by H. Millard © 2014

Is this how America ends?  Being rotted away demographically from within?  A non-White America is not America, it is Post American America.

A few decades ago, when America was still White, few would believe that we would ever allow this country to fall to this level where Whites are just helpless victims of Black mobs and Black criminals.

But, today, Whites have been reduced in their percentage of the population and we've had years and years of Whites being oppressed and being told that we are evil and that we must be tolerant of non-Whites when they rob and steal and murder Whites. 

Implicit in the conditioning that we daily receive is that Whites--because we are evil, remember--deserve whatever we get. 

And, too many weak seed Whites have internalized these thoughts into their subconscious minds and simply crawl into corners and whimper and are willing to die rather than to think of themselves as racists. 

We are seeing a version of the Stockholm Syndrome in present day White America, where psychologically weak Whites identify with their attackers and oppressors and almost cry out: "I'm no good.  Why, oh, why was I born with this hated White skin.  I'm a born racist. Please rob me and rape me and kill me, I deserve it for being born White. I just want to erase myself and all other Whites from existence. I must find redemption for my evil White birth by being a victim.  I must die on my own cross for the evils of Whiteness."

And, we read about White parents, with just such a sick mindset, forgiving and even befriending Blacks who have murdered their children.  And, we hear of other mentally weak Whites who are attacked by Blacks who then say they understand why they were attacked (because they're White)  and they don't want the Blacks punished if they are caught.  

There are other confused Whites who get praised for the help that they are giving to Blacks in Africa, when there are plenty of their fellow Whites who are closer to home who could use some help. Why aren't they helping poor Whites--these, as I've named them before--Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers?  It is partly because they seek redemption for being born White and partly because they are neurotic pathological altruists who harbor secret thoughts that they are superior and that they must help those who are inferior to help try to lift them up to their own superior level.  It is only by their help that the poor "natives" can live better.  The poor natives can't do it themselves because, again, of evil Whites who have kept them down.

And, so it goes in our present post-American America. Our new Dark Age.

Will White Americans man up and woman up and realize that they don't have to apologize for being White and that they have nothing to atone for, and will they become a bold and expansive people once again or will the sissies and the weak seeds  among us keep being listened to?

Maybe, just maybe, we are seeing some Whites who have  hit rock bottom, and who are now heading back up. Perhaps they believe things have gotten so bad that they have nothing to lose by speaking out and fighting back. And, they're right.  I've seen signs of this of some Whites starting to head back up, and I've written about those signs, often in terms of how right wing parties and nationalists in Europe are starting to win the ears of the White masses, but time will tell if I'm right or not.

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