U.S. of Amoeba
by H. Millard (c) 2005
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"Who are the Riff?" I asked Homeless Jack, after I saw a reference to it in The Guide.

"That's a word that was revealed to Arman as one of the names for our people who coalesce and emerge from out of the valley of extinction. I think it means us when we get past thinking our battle is just about political matters and after we combine everything--spiritual things, politics, genes and more into one cohesive unified whole as a people. I think it also has other meanings, but there are many mysteries in what Arman teaches and this may be one of them. Anyway, let me answer your question is a roundabout manner, if you don't mind.

"I keep hearing big GOP shills and conservatives saying that they don't understand why George Bush is allowing so many 'immigrants' into the U.S. and why he's not protecting our borders," continued Jack.

"For example, Rush Limbaugh told his audience this week that he's at a loss to explain how one million people facing immigration proceedings were released into the general population. Limbaugh also explained that 465,000 of these people who were released had already been ordered to leave the country and about 80,000 of them are criminal aliens who have committed some crime in addition to immigration violations.

"Well, assuming that these guys truly don't understand, let me try to explain it to them. Again. For the hundredth friggin' time. George Bush doesn't want to stop the flow of non-white immigrants into the U.S. Why? Because Bush is a Blender. Blenders are an ignorant and unlinked lot. They don't understand the importance of genes and they treat all people as though they're fungible. If this white one is killed, it's no problem for the Blenders, because there's a brown or black or yellow or red person to replace him.

"Of course, the dirty little secret hidden away in the dark recesses of the subconscious minds of these rootless Blenders is the belief that the basic model human being is white and that all non-white people are really white inside. On top of this, the American variety of Blenders, being a jingoistic mob, also think that everyone should be American. But, in their minds white and American are the same thing.

"There is a problem for the Blenders, though. It is the "scourge" of "white racism." The Blenders know that "evil white racists" don't want to blend, but want to have children who look just like them and that these evil white racists want their families to remain white. By mating only with their own kind, in defiance of the Blenders, these so-called white racists are keeping the white race alive as a separate group.

"To fight this, and have whites blend themselves away, the Blenders have pulled out all the stops. They use advertising, movies, TV, books, schools, the news media, laws and everything else they can think of to break down white resistance to mating outside the white gene pool. Massive non-white immigration is just one tactic among many to help accomplish this. By flooding the U.S. with millions and millions of non-whites, the likelihood of whites mating outside the white gene pool is increased many times. So, first, all the aforementioned "brain washing" techniques are used, then non-white mates are made abundant, soon a white line that has existed since the beginning of time is extinguished.

"Take this basic Blending ideology into the areas of religion and national identity and you quickly understand George Bush's various actions in the world. The invasion of Iraq was nothing more than a Blending operation. The idea is to have the Iraqis become more Americanized. They can keep their religion of Islam, but the Islam that they can keep must be as bland as the types of neutral religious things that Bush apparently believes. And, Iraq can keep its nationhood, so long as the nation is like America but with lots of sand.

"Don't ever forget that American Blenders want to blend all races, religions and nations into one, so that they are all Americanized. It is America as the big amoeba that is absorbing everything on the planet and blending everything into itself, at least in the minds of the Blenders.

"There's a problem with this though. America is not America without the genetic recipe that made it what it is. And, this is the real blind spot for the Blenders. A people is its genes. Change the genes and you change the people. Change the people and you change the society and the nation. Pretty soon the amoeba bites off more than it can absorb and it becomes the absorbee and not the absorber. America isn't making others more American, it's making itself less American.

" Bush may think that we're the big amoeba, but we're not.

"Some reports say that whites are now only about 8% of the humans on the planet. It doesn't take a genius to realize that 8% of the genes on the planet will not absorb 92% of the genes. Say goodbye to blue eyes, blond hair, and white skin if Bush and the other Blenders have their way. Say goodbye to your people. Say hello to extinction.

"It's already happening all around us a little at a time. And, like the much too repeated tale of the frogs not jumping out of the pot because they're being boiled just a little at a time, it's happening to us. We'd better start jumping, man.

"Of course, it's not all doom and gloom and all of this is just part of the big struggle. Our extinction isn't preordained. We can struggle and fight our way back. That's where the Riff come in, I think. We believe that we're already in an awakening stage, and that eventually those who will be the parents of all future white people will separate out from those who are blending themselves away. Millions of us will be lost, but some will survive, and those who survive will be a new vibrant people who will eventually become a new species unable to breed with others. Some are already identifying themselves as Riff. This is okay with Arman. These first ones say that it is enough to have right blood, right belief and right action to identify as Riff in this day.

" It was revealed that the name for our people is to be the Riff?" I asked.

"Maybe," said Jack, "maybe not. When you need to know, you'll know."

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