THE WAY OF EXISTENCE book 6 by H. Millard © 2020

In our species, each new child receives 23 chromosomes from its father and 23 from its mother.

These 46 chromosomes we carry, contain approximately 3.1 billion pairs of the four chemicals that make up DNA, which are usually abbreviated as  A,T,C, G. These also make approximately 20,000 to 25,000 genes that give us our internal and external characteristics.

To be our kind requires that you receive all of the above from two parents of our kind who are the children of two parents of our kind who are the children of the two parents of our kind,  and so on. This information is essential to a full understanding of our philosophy, our belief system, and our world view.


1. The Teacher said that the way life has been created is that the unseen basic code of life--the Impulse-- was sent forth throughout all of existence. The codes that landed where there was the possibility of life, began their job of unfolding, changing, adapting, expanding, mutating, evolving, seeking a path of life to become and to become more.  This is their function. They are the carriers of life throughout existence. They never rest, they never stop, they never tire, they constantly tinker. They are the cornucopias of the universe.

It is to be emphasized that the basic code of life never stops changing and adapting and looking to expand itself. It seeks to become and to become more and it is tireless. It is like a perpetual motion machine. On Earth, it became DNA, and the DNA is the vehicle for the life that is pushing back non-existence and bringing the consciousness of the First Cause--called God--to the dark places.

If there is an atmosphere in which to fly, the code engineers wings. If there is an ocean in which to swim, the code invents fins. If there is land upon which to walk, the code builds legs. And it does this tinkering by building on what it had previously built. Fins are turned into legs. Wings are turned into arms. It is charged with the job of creating life so that life will expand always and move ever higher and fill every possible niche where energy to support life can be found.

Our kind of human has evolved to the point where we must now ensure that we will be the type of  life that will move ever higher. If we let the code work all on its own, we may not be that life that will move higher. The code doesn't care who lives or who dies or which creatures go extinct. It just constantly tinkers and changes life to find the most successful form that will be a super life, a life with characteristics that will allow it to be closer to the First Cause from which it came. To find the best life must struggle and compete to survive,   evolve and expand. Only the winners move forward.

2. The Teacher said that we shall know the time of the Bottleneck because it will come with spinning spirals of destruction. It is ever so that the spinning spirals bring both life and destruction. Look to the skies and under the ice.

3. The Teacher said that too many of our people don't understand the most basic things about what makes us, us.

Here it is in simplest terms. Humans have 46 chromosomes. When a man and a woman mate, each gives 23 chromosomes to make a new child. If both parents have 46 "White" chromosomes, the child will be fully one of us. If one of the parents is not White, the child cannot, by definition, ever be one of us, because the child will not carry the full complement of genes on the chromosomes that make us, us.

Miscegenation is evil and will lead to the extinction of those who practice it. It is bedroom genocide. Shun those who are miscegenationists for they are genocidists and they harm our Code that we carry and cause it to move from the righteous path of our highest destiny and evolution.

4. The Teacher said that we have a different destiny from others but that we must choose to take the difficult and lonely path that is ours alone.

5. The Teacher said that it is acceptable to deceive one's enemies. It is not noble to allow oneself to be victimized by haters and bigots, and a wise believer will use guile and disinformation and other means to stay true to the faith.

6. The Teacher said that miscegenationists are doomed and the First Cause shall destroy them and wipe them from existence for all times. The First Cause shall send avengers to right the wrongs that so insult the First Cause.

7. The Teacher said that those who do not have our code are not our people. They are not our tribe. They are not to be accepted into our company nor are they to visit, travel through, work in, or live in  pure lands once such lands are established and sanctified.

8. The Teacher said the true path is blocked for those who do not have our code, and for those who have our code but not the right beliefs and for those with our code and right beliefs but not the right actions. You must have all three to take the true path. This is often stated as Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action.

In order to take the true path, those with the code but who are deceived by false beliefs must be deprogrammed to rid their minds of these false beliefs. This is so because society often conditions people to the point where they will reject their own people and will reject what their eyes and their reason tells them. They will deny the truth that is plain to see if they are deeply conditioned. Breaking this conditioning is one of the most important tasks of believers in helping others with the code to get on and stay on the true path to their highest possible destiny.

The ideal situation is for believers to live in their own nations in which only believers may ever set foot, but until these nations come into existence, believers must live in lands full of non-believers and people who are alien to them. So be it. Believers must make the adjustments that are necessary while remaining true to the true faith.

The question is asked of believers by haters and bigots: "Why can't all humans follow your path?" The answer is that this is the way the First Cause has ordained it. Fish are born with gills and birds are born with wings. They have different paths. And, among different types of fish and different types of birds there are also many different paths. We White ones are a different subspecies of human and we have a different code than others. This code is reflected both internally and externally in the mutations that we have that have caused us to diverge from the rest of mankind. Our white skin, that many try to dismiss as a trifle is nothing of the sort. It is essential to who and what we are in ways that have been revealed to us. It is the same with our other mutations. We are a distinct people with a distinct destiny, but our destiny is not guaranteed. We must choose wisely to stay on the true path which will take us to our highest possible state.

9. The Teacher said that those who allow the code of our people to be diminished or to be corrupted are evil and they shall be destroyed by the First Cause.

10. The teacher said that believers must, before all else, expand the code by having as many children as possible in our image. There is no religious duty that is more important than this, and no one can be a holy man  or holy woman who is able to have children but who has failed to have children or who has too few children. Follow those with many wives and many children and seek to join them, for they are to be a tribe from out of the weaker ones who do not follow the true path as much as they should.

11. The Teacher said that we carry the progeny of the first molecule of DNA within us, as do all living organisms but it has become more by being in those with higher consciousness and the higher consciousness must be spread and expanded by those with higher consciousness having as many children as possible who are taught right and who will in their turn also have as many children as possible. This is a threshold into the future that we are now on. Turn back and you shall be absorbed into the masses with lower consciousness. Cross over and you shall be on the true path. Cross the threshold to move higher and never cross back to an earlier form. This is your destiny, but you must choose it.

12. The Teacher said that every organism has a version of the the code that is different from the code in other organisms in many ways. The general code of our people--called Code A--that is within our people alone is necessary for us to move higher and fulfill our highest possible destiny. It is the key to the lock of the gate of the true path, but without right belief and right action, the path cannot be walked even though the gate is open before you. Millions of humans have sought higher spiritual states through various esoteric beliefs and practices, but such things don't work because most of them don't understand that moving higher requires the right physical parts just as a radio, in order to work, must have the right physical parts. One can pray, and dance and do all manner of things trying to get sounds out of a radio, but unless it has the right parts, no sounds will emerge.  It is thus with us.  We have the right parts, and our White skin is both a sign of the internal parts and is also one of the essential parts in and of itself in ways that science does not yet understand, but which we do understand because of revelation.

13. The Teacher said Humans did not just arise from nothing and in different places around the planet as some seem to believe. All humans evolved from a common ancestor. Exactly who that common ancestor was is a matter of scientific conjecture, but at some point a threshold was crossed from so called "lower" forms of apes to a human form and evolution continued.

And before that, they all started from that first molecule of DNA that is the source of all life on Earth. And, that first molecule of DNA started because the Impulse for life--the code--was planted on Earth and it gave rise to DNA. And, that Impulse came into existence because of the First Cause.

The way DNA works is that it constantly changes and evolves as conditions change and also because of so-called spontaneous and accidental changes caused by mutations as a result of letters being moved into other connections.

No matter what we do, we will continue to change. If we do nothing, we will change in ways that may not be best for us and we may end up going extinct.

If we choose to enter the picture and start guiding our changes, we can move in the right direction so that we will move higher and evolve in the best direction for us. We believe that we know the best direction for us--it is told us in these teachings--and we know the way to take the path.

It is our choice as human beings to take this path. No one can tell us this is the wrong path and no one can stop us from this which is a right of ours as free, living human beings.

Those of us who believe in the First Cause believe it was revealed to us through Arman. Those among our people who are more skeptical of a First Cause that acts in the affairs of man can still take the path so long as they have the right blood, the right belief, the right actions. And, in this case the "right belief" is a belief in the Teachings whether the individual believes in a First Cause as revealed, or simply in nature's rational and scientific evidence.

We evolved in the same way as all other life forms and we diverged as is normal for various life forms and by the same processes. We are White people because we mutated, adapted and evolved from the others and our isolation helped us to remain separate. That's why White people are from Europe. That was the continent of our birth as White people--that's where we mutated, adapted, evolved and changed from other humans and it provided us with the isolation needed.

Ours is a different destiny from the rest of mankind, if we but take the right path. This belief system is about taking that path.

14. The Teacher said that you are a descendant of that first molecule of DNA. It carried the basic code of life and this basic code has now existed for billions of years and still exists and still does what it has done from the beginning--make more like itself as it eats its way across the universe to push back darkness and non-life and bring in light and life.

The basic DNA code is simple. It is composed of four chemicals repeated millions and millions of times in a long spiraling ladder-like chain and these four chemicals are shuffled and reshuffled to make all life.

To survive and expand into all possible niches, the DNA code changes, adapts, mutates and evolves to bring forth an organism that can carry it in whatever niche exists that can support life by providing the necessary ingredients of life--primarily food or an energy source.

The basic DNA code does this as automatically as water runs down hill. It has no intelligence and no will. It is just programmed to survive and expand itself.

As part of the automatic processes of the DNA basic code, the most fit of organisms are brought forth in every niche as they compete constantly with other organisms for dominance.

Those organisms that expand the most and fill the most area with themselves and with the version of the code they carry, are the winners--for a time--in the struggle of the code to expand. But, the code doesn't care who wins or loses among the organisms it brings forth. It just "wants" them to compete so that its expansion will continue.

We, as thinking beings and as those who understand some of this either through the Teachings of this faith or otherwise, must struggle with our eyes open to ensure that we are the organisms, with our particular version of the code, that are the ones that dominate and continue to expand.

We, as individuals, will wear out and die, but if our code that we carry has been passed on to children in our image, we live on and we'll continue to live on so long as they also have children in our image.

Each of us as individuals has the basic life code and then the many permutations that lead to us being part of a certain type of organism and then to being part of a certain race and then part of a certain family and then finally to us as being unique individuals. Our struggle starts with us as individuals doing all that we can to see that our particular unique individual code is the one that expands the most and dominates.

You see, the struggle is always continuing. And, it continues even right in our bodies as parts of the code struggle for expression in the children we bear. If we mate with those who are very much like us, then our code will have a greater chance of expression. For example, if we have blue eyes and blond hair and if we mate with other blue eyed blonds, then our children are more likely to look like us and if they look like us there is a greater likelihood that they will carry more of our unique code.

When you see a nation of people who mostly all have the same external characteristics, say blue eyes and blond hair, then you are looking at a nation in which the code for those characteristics expanded the most.

15. The Teacher said stay in tune with the ways the universe and existence work and you will be in tune with God. The difficulty is knowing the ways of the universe and existence as they relate to humans. Do not be confused. We have large brains so we can think about these things and so we can guide our actions and make choices. If we make the right choices and take the right actions as humans, then we will be righteous.

16. The Teacher said pray to understand the will of God. Seek to be in tune with the way existence works. Focus on the center. Look at the hub. See the flame therein. Ask for guidance. Let the spirit of God answer you within, and you shall know the right path and the right way and the right decision and you shall do good, not evil.

17. The Teacher said that every so often scientists report that they've discovered hundreds of new species in various parts of the world. This is no surprise to us. DNA is programmed to constantly tinker with the code it carries to bring forth new types of life from out of old forms as the DNA expands and tries to fill all of the universe with itself by being carried in a life form or forms that will live in all niches. It is our job as believers to see that we are the life form that is not replaced and becomes extinct, but that we guide our evolution so that we are the life form that expands always and contracts never. We shall do this by following the teachings.

18. The Teacher said that we have evolved differently from all other humans and we carry the elements of the Code that will allow us to move higher. The next one will be born only from us and we will be the next one as he is born and as we discard the old obsolete things and bring forth the new ones that allow us to live much as we are now but with changes that are subtle and mostly within. Our white skin, often wrongly considered to be just a trifle is actually an essential and necessary part of our Code and it is necessary for us to have it to evolve higher.

19. The Teacher said that even DNA has a code within to make it as it is and that code has a code and so on until it gets back to the First Cause that set it all in motion. Some call the First Cause the spirit that infuses all of existence, and that's accurate enough for believers.

20. The Teacher said that we believe in the way existence works.

21.  The Teacher said that there is a Great Flow in existence and trillions of lesser flows within. The Teacher also said that existence is like a bramble bush.

22.  The Teacher said that you have heard from some that the First Cause said: I AM.  Well, it is time, is it not, with the dawn of the teachings given to Arman for those with the 3 Requirements (Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action) to proclaim: WE ARE.

