  It is absolutely essential to who and what we are. We are the White race (really, we are the White subspecies, but I'll use the term race in this essay).  We are different from all other races.  We look different, we think differently, we act differently, we build cultures that are different.  We must, each one of us, even if we are alone,  stand firm and not run from being White.

We are a branching off from other types of humans due to the fundamental processes of evolution.  Our highest possible destiny is to transform ourselves--to mutate, to evolve, to adapt--to become the next model human that will replace all other humans.  This highest possible destiny is not guaranteed.  It is our potential, but we must act and we must act correctly to make it so.  This is an individual and a group responsibility.

We will evolve higher, not through misguided eugenic schemes--which hold down our birthrate, but through each one of us breeding to our physical maximum with our own kind and by isolating ourselves from those who are not our kind and by thinking correctly and then acting correctly.  We are truly the captains of our own evolution.  We have that power.  It came with our genes.  We just need to take charge and stop drifting on the tides.

A couple of notes  before going further.  Notwithstanding the above sentences which seem to set the stage in this column for an expansive view of how we can evolve, I really want to focus here on the logic of being  completely aware of race.  It is important to know that race exists and that we White ones are very different from other races. Without such knowledge and a firm belief in this, we will simply continue to be confused and drift aimlessly. Also, as you read on you will see that I often anthropomorphize  nature and DNA and other non-human things and elements, but this, of course, is simply a convention in  writing  and no one should think that I'm assigning  or suggesting a brain or will or desire in the human sense to anything other than humans.

Race is fundamentally important 
Race is the single most important thing to know if you are to understand  the nature of various types of humans. Look to race first  for clues about  behavior, abilities, talents, crime and all other things where humans are a factor--and humans are  always a factor in some way or another since without humans--without us--we would not exist and if this were the case, none of this or anything else matters.  So, everything about existence is in some way important to humans even in those cases where we are merely the observers.  And, since humans matter, our reason tells us that the types of humans that exist also matter.  That is, race matters.

Unfortunately, modern day flat worlders try at every turn to deny the reality of race.  In doing so, they are also, even if they don't consciously realize this, denying the reality of DNA, the reality of  genes, and the reality  of evolution and of nature itself and they are in denial about life and its ways and one can even say they are robbing humanity of its humanness and they're substituting an artificial and absurd  concept of there being a one size fits all human even though true science, our reason, and our eyes tell us this is ridiculous.  But even beyond being ridiculous, such a denial of race can be dangerous to naive Whites who simply don't recognize real danger when they walk right into it because of their denial or lack of knowledge of race and racial differences.

Don't let anyone convince you that race doesn't exist.  To believe such a huge lie one would logically also have to deny that there are different breeds of horses, dogs and cats and that there aren't  different varieties of roses. Always, always, always consider race first.  You'll be safer and may live longer as a result. It may also help you stay away from miscegenation and may even entice you to have more of our White children.

Nature has given humans, as one of our survival mechanisms, the ability to recognize race--to know us, from not us.  And, this is to help with our survival both in the short term, where the reality is that someone who is not us is more likely to physically attack and harm us than one of our own kind, and in the long term where the mere presence of those of a different race in our midst can lead to our genocide via miscegenation, or as I often write: bedroom genocide.

Knowing us from not us
To properly think about anything, we have to name it and define it and be able to distinguish it from other things.  We do this with plants and animals and machines and just about everything else we see.  And, we often, and correctly so, make fine line distinctions.  This is what intelligent people do.  We categorize like with like and learn what makes some things the same and some things different.

Unfortunately, in our current Dark Age we are told that we should not notice race and we are even told that race does not exist.  Of course, this is utter nonsense and I could write a very long column pointing out that the term "race" is simply a word that we humans have come up with to distinguish different groups of humans from others.  It is the human version of the word breed that we use when we speak of, say, dogs and horses or variety when we speak of roses.  Of course race exists.

So, how do we know us from not us?  That is, who is of our race and who isn't? Who has our DNA code and who doesn't? You already know the main way: eye sight.

If someone doesn't look like us, they're probably not like us.  It's no more complicated than that.  However, such a glib answer can use more of a foundation, and I offer this below.

The king of human senses is sight--trust your eyes
I start with the fact that we are sensory beings.  This means, in part, that we learn via our senses, and we understand the world around us through our senses.  And, the king of the senses in humans is sight.  We can reason to this conclusion by knowing that in humans, the libido is linked to sight, and the libido is what spurs on procreation.

So, what do the libido and procreation have to do with us using our reason to conclude that sight is the king of our senses?  Just this. Nature's first and most important command to all living organisms is for them to try to survive--to keep on living.  But, why should organisms survive and keep on living?  What's the purpose in that?  Who benefits from this? The answer is that organisms must survive and keep on living to make more like themselves--so they can expand their kind.  But, the question remains, who benefits from this? Read on.

While the command to try to survive is, on one level, a command to the individual to try to survive (at least in the case of many organisms, including humans), this command actually has a deeper purpose  and that is the survival of  the core DNA code (my term and concept) that is inside all organisms.   In other words, you have the core DNA code which might thought to be like the unchanging ghost or spirit that creates the physical DNA, and then the physical DNA which is programmed by the core DNA code creates organisms according to the fundamental processes of evolution.  It's goal is to expand always and contract never.  Part of its program is to seek ways to overcome all obstacles to fill all niches with some form of life. And, it works automatically and takes the path of least resistance just as water or electricity do.

