"hate crime"

by H. Millard © 2006

Three white girls attacked about twenty blacks on Halloween night in Long Beach, California and forced the blacks to beat the girls with a skateboard and to use anti-white epithets.  Police say that hate crime charges may be filed against the white girls.

Okay, the above reversal of facts is pretty heavy handed, but maybe that's what it takes to get the attention of some aracial head-in-the-sand whites who don't understand the nature of the struggle for existence that we're all engaged in--whether we know it or not.
The actual article in the LA Times about this attack by twenty or more blacks on three white girls, two of them 19 and one 20, had this choice statement: "And by all accounts, it was an attack with racial overtones."
Really? Ya think?  Three white girls minding their own business and simply going to a local house decorated for Halloween and they are the subject of an unprovoked attack by a mob of blacks, and the blacks, according to the Times, "[used] a series of anti-white epithets," and then beat the girls so badly that one of the girls was beaten unconscious before a passerby stopped the attack.  "Racial overtones?"  No kidding.  A better choice of words would be a "racial hate attack."
The article in the Times was hidden away on page B4.  And, is it necessary to point out that had three black girls been attacked by twenty or more whites,  the story would probably have been front page news day after day?
On TV you'd probably also be seeing the likes of  Bill O'Reilly and the other neocons bemoaning white racism  as they smarmily and predictably send moist but steely eyed signals to the world that they're righteous white guys and won't stand for white racism, by damn.
A check of O'Reilly's web site didn't turn up any indication that he even covered this horrendous black on white hate crime.  No surprise in that. This guy is probably still PC upset, as I wrote in an earlier column about him,  that some white students in South Carolina paid for and held their own Senior Prom for whites only. Oh, the racism of it! Oh, the horror!
Let me hasten to throw in the usual disclaimer that not all blacks  will attack whites.  In fact, probably the vast majority of blacks won't attack whites or anyone else for that matter.  Even so, this type of feeding frenzy swarm attack, and black violent crime generally, happens often enough so that you'd think most whites, and probably most blacks as well, would be aware that it might not be a good idea to walk into an area where there are young unruly blacks hanging around in groups, as apparently was the case in this attack.
So, why did the girls just walk into the problem?  Could it be that the PC blender propaganda is so effective that many people's natural instincts about danger have been overcome to the point that natural danger instincts are being overridden by fears of being "racist"?
What will become of this anti-white hate crime?  Get ready for it to not be mentioned again in the main stream press.
If you have even a modicum of proper consciousness, you know how it goes for white folks in our present Dark Age in post-American America.

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  • More suspects sought in attack
    "... And by all accounts, it was an attack with racial overtones: The three victims, two of them 19 and one 20, are white; all of those arrested are black. ... "

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