23.  The Teacher said that each one of us is a new Adam or a new Eve.

Each of us is a new beginning as our code is reshuffled in every new child we produce from out of our code.

Our purpose is to make more like ourselves, as close to ourselves as possible so that our unique DNA code expands.

The most successful among us are those who expand their code the most.  The least successful are those who fail to do expand their code.

Life requires constant choices.  Choose life and expansion of your code, which is the way of existence and you cannot go wrong.  Choose not to expand and you cannot go right.

If you have the ability to expand your code and you do not expand it, you are useless and you are a dead end.  You have been a total waste of the Code and life. You might as well not have lived at all.  This is not the way of fallible humans, but it is the uncompromising way of existence.

24. The Teacher said that this faith is founded by the First Cause.  It does not need the approval of any man or governments of men to exist and to do the will of the First Cause.

25. The Teacher said that at some time we all need to temporarily put aside the intellectual aspects of our faith and put ourselves in the hands of divine providence.  We must say to ourselves: "I have done all that I can do and it is now up to God."

26. The Teacher said to choose always the path of righteousness.  Do not be deceived by evildoers. The path of righteousness is always toward life and light and expansion. It is never toward death and dark and contraction. Live as long as you can to breed your kind. If you die with no earthly possessions but with many children in your image, then you have lived a righteous life. Never put your life in danger unless it is to protect the code that you carry.

27. The Teacher said live plain and simple lives.  Do not deny yourself the normal pleasures. Do not be dishonest.  Do not harm other living things unless it is necessary for your survival and expansion. Be soft spoken and polite to all. Do good. Help others of our kind and the faith with your charity of at least ten percent of your increase each year. Have the sacred symbols on your skin where they can be sensed by the blood flowing below,  for your blood flowing through your body is like a river of life and energy, and it needs the symbols as they need it. There are things not understood by man that cause links, and the proper symbols on the skin of those with Code A, who truly believe, are thus.

28. Do not do anything to others that you would not want them to do to you and treat all others with the respect and consideration and kindness that you would like them to show you.

29. The Teacher said that you have to have the right DNA or it doesn't work. Why anyone would doubt this is beyond reason.  Do you not have to have the right parts for a radio, a TV, a car, a computer to work?  Physical parts are needed in life, too.  DNA is a physical part.  The DNA code for an ant is shuffled differently from a man.  The DNA code for our people alone is shuffled differently from other peoples.  This is very basic and very true.

30.  The Teacher said that once you understand  that you are the product of Code A, and so are all others like you, then you realize that your survival and expansion and their survival and expansion both help Code A fulfill its purpose.

31.  The Teacher said that it is meritorious to help others like you who have fallen on hard times.  We are one code.  It links us invisibly together and it links no others to us.  We are cells of the code. A child of one of us with Code A, is a child of all of us and is a child of the Code.

32.  The Teacher said that religion that does not understand human psychology is doomed to fail as is religion that does not have an ender of all arguments.  Religion cannot exist without organisms who can think abstract thoughts, and on Earth those organisms are humans.  Thus, religion on Earth cannot exist without humans.
Among humans there are many psychological needs and types.  Religion must know its various audiences and speak to them in terms that are meaningful to them based on their various psychological needs.

33.  The Teacher said: Live and let live.  Be yourself.  Do not try to be as others want you to be if those ways do not make you happy.  If any philosophy or religion, including this one, makes you unhappy, then it is not for you.  Seek another way to be happy.  You have one life.  Live it as you want so long as you don't harm any others.

You are a unique individual as different from all other individuals as a snow flake is different from all other snow flakes.  Your highest goal should be to be happy in this life.  You are the king or queen of  yourself. This world and all others are yours. No one has any more right to anything in existence than you. No one has a right to take away your freedom.  If others try to take away your freedom even in subtle ways by forcing you to think in certain ways or act in certain ways and if these do not make you happy, then don't think or act in those ways that others try to dictate to you.

Be true to yourself, but look inward to find the true self that is within.  Strip away societal conditioning to find the truth of who and what you are.  Travel to the core of your being and find yourself.  How do you know when you've found yourself?  It'll make you happy.  If laying on the beach and doing nothing makes you happy, then that's the real you.  If donating money or time to charities makes you happy, then that's the real you.  Only you can know what makes you happy.  Don't try to conform to what others want.  Conform to what you want.

Listen to the advice and suggestions of others, but do not follow them if they do not suit you. And, you are the only one who knows what suits you.

A person may tell you that you are wearing a great looking pair of shoes, but it's your feet that is in those shoes and if your feet are uncomfortable, the shoes are not for you.  Thus is it with all things in life that come from others.  They are not you and you are not them.  Be yourself.  Study our Teachings, if you are one of our kind, and if they make sense to you, then you are called to join the company of believers.  If they do not make sense to you, then go your own way.

34.  The Teacher said: Pursue happiness.

35.  The Teacher said:  You are unique.  You are one of a kind.  This planet is yours as much as it is anyone else's.

36.  The Teacher said:  The only constant in existence is change.

37.  The Teacher said:  Struggle and love the struggle.

38.  The Teacher said: Life is just about overcoming obstacles to your happiness.

39.  The Teacher said:  If you are not happy with any religion or philosophy, including this one, then find one that does make you happy, because whether you know it or not you are living by some type of religion or philosophy even if you can't put it in words.

40.  The Teacher said:  Live deliberately and consciously.  You only have one life.

41.  The Teacher said:  Every child you have who has the 46  chromosomes of our kind is a package containing you being sent into the future.

42.  The Teacher said:  Work in your self-interest.  Others will do the same for themselves.  We will all move forward carrying our own water.  If any truly need help, then give it.  If there are poor among the believers, then help them as best you can. But always know that you are an individual and you have one life.  Make it a happy one and pursue that happiness.  It is your right to do so.

43.  The Teacher said that there are many ways to express our beliefs.  Some are very brief and some are more all-encompassing.  Those reading our truths can sometimes get confused with all the words so it is helpful to say that our belief system begins with the simple proposition that there was a time when there was nothing in existence and then there was a First Cause that brought matter into being from non-matter.

Everything else, all these words, all these books, all these teachings flow from that simple proposition based on a First Cause.

Here are a few of many statements of what some of us believe.  None of these are contradictory, they just say things in different ways, or in more detail, or in less detail.

We believe in a First Cause.
We believe in the Ways of Existence.
We believe in cosmic evolution.
We believe in the First Cause and the Ways of Existence.
We believe in...
1. The First Cause
2. The Ways of Existence
3. Cosmic Evolution
4. The Code
5. Arman's Teachings
6. Different Destinies

44. The Teacher said that we speak much of The Code that is within and without and some may mistakenly think we are talking about what others call a soul or inner spirit that is separate from the flesh.

This is not what we mean by The Code.  The Code is what is behind DNA and which makes DNA but The Code is also contained within DNA.

To more fully understand, one has to also understand how we see existence which we believe started as a single point that has expanded ever since.  And one has to understand that we believe all of existence is in layers that starts with that first point and then is energy, frequencies, vibrations which become waves which become subatomic particles which become atoms which become molecules which eventually lead to the world that we can see with our own eyes and experience with our normal senses on the level of our everyday reality.

We say that a chair really is a chair.  It is as we see it and experience it.  However, if we could shrink ourselves ever smaller in that chair, we would go down through the levels until we finally reached energy and the forces of the first point.  As we did so, we would find the codes for what makes the basic things that make the chair.

Everything in existence has a code.  An analogy might be that everything in existence is a reflection or projection of the code.  However, this analogy can't be taken too far as it is in some belief systems where it is then thought that our present reality is not real.  In fact, our present reality is real.  It is not an illusion.  It is just the product of what is beneath the surface.

45. The Teacher said that The Code, like everything else in our expanding universe, is expanding and branching off and going in new directions and multiplying and changing, evolving, mutating to fill every niche with some version of itself, and it never stops in any niche but keeps tinkering to make the most adapted form of life for that niche, and if that life can develop to a certain point it can jump to other niches and all life tries to do this and the goal is to fill all of existence with its particular version of The Code.  Thus, there is constant competition and it is the competition that is the judge as to which life form is the best suited for any niche.  All forms of the DNA code try for dominance and supremacy. This is a basic of evolution.

46. The Teacher said  that in this system we put great reliance on the individual and the self.  Each individual should be self-reliant, self-actualized, self-assured. This reliance on the individual flows from our belief in the single point that began existence, because each individual is a single point.  What he or she does or does not do in life can have a great effect on all of us and the future.  The past is past.  We do not worry about it.  We look to the future. Those who truly believe see themselves as a single point that will expand constantly.  They see themselves as a branching off.  They see themselves as competing with all other organisms to have their code be the best and the supreme and dominant kind.

47.  The Teacher said: You ask for history and traditions?  There are within your code.  They stretch back to that first molecule of DNA and even beyond that to the unknowable.  And, still you ask and you want to see tangible signs and artifacts of our coming.  I say to you that they are beneath the ice and will be revealed in time.

48.  The Teacher said that one is to come who will  purge the world of evil and bring in good.  And, he said that think not that evil looks like evil at all times.  If this were the case no one would accept evil.  Evil in our day is often said to be good by the masses, but they are wrong.  Good and evil are defined only by the First Cause and not by man and you can look upon evil and good if you understand nature and study it and see it for the truth that is within, for there, is where the First Cause has written His laws for all time. Evil is anything that harms the code that is carried by those destined to evolve to ever higher states of consciousness.  Evil is anything that causes that code to not expand always.  Evil is anything that causes that code to be corrupted by gene transfer from those who are not of the people.

49.  The Teacher said you are self-transforming, we simply give you a guide and a map showing you how and what to do and how to get there.

50.  The Teacher said that the concept of constant change and evolution are essential parts of the teachings.  However, when we speak of evolution, we speak of it in the broadest sense and not just as used by Charles Darwin.  We do not see a static universe, but one that is constantly moving from the largest to the smallest parts.  Movement is life and is required.  There is a constant spinning of everything in existence. Without the spinning, there would be nothing.  It is essential.

51.  The Teacher said that one cannot really understand all the teachings until one completely surrenders to the will of the First Cause.

52.  The Teacher said that our destiny is tied to our DNA code.  They are one.

53.  The Teacher said that mutations are caused by the age of the parents, mutagens, radiation, x-rays, cosmic rays, heat and cold and much more.  Mutations are necessary.

54.  The Teacher said that our kind is our kind and it is no other kind.  In a world that wants all humans to blend together so there are no different kinds, the very thought of people thinking of their kind as different from other kinds is radical.  So, how do we define "our kind"?  Our kind are born with the same genetic code as us and this genetic code gives us external and internal characteristics that make us different from other kinds.  Among these characteristics are white skin, certain bone and muscle structures, head shapes, eye colors, hair colors and textures and also certain personality traits and ways of thinking.

55.  The Teacher said: Targ Arish ruk Reshi. He said no more at that time.

56.  The Teacher said that you are responsible for yourself and your own happiness and you don't owe others anything unless you choose to owe them something and then this should only be if owing them makes you happy.

57.  The Teacher said that you must discriminate.  In fact, you do it all the time.  Discrimination is simply using your brain to pick this from that or to choose. As a sovereign individual you always have the right to choose and you should choose what you want, not what society wants if what society wants makes you unhappy or if it doesn't feel right to you or if it is not in accordance with what you understand the First Cause wants.

58.  The Teacher said be dispassionate to and disinterested in the others, neither helping nor harming them unless it benefits you. They are not your business and you are not theirs.

59.  The Teacher said that the purpose of every organism is to try to multiply its kind so that its code will dominate all niches and be supreme.  Since all organisms have the same purpose there is competition to see which organism can win and be the dominant and supreme one.  This is nature's way and it is good..

60.  The Teacher said that your self-interest is realized when you do what is necessary to expand the code you carry.  Your self-interest is frustrated when you do things that keep your code from expanding.  When your code expands and prospers you do also.  Those who carry our code but who, for physical reasons, cannot expand their individual code, should work to help others who can, and in this way they shall have a purpose and be rewarded.

61. The Teacher said that life spreads.  Make the life that spreads, yours.

62.  The Teacher said that if the teachings do not seem true to you or if they do not make sense to you or if they do not resonate with you then you should not follow them.  Take a different path.  Go in peace. Those with the right mutations to the code will follow this path.  It is natural for them.  It is not natural for those with different mutations. A duck likes water.  A chicken likes land.

63.  The Teacher said that the Lord brought forth light that could not be seen at first and it was pure in its radiance and where it shone there was somethingness and the nothingness of the dark was pushed back.  And there was sound brought forth also and it was pure and deep and not as noise.  And the Lord said, to each his own kind and to no others, for mixing is an abomination.  Separate out the threads so that the white ones are with the white ones and the other ones are with their kind.  And, the Lord said that the colors are essential to their beings and let not the colors be mixed and muddied but let them shine through pure.  And, the Lord manifested Himself as a tiny point and it looked as a light in the center of blackness and it spun and it grew and it became and it wanted to become more and this was as it was and as it is.

