H. Millard  


  by H. Millard (c) 2018 

When we worship Whiteness as a product of our DNA Code, containing therein a spark of the Creator, and treat other White people with love and kindness, we automatically worship the Creator who has made us White and commands us to reproduce ourselves and become ever more pure White and unblemished as we do Its will and make the Earth a better place as a result of our presence.

The revelations and facts behind the White Teachings are ancient and hints of them can be found in many writings from antiquity. However, the real meanings are often obscured by myths.  

The ancient tales often tell of the coming of White people or the evolution of White people, both of which can be called the creation of White people. And many of the ancient writings are about keeping Whites pure [so they would evolve as the Creator wanted].  One example is The Laws of Manu (abt. 2000 B.C.) with extensive rules about the caste system in India which was an attempt to keep Whites who invaded that land pure White by avoiding miscegenation.  The Sanskrit word for Caste is Varna which is also the word for color. The higher the caste, the Whiter the person because of less mixing and miscegenation with darker peoples.

Consider also the story of Adam and Eve. They weren't the first humans.  That tale is just a mythological story about the coming or the emergence of the first pure White people on this planet that already had many non-Whites. Original sin?  It wasn't about Eve eating an apple and giving some to Adam, but about Whites (represented by Adam and Eve in the myth) practicing evil and sinful miscegenation with non-Whites and thus misusing their sacred seeds and eggs to produce children who weren't pure White.  All the water baptisms in the world will not wash this original sin away because  the stain is in the DNA Code and must be physically  removed by living right and by breeding true to water down the harmful, infecting alien non-White genes.  The impurity that exists in all Whites today keeps us from our destiny of evolving as fast as possible.

As a practical matter, the 1930's German race charts and methods, including measuring heads and similar such procedures, for determining Aryaness (read Whiteness)  when tempered by our modern understanding of DNA and who is us and who is not us give us pretty good examples of our ideal types. However, the Teachings tell us that many Germans back in the '30's were mistaken in thinking White Eastern Europeans were not Aryan and that there was too fine a line drawn partly as a result of incorrect information about the White race that existed back then before the discovery of much of what we now know about DNA.   The Teachings tell us that we can pretty much trust our eyes about who is White and who isn't, even though there are some who look like us but who aren't really us.

According to the Teachings, if you are a non-Jewish White person of European descent, born of two non-Jewish White parents, no matter where you were born or where you live, you are essentially considered as pure White or Aryan and if you are awakened to who and what you are and if you believe in and practice Whiteness we consider you as a brother or sister who is deserving of our love, our help and our compassion, as one who shares our fate and destiny not only by your blood, but also by your intention to BE White and to practice Whiteness in your every day life and by all your choices as you ask of everything: Is this good for White people? 

Why is this talk of DNA important to our religious beliefs?  The Teachings tell us It is because in this true religious system that really does come from the Creator, we must seek to purify our flesh and blood (meaning DNA) and our family lines in order to fulfill our highest possible destiny which is to evolve into a new species no longer able to produce viable offspring with non-White humans and to be closer to the Creator.  The exact mix of elements within the White DNA Code that will lead to this new type--this Ubermensch--is not known, but the Teachings tell us that it requires us to become more White and not less so and to increase our population.  

The Teachings tell us that we live our faith each and every day by living White in all possible ways. One of our most important religious duties is to bear as many pure White children as our bodies will permit so this evolution closer to the Creator can happen. We are also told that we must try to fill all of existence with the White DNA Code which, of course, can only be done by producing more White people who alone carry it.  Thus, the more White people in existence at any time, the more White DNA Code is in existence and the more holy are such places where this is the case.  

Our deeply held religious beliefs which come to us from the Creator and which have been restated in our age by modern revelations are very clear in telling us us that we must do more than just have ritual purification rites and we must seek actual purity of our flesh and blood to move higher and to be what the Creator wants us to be.

It is a common cliche to say that one's body is a temple of God.  With us, this isn't a cliche but is true for we carry a spark of God within us.

The essential Teachings revealed in our day are the same as the ancient ones but are revealed anew and are restated at this time when we can understand many things because of modern science without the need of gap filling fairy tales and at a time when they are sorely needed by our people who have lost their way and who engage in all sorts of sins and evil without even often being aware that what they are doing is sinful and evil.

The essential part of the Teachings in the past and now and forever for White males and White females in all places is to purify and perfect ourselves and our kind to evolve closer to the Creator. Along this path we reach personal and group self-actualization and higher consciousness. Alone of all peoples we are selected because we have the right internal Essence that we alone possess and which is linked eternally with our White DNA Code and our White characteristics including our White skin and with the Creator.  The Teachings tell us we must live righteous lives doing what the Creator demands so that we may evolve to cross the barrier into full specieshood which will take us ever closer to the Creator and make the world a better, more just, more righteous, and more peaceful place through our presence.

The path we must take is biological, genetic and spiritual. The Teachings tell us that we must have Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action.  Right Blood means that we must be born with the White DNA Code. The most obvious external sign of this is to be born with White skin.  There are many other signs both external and internal, but without White skin there are no other signs that matter.  And, even with White skin, there are some who look like us but who are not us internally.  And, of course, White skin is just the most obvious sign.  Bone structures, hair, eyes, facial features, musculature and more are also signs but are less obvious.

