The gene of Ourselves Alone
by H. Millard © 2005

 As I recently looked around and observed various websites and activities of aware White people--those White people who know they're White people--I became more and more convinced that those who have proper White consciousness--the ones who are awake--are becoming a new people separate even from other Whites who do not share this White consciousness. They are still connected to the mass of White people, but they seem to be becoming more of a true and independent subgroup or tribe with their own distinct culture within the larger White body.

Could it be, I wondered, that they're actually birthing a new people from out of the old unconscious dried up corpse of the decrepit White mass-body that is rotting away through blending and a low birthrate?

But even as I mused about such a birthing of a new people out of the old, a thought came unbidden. Could such a birthing be bigger and more basic than just a cultural separation? Could it be that what I was really sensing was something that has existed all along and is just now reaching some sort of critical or threshold mass? Could it be, to put it directly, that many of those with White consciousness have this White consciousness as a result of a genetic mutation, that they themselves aren't even aware of, but that now, via the internet, many of these people are automatically gravitating toward others of their kind like iron filings to a magnet and are stepping forward out of the shadows of a blended world and communicating with one another and are heading for a fuller genetic separation from other Whites?

Sound nutty? Hold on. Genes are much more than just the things that make us look the way we look. They are the programs within that direct us in subtle ways and that are only now starting to be understood. It was reported recently that a gene has been discovered that predisposes those who have it to religiosity. Could it be that those with White consciousness have this religiosity gene or a variant of it ?

This would make perfect sense. Isn't true White consciousness, at its core, religious or spiritual in nature? Isn't it really bigger than just being about genes or politics? In our society with its tradition of having a separation between church and state, and because of the long standing (but artificial) link between White people and Christianity, not many people think in terms of the deeper religious or spiritual nature of our beliefs about genes and, instead, usually file these beliefs in the drawer marked "politics."

I would argue that there is no logical separation between our true genetic religious feelings and politics or any other area of our lives--they're all connected. True religious or spiritual feelings are all encompassing. They are not compartmentalized. In my book, it is absurd to think that true religious or spiritual feelings and beliefs are things that can be put aside except for a couple of hours a week or that one should not bring these feelings and beliefs into everything one does. If one is not directed at all times by these deep religious or spiritual feelings and beliefs, then it seems likely that one does not have true religious or spiritual feelings or beliefs but shallow imitations of such things.

If this line of thinking about there being a gene for White consciousness is correct, and please understand that there is no direct scientific proof of this fact of which I am aware, then it would partly explain why many Whites who were segregationists so quickly switched sides when the temper of the times changed. Simply put, the segregationist (read White consciousness) beliefs of the switchers may not have been the result of a gene and thus weren't genuine organic beliefs,. Instead, their beliefs may have been layered on via conditioning. Then, after undergoing new conditioning by society, the segregationists without the mutant gene easily switched sides without blinking. The Whites with the gene for true White consciousness, however, didn't switch, even though some may have pretended they did to avoid repression. They couldn't, even if they wanted to, because their beliefs were in their genes as surely as their skin color was in their genes.

Suppose, as I've suggested above, that genuine bone deep White consciousness may really be about genes. So what? Well, Whites with true White consciousness might want to modify their thinking about the best way to proceed into the future as a distinct people. For example, instead of mating far and wide within the larger White population, they might want to consciously try finding mates within the ranks of those with true White consciousness so that their chances of mating with others with the same mutant gene are increased and so that they are more likely to produce children with the White consciousness gene and thus increase the number of such genes in the gene pool.

At the present time, many awake Whites believe that they can awaken most other whites simply by exposing these unawakened Whites to the truth about genes and the nature of man. They're often frustrated that some other Whites don't seem to understand.

Could it be that these other Whites can't really understand because they don't have the right gene? Maybe it's like not having the right genes to see certain colors and many of these unawakened Whites are simply (excuse me) color blind.

What would be the benefit of a gene for White consciousness to the person carrying it? The answer is simple. It helps the person remain White and this in turn helps the genotype and the phenotype of this person survive. The gene itself, in a sort of circular reasoning sense, benefits by having the person remain White and producing as many children as possible who carry the gene.

If this gene is successful, it will cause its carriers--Whites with the gene--to mate right and swamp the gene pool with this gene so that it will force out the non-mutant version of this gene that is blind to this new higher sense of White consciousness. And yes, this may, indeed, be a higher sense.

Ourselves Alone is more than just a slogan for some conscious Whites or part of the title of one of my books. It is a way of life and a way of looking at existence. It signifies a total rejection of blending. It is what it means: Ourselves. Alone. It also signifies a religious or spiritual belief that being a separate people joined by right blood, right belief, and right action is the proper path for our people.

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