64.  The Teacher said that we cannot fully discuss human beings unless we start with a discussion of the origin of the universe and existence itself.  This is so because the pattern of existence was set with the origin of the universe and existence.  What will we find when we get to the very beginning of the universe?  We will find that the universe looks like a giant solar system.  It is spinning around a central axis.  Like a pebble in a pond sending out ripples did the universe begin. All of existence is spinning and looks like a giant fylfot with arms extending out from the center. This is a sacred symbol and is the closest we can come to seeing the First Cause.

65. The Teacher said that there are fundamental propositions of this faith and among these is the belief that all of existence started with a single point.  The point spun and expanded and still does and that and a code was sent forth to make all of existence and part of that code was to make life and the code evolves and changes and we have a version of the code that is to be the stepping off point to go higher. Our code is a key and only this key can open the path that leads to our highest possible destiny.  Flesh is not to be overcome, it is us and we are it and we are one with our genes and our DNA and the codes that are under them.

66.  The Teacher said that you should try to understand the ways of existence and then try to live them.  If you correctly understand, then you are in tune with our beliefs. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to understand the ways of existence.  They are a tangle and need a guide. This faith is that guide for our people, but our people alone.

67.  The Teacher said Initium is the beginning and Orbis is the circle.

68.  The Teacher said to avoid all impure things including impure organisms.

69.  The Teacher said that it is not the things we have in common with others that are important, it is the differences no matter how minor they may seem.  It is differences that are important in our evolution.

70.  The Teacher said:  This I believe: There was a time of absolute nothing. There was a First Cause of everything that brought somethingness into being out of absolute nothingness. The First Cause is evolving and everything is within the First Cause and the First Cause is within and without. We are on an evolutionary path that we must direct and guide simply because we have reached that point in our evolution where we must do this or we will be pulled back and blend in with the masses. We are the drops of liquid that form after distillation from a mass of liquid but the pull  of the mass of liquid is great and it must be resisted.  We are to move out of that mass and we are to be purified and move higher.

71.  The Teacher said that the force of natural selection uses variation in individuals to coax favorable gene combinations and to rid the gene pool of unfavorable ones.  The process never varies over the long run and results in the coming forth of more efficient adaptations between a population of individuals and their environment.  Evolutionary changes develop organisms that are more efficient in their environmental niches than their predecessors.

72.  The Teacher said that our ways, our rules, our laws, our mores are for ourselves alone.  We do not seek to have others accept them.  In fact, we are for ourselves alone in all ways and we are as we are because of our genetic code which is ours alone.  We shall go our own way and bother no one and we expect others to go their own way and bother us not.

73.  The Teacher said that those who are religious leaders among us, must dress accordingly in the appropriate clothes but not in finery.  They are not to look like businessmen in business suits and should not look thus. The most religious shall cover their heads at all times when in public and they shall bear the symbols where they can be seen.

74.  The Teacher said that you must pursue your own self interest as the sovereign and unique human being that you are, but if you choose to be guided by these teachings, and if you are of us alone then you are welcome.

75.  The Teacher said that our concept of God as the First Cause flows naturally from our belief that everything in existence always begins with a singularity--a single point that, if successful, expands or multiplies itself as it tries to fill all of existence with itself.  As life evolves, it does so with a series of single points that branch off into newer forms.  It these newer forms are better suited for a niche, they eventually replace the earlier less suited forms.  This is the way of nature and existence.

76.  The Teacher said that there are some among us who say that we should breed for quality rather than quantity.  Revelation tells us, however, that we must breed for quantity within our people and that quality will be a natural result as our people teem to fill all niches.  Those who breed only for quantity are often mistaken as to what quality means and their desire for quality leads them to breed at below replacement levels.  We shall dance on their graves as they go extinct. Quantity first.

77.  The Teacher said that the impulse to be and to be more is built into our code.

78.  The Teacher said to seek happiness.  Unhappiness often starts when we try to be something we are not--something that is unnatural for us, something that is often imposed from without by others.  Be yourself. Look inside.  Do not live for others.  Live for yourself.  Do not try to live your life according to the lights of others, but to your own internal light.  You know what makes you happy.  Pursue it.  You know what makes you unhappy. Avoid it.

79.  The Teacher said that their are different layers of existence that go from our physical existence back down to where matter comes into existence from nothingness.  All layers are real and are not myths and all layers interact in ways that are logical but are often beyond comprehension because of the scale and other factors.  Sometimes, things from one layer break through into other layers and sometimes lower layers may make connections that are logical in the cosmic sense but which seem like coincidences in our layer of existence that is our everyday reality.

80.  The Teacher said that matter began more than 15 billion years ago.

81.  The Teacher said that God does not command anything that is anti-life for our people.  He does command that we live long, not put our lives in danger for any reason but to expand the code, to be happy, to bring forth the greatest number of children with our code as possible during our lives.

82.  The Teacher said that we have left racial hatred and bigotry behind and travelled through a time of incorrect thinking about race and ethnicity and have emerged with an understanding of the necessity of genes and in preserving the genetic code that we carry and how we must prevent any gene transfer from others to us if we are to reach our highest possible destiny.  We cannot evolve correctly except by preserving our code and improving on it and by going in the direction of more "whiteness" not less.  Our way is a difficult one because it is not a universal one.  It flies directly in the face of what many humans want to believe about the nature of man.  They are wrong and we are right, because our truths come from the First Cause and can be seen in nature by anyone who has the intelligence and consciousness to see them.

83.  The Teacher said that natural selection is a reality, but it is not the only reality. Believers can use willed selection to move themselves and their line in the right direction.

84.  The Teacher said that nature doesn't care if you live or die, evolve or devolve.  You must care.  You have to look out for yourself.  And, if you've reached the level of consciousness where you can understand this, then you may prevent your own extinction.

85.  The Teacher said you gain little if you are born with a mutation that gives you a survival advantage if this mutation doesn't get spread via many children you bring into the world with your mutation.

86.  The Teacher said that the ones to come obey themselves and not others.  They have no false altruism.  They see their purpose as higher than that of others but also lower and more basic is that they know that their purpose in living is to make more like themselves with the hope that their kind will eventually be the only kind of their species and will naturally replace others as the world changes.  But, they know that they are not the finished product because there is no finished product and the struggle is eternal until the ending of the spinning and then it begins again and again. They know that this is the way of nature and that they are tuning into the divine which resonates within them like a tuning fork in their code.

87.  The Teacher said that there is an underlying unity in the universe.  It could be no other way since all began with a single point and expanded and branched off from that single point.  It is a major error in thinking, however, to believe that because there is an underlying unity, that there should be no competition.  For in the unity there is also evolution and differences and the branching off makes new from old. All that we can see and touch on Earth and in the physical universe is made of minerals. We, too, are made of minerals, but the minerals are aggregated to give life as we know it within us and we are different because of this.

88. The Teacher said that what we present is a philosophy and a way to view reality as well as a way of life that is unique.  It is a philosophy that has elements of physics, psychology, evolution, genetics and all that is true science wrapped up in it.  These all flow naturally from the overall concept of existence and its ways.  But this is not a passive philosophy.  It is one in which man must take action in order to shape his destiny.  One must seek to be and to be more.

89. The Teacher said some ask how one becomes an Armanist.  The answer is that one needs the right blood, the right belief and the right action.  By this we mean that one must be born with Code A, and then one must believe in the right things and one must take the right actions.  Among the right actions is to bear the symbols on or next to the skin and to live as we live and in accordance with the teachings.

90.  The Teacher said that all of existence is a struggle.  This means that to be requires effort.  The more one is, the more the effort.  The struggle is rooted in the very nature of existence and starts with light and dark. the natural state of everything is dark because this takes no effort to maintain.  Dark is when there is no struggle; for with struggle comes light, and light is somethingness while dark is nothingness.

To struggle rightly in our human scale of existence requires that we expand constantly by multiplying our numbers.  We do this by birthing as many children as possible and by keeping ourselves and those like us alive as long as possible precisely so we can birth more of our kind and thus expand our DNA code.

We do not believe in holding down our birthrate in order to only birth the best and brightest and we consider every child born of our two halves to be a blessing and a furtherance of our duty to multiply.  We are to fill all jobs and all niches from the so-called lowest to the so-called highest.  We are one people from the so-called lowest among us to the so-called highest among us and there is no distinction among our people.

We are commanded to be a people apart, to be isolated whenever possible from others unlike us.  When our numbers increase, we are to further isolate ourselves even further from those of our blood who do not share our beliefs after they have been exposed to our beliefs.

We believe in right blood, right belief and right action.

We believe in being a peaceful and happy people and we believe in living and letting  live, but we do not believe in turning the other cheek or in letting people harm us or ours.

There are not multiple paths for us. Our code demands only this path.  This is the only path that Arman teaches and it was what was revealed to him alone.

Our path is not an easy path.  In fact, it may be the most difficult path we could possibly take, because it flies in the face of the orthodoxy of the age relating to the belief in the nature of man.

91. The Teacher said we believe many things and they are difficult to reduce to a few words other than to say that we believe and try to follow the Teachings revealed by Arman.

92.  The Teacher said that we must will our own evolution.  We must take responsibility for our future.

93.  The Teacher said work hard, live simple, dress in dark muted colors in comfortable work clothes, bear the sacred symbols, teach and live the teachings, pray at dawn and at dusk, light fires to eat the dark.  Treat all fairly and as you would be treated. Remain with your own people, keep your own counsel.  Be happy and live your life to its fullest.  Do not deny your senses.

94.  The Teacher said that the biggest lie told to the people in this day is that all humans are the same.  This lie can lead to the extinction of the people and their replacement by others.

95.  The Teacher said that we believe in the God of Existence, in the true way, in the natural order, in the eternal spinning, in the struggle, in willed evolution, in the sacred essence that is our code, in the teachings of Arman and in our destiny for ourselves alone.

96.  The Teacher said that there are some believers in Armanism who do not believe in God.  We wonder if they may be too clever by half. When they say that God is invented, could it be that God has planted that thought of no-God in their minds so that they will still follow the teachings as best they can?

97.  The Teacher said that Armanism is a way of life and a way of looking at reality that is in tune with the ways of existence and all of nature.  It teaches theology and ethics and much more, but it also teaches the practical matters of how to live in the world as it is as an Armanist and how to be happy even though nothing is ever perfect.

98.  The Teacher said that you are a sovereign person.  No one owns you or has more rights than you.  You, however, have to assert your sovereignty because no one can give it to you--since no one is above you.  If you don't assert your sovereignty, then you will lose it.

99. The Teacher said that our ways give a high survival value to our believers.

100.  The Teacher said that there is no compulsion put on believers.  We have our ways and if they do not suit some individuals, they should not believe or follow our ways.  If some do believe and follow our ways and then change their minds, they should simply go their own way in peace.  Following your instincts is important to our system and being happy by being yourself as you truly are is necessary.  No round pegs should be forced into square holes.

101.  The Teacher said that it is a fool who thinks he can have a truly righteous religion that is true that does not fulfill human psychological needs that include something bigger and more important than man and which is the ender of all arguments.  Religion is dependent on human beings on Earth.  Without them, it would not exist.  If you keep them and their psychology out of the equation, then your equation does not balance and it does not work.

102.  The Teacher said that some mistakenly see man as the organism that must be improved and pushed ever higher.  This is an error in thinking.  It is the Code within man that must be improved and moved higher. Of course, when the code is improved, the man is improved for the code is one with the man and the man is one with the code, but it is important psychologically to speak of the code as essential.

103.  The Teacher said come to the teachings with an open mind and see if they make sense to you.  If they do, they you are one of us.  If they don't, then you are not one of us and you should go your own way to find what you think is your purpose in life.

104.  The Teacher said that there can never be any compromise of softening or changing of the basic revelations of this belief system.  Among these is our firm belief that we are who we are by birth first and only then by belief and action.  Without the birth, the rest just doesn't make sense.  In other words, it is our DNA code and our genes that matter most. They are the parts that make us work. The Code is realized in the full person with all of his or her characteristics.  We are a White people.  That's how we must always remain or we'll go extinct.  If we lose our Whiteness, we are no longer us.

105.  The Teacher said we have ideals based on revelations as to what the best types of characteristics are for us, beyond the most necessary White skin, for our evolution higher, but these are often secondary and in any case they are not as important as  White skin except for the bone structure that is normal for our people.  Then comes hair, eyes, and all the rest of what we can see and also the internal characteristics that we can't see.

These are the things that we must have to avoid our genocide.  We do not claim that they make us superior to other organisms including other humans.  We just say they make us as we are and as we should be as revealed to us.  It is not our way to blend our characteristics away, but to preserve and expand them by having as many children as possible who carry the full code of our people.

