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You wonder why we can't have world peace? The answer is because that is not not the way of nature and evolution.  

Conflict is an integral part of nature and evolution as the better adapted struggle and survive and the less better adapted are replaced. Existence is a vast, multilayered and moving game board that we are on and the outcomes for the pieces on the board hardly ever seem apparent because of all the variables.

It all begins with the fact that existence itself requires movement.  Without movement, there is no existence.

Movement causes conflict as this bumps up against that.  There is nothing in existence that does not move. That chair you're sitting on is full of molecules and atoms and subatomic particles that are constantly moving even as your chair appears to not move. It is the same with you as a person or a rock or a grain of sand.  Movement, movement, movement. It is basic to existence.  And, the movement is always in spirals, circles, orbits or rounds.  Any seeming straight lines or squares are simply things on the way to becoming spirals, circles, orbits or rounds.

 As far as we know, the only organisms on Earth that can understand the struggle for existence are humans. But even most humans don't understand it.  As always, a new understanding of existence starts slowly and then it gradually becomes something that everyone says they understand.

Once, almost everyone thought the Earth was flat. Then a few said that it was round. Now most understand that it is round.

Once, almost everyone thought the Earth was the center of the solar system. A few said it wasn't and faced persecution, but today we all know the truth that the sun is the center of the solar system.

Most of the planet once believed everything was created all at once. Then, a 22-year-old Brit named Charles Darwin took a boat ride and with a powerful brain and tremendous powers of observation started figuring out the basics of evolution. Hundreds of millions of people saw the same things that Darwin saw, including top scientists and thinkers, but none really saw it as Darwin saw it. So, it fell to one person to tell the world about evolution. Now, most of us generally realize that all life on Earth, as Darwin discovered,  evolved from other things and we now know that it began with that molecule of RNA or DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the minerals that we call living organisms and we also understand that organic evolution never stops but keeps on moving to adapt life to the ever moving, ever changing conditions it finds itself in.

Today, our flat world theory is the absurd belief that race doesn't exist and that all humans are essentially the same except for different paint jobs.  This is a crazy unscientific belief that even does violence to everyday common sense.

However, there are those of us who know and tell the truth and it is this: All human races are not the same. Race is real.  In fact, race may not be a strong enough taxonomic level for the so-called major races of man and perhaps subspecies or even species would be more accurate terms.

Whites have evolved out of the non-Whites that came before us as they evolved out of less evolved kinds that were before them and the chain goes all the way back to that first molecule of RNA or DNA.

The greatest danger to Whites is miscegenation.  Not only our evolution, but our very existence can be stopped if we mate with non-Whites and allow our sacred seed and eggs to be used to produce non-White children. This is why it is Whites vs. all of non-White mankind. It would be very easy for us to become non-White.  All we have to do is mate with non-Whites and then our children will be non-White.  That is evil for us. We must be strong enough to remain White in all ways, always. We must choose to remain White no matter what the non-White world says.  For some of us this is a command from God for us to remain White. It is an essential part of our religious beliefs and requires no further explanation.

We believe that Whites are a selected people and the latest evolution of humans and must continue to evolve along a pure White path and not be pulled back down into what we evolved from. Some of us have this as a religious belief while others may have it as a secular belief.  Both are valid. 

A few of the questions that flow from this belief are these: What do we do with this information?  How do we live our lives? What sort of ethics and morality flow from this belief? How does this make us different from those around us?

The answers are pretty simple, but may be difficult to implement for some of us.  We must remain as separate as possible from all other races. We must have as many pure White children as possible. We must discover what type of external environment will help us evolve along the White path. It seems likely that the types of environment that we find in northern climes are correct as they are the ones that helped us evolve to what we are now. We must ask of everything: Is this good for Whites? We must never miscegenate or allow our White DNA code to be mixed with non-White DNA codes. We must consciously take a hand in our own evolution by imitating what we are to become.

We must always have white skin.  It is not a trifle, but is essential to who and what we are. If we lose our white skin as well as our other white features we will no longer be selected for the special purposes and destiny that are ours by our birthright.  Our further evolution requires Whiteness.  It is the key.



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