It is the core DNA code that benefits when life survives and expands, because as life expands, so, too, does the core DNA code.  Now, a word or two about the core DNA code.  Think of it as the very general code which programs the physical DNA to carry out simple commands that cause life to come into being and stay in being so that particular form of life can make more like itself.   At this basic level--this mother program--the core DNA code, doesn't have code for different types of organisms, it just has potential to write new code to make life that can try to fill every niche where energy for the life processes can be found.  It is the add-ons through the new code written by the core DNA code  that result in all the forms of life that have ever existed (at least as far as we know and at least on this planet, with the possible exception of some viruses that rely on RNA for their life code).

Basic principles of nature apply to humans
Now, continuing on using  reason to build the case a brick at a time about the importance of race (and that's where I'm going with this), how do we know that nature "wants" organisms to expand their DNA code--that's inside them--and not just expand themselves as individuals?  Well, we're talking about basic principles of nature here that are universal and apply to all living things we know about (except some viruses) and there are organisms--many of them--that nature wants to expand, but which do not expand as individuals as is the case with humans.

When we look at insects such as bees (as an obvious example), we see that not all individuals are commanded by nature to breed.  Only a few breed.  So, doesn't this somewhat contradict what I've been writing here about nature wanting each type of organism to expand so the core DNA code will expand?   Not at all.  Nature is the great tinkerer and backyard engineer and it never stops changing organisms as it works to expand that core DNA code (you may wish to think of it as the life force).  Part of the engineering with life that nature does is to build alternate ways and paths to arrive at the goal of expanding the DNA code.  In bees, just to continue with this one example, all  the bees in a hive are extremely closely related and there is little advantage to be gained to having them all breed. This would require many queens and the cost in resources of taking care of many queens probably outweighs any good that would come from possible breeding all individual bees in each hive

And, at this level of the existence of life, we must think in terms of the physical DNA as being a biomass.  The core DNA code wants to increase the DNA biomass, and living, breeding organisms accomplish that in various ways. In humans we do it by mating as individuals.  In bees there's a queen who produces all the bees in a hive.  And, so it goes throughout nature as the tinkering to increase the biomass--of the core DNA code on its quest to fill all of existence with itself.

Nature is really very simple (it is the explanation that is complex) and builds life by repeating  things and modifying things that have come before and which already exist (fingers modified as parts of wings in bats for example, onion bulbs being modified stems used to provide nutrients for the plant, is another), and nature is also a frugal and minimalist engineer and doesn't build things that have no purpose.  Form follows function is the general rule. Therefore, we can reason that nature doesn't want to build an organism just so it will die and be a dead end and not exist anymore. That's a poor design and a waste of energy and resources. It wants to build organisms that can survive to spread the core DNA code  and at its most basic and general level, this DNA code, as already mentioned, is the same in all living things.  The core DNA code is just programmed to write more code to make living organisms that can survive to make more like themselves and to make a living in every possible niche that can support the life processes.  Why?  So those living organisms can transform so-called non-living resources into life.  So, is there an ultimate purpose in all of this that we can discern?  If there is, it is this: Life exists for life itself. Life is its own purpose and needs no other purpose.   Nevertheless, as thinking beings, we have the power to invent more purposes for our lives and by living consciously and by following the right path our purpose can be to become more than human--we can cause our evolution into a new species of human incapable of bearing children with other forms of humans.  Indeed, we can become as different from other humans as they are from apes.  This is not just empty philosophical  conjecture, this is something that can be accomplished.  In the Teachings that I follow (just a bit of metaphysics here), it is revealed that Whites are the prerequisite type of human from which the higher human on the never ending ladder of evolution can emerge.  However, we must survive as White people and we must direct our evolution along the correct path.

Back now to sight, the king of our senses.  Our sight is  our primary way of avoiding danger to our survival.  We can quickly, and at a glance, usually tell among other humans who is us and who is not us.  We do this primarily via our sight.  And, while there are exceptions and mimicry that can fool us, our sight is still a very good general way to know who is us and who is not us and to determine safe from dangerous.  If other humans do not look like us, they are not like us and one need go no further in an analysis.  And, if they are not us, then they present a danger to us because since they  look something like us this may indicate that they can breed with us and in breeding with us they can destroy our DNA code.  They are, in fact, in a gene war with us even if they or we do not know it consciously.  The gene wars are eternal as the genes of one type try to destroy the genes of another type.  It is no different than what we see throughout all of nature as different types compete for the best food, space or anything else.  I sometimes put this in this way:  In existence, no less than in a theater, there are only a few good seats in the house and everyone wants them.

Trust your eyes.  They usually don't lie. And, don't override your survival instincts to be PC. Stay away from non-Whites.  You have nothing to gain by being around them.  There is no benefit to you at all, so don't even bother.  Do not burn a single calorie or waste a single second of your time trying to figure out which non-White might be good and which might be bad.  It doesn't matter.  There is no advantage and no benefit to you, so don't waste your energy or your time.  Do not interfere in their business or their fates.  Be as indifferent to them as you would be to squirrels or birds or any other life form that is not your life form.

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