106.  The Teacher said that every child born to us is a prayer and another link in our evolution.

107.  The Teacher said that once you are a believer and have studied the Teachings, trust your instincts.  They usually won't let you down and will help keep you safe so that you may live a long and happy life producing many children with the full code of our people.

108.  The Teacher said that we are selected and we select of our own free will.  We are both receivers and senders of the message within.

109.  The Teacher said if you are looking for the meaning of life and if you have the full code of our people, then you will find it here.  If you do not have the full code, then you will not find it here.

110.  The Teacher said that happy are those who know who they really are and who like themselves and their people and who understand the eternal struggle and embrace it and become part of it and who can laugh at themselves and who understand that none of us are perfect and perfection is not required--just an honest striving to improve and move higher.

111.  The Teacher said that it is the religious duty of every  believer to try to expose the Teachings to our people--but only to our people.  None of  our people can be faulted who have not been correctly exposed to the Teachings in a manner that they can correctly understand.  Conversely, none of us who have been exposed to the Teachings and understand them but who reject them cannot be not faulted.

112.  The Teacher said that we believe in constant change and evolution.  Change and evolution necessarily mean that organisms constantly diverge.  We believe that all life on Earth began with a single molecule of DNA and it has expanded and diverged and changed and evolved.  All life is descended from that first molecule, but all life is not the same as it has evolved.  We believe that we have been selected by nature to be the step before the next step.

113.  The Teacher said that it is wise to treat everything in existence with respect.  This includes all other human beings even if they are not of the people.  But, as you do this and as you live your life in a righteous, honest, and fair way, do not try to transcend your race or who and what you are.  This way lies extinction.  You do not have to be shrill or loud about who and what you are, in fact you shouldn't be this way. You should just quietly accept the reality of your existence as a distinct human type and try to follow the trajectory that was started by your ancestors.  This trajectory shall lead to you eventually becoming a separate species if you follow the Teachings.  You are already a subspecies.  Just a little bit more and you shall be your own species.  When you reach specieshood you will not be able to bear children with the species you left behind.  This is part of the natural order of evolution and your path higher.  It is to be sought.  Your highest possible destiny is to evolve higher. You will leave other peoples behind first and then you shall leave your own people behind who do not believe, because this path requires the sacred three: right blood, right belief and right action.  Right blood was yours at birth.  The other two you must obtain.  By right blood is meant the full 46 chromosomes of our people that carry the code that is unique to us as we have evolved to this point.

114.  The Teacher said:  Is it not clear that you must stay with your own?  Is it not clear that you must not allow gene transfer or blending?  Is it not clear that you must be true to your own and that you must defend the weak among you from the others?  Is it not clear that attacks on one of your people from the others is an attack on all of your people?

115.  The Teacher said that the First Cause and His laws do not accept homosexual marriage or anything else that holds down the birthrate of the selected people.  Anything that keeps even a single child born of the 46 chromosomes that make up Code A of the selected people from being born is forbidden to the selected people.

116.  The Teacher said that believers must ever be on guard against false teachings and false leaders.

117.   The Teacher said that in every age there will be some weak minded individuals who will say things such as: "If only you didn't believe this or that, we could believe and your faith would grow in numbers."  Often they will say this about our beliefs in DNA, the Code, genes and similar things.  The reality is that these beliefs of ours are essential and fundamental  to our faith and to who we are and they are commanded to us by the First Cause. They are not to be shoved aside because some don't like them or because they may conflict with what some humans want.  They are not secondary things, but are primary, essential and basic.  We believe fully and without reservation or apology that we are linked to the First Cause by the particular genetic code that we carry and we believe without reservation or apology that without this code or if this code is corrupted that we will lose that contact and all the rest of the things that it gives us.  How can we make it any clearer?  Genes are us.  DNA is us.  The Code is us.  They are essential and any teachings that teach differently are not from the First Cause and are evil and wrong.  We are the product of evolution as are all other living things, but we have evolved in such a way that we are the next ones before the next ones who will be born of our flesh and with our Code  in a slightly different form internally such that we will be them and they will be us, but they will be the new model of us. We will be able to bear children with them, but they will not be able to produce children with other kinds of humans. The children born of them and us, will also not be able to produce children with other kinds of humans.  In time, all Whites then alive will be the new ones.

118.  The Teacher said that some want to know how far along on the evolutionary path we are for our Code. The answer is probably about 10%.  That is, that we have 90% of the way to go before our code is as good as it can be. We reason this from revealed truths that say our lifetime should be from 1200 to 1500 years and that some of the dormant parts of our Code we carry don't even kick in until we live approximately 400 years.  Since none of us now live that long, the sections that are to kick in, don't have a chance to do so except in rare lucky individuals in whom some of the code kicks in much earlier.

119. The Teacher said that nature is the true word of God. Nature, says 'go forth and multiply your kind or you'll go extinct.' No equivocation. No reinterpretation to be trendy. No pandering to this or that group of humans. No concern if anyone is offended or doesn't like this natural law. It's just an immutable law that stands for all times. Breed or die.

120.  The Teacher said that you do not go higher except through the ladder that is within and through the flesh. By this he meant that to go higher one must do so through the DNA and genes and that the right code is required for one to go higher and one must have the right parts and one must have reached a certain rung on the ladder.  Only those who are the people have reached that rung and not all have reached it even among the people for there are things within that cannot be seen that also have to be right just as the things without must be right.  We know who is right within by whether they come to this faith or not.  Only those who are right within will understand the teachings on a visceral level that transcends intellect and reason.  One does not have to learn to be a cow.  One is born thus.  It is the same with us.  If one is not born a cow, one cannot be a cow.  Cowishness is natural to a cow.  It can be imitated to a degree, but it cannot be obtained without the code for cow.  So it is with us. We are born as we are on a particular rung of the ladder of life and we are born there because our parents and their parents and theirs and on and on mated correctly to bring us forth on this rung.

121.  The Teacher said to never forget that this system says that we are to do the will of God.  Everything else is just detail.

122.  The Teacher said that you do not have the right to forgive evil doers who harm the code.  It is your duty to protect the code. You must not allow others to harm the code or corrupt it or diminish it in any way. Harming the code is a great abomination to God and He expects His people to take care of themselves in all ways and not wait for God to act.  God will not help those who do not help themselves.

123. The Teacher said that a Code Bearer was asked what he believed and he answered:

We believe in the First Cause, in Cosmic Evolution and the Ways of Existence.

We believe in the teachings of Arman and know that they are revealed and inspired and must be followed.

We believe that we are commanded to be a separate and distinct people for all times and that we are not to mix or blend in with other people and we especially must not have gene transfer between our people and other peoples.

We believe that we must take a hand in our own evolution in order for us to survive as a distinct people and achieve the highest possible destiny and so that we may get through the bottleneck that is to come which will kill most living things on the Earth as it has before.

We believe that the First Cause creates, sustains and destroys with spinning, spiraling forces and that the representations of the spinning and spiraling forces are sacred symbols that must be next to the skin of believers.

We believe that the spiraling code that made us must be protected and expanded and the expansion is to be by birthing as many children who carry the code as is physically possible of believers.

We believe that worship is most efficacious when done at dawn and dusk and out of doors and when we are exposed to the natural elements and especially storms of all types.

124.  The Teacher said that false religions, false science and false beliefs have the incorrect ideas of the nature of existence and from these basic false idea flow other false and harmful ideas especially regarding the true nature of man.  We have the correct ideas about existence and we have the correct ideas that flow from this correct basic beliefs. All life is the evolutionary development of the code that was sent forth when existence came into being.  Humans, as with all life that we know of on Earth, are the result of the code forming DNA (and in some cases RNA) and continuing the path of evolution. Humans have now reached a threshold.  Blind evolution will continue no matter what we do, but it may eliminate us.  This is the threshold.  We must cross it.  We must guide our evolution from this point on so that we are not eliminated and so that we continue to evolve.  Not all humans have all the elements of the code that puts them on this threshold.  Most of our people who are pure, do have the code.  If they are exposed to the Teachings and reject them, then they show that their code is defective or corrupted and we should leave them alone.  Their fate is to be blind evolution as with all other humans.  But, those who do not reject the Teachings, and who are awakened,  and who follow them and live them, are on the righteous path into the future and they will be the ones who will evolve and who will get through the bottleneck.

125. The Teacher said that free will is a test to see if we are ready to move on the path up.  If we choose wisely we pass the test.  If we choose unwisely, we will blend back in with the masses and not take the path and we will cease to be.

126. The Teacher said that you should do what you want to do in life so long as you harm no others. Please yourself.  You are the only one you have to answer to in your life. We give you the Teachings to guide you, but you must choose to follow them or not.  There is no compulsion.

127.  The Teacher said that we have the right to be left alone to worship and live as we alone choose.  We are ourselves alone.

128. The Teacher said that although we ask no more from the world than to be left alone to pursue our  beliefs as we alone choose, there are haters and bigots who will try to harm believers as they make their assaults on our identity as a distinct people with our own evolutionary path.  Do not let them do this.  Use all your means to protect the people, because when the people are protected, the Code is protected, and when the Code is protected, the will of the First Cause is carried out.

129.  The Teacher said study everything.  There is nothing off limits to study.  But do so honestly, and seek the truth in all things.  Know also that this is your life and it is your choice how you live it.  You owe nothing to anyone else unless you choose that way.  Be happy and do not be conflicted.  Do not feel guilty for being human or think that you have failed because you are as nature has made you.  Follow the ways of nature and you will follow the will of the First Cause who has made nature as it is and who infuses it.  At all times in human history there been people who demand that others do as they want and live their lives as determined by others.  We say this is wrong.  We say you are an individual.  You are different from all other humans who have ever lived.  You know what feels right for you, what gives you comfort.  We say that we offer a guide to those who are confused about right and wrong and what is the best way to live, but if our ways do not feel right for you, then you should not follow them.  Only you know what you feel inside.  Only you know what really makes you happy. Only you know what makes you feel comfortable.  You are the chooser of your ethics and ways and morals.  Again, we offer a guide based on the natural order, but our guide works only for ourselves alone.

130.  The Teacher said that it is necessary to have proper discernment in understanding the Teachings.  We teach individual freedom and free choice, but this does not mean that this system is a do your own thing system.  If one chooses to believe, then one has chosen to follow the Teachings as they are without trying to change them.  None of us is perfect, and few of us will never stray from the Teachings, but those of good will who try to live the Teachings need feel no guilt for straying.  In fact, straying from the Teachings supplies an event or events for reflection on the truth of the Teachings and why they demand certain things of us.

One should always question.  Are the Teachings true?  Have I strayed, because the Teachings are not in tune with nature or science, or have I strayed because of the conditioning that we all experience in a mixed society or for some other reason?   Will I be better off by following the Teachings or by not following the Teachings?

And, in so reflecting, a thoughtful person will come back to where this all begins as a system--the big questions of existence (see The Big Questions of Existence in The Spiral Path (sealed)--Book 2).  Why are we here?  What is the purpose of life?  Is there a God? These and the other big questions asked in the Teachings, help keep us grounded in knowing what is right and what is wrong and they help us see the sense of the path that the Teachings puts us on and which they try to keep us on and why this is important.

131.  The Teacher said that some people say there is junk DNA in our genome.  This is false.  Nature doesn't make junk.  It is a very frugal, form follows function engineer.  Some of the so-called junk DNA contains dormant or potential codes that we can tap into to help our evolution.  These codes are built into the general DNA code to help cover various eventualities that life faces over millions of years. They allow change and they are plastic to a degree. By following the Teachings, we can consciously activate some of those codes for our benefit and our evolutionary move up.

132.  The Teacher said that the way of existence is the natural order.  If you can study nature and truly understand it, you don't need words to guide you on the path.  Unfortunately, few can fully understand nature and the lessons it has for us.  This is so, because nature is a bramble bush.  It takes a guide to understand what is important and what is not important.  Humans have a degree of free choice and they can choose wisely or they can choose foolishly.  The Teachings help our people and our people alone see the differences in the choices that they may make.  Life is a maze and this is the map of the right twists and turns.

133.  The Teacher said that a wise person understands that all of existence is governed by natural laws and that happiness comes from accepting this, learning the principles of the natural laws and living in accordance with these principles.  We call this being in tune with existence and with the natural order.

134.  The Teacher said that you do not exist until 23 chromosomes from your father join with 23 chromosomes from your mother.  At the very instant that they join, the process of life has begun, and you are the product of that joining.  Even when just a few cells are formed, the trajectory of you has begun.  The code is complete and it begins taking in chemicals to grow you.  The code is you and you are the final form of the code that began with the joining.  The code is your blueprint and your builder and sustainer.

135.  The Teacher said that this faith, like no other, recognizes the importance of flesh, DNA, genes, and the processes of  evolution.  We know that our links to the First Cause have their basis in the code that makes the DNA that makes us.  Because of our physical links to the First Cause, we have rituals that are authentic and not just make believe.

