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This past week, Pat Boone stomped his white bucks all over George Bush's so-called North American Union scheme.  

In his column on the WorldNetDaily Website, Boone wrote about his opposition to this screwball plan to combine the U.S., Mexico and Canada into one vast community with no meaningful borders.
After owning up to being a supporter of Bush, Boone then wrote a version of what many of Bush's apologists have been writing and saying: "But I've been mystified by the concessions that [President Bush has] made to Mexico, the strange reticence to address our porous borders and the surging problem of illegal aliens."
"White buck shoes"Mr. Boone shouldn't be mystified.  I've been writing about Bush's scheme for years. Still, it seems that some supporters of Bush are like the O.J. jury.  They just refuse to believe what seems clear to others.  
These days, more than a few of the Bush apologists are twisting themselves into pretzels trying to make sense of Bush's open borders and North American Union plans. Many of them think--or, maybe they're just  trying to convince themselves--that it's some sort of aberration or lapse of judgment on Bush's part.  "Why, he's just getting bad advice. Yes, that's it.  He's a swell guy, but he's just getting bad advice." Ho hum. 
I don't see it that way.
If I'm right, Bush's push to merge the U.S. with Mexico and Canada is not an aberration or lapse of judgment. This is the real George Bush. This is the man behind the just-folks attitude and smiles.
And, unfortunately, if I am right, the truth of what Bush is all about is much worse than what many believe. Much worse. It's not just about economics.  It's about genetics.
Here's what my gut tells me:  Bush's ultimate goal isn't just to blend the U.S., Mexico and Canada together; that's just part of the scheme. He has bigger plans.  He wants to blend the whole friggin' planet into one race, one religion and one nation.
And, that word "blend" is an apt one.  I call Bush and those who share his essentially racist view, "blenders."
But, you may be scratching your head and asking "racist?"--how so, Millard, how so?
Here's how so. Blenders have a misguided view of reality and particularly of  humans and human diversity.  They believe that all humans are essentially the same. And, of course, on some level we are.  However, their view of sameness is twisted.  They believe in their heart of hearts that underneath different skin colors, and behind different bone structures, lip sizes, nose widths, eye shapes, hair differences and all the other thousands of differences seen and unseen, that all humans are essentially White people inside and they just need to be around "superior" White people to learn to be more White.
It's mostly nurture and very little nature with these true believers of blending. They believe that White people are the way they are because of the way they were raised. Same thing with all other distinct peoples.  So, if statistics show one distinct race has a higher crime rate, and another is better with mathematics, for example, it must be the environment and the way people in those groups raise their children. And, in their view, it  has nothing to do with their genetic programs. 
And, what about eye shape and eye color?  They'll quickly say, "Why, that's genetics, of course. But, it's racist to think that things such as different abilities have anything to do with genetics." This is Dark Age thinking, dear friends. It is an ignorant and harmful way to look at people.  It denies nature and it insults humans and robs them of  their humanity. It steals from them their natural identities and  their genetic differences that make them unique.  And, such thinking also supplies the flat-world underpinnings of blending.
Does this blending sound familiar?  It should.  This is the type of thinking that led to the Indian schools in the U.S. West where little Indian children were forced into White clothes and given White haircuts and were sent to White schools where they learned to have White religious views and White ways.   Similar things were and still are being done to the Aborigines of Australia by Whites who are trying to force the Aborigines to act more White. 
Want more?  I think that this is also exactly what Bush is trying to do in the Middle East.  He's trying to blend the Arabs so their supposed  inner White selves will emerge and they'll see the joys of turning that part of the world into a new Mayberry, R.F.D.
Holy Gunga Din, can this be true?  Well, we can never really know what is in the minds of others, but if you ask me, I'll tell you that's what I think Bush is all about. 
Trying  to understand Bush without understanding a blending world view will leave you, and Pat Boone, constantly mystified.You'll never figure it out. Pieces won't fit.  Still, you think I may be wrong. Okay, fair enough. Humor me. See if all the pieces fit if you just assume that Bush does want to blend the whole planet as I'm suggesting.
When you think about it as I suggest, doesn't it look like Bush is trying to get us all to rush to the center of the bell curve in our racial, religious and national identities? Doesn't it appear that he wants to lump us all together into one great big conformist bio-mass of humanity?
melting pot 'mud man'Blending, is a screwy Utopian vision of the planet based on false premises and beliefs. If it is successful, we'll see a slowing of human evolution as humans fold themselves back into the batter of mankind.  No more reproductive separation and the evolution that such separation brings. No more differences. Blenders want all humans to jump back into the melting pot where our particular genotypes, our religions and your nations will crawl back out completely blended. This new human won't be too white or too black.  He'll be just right.  He won't be too tall or too small. He'll be just right.  He won't be too smart or too dumb.  He'll be just right. His religion will be mild.  His God will support whatever he wants. 
My guess is that the blenders believe that once the extremes of intelligence, skin color, religion and all the other differences that "divide us" are blended together, the world will be a place of milk and honey.
I don't see it that way.  It see it as a world of mediocrity.  I see it as a world clustered under the center of the bell curve. I see it as a bland  conformist world.  And, I don't see it as a way to end conflicts.  Conflicts will just be a little different.  Why? Because  that's the way of existence from sub-atomic particles on up.  It is the natural way. 
Anthony Roberts - migrant rapistIs there more evidence of this blending that I think Bush and other blenders are doing?  Sure.  Take a look at how the Bush administration is settling African immigrants in overwhelmingly White states such as New Hampshire. Now, does that make sense if a blending ideology isn't behind it? Would you take thousands of Black people from very hot Africa and settle them in an area that has very cold winters and  where there are few Black people? There's no logic in that unless you want the Blacks to jump into the White gene pool and blend away their blackness while also helping blend away the whiteness of New Hampshire.  And, that's just one example. 
Chai Soua VangHmong in Minnesota. Cambodians in Bakersfield, Ca. Mestizos just about everyplace. It's like moving chess pieces around the board. Hey, there's a majority White city over there--quick, move in some non-Whites and get that place less White.  
And, don't be so naive as to think that this business of settling non-Whites in White areas is just normal immigration as we've seen in the past.  There is a wholesale slaughter of the White genotype going on as  non-Whites are moved here and there by the chess masters of genocide.
But, and as I've written before, I don't believe it's just Whites who are the targets of this blending.  It's all distinct peoples. 
 Whites, as the minority people on this planet and the ones who have the most extreme differences from the rest of humanity, are just obvious targets for being blended away.  But, remember, the blenders don't look at our physical characteristics as important and they believe that underneath, we are all White people anyway. So, if Whites are all gone, it's no loss to the blenders because, to them, all humans are fungible and we'll all still be White people inside even though there are no white people left.

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