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We often hear mostly college aged Whites tout the philosophy of Ayn Rand which she called Objectivism.

Now, the first thing you have to know is that the Jewish Ms. Rand did not invent a philosophy.  Her Objectivism is really Egoism (not to be confused with egotism) which is an age old philosophy that at its heart simply says look out for Number One first and foremost.  Egoists do what is right for themselves and don't sacrifice anything to others. 

Pure Egoism, as defined above, is so self-centered that it is not a good philosophy for our survival as whites.

The form of Egoism that we promote is racially conscious.  Instead of asking of everything: Is this good for ME? We also ask: Is this good for WHITES?

Egoism is the opposite of Altruism.

The flaw in Rand's reworking of egoism is that it is racially neutral and she confines the you that you are supposed to look out for as really just you the person that you see in the mirror.

Many of us who are racially aware Whites have strong threads of egoism in our personal philosophies and this is a good thing.  The difference with us, however, is that we see "our interests" as being racial in nature and when we set out to do the best for ourselves, we include other Whites.

Do read about egoism in its various manifestations, but if you choose to incorporate it as part of your personal philosophy or world view, please consider doing it in a White racial manner. You'll find that it fits very nicely with many of the views we have in the White right and even with National Socialism (which is really Racial Socialism). It comes down to understanding that you are part of something larger than yourself. You are part of the Great White Genome and that often times when you help other Whites you are not sacrificing yourself but actually helping yourself via the help to the Great White Genome.

And if you read books on egoism, other than those by Rand, you'll usually find no mention of race there either.  That's because most of those books were written at a very different age of the earth a time when when mass populations of "others" had to way to jump from non-White lands to White lands at they do today. In other words there was very little race mixing and Whites generally flourished when separate from other races.

Today, race must always enter the equation or the equation is no good. We must understand the unemotional and and practical way racial genomes work. A racial Genome which we sometimes call our DNA Code wants to survive. Survival and expansion are built into its being and doesn't require a brain (as it has none) to try to survive  and expand.  That is, it wants all those genes and other elements involved in making a particular type of person survive and thrive

Think particularly not universally. Always put White interests before universal interests.

We say be happy, enjoy life, look out for your own (personal as well as more general White) interests do not blend with other kinds, have lots of white kids and praise God as He truly is as a part of the Quantum level of existence that underpins all of existence and try to understand and do His will as the selected White kind that you are.

Those Whites who intentionally have no children I pity.  They live short lives and die and are nevermore. They are deadenders and they might as well not have lived at all. Those with children, on the other hand, never really die, their genome both in its most particular aspects and in the more general ones goes on into the future and that means they go on into the future.  Death is not the end of you when you have children in your image and this means that means that you mate only White and produce only White children.

And if all other arguments for not mixing and blending yourself away seem to be weak or fail, here is the argument that never fails: God wants you to remain White and to stay separate from other kinds, but He also wants you to be smart about it and follow the Golden Rule with all others. You don't have to wear your pledge to Whiteness before all else on your sleeve, unless you choose to do so. These things are part of our essential religious beliefs and are for ourselves alone.

As you go through life it is your choice to believe in God or not. Many of us have gone through the various stages of belief and unbelief and have arrived, finally, at a position where we freely choose to believe in God, but as He really is--resident in the sub-atomic realm of existence as some sort of energies or forces that permeate all  of existence. We believe He truly wants us to remain White and that we are a selected kind to help Him fulfill his will. When we say He permeates all, we sometimes think of this as being a little like the way air is on earth.  It is everywhere we are or we would die, yet we can't see it.

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  Ayn Rand
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Rand was born Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum
on February 2, 1905, to a Russian-Jewish bourgeois family living in Saint Petersburg. She was the eldest of three daughters of Zinovy Zakharovich Rosenbaum and Anna Borisovna (née Kaplan). Her father was upwardly mobile and a pharmacist and her mother was socially ambitious and religiously observant.

When Rand was 20 years old, she packed her bags and traveled to the Hollywood, California


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