136.  The Teacher said: To become it, be it.  By this he meant that one must imitate the ideal.  One must method act to transform.

137.  The Teacher said that the baptism and sign of faith in this belief system is the bearing of the sacred symbols next to the skin.  This is essential.  We are a separate people and we must remain separate from all other humans forever.  The symbols of our separation are the sacred symbols.  The holiest of the sacred symbols and the one that all believers must have next to their skin is the four armed fylfot.  One cannot be a believer without bearing this symbol.   Other forms may also be used both next to the skin and on homes, in vehicles and elsewhere, but they are secondary to the four armed fylfot.  It is absolutely essential.  And, when it is put directly on the skin it is most powerful.  Permanent tattoos or brands or cuts directly on the skin clearly showing the four armed fylfot are what is commanded of true believers.  The sacred symbols may also be next to the skin on rings amulets, etc., but the permanent putting them on the skin of adults is commanded by the First Cause.  The Teacher said that this teaching # 137 is needed to clarify this for those who want to move higher on our path.  It is a dedication of oneself to the First Cause.

138.  The Teacher said do not be manipulated into putting your life in danger by nations or people who will talk to you about patriotism, honor and bravery.  There is no patriotism, honor or bravery involved in dying young and not bearing children.  Those who have manipulated you will forget about you within hours.  They live and you die.  Instead, find your patriotism, honor and bravery in living as long as you can to bear as many children in your image as possible. If you see danger, run away from it even though part of you wants to confront it to be brave.  Real bravery is in staying alive and bearing children.  It is usually the young among us who are easily manipulated by the old and it is the young who die.  There is no honor in dying. None.

139.  The Teacher said that many of our people who have lower consciousness are turned off by talk of race and ethnicity.  This may be partly the result of people in the past who spoke about this or that race being superior to other races.  This talk of superior and inferior are alien to this faith.  We see all living things as being the product of their particular evolutionary path.  Nature tinkers to adapt all organisms so they can survive.  This does not produce across the board superior or inferior organisms.  It just produces organisms that may have some superior adaptations for certain environments and inferior adaptations for those same environments.  Yet, one with inferior adaptations usually have superior adaptations in a different environment.
A plow horse is inferior to a race horse in running.  A race horse is inferior to a plow horse in pulling strength.

In this faith, we follow true science in regard to life, including human life.  We do not say that we are superior.  We only say that we are different and have different adaptations and that these differences and different adaptations are what put up on this path that is ours alone.

140.  The Teacher said there are three doors along the path.  To open the first door you must be born wth 46 keys.  These keys are chromosomes.  They are your DNA code. You must, by your birth, have obtained 23 of the right keys from your father and 23 from your mother.  The door knows if you have the right keys or not and will open immediately if you have the right keys. You need do nothing to open this first door. Once this first door is open, you must choose the right path. If you choose the right path, you may travel for a time until you come to the second door.  This second door knows what is in your heart and your mind and to open it you must have right belief.  If right belief is present in you, the second door opens and you may travel on until you come to the third door.  The third door requires right actions.  If you do the right actions, you may travel on.  From that point on, the spiral path is never ending and there are challenges along the way that you will learn about if you are true.

141.  The Teacher said if I am asked what is absolutely essential to this belief system, I will answer many things, but if you want the top three I would say:  1. We must be always set apart and isolated from others and have no mixing or miscegenation or intake of even the smallest particle of their DNA.  2.  We must always have as many children in our image as is humanly possible and we must live as long as possible to have as many children as possible.  This means we must not put ourselves in danger so that our lives are cut short.  3.  We must bear the sacred symbols.

142.  The Teacher was asked what the greatest sins are and he said they are anything that keeps our code from expanding and thus they include miscegenation, suicide, killing of one of the people, celibacy, birth control, abortion, family planning, late mating, putting oneself in danger before birthing many children, homosexuality, fighting in wars that do not have the expansion of our code as the primary purpose, doing anything to help those who are a danger to our people, blending in with others.

143.  The Teacher said that there is a doctrine of Sudden Transformation and its key terms are look it, act it, think it, believe it, become it. It is a form of mutagenesis that uses the mind and certain practices as well as some natural elements.

144.  The Teacher said that many people still fail to see that we are the product of our DNA code.  The code is different in different peoples and your eyes should tell you that.  Do not deny your eyes.  Your vision is the king of your human senses.  Differences you see are real.  And, outward differences are manifestations of internal differences.  This should not be difficult for people to see and most would see it except for the fact that they have been led astray by evil anti-nature bigots and haters who hate White people and want them to blend back in with the dark masses and become extinct.

145.  The Teacher said that there are many false paths for all humans, including our own people.  Our path  is for ourselves alone.  This is as sure to us as is our white skin.  This is so because the path is one that requires the code to be in tune with the path.  It is an evolutionary path and it begins with our DNA code that has made us as we are.Only our people have our code and thus only our people can take our path. Other peoples must find their own paths that are in tune with their particular codes. We have the right vibrations in our DNA code.

Those who hate our people or who are evil will say that if there is a God, then why does he give humans different paths?  The answer is simple.  All things in existence are different.  Is the ocean the same as sand?  Is a planet the same as a star? Is your fingernail the same as your nose?  Underlying all of existence are energies that become waves that become subatomic particles that become atoms that become molecules that become the things of our ordinary existence, but this does not mean that all things are the same, because they are not.  One must understand the ways of existence and that is one of the things that the Teachings teach. One must reach a state of consciousness that recognizes the underlying energies and the layers on top of them and also the differences as we are manifested.  If the word "code"  confuses some, they should  think in terms of "recipe."  It is the ingredients and the way things are made and it is the blueprint.

When we speak of being grounded in DNA, it must be made clear that DNA is not the start.  It too is product of a code and that code is the product of a spiraling force that some may call "spirit."

146.  The Teacher said that we use many words to describe the same things because of the inadequacy of language and the different levels of understanding among our people.  When we say Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action we mean by Blood, genes, DNA, the code, the spirit behind the code.  We mean by Belief, right thought and all things of the brain and mind.  We mean by "Action" all things that one does when not just thinking.  Every movement is contained in this meaning.

147. The Teacher said that you should live your  life to be happy and to please yourself.  You should be reasonably selfish so that you look out for your own interests while expecting others to do  the same for their own interests.  When all are doing this and when this is tempered by a strong belief in not harming others in any way, then everyone is carrying their own load and can be happy. Do not worry about the whole world; it is not your responsibility.  Your responsibility is to yourself.  But, finding what this responsibility to yourself means and which gives you a road map requires the Teachings.  There is nothing in the Teachings that is contrary to true science and true nature. There is much, however, that may be against man made rules that are current in any age.  Man made rules that go against nature are false and should not be followed.

148. The Teacher said accept the principles of nature.  That is what this faith is about.  That is what the Teachings teach.  That is what the First Cause is and does. Humans are not above nature. They are as much a part of it as are trees and ants.  Really understand the ways of existence as found in a small field and you'll understand all of existence.

149.  The Teacher said that if you would understand all life, then you need to understand that all organisms seek comfort.  The comfort can be psychological or it can be physical.  Sometimes the former overrules the latter and is mistakenly praised as altruism or bravery or devotion.

150.  The Teacher said that we can never understand everything about the First Cause, but we do have revelations and visions and instructions from the First Cause to help us on a need to know basis.  What we know is what we have said many times.  There was a time of absolute nothing and the First Cause came and began somethingness and the First Cause has been pushing back the nothingness with somethingness ever since.  We know that the First Cause demands that we struggle and compete to be the best and that we must constantly improve and that we must guide our evolution or we will not be doing the will of the First Cause. We must study nature and learn from true science and we must never fear that either nature or true science will ever contradict what the First Cause has told us because this is impossible.  It is up to us to evolve ourselves.  If we don't, then we will be like other organisms who are changed and sometimes eliminated without ever knowing why.  And, the "why" is usually because another organism has come along that is tougher, stronger, smarter, better suited to a particular niche and this new organism takes over if the first organism is unable to compete successfully and best the new organism.  We who believe must live consciously every minute of every day and we must evolve.  The Teachings tell us how to evolve and in which direction.  We know by revelation but also by reason that the First Cause is behind evolution. We also know that the First Cause is expanding ever more outward into the nothingness and putting somethingness there.  All the galaxies and stars and planets and everything else are spinning out from the center of the First Cause and they are moving out into the nothingness and making it somethingness and at the center of the First Cause more is being created as from a fountain to flow out and push ever outward.  From what we know we say Expand Always, Contract Never, but we also know that there will come a time when the First Cause contracts, but it will not be a full contraction and those who have passed far beyond will  not fall back to the center but will continue to exist and the next creation will not be from complete nothing but only a partial nothing.

Seek then to follow the Teachings and evolve always in the right direction toward the light and expand always, contract never as you expand your DNA code to the stars and so that your DNA code fills all niches and dominates all niches.  Become the universal man who can live everywhere under all circumstances and feel comfortable in all circumstances.  But even as you evolve you will compete with others who will also be evolving intentionally and also many more unintentionally.  Natural selection will find the best with mathematical and unemotional precision.  One is either better adapted or one is not.  If one is the former, then the latter will die off.  There is no emotion in this.  It is one of the ways of existence that we must consciously discover and follow.  But, as we study nature and learn from true science, we must not be distracted by false ideas.  We must have the power of discernment to know what is genuine and authentic and what is not.  Man is often fooled by superficial and artificial things that appear real and genuine to those who do not understand.  If you have right blood, right belief and right action then you will understand the messages in the Teachings and will be able to be guided in the right direction if you so choose.  But, it is you who must choose.  It is you who must decide.

151.  The Teacher said: Do you wonder why some people believe and some seem incapable of believing?  Sometimes it has to do with their code.  Each human has a DNA code that contains about 3.1 billion combinations of the letters A,T,C,G all shuffled in different ways.  Even among our own people who all have the major characteristics of our people: white skin, certain skeletal features, etc. there are variations.  As little as one letter change can change much.  That's also why some seem more tuned in to nature and the First Cause.  Their code is a little more receptive to these subtle things that others, even others of the people, do not sense.  As I've said before, an analogy is with color blindness.  If you are color blind for certain colors, you simply can't see numbers, letters and figures in color blind tests.  To you, these numbers, letters and figures are invisible and simply do not exist.  It is this way with the truths behind the Teachings and with the First Cause.  The First Cause exists.  You may not sense it or see it or hear it, but at least one person does and thus you have the Teachings to help you see in words what this one person sees in his mind.  This does not mean you are defective in any way or that this one person is better or more holy than you. It just means that as a result of birth, he got a slightly different shuffle of the DNA code and he can, to speak metaphorically, can see the numbers, letters and figures in the color blind chart, and he wants to tell you of them.  That is the purpose of the Teachings--to tell you what is there even if you can't see it.

152. The Teacher said that we study nature to understand and the truths of nature can usually be stated in simple terms, and have been for many centuries.  We believe, for example, in "form follows function."

153.  The Teacher said that as time goes on the Path will be blurred and twisted and will need correction to keep it pure.  No one who contradicts the Teachings is teaching the right Path.  No one who softens the Teachings is teaching the right Path.  No one who softens the Teachings against miscegenation and the necessity of the Code remaining true to its 46 parts or who in any way causes the people to blend away their external and internal characteristics away from the Path and the light is a true teacher and must be avoided and shunned.

154.  The Teacher asked: "Do  you think you are important? You aren't.  What is important about you is your Code A.  You must expand that code by having as many children who also possess Code A, as possible.  That is your most important job in your life.  Everything else is secondary."

155.  The Teacher said that because we have a degree of free will, we can make mistakes in the choices we make in life.  To help us avoid mistakes the First Cause has given us guidance in the Teachings.  They tell us of the potholes and dead ends and dangerous mistakes we can make on our path as we travel from birth to death.  No teachers who deviate from these Teachings must be listened to or followed.  Only these Teachings give the genuine ways of the First Cause.  And, this shall be the case forever.  The most important commands from the First Cause involve our physical, genetic purity and the avoidance of all things that would lessen our numbers or cause us to blend away our Code with parts of other codes that conflict with our code. All things that increase our birthrate of our people with our Code A are what is commanded by the First Cause.  All things that decrease our birthrate of our people or which cause us to mix our code with those who are not our people are strictly forbidden by the First Cause.  Miscegenation, homosexuality, celibacy, not birthing children, holding down the number of children we birth, not beginning to have children as early as nature allows, putting oneself in danger as in wars for any cause other than for furthering the Code,and any other things or practices or philosophies that hold down our birth rate and the expansion of our code are strictly forbidden by the First Cause.  Separation of our people from other peoples is commanded.  No mixing with other peoples is commanded.

156.  The Teacher said Our Kind have white skin and all the other external and internal characteristics of Code A.  No other kind have all of these.  Respect Our Kind.  Stay with Our Kind and no others.