Do you doubt that you are different than other humans? Evil people try to get us to mingle and mate with non-Whites to destroy the Creator's plan and the weak among us often fall into their traps and are doomed. Do not be weak. Be yourself. Do what the Creator demands. Just look in a mirror.  You have White skin. Your hair, your eyes, your facial features, your head shape are all different from other types of humans.  Of course you are different.  But, there is more.  Inside, you are also different. Those external characteristics just mentioned--skin, hair, etc.--are just the outward manifestations of a particular DNA Code that you received by being born of two pure White parents.  

The Teachings tell us that we must not be arrogant about our selection and that because of our selection we actually have many burdens, responsibilities and restrictions put on us by the Creator that other kinds do not have on them. Instead, we must be humble and treat all others with respect and dignity and as we want to be treated. We know that we will be persecuted by haters of the Creator and our kind for following the path laid out for us alone by the Creator, but we must persevere. We must be the Creator's helpers at our level of existence and we must help the Creator bring Its light to banish darkness and evil.

We know from the Teachings how to correctly live our lives so that our flesh and blood--our DNA Code--will bring the love, peace, joy, compassion and justice of the Creator to all the worlds where we may ever find ourselves.  

How did the Creator create White people?  By using the fundamental processes of evolution and by putting a spark of Itself deep within our DNA Code where it exists as our Essence.

Our world, indeed our universe, and everything in it at our level of existence is the product of energies, vibrations, waves, frequencies which are the creators of rays, sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules which in turn are the creators of all that we have at our everyday level of existence including you and me.  

It is there in these things of the quantum level of existence where the Creator who we also call the Ineffable Divine lives.  It has no gender. it has no body. But, it has intelligence, consciousness, will, purpose, and personality. Is it God?  Who can know? Perhaps it is God as some conceive of the term. Perhaps it is an alien life form that needs no physical body or brain to exist. Perhaps it is just the workings of natural laws.  Perhaps it has existed forever. Perhaps it awoke in an already existing universe. Who can know? We believe that It has selected us to help It and that Its selection of us, as mentioned above, may have just been through the normal processes of evolution or, perhaps, as some believe, It guided our evolution by causing various events and accidents of fate to occur over the millions of year that life has existed so that certain paths were opened, certain matings occurred, certain peoples lost wars, and other paths closed so that we evolved to be the White tribe of this planet with our very special Essence which we conceive of being somewhat like what others may call soul or internal spirit but with more to it than is thought to be part of soul or internal spirit. Perhaps, even the simple accidents of each of the lives of awakened Whites were manipulated by the Creator: Perhaps, you missed a plane, but met a person of the opposite sex in the airport and later had children with that person. Perhaps you took a wrong turn and met a person who you later had children with.

We do not know much about the Creator and we cannot see It except through Its spinning light that creates, destroys and creates again. We see this represented in various forms of fylfots and Swastikas.  It is seen everywhere in existence.  Look at the water draining from your bathtub and you see it.  Look at spinning galaxies in far away space and you see it.  Look at the way plants grow and you see it.  Look at the shape of DNA and you see it. It is a holy symbol to us and it is hated by those who hate us and who persecute us for our faith. We must have these symbols upon us and with us.  When we represent such on flags or banners, it is white and the field is black as this represents the Creator pushing back the black of nothingness.

The Teachings tell us that we can get closer to the Creator and live better happier lives full of health and joy if we tune in to Its natural laws that have some universal aspects and some particular aspect just for us.

An easy but not complete way of saying this is to say that we must be in tune with nature.  Unfortunately, saying it that way evokes images of hippies running through fields thinking that they are in tune with nature.  That is not the way it is. As we use the word nature, we must be clear to say that it is not just about woods, and fields and such things, it is about all of existence.

Our views are never in opposition to true scientific knowledge and are always in tune with it, because true scientific knowledge is just the discovery of the truths of nature and of the Creator.


Humans are just one form of life that has evolved from the quantum level of existence into matter as it evolves organisms that have a certain level of autonomy and freedom as life moves to meet the Creator who is the Ineffable Divine and helps It with Its plan to push back the dark nothingness and fill it with the light of somethingness.

Life itself is divine and is found in all organisms. Life constantly adapts and changes because existence itself constantly changes and is never still.

Life is a frugal engineer.  It builds on what went before and does not over-engineer what it builds.  It is a tireless backyard tinkerer with organisms and constantly changes them.

Existence requires effort and movement.  Non-existence requires nothing for it is nothing--it is all cold, all dark, all soundless, all movement free. It is when there is no divine light to bring spiraling, twisting, spinning movement to it.

The Creator is constantly moving ever outward to fill nothingness with Its somethingness.

There is not one human race, but many.  The major races are color coded as White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red.  But for their ability to mate and produce viable offspring they would be classified as separate species and many wise men and wise women  believe that even now these races should be classified as separate species.

