river flowing

by H. Millard © 2008

"Hey, man, it's no surprise to me that many religions believe they have a savior or enlightened one living now, or in the past, or that who will come in the future. I think, at its heart,  that's a belief that is part of us as humans.

"We, too, have such a belief.  We believe that one will be born from our midst with a mutation that will lead us forward and upward and that this one will break the link between us and other humans so thoroughly that we will not be able to mate with other humans and that we will become a new species.
"We believe that we must bring forth as many children in our image as physically possible in order for this one to be born and that we must avoid blending back in to the mass of humanity. Those who stay out of the blender are following the Big Guy In The Sky's laws, man.  
"This one to come can't be born unless the right combination of our genes and things such as the right environment are in place.  To hasten his coming, we must have physical and reproductive isolation of believers and a massive birthing of our people.
"It is a combination of the right genes along with the adaptations that come from the right environment--both external and internal-- as well as the so-called random changes that happen within our DNA, that are often caused by the subatomic particles that are whizzing through us all the time in their spiral journey of creation, that will cause the mutation that has been foretold.
"Since we can never know just which genes are required, other than that they have to come from our people only, we must combine our genes with like genes at every opportunity. That means our 23  chromosomes--that carry our genes--must entwine with 23 like chromosomes.
"As you probably know, each male human sperm cell has 23 chromosomes and each female human egg also has 23 chromosomes. It takes the combining of the two to make the 46 chromosomes required to create a new human life. We must always join 23 and 23 from our people alone.  The more children we have in our image, the faster will the new one come.
"One thing, man. We can't practice old fashioned eugenics in which we just try to breed from what we consider the best of our people, because we don't know all the characteristics of the one to come and it is also foretold that the one to come will be helped by others who have other characteristics, but who are still our people, who will  have various roles in protecting him from those who are trying to destroy him and prevent the emergence of a new species.  Old fashioned eugenics also held down the birthrate as some spent too much time picking and choosing mates from within our own people. 
"We don't have to do that man. We don't have to measure heads.  We don't have to microscopically study potential mates.  If potential mates are our people, that's all that is required to start having children. This means that every single healthy child of our people is important.  There are none who are healthy who are defective.  There are none that are not needed. We are to multiply and fill every niche with our kind. This is part of our struggle.
"Jack," I say, "this sounds a like a movie."
"You think so?  Check out every other religion, man.  They all sound like movies. That's just the way it is."
"Let me tell you this again, man. We need to have self-determination as a distinct people.  And, we need to have physical and reproductive isolation in our own secure land, so that we can breed true to fulfill our destiny as demanded by God.
"Listen man, other religions have these meaningless rituals about purity. They jump in rivers or wash their hands or do other things. What they miss is that purity must be within.  God demands purity in the DNA. 
"At this point, some blender or other nitwit will jump up and say that all humans have some DNA from all other humans, blah, blah. Sure, that's right.  We also all have DNA from all other living things.  DNA is just four chemicals, it's the same in all living things. That's because we all evolved from the same single point, just as all of existence evolved from the same single point.  It is not the things we have in common with everything else in existence that are important, but the differences. 
"The differences are part of the constantly spinning and expanding nature of existence, man. It's all in the shuffle and we know that by following the right path, we will get shuffled right. That's where we're heading, man.
"You know what?  Even if we all jumped into the blender and blended all white people away, there would still be differences cropping up, and white people would eventually evolve again from out of the masses of humanity.  The problem for us, man, is that our personal lines would be broken and those new white people might not carry enough of us inside them so that we would live forever in them.
"So, if we, no matter how few or how many we are, have the right belief and if we stay out of the blender, then we will be the parents of the one to come who will carry us into the future within himself. We will evolve.
"Some of this stuff is difficult to understand, man, unless you adjust your thinking to realize that the real person is inside us in our DNA and in the combination of genes that make us a distinct people.  Start thinking of those bundles of genes as being like a river flowing from the past to the future and you may get it.  We are those bundles of genes right now, but they flow through us into our children and our children's children on into the future carrying us with them so long as the 23 and 23 are like. 
"The more our children look like us and the more of our phenotype (our external appearance) they have, the more are we in them.
"If 23 of our chromosomes join with 23 chromosomes of those who are not our people, we no longer exist in the individual who is born of such a mating."

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