157.  The Teacher said that natural laws are universal laws but are relative to where they are found. On Earth, they work differently than they might in empty space, but on other plants that might be identical to Earth they work the same as on Earth.

158.  The Teacher said that if you are Our Kind and you follow a religion or philosophy that does not take into account DNA and genes, then that religion or philosophy are false.

159.  The Teacher said that believers must expose others of our people who are intelligent and aware to the Teachings, but that they should not be overly pushy in doing so.  The duty is to make them aware of the Teachings and make it easy for them to study them and come to this faith.  If they fail to do so, then they are on the path to eventual oblivion.  Only this path leads to the First Cause for our people.  No other path goes that way.

160.  The Teacher was asked about ethics and he replied that our ethics are based on doing the will of the First Cause and this means in a practical sense that we base our ethics on the belief that whatever protects, preserves, improves and expands our Code (Code A) as taught in the Teachings is good and anything that causes harm to the Code is bad.  Things that neither do good nor harm to the Code are neutral.

161.  The Teacher said that another name for believers is Codists, since much of our system is based on the Code.

162.  The Teacher said that the First Cause has revealed that the universe and all its lands and planets belong to those who can take them and hold them and fill them with their kind.  All of existence is in competition and the weak will lose and the strong will win.  This is how the best move forward.

163.  The Teacher said that if one is confused about the Teachings and the ethics and moral codes taught, look to nature and true science for clues about why the Teachings, the ethics and moral codes taught are true and correct and are what the First Cause wants. Remember, man is not a special creation different from all other organisms.  Man is a creature that has evolved from that first molecule of DNA as have all other creatures on Earth that we are aware of and that first molecule of DNA evolved from the Code that was sent forth at the beginning of existence.  It all fits together in a seamless whole.

164. The Teacher said follow the true teachings found in nature, but do not be confused and think that nature just means the woods and fields of Earth.  Nature means all of existence.  You must reject the false morality and beliefs that hold that man is a special creation with special rules.  Such believes are anti-First Cause and anti-Nature and anti-Reason.  We are part of nature.  If we are special it is because we have evolved in a different way than many other organisms.  But, as much can be said of every other organism that has ever lived.  Our major difference from other organisms on Earth is found in the fact of our higher brains that let us think abstract thoughts and control parts of our environment and do the other things that we can do as a result of our brains.  But, this does not make us a different creation.  It just means that instead of tooth and claw to defend ourselves and survive, we have brains that let us out think stronger and faster organisms.

165.  The Teacher said that believers shall find eternal life through the Teachings and the practices that naturally flow from the Teachings in both the children they leave behind, but also in that upon death, some viable part of the DNA of each and every believer is to be preserved and maintained by the best scientific methods then available, and along with the DNA there is to be a complete record of that believer's life and how much that believer contributed to doing the will of the First Cause.  Of special importance will be the number of children in the image of the people that the believer brought forth from his or her loins during his or her lifetime.  The genealogy of the person will also be researched and maintained near the preserved DNA.  In every age there will be leaders of the faithful who will be charged with the task of preserving the DNA and all necessary records of the deceased believers so that in that day when it becomes possible, the believers who have passed away will be revived from their DNA.  And, in the fullness of time when it also becomes possible to revive their personalities, consciousness and memories and all things of the mind, these too shall be revived and be reintegrated into the DNA so that those who have lived and died righteous lives according to the Teachings shall  be born again and will again walk the Earth as they once were and they shall again be able to do the work of the First Cause just as they did when they first lived and they shall again become mothers and fathers of the people as they expand Code A in a new life.  And there shall, when science allows, be built Arks that shall carry by the millions, the DNA and the things of the mind of the deceased to far distant worlds that shall be colonized by the people as they advance and spread Code A to every planet that can sustain life as we know it.  This is the will and the command of the First Cause.

166.  The Teacher spoke of Our Kind.  To understand and answer the big questions of existence, believers must not deny true science but must look to it for answers.  This faith is not afraid of true science, but embraces it.  Nothing in this faith contradicts true science and nothing in true science contradicts anything in this faith.  It is not by faith alone that we shall move forward, but also by reason.  To understand our beliefs one must know a little about evolution and how it works.  Evolution of organic life is a process of change whereby some organisms of every species are born with mutations to their genes that make them different from others of the species.  This is not a rare occurrence, but happens all the time.  Many of the mutations are seemingly very minor things.  When the differences give an organism a survival advantage over other organisms in the population, the ones with the differences will usually live longer and produce more off spring.  Many of the off spring may have the mutations and the process will continue until the mutants replace the population from which they emerged.  If they do not mate with those of the earlier population, they will continue to diverge from that population and will eventually become a new species incapable of  producing off spring with that earlier population from which they emerged.

This is how we White people came to be.  We, for whatever reason, ended up in European lands with dim sunlight, fog and much rain.  Because of the climatic conditions, we were less able to produce Vitamin D with our darker skins.  Then, lighter ones were born from our midst who could produce more Vitamin D with the dim sun.  This gave them a survival advantage and they eventually replaced all the darker ones in Europe.  Over the centuries other mutations happened and thus was born the White race as we know it today.

The White race was on its way to becoming a separate species incapable of producing children with the masses of humanity from which it evolved when the modern age of mass transportation caught up with us and made it easy for vast numbers of the earlier populations to travel to the once isolated lands that caused our mutations in the first place.  Their presence in these lands removed the necessary isolation for becoming a separate species as many of our kind mated with their kind and this caused many of our families to lose their mutations and become part of the darker masses once again. This mixing is devolution, not evolution. It is the few being reabsorbed in the mass.  Think of evolution as a little like the process of distillation. A few drops of liquid are purified and are removed from the mass of liquid and the few drops are from that mass but are different.  Those few drops may join with many other purified drops and become a new liquid if the conditions are right and if they remain isolated from the mass of liquid from which they emerged.  But, if those drops fall back into the mass of liquid, they will be reabsorbed into the mass and not be pure any longer.

Believers know that we must remain isolated and not mate with the other kinds of humans or we will also become part of the masses that we evolved from.  Instead, we must find our isolation once again and we must find and inhabit lands where we are the only kind of human living there so that we can continue to evolve on the trajectory that the First Cause has set for us.

167.  The Teacher said that our morality and our ethics flow from the command to us to expand our kind always and contract never.  To fulfill this command, each of us, male and female alike, must bring forth the greatest number of children from our own bodies that we can manage during our lifetime.   Everything is secondary to this.  This means that monogamy, polygamy, or any other kind of relationships that will allow us to fulfill the command, including having children out of wedlock is good and righteous.  Anything that causes us to have too few children is bad and evil. Our moral code is different from the masses of humanity and we are commanded to follow our own moral code by the First Cause and not follow the moral code of the masses.  Those who are not of our blood, belief and action are not us.  We will keep our own holy laws and duties and we will keep our own counsel and not trouble nor be troubled by outsiders who are not our people.  We are alone.  We are ourselves alone and we are no others and no others are us.

168.  The Teacher said that you cannot move higher except through right blood, right belief and right action.  All three are required but the most important of the three is right blood.  It is the key.  Without it the other two won't work.  However, with right blood, one might possibly stumble upon the path and stay on it, but this is difficult.  The point is that right blood opens the door.  It is the only key.  And, do not be confused. By right blood is meant Code A--the genetic code of our kind.  It is the recipe that makes one of us and allows us to move higher.  Our move higher can be by small increments or by leaps.

169.  The Teacher said that our evolution has been slowed down by having the process of natural selection blocked by modern science and especially by modern medicine.  This is not to say that we should not have modern science or modern medicine or that we want to return to a time when they did not exist or that we would want modern science and modern medicine to slow down.  In fact, we do not look back.  We always look forward.  We love modern science and modern medicine and we want them to discover ever more about existence for we know where this will lead and that is where we are going.  But, we are also realists and we understand that evolution requires a culling of the population in which the weak perish and the strong survive.  This process is slowed down or diverted when the weak continue to live and produce children with their weak genes.  But, we would not have it any other way.  We believe that nature will find a way around this roadblock and will still find a way to let natural selection work itself out no matter how much modern science and modern medicine advance.  You see, we consider man as a part of nature and what he does is also part of nature.  What he discovers, invents and builds are what he should discover, invent and build.  He is part of the natural world and what he does is natural for him.  To not discover and invent would be unnatural for man.  All of man's discoveries and inventions and things he has built in the past, now or in the future, are his version of ant hills or birds' nests.

170.  The Teacher said that very minor changes in the genetic code often have major effects.  This is not often understood by people who know little about the genetic code.  They will say things such as "All humans are 99 per cent the same" and not realize that the 1 per cent difference can mean millions of differences in the codes.

One must also understand that genes often have more than one effect.  So, our kind mutated from other kinds of humans and we developed white skin.  But, the change didn't just affect our skin color, it made changes to us internally that can't be seen.  So it is with most changes.  In our every day lives we can't see the internal changes, but we can see the external characteristics.  Nature has given us our sight as the king of our senses so we can see these external characteristics and usually know who is us and who is not us.  Yes, there are some who can look like us externally but be different internally, but, generally, our eyes don't lie and should be believed in most casual circumstances.  If it is learned that someone who looks like us externally is not really us internally, then one should not consider that person to be us.

171.  The Teacher said some people talk of a soul or a spirit within man that is separate from the flesh and which is, in their belief system, raceless and is the real person who is just inhabiting the flesh.  Our Teachings, by contrast, say that this soul or spirit is really the DNA code contained in every cell in your body.  This DNA code is the real you, but it is part of your flesh and is one with you.  It cannot exist without you and you cannot exist without it.  It is also your recipe and your blueprint.  It is how you were made.  It is how you continue to live.  When that DNA code is the product of two of our kind it has special characteristics that only we have.  We call the DNA code Code A when it is the product of 23 chromosomes of a male of our kind and 23 chromosomes of a female of our kind. Some of these special characteristics of this code are seen and some are not.  But, seen or not, they are a reality and they are the product of the 23 chromosomes you received from your white father and the 23 chromosomes you received from your white mother.  When you have the full complement of 46 white chromosomes you are our kind and are one of our tribe.  Less than 46 and you are not our kind and not of our tribe. But our Teachings go ever deeper. The DNA code is made up of chemicals organized in a certain way.  Why these chemicals?  Why the particular organization? Here we enter the world of sub atomic particles and waves and energies and in this realm we are in what might be called spirit--spirit generated and sent by the First Cause.  It is important to know that at a certain point everything in existence is made of the same chemicals, molecules, atoms, sub atomic particles, waves and energies, but it is an error of great magnitude to think that this makes all things in existence exactly the same.  It is the differences that matter.  It is this way regarding the differences in life and also in the differences between the different types of humans.  It all has to do with cosmic evolution.

172.  The Teacher said that the First Cause sent the messages to save our kind.  Genocide and extinction loom because we have gotten off on the wrong path.  The First Cause wants us to evolve along a certain path, but we have gone astray. We have substituted what humans think they want for what the First Cause wants.  The messages warn us that our kind is in extreme danger of extinction unless we correct our ways and do the will of the First Cause.  We have reached a dark and dangerous time unlike any that we have experienced before.  The enemy is within and most of our people do not even see the enemy as the enemy. The First Cause wants us to correct the trajectory of our evolution and He has revealed how to do that in the Teachings.  Why was Arman selected to bring the messages?  We don't know.  We just know that he was.
The First Cause has condemned things for us that He has not condemned for other kinds.  We must not limit our birthrate of our kind but must increase it as much as possible. We must not practice miscegenation, abortion, birth control, family planning, celibacy.  We must mate early and often.  We must use our free will to choose the methods of mating and marriage to maximize the number of children each one of us brings forth. We must know that true morality is what the First Cause wants.  It is not what man wants.

173.  The Teacher said that it is interesting to consider how some of the other religions almost have the truth, but not quite.  In some religions it is believed that man has a soul and that there is a battle for it between God and the Devil.  In our faith, we believe that man has a Code (in our case Code A) and that there is a battle between the First Cause to have Code A evolve ever higher and those who want it to blend back in with the rest of mankind and stop evolving.  But, we go deeper and we see that the battle for our Code A is less personal than the above sounds.  It is really a battle between the First Cause pushes back the nothingness and the nothingness that wants us to stop struggling and just become one with the nothingness.

174.  The Teacher said that what we ask of others and the world is simple:  that they leave us alone to pursue our religion as we alone determine.  We, in return,will leave others and the world alone to pursue whatever it is that they want so long as they mean us no harm and cause us no harm. We will take care of our own people and our own problems by ourselves. We want no interference in our affairs by outsiders. We do the will of God, not man.

175.  The Teacher said existence is circling, spiraling, spinning, turning, twisting and seeking to be round. Understand and use this in your daily lives.