Whites are the next evolutionary step for mankind, but this is not guaranteed and we must make it so by living right and doing the right things in life.

There is not one human soul that is raceless and the same inside all humans. 

Male humans are designed so they can impregnate many females each and every day far into old age. This design is so that the sperm which are produced anew every day can be modified by internal and external environmental changes to give a new baby a better chance of surviving in an ever changing world.

Female humans are designed so that they can usually only produce one child every nine months after being impregnated just once. This provides stability to the type.

Male and female humans are designed as they are to complement each other.  The male provides subtle change and novelty to the new child with his ever changing sperm.  The female provides stability as she receives her eggs just once in her life and her body apportions a few out each month during her reproductive years. These eggs have their DNA set in stone and the DNA Code they contain does not usually change.  This male/female difference allows for changes but puts a brake on them so that changes aren't made for temporary changes in the internal and external environment.

Whites are the next evolutionary development of the human organism.  We are selected for this, but we need to make it happen.  This is so, because at our level of selection, it is necessary for us to step in and guide our evolution so that we cross the threshold into the next human that is designed to replace all earlier human forms just as Homo sapiens replaced earlier forms.  This is all part of evolution and part of the Creator's plan.


According to the Teachings, Whites as the Creator's selected ones have many responsibilities, burdens and things forbidden to them that are not put on non-Whites.  Chief among these things are that it is forbidden for Whites to miscegenate.  It is forbidden for them to remain childless.  It is forbidden for them to practice homosexuality. It is forbidden for them to take their own lives or the lives of other Whites--unless these other Whites are deranged and a danger to oneself or to Whiteness--or to risk their lives or shorten them in any way.  Why are these things forbidden to Whites?  It is because they rob the Creator of their genes which It needs to fulfill Its plan.  These rules are incumbent on all Whites both male and female at all times and in all places.  They are not rules that are upon non-Whites as non-Whites are not selected for the special tasks and duties that Whites are selected to do.


Put Whiteness before all else. Live each and every minute consciously White. Method live. This means you copy and imitate the ideals of our type as much as possible. Study what the Germans were really trying to do to improve Whites as a guide and what they considered the ideal type. Study ancient Greek statutes for examples of ideal White types. Study every day of your life. Ask of everything: Is this good for Whites? Stay as separate from non-Whites as possible in your daily life and avoid picking up any non-White DNA which is shed wherever there are non-Whites just as White DNA is shed by Whites wherever they are. Try to live an all-White life. Buy products grown, made, produced by Whites. Try to live in all-White areas. Try to avoid as much contact as possible with non-Whites. Do all of these things while trying to be humble and polite and non-offensive. Be subtle in your ways and speak softly and politely to all. Give all others peace of mind by your presence and your manner and do not look for trouble or be loud and obnoxious.  Be positive and enjoy your life. Do not seek to be a martyr. Use your common sense in the world around you and always seek self and group preservation and health. Your religion is your personal business and is no one else's business unless you choose to tell them.

You must try to live a good and happy life and enjoy yourself. You are to treat all others with respect and have many pure White children. Live by the Golden rule. Be moderate in all things. Do nothing to endanger your life or your ability to reproduce yourself. Find a way to have as many pure White children as possible.

None of us is really pure as we all carry some genes of others and we must not be arrogant or feel superior to others. We are not better or superior to others, just different and with a different destiny.  

Males are not to be restrained by female reproductive differences. Males are designed to be able to reproduce themselves many times a day. The norm for females is to reproduce themselves once every nine months.  This is as the Creator designed it.  And, it is moral, just and right and is necessary for the Creator's plan to work.

Bear the symbols next to your skin.

Keep a light burning all the time.

Love and help your fellow Whites and give all Whites respect and peace of mind. Give charity to needy Whites and White causes.

Pray a short Thank you to the Creator for your life morning and night: "Thank you Lord for giving me another day to do your holy work." Or, use similar words.

Think often of who and what you are and live intentionally to improve constantly and do the will of the Creator. Never underestimate the power of intention.

Ask of everything:  Is this good for White people?

The choices we make each and every day should be made while thinking of the Creator and Whiteness. This will improve the DNA Code and will be passed on to children as you create them through reproducing yourself.

Know that you can improve your DNA Code and remove impurities through the power of your mind and belief when you live intentionally and follow the path of the Teachings.

Those who hate our religious symbols and our beliefs hate us and the Creator and they are evil. Such ones often use false religious symbols that are static and not dynamic and are not like our sacred fylfots, which glorify the Creator in Its most active form, and these static symbols are traps to attempt stop and pervert the pure energies that the Creator sends forth throughout existence to those with the proper internal receivers ( Essence) to receive them.

Your home is your main temple. There are no priests or others who are between you and the Creator. You are your own holy person. Worship alone or if you have other believers nearby it is good to worship as a group whenever possible. Worship  Whiteness and you worship the Creator.  Generally, we silently bless our food, and everything we do and silently pray for guidance from the Creator when we have difficult decisions to make.  Many of the nature rituals of our ancient ancestors in Europe are worthy and help many of our kind to get in touch with our Whiteness and the cycles of nature.


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