176. The Teacher said that human life follows the ways of all life, but there is one major difference.  We have large brains that let us think abstract thoughts and to consciously learn and act in our own best interests.  Because we have such brains we are charged with using them to evolve.  That's the price we have to pay.  That's the struggle we have to take.  Our brains have brought us to a threshold. To be sure we cross it requires that we act.  In truth, we might cross it even if we don't act, but it is not guaranteed and there may be many detours along the way.  Because we are conscious of these things, we can chart our course and not rely on the blind workings of evolution.  A few birds blown by the wind to a distant island where they are isolated from others of their kind will start to evolve in a different manner than the flock from which they came so long as they do not have any gene transfer with the original flock.  We are like that except we can see the probabilities of acquiring certain characteristics because of environmental changes both inside us and outside and we can steer ourselves in a certain direction.  The course won't be completely as we think is best, because there are many factors that effect evolution that are outside of our control.  Parts of the code are knocked into different positions by cosmic rays, for example, and we have no control over that, but we can see the results and we can determine if they are good or not.  Our course is not precise, but broad.  We head in what we consider to be the best direction for us as the distinct people we are.  We are our own masters.

177.  The Teacher said that every thing in existence is the product of its internal recipe.  In organisms, the recipe, at least on Earth, is contained in DNA and sometimes in RNA for certain viruses.  Because everything in existence moves and is not static, the recipe changes.  It is a trial and error that nature goes through as it constantly and tirelessly tinkers with the recipe of all organisms.  This tinkering often leads to new life forms better adapted to survive in various conditions.  The tinkering led to humans and the various types of humans including White humans.  And, with each  tinkering there was a new basic recipe  for that type.  Thus, there is a basic recipe for White humans.  Some of the ingredients in the recipe  may be varied and they are, but the basic recipe will produce White humans so long as we mate only with other White humans.  These matings are leading us on a trajectory that is right for us.  If we mate outside the White type we change the recipe in ways that ruin the original recipe and which takes us off the trajectory for our kind.

178.  The Teacher said again that the First Cause "sends" out  waves or signals and we might think about by understanding that they are everywhere just as radio waves are everywhere, but one is not aware of radio waves unless one has a radio with all the right parts to pick up those radio waves and signals.  It is thus with live.  One has to have the full 46 chromosomes of our kind to fully receive the waves from the First Cause, and even with the 46 chromosomes there are only a few who can receive the waves in their fullest form. By improving, perfecting and purifying one can acquire more of an ability to receive those waves.

179.  The Teacher said that believers must take the teachings to those of our people who are the out castes. To the prisoners. To the poor. To the despised. To those who are confused.  To those who lack direction and purpose.  The worth of each of our people is to be found in their code.  Because so many of our people are confused and have been led astray, they lack self and group knowledge and they lack self-esteem and the sure knowledge of who and what they are and how they are to proceed in life.  Teach them.  Then, let them choose freely once they have been exposed to the Teachings.  Those whose code resonates with the Teachings will become believers and may become the strongest of us, for they have seen life from a different perspective than many others.  Bring them in.  They will find this faith to be as they are and in tune with the First Cause and the nature of all.

180.  The Teacher said it is commanded by the First Cause that His plan of expanding always, contracting never be carried out by believers who must,  before all else, have as many children with our code as is humanly possible starting as soon as nature's laws about having children permit and ending only when nature's laws say it is no longer possible.  This command is to each individual and is not made to couples who might shirk the responsibility by their couple hood.  Thus, each believing male is commanded to have as many children with the 46 chromosomes of the people as he can have and each believing female is commanded to have as many children with the 46 chromosomes of the people as she can have.  A male is not to say that he is limited in the number of children he can have because he is married to one woman and her ability to have a child only every 9 months thus limits his ability.  It is his individual responsibility to have as many children with the 46 chromosomes of the people as he can have and his responsibility cannot be limited by any form of marriage or relationship that he claims or has.  He must never be limited by relationships.  He is an individual and a bearer of the Code and the Code must be expanded constantly.  If a man can have 200 children during his child bearing years, then he should do so and he should find a way to do so.  If a woman can only have 30 children during her childbearing years, then she must find a way to do so and she must not try to limit a man's responsibility to bear more children with other women.  This is the command of the First Cause, and it is given with an understanding that is far beyond what humans can understand, for only the First Cause can see the trajectory of history before it occurs.  The First Cause is within the Code.  Its expansion through believers with our level of consciousness is the expansion of the First Cause with that consciousness within us and is the way on the path to ever higher evolution and consciousness.

181.  The Teacher said that he received the command that we are to go forth and multiply our kind, but only our kind and no other kind.

182.  The Teacher said that there is no way to get closer to the First Cause except through the flesh.  Only through evolving as organisms can this happen.  The Code must be purified physically and it must be improved and changed and modified and mutated and evolved while keeping the people much the same in appearance as they are now, but with improvements seen and unseen. Our destiny lies in adaptations that allow us a wide range of foods, life styles, niches; not in narrow adaptations that limit us.  We must be able to live anywhere, eat anything, breed to our maximum and prosper in all environments and dominate them.

183.  The Teacher said that the blended world is not the proper place for us.  The values and mores of such a world are not our mores and values.  We must separate from it so that we may fulfill our destiny that is ours alone.  The modern blended society says that homosexuality and homosexual marriages are good, but that polygamy and other forms of relationships that help up breed our kind to the maximum as commanded by the
First Cause are bad. We cannot accept their values and mores for us.  As to the others, they may do whatever they want so long as they do us no harm and mean us no harm and let us live as our God dictates.
The prime command to us and to us alone is to multiply our kind in every way possible and to write our human laws and rules so that each one of us as individuals may fulfill this command to bring forth as many children in our own image as possible during all the years we have to bear children.  The First Cause has put the calender and the clock inside all living things to determine the right time.  Modern man has disrespected the First Cause by making his own calendar and clock that are anti-nature and anti-First Cause.  We must go back to the natural clock.  Bear children when you can and stop bearing children when nature won't let you bear them anymore.  The law is simple and it is written in our DNA code.  Do not disobey it. Anything that limits the ability of each of our kind to bear as many children as possible is evil.

184.  The Teacher asked "Who has the right to anything?"  And, then he answered that no one has a right to anything if he or she does not work, struggle and fight to have it and keep it.  The First Cause has set all of existence in a contest to bring forth the best of all things and all organisms.  Those that win, win.  Those who don't, die off.  This is the way of evolution for all organisms including us.The difference between us and other organisms that we are aware of on Earth is that we can understand these things and we can consciously do what is right and necessary to evolve, while most other organisms are still on the blind conveyor belt of evolution and are not conscious of what path to take.

185.  The Teacher said that the First Cause has told us that our first purpose is to breed our kind to the maximum so that we fill all niches on all worlds with our kind.  The First Cause has also given us a second purpose and that is to help others of our kind know the truth and get on and stay on the path.  This means that we are duty bound to expose others of our kind to the Teachings.  It is then up to them to come to the Teachings or ignore them.  If they come to the Teachings then they are one with us. If they ignore them, then they are to go their own way which is different from our way.

186.  The Teacher said that it may help some understand a little about our faith if they visualize things as some of us do.  What we do is "see" a spinning vortex, looking like the two strands of DNA standing on end and spinning around slowly, but a little like a tornado inside of us.  When viewed head on, it looks like a fylfot or a spinning galaxy far away in space or like water running out of your sink or a hurricane seen from above.The core of that spinning vortex is the same in all of our kind of human. That is Code A.  But, as you watch it spin around you'll notice slightly different things on each vortex in each of our individuals.  Maybe, for some,  it helps to visualize this as  being like many millions of fir trees that are decorated as Christmas trees with many different colored strings of lights and different patterns of lights on them.  One such tree in each of us. As the trees spin slowly around inside of us, and as you look very closely at them, you'll see many differences, but you'll still see that they are all fir trees and they all have similar lights on them.  They are our core. They are the essential us.  Each of us is different, but each of us is also the same. The trees spin us out.  They are our recipe.  They make us and sustain us.   When our people expand by having more children, Code A--that spinning tree or DNA strands inside us also expands.  It needs us to expand and we need it to live.   Each tree competes with all the other trees to have itself expand more than others. But, do not go too far with this thought.  Code A is one with us as we are one with it.  It is in all of our cells and is completely a part of us and not something different inhabiting us.

It is our code--Code A--our DNA recipe, that wants to expand and we are the only way it can do this.  If we, as the manifestations of Code A, are weak or stupid and do not have the proper beliefs and actions, we hold back Code A from expanding.  This is not to be allowed.

If you understand this that we say about Code A correctly, you will see why it is vital for us to have as many children as possible.

When our kind came to America from Europe, we brought Code A within us and we gave it a whole new continent in which to expand our kind.  Unfortunately, over the past few decades, we have become weak and misguided and we have gotten off on the wrong path and we have violated the natural laws in favor of man made laws and this has helped diminish us and Code A.  We have practiced all sorts of evil.  We have engaged in miscegenation, abortions, family planning, homosexuality, meaningless wars and other things that have held down our birthrate and the birthrate of Code A.  We must rid ourselves of the evil things and get back to producing more of our kind and more of Code A.  This is our destiny, but it is not guaranteed.  We must think right and do right.

187. The Teacher said that there truly is a survival of the fittest at work in all of existence.  The term, however, is defined backwards.  The fit are those who survive into the next generation and the less fit are those who die off.  This is known backwards.  Are our kind the fittest?  Time will tell, but we have the revelations that guide us to be the fittest and the believers of our kind will follow them and survive and prosper and dominate.  The non-believers of our kind will cease to be.  Our way is conscious evolution and a conscious move ever upward.

188.  The Teacher said that we are not here to improve Homo sapiens, but replace them. This is part of the natural order in the First Cause's evolutionary plan.

189.  The Teacher said that revelations do not usually come with great detail.  They are broad and are nudges to keep things on track.

190.  The Teacher said that the First Cause is fair and allows every living thing to have a chance to survive and prosper and to change, adapt and evolve. On Earth, as far as we know, we are the only organisms that are capable of being able to consciously guide our own evolution along the path that we believe is correct and right for us.  Because humans cannot see the future, we are given the revelations to help us make the right choices even if we cannot always understand them at the time.

191.  The Teacher said that we believe that life started on Earth as a single point that was a single molecule of DNA that made the leap from non-living to living.  Does this mean that we believe all life came from that single molecule of DNA?  No.  The single point that is that first molecule of DNA was preceded by other single points that led up to it.  Thus, when that first molecule of DNA formed, there may actually have been many first molecules of DNA all springing from the single point behind them.  Ultimately there is a single point--a jumping off point from something else.  We choose to speak in terms of a first molecule of DNA to simplify things.

192.  The Teacher said that happiness comes from understanding the natural ways of existence and living in tune with them.  Part of the natural ways of existence involve evolution and evolution and its various sub-processes are universal.  One of those sub-processes of evolution is natural selection.  This is the competition between everything to be the dominant type of its kind. This is basic.  The competition is not only between different types of organisms but it exists right within our own bodies as those tiny parts of our genetic code called genes "fight" to be dominant.  Within us, for example, we may have alleles for several color eyes, and since only one of them can win and be expressed, we have a struggle between them.  It is the same with skin colour, tone, texture and all other things about us.  We, as complete human beings, are a bundle of the winners of all the various options within.  Blond hair?  It won out over other colors.  Blue eyes?  It won out over other colors.  This or that shape nose, ear, lips?  They won out over other shapes.  It is like this with everything about us.  The principle here is the same on the cosmic level and the sub-microscopic level.  We need to understand this. Neurotic weaklings deny the struggle for existence, and they are wrong.  Do not be a weakling.  Learn to love the struggle.  Raise your consciousness to be a full participant, with your eyes fully open, in the struggle and guide your personal and familial evolution along the path that has been revealed to us for ourselves alone.

193.  The Teacher said that we, each of us, have one essential purpose in life: to make more life like ourselves alone.  That's the same purpose for all organisms without exception. Nature doesn't care if you live or die.  It is up to you to fulfill the purpose and to the maximum that you can fulfill it.  You as an individual aren't worth much to nature.  It is your ability to multiply the Code that is important.  And, it is the Code within you that must be multiplied.  You are a means to that end.  If you do not fulfill that purpose you might as well not have lived at all.  You are nothing more than fertilizer if you have not made more like yourself or if you have produced children who are not our kind.

194.  The Teacher said that the Teachings are our way for ourselves alone and are only for our kind.  For them to work, one must have Code A, also known as the Essence and this must be activated by right belief and right action.  This is the only way for us to move higher and to do the will of the First Cause.  There is no other way for us.  This way is the way of existence and of the natural order.  It is the natural laws of existence in words.  Unlike many other ways, this way is as natural as a tree growing.  It just is, and it is one with the way things work in existence.  For this reason, it can never be wrong.  It sees humans as part of nature and not a special creation. It sees the laws that exist for all other organisms as the same for humans.  It recognizes evolution as a reality for humans as for single cell organisms.  But, it also recognizes human psychological needs that must be realized in their belief systems and it has provisions for those. While humans are not a special creation, but are a natural part of nature and have evolved along a certain trajectory, we recognize the fact that this particular trajectory of evolution has caused us to be different from other organisms on Earth that we are aware of in the fact that instead of tooth and claw, we have been given brains to let us think and survive by using our brains.  It is also our brains that we must use to evolve higher.  This we must do.  Why?  Because we now know it.  We now think it.  We have reached a threshold that we must cross or devolve back down the spiral to a lower form.  We cannot remain stuck where we are.  We must walk the narrow spiral path upward.  Not all of us will be able to take the path.  Not all of us will even see the path.  Not all of us will recognize the path if we do see it.  Many of us will deny the path, because the path is a difficult one. It goes against the current orthodoxy of this age in many ways.  The current orthodoxy preaches that there is just one human race.  The Teachings tell us this is not true.  The current orthodoxy preaches that all humans should blend together.  The Teachings tell us this is forbidden of us.  The current orthodoxy tells us that we should mix with other kinds of humans.  The Teachings tell us that the ideal is to be separate and isolated from them and that this is what should be done when and where possible. Thus do the Teachings given to us by the First Cause through Arman fly in the face of current orthodoxy. And, those who have internalized the current orthodoxy and who believe it will hate us and try to destroy us and persecute us and tell lies about us. They are the enemies of the First Cause, of nature, and of our kind of human. But, when we speak of our kind of human, we must remember that we come to replace not only other kinds of humans, but our own kind as well as we evolve higher so that we become a separate species incapable of breeding with the present other kinds of humans and eventually also with the present kind of humans from which we are born.
This is not radical or extreme, but is the way of nature which is not often put in these words, but which we do so by command of the First Cause so that our kind can use free will to choose whether to struggle to take our difficult path or simply stop struggling and blend back in with the masses of humanity from which our kind of human evolved not too many thousands of years ago as the path was opened for us and the crossroads, one after another, came before us and we took the right ones which our present status as living beings thinking these thoughts confirms.  Evolution is like distillation in some ways.  A few pure drops leave the mass of liquid and have a separate identity or if things go wrong they drop back into the liquid and remain part of the mass.  We must be the distilled drops and the process never ends.  There is no end to evolution.  There is no sleep for us. We must continue evolving and then evolving again and again and again and again, and we must drive and steer this evolution according to the Teachings because they are our map.  They are what keep us on the path and keep us from taking false paths that may seem attractive.  Without the Teachings, our evolution would continue to be haphazard.  Some of us would evolve naturally by luck and many of us would not. By following the Teachings,we know where we're headed and we know how to get there.  There is no confusion as to the way up for us.  It is told in the Teachings.

It also shows the way and how to stay on the path and the Teachings are repeated in many different ways so that all who have Code A can understand.

195.  The Teacher said we do not consider ourselves superior to other kinds of humans. Just different.  We have our strengths and weaknesses just as do all other human beings and all other organisms.  We do not believe that we were chosen or selected by God, but we believe that we have evolved along a trajectory that gives us a chance to make a leap forward.  We believe that this point that we are at in our evolution was a product of many accidents of our evolutionary path. Maybe God puffed out a breath here and there to guide the trajectory, maybe not. We don't believe we are holier than other kinds of humans.  For us, it  comes down to the DNA codes generally and the particular one that we inherited through no effort on the part of any of us now alive.  We just received it from our parents and they, most of them, probably weren't aware that they were doing anything religious or special.  They just married people like themselves, people of our kind, and had children of our kind. By doing this generation after generation, that is, by breeding within our kind of human, we continued to evolve along a path that was different from other kinds of humans.  Of course, we don't know everything.  Maybe God did engineer all the turnings and twistings of our evolution and maybe he did step in and guide this and that relationship so that we would be born as we are today. This is something that we cannot know, but some may take this on faith rather than accepting the more rational explanation.  Either way, it doesn't change a thing.
We developed our external characteristics, most notably our white skin, but also many others as well, and these external characteristics are manifestations of internal codes that we carry.  If others say that we are wrong and that they are right and that it is right to blend in with the other kinds of humans, then we say to them go right ahead.  That is your choice and your destiny and because you think that way it may be that you lack the code that makes us as we are in this faith, and which causes us to think as we think.  To repeat, it comes down to the genetic code for us, and the genetic code not only gives us white skin, it also gives us our brains and our turn of mind--our way of thinking and looking at things.  But suppose we are wrong and that our way is not the best way, that is, that our belief in separation and no gene transfer with other kinds of humans isn't the best way.  Well, that's our problem.  You see, we believe that this way for ourselves alone has been revealed by the First Cause, called God.  We believe that we can and should try to discover everything about existence.  We should follow science where it leads. We should study and learn.  We should observe nature and its laws.  We should use our reason to think about what we believe and why.  But, we must guard against false science and false beliefs and any current orthodoxy that would cause us to blend in with other kinds.  Such blending is anti-First Cause, anti-nature, anti-evolution and it is anti-White.  It is to  devolve back to the mass of humankind from which we evolved; from which we separated; from which we split off.  We are a new branch and we continue to branch off even from many who outwardly appear to be like us, but who aren't and who prove this by the way they think about such things.  We believe that many of our kind are as though they are asleep.  Some are so conditioned to false thinking and false ways that they cannot even see the truth.  They deny themselves.  They are alienated from their true genetic selves and they are full of self-negation and have low self-esteem.  They are dispirited and most don't even know it.  Many fear asserting themselves as a distinct people and shrink from self-assertion and hide in corners like mice or whipped dogs. We do not consider ourselves perfect. Just seeking to be as perfect as we can be. We try to do the best we can and to be the best people we can be, but we aren't finished.  We make mistakes.  We stray from the righteous path.  We give into temptation.  But still we try.  Still we struggle.  Still we attempt to move higher.  Still we try to live by the laws, rules and ways that God has told us we must live by.  Yes, we are aware that the laws, rules and ways set for us may be different than what humans think they want, but it is not humans we seek to please.  We believe that the First Cause has a plan, and that we, because of the point of evolution we have reached are part of that plan in a special way.  We believe that the First Cause is rooting for us to cross the threshold, but we also believe that in a sense, the First Cause is neutral.  His rooting for us is simply because we are at the threshold and may be the only organisms on this planet that are at that threshold.  So, His rooting is for the team that looks like it may be able to cross that threshold.  If we don't cross it, the First Cause will root for the next organism that reaches this point and if it fails, then the one after that and the one after that.  You see, it is not so much because of who we are that the First Cause roots for us, but it is because of where we are--at the threshold to moving closer to Him, to being able to make a leap in evolution like no other leap that we are aware of--a conscious leap. A move along the path with our eyes open and as we, insofar as we are able, are directing in accordance with what has been revealed to us.  There will still be hit and miss happenings, but in the main, we are on a course with a direction to it and we know that it will take many millions of us bringing forth the greatest number of our kind for us to cross the threshold.  And, this is true.  The threshold is also a fail point. To get to the threshold, we had to evolve to have the specific code that we alone have, but in doing this over the many generations, society has developed  things that can destroy us.  Our natural isolation, that is needed to evolve further as a separate species has been removed by modern fast, mass transportation and our reasonably safe and prosperous societies that are products of our genes are now seen as desirable to the dark masses all around the planet who, as is the case with all living things, gravitate to where they can be more comfortable--our nations that were once isolated.  Their presence among us increases gene transfer and causes our people who are weak minded or who are programmed with evil blending thoughts by society to mate with them and produce children who are not our kind and this causes a devolution away from Code A that is necessary for us to cross the threshold.  This blending is the greatest threat we face.  It is worse than bombs or wars or anything else we face because it is a soft genocide.  It sneaks up on us and perverts the trajectory that we should be on and takes us back in a wrong direction.  This is the major temptation we face-to simply stop trying to be separate and blend back in with the rest of humanity.  It will take spiritually and mentally strong people among us to resist the temptation.  Blending back in is a real sin and it causes physical changes to our DNA.  That is the danger.  This is why the revelations have come in this day.  Revelations do not come in a vacuum or when they are not needed.  If they did, few would listen. They come when they are needed to correct a course of action.
We must not limit our birthrate of our kind in any way, but we must actually increase it to its absolute physical limits so that we teem.  And, increasing our birthrate to our maximum is an individual duty of each of us. Men can produce far more children than a woman, and men should do this. Whatever forms of marriage or mating are best for each individual, male and female, to put their 23 chromosomes into the gene pool of our kind in the greatest number is what should be done.  If a man can spread his 23 chromosomes to produce a new child every single day of every year, then this is what he should do. A woman  will be limited by only being able to produce offspring every nine months, and this is the way nature has it and we accept this as part of the natural order, but this limit should not be passed on to a man as it so often is in our so-called monogamous society.  Our morality doesn't dictate ways that hold down our birthrate, but says that all ways that increase it and our numbers and Code A which we pass on, is moral, righteous and good and is what the First Cause wants and demands of us. We reject the false morality that others try to force on us.  We follow the morality of the First Cause and we follow what He wants us to do.  Is it not clear that the First Cause wants us to multiply to our maximum? It is this way for all organisms, but we, as with evolution, can see and know that this is what is commanded of us and we can use our reason and our free will to choose the righteous path that requires us to produce as many children in our lifetimes who have Code A as is possible.  There can be no excuses for not doing this and those who have Code A who limit the number of children with Code A that they bring forth do not find favor with the First Cause or believers.

195. The Teacher said that your immortality is through your descendants.  Nothing you do in this life will give you immortality except having children in your image.  Your children must carry the 46 Chromosomes of our kind or you do not live on.

196. The Teacher said that the First Cause has set His law, His moral, His ethics for us and all life in nature and they work automatically unless artificially disobeyed.  His basic command to all organisms is to multiply your kind and no other kind and to expand always and contract never.  And, he has set the way to multiply and expand within the code of all living things each to their own.  In humans he has set the proper time to begin bearing children and the proper time to stop bearing children.  That time is within us and its clock is always accurate.  Man, in his arrogance, has disobeyed the First Cause and set artificial times for child bearing and man has also arrogantly set false rules and laws concerning marriage both of which hold down our ability to multiply and expand our kind as commanded by the First Cause.  Disobeying the First Cause is sinful and evil and it will result in the termination of our kind if such false laws and rules invented by humans are followed.

197. The Teacher said that it is not our duty or responsibility to force others to believe as we believe.  Our duty and responsibility which is a religious duty and responsibility is to expose our genetic kind to the Teachings so that they may be awakened and then freely choose to take the path or not.  Those who are not so exposed to the Teachings in a manner that they can understand and who do not follow the commands of the First Cause are innocent of the most serious sins, but those who have been exposed to the Teachings and who reject them and who are our kind are not innocent and they prove by their rejection that they lack the proper parts of the Code to make them see the light.  This faith is not for the masses.  It is not for everyone.  It is for individuals who leave the masses and walk their own path to a higher destiny and who once removed from the masses join together with other individuals who have also seen the light into a new community which must separate out from the masses and those who are not of our kind.  The true self is found in the DNA code.  But, scientists may search forever in the DNA code and not find the essence that comes from the First Cause because in the Code there is that which is behind the Code that supports the Code and from which the Code springs that is linked to the First Cause in ways that man cannot understand.  This that is behind the Code and which is reflected in the Code, but which may not be seen in the Code by normal methods must be believed in by the faithful.

198.  The Teacher said that the universe orders itself through the spinning.

199.  The Teacher said that you should leave the masses and walk alone until you find others on the same path, and then join with them if this suits you and your development and if they remain true to the Teachings.

200. The Teacher said the masses are manipulated easily by evildoers into their own destruction. In this present age, the masses believe that miscegenation is permissible.  It is not.  It is genocide of our kind and it is evil and the greatest of sins.  Even if one of our kind has never received the Teachings or has received them and rejected them but stays true to our kind and knows in his or her mind that miscegenation is evil, then that person is still taking steps along the right path but such a person is unconscious of the path and may fall off, or if they are lucky, they may stay on it as some of our ancestors were able to do and which led to our birth even though they did not have the written Teachings to guide them.  If you can correctly listen to nature and nature's laws, then you may move forward even without words.

201. The Teacher said that the reason the Teachings have come in this age is because the masses of our kind have fallen low and have gotten far off the track that the First Cause has set to move closer to Him.  They have strayed from the laws of nature and are now on their way down instead of up.  The masses of our kind may be lost, but the few, the pure, the awakened are commanded to follow the righteous way which is clearly told in the Teachings.  These Teachings are from the First Cause.  They are not the product of man, but they are put in the ordinary language of man in this day and age so that there is no guessing as to what is right and what is wrong.  Believers must separate out first from other kinds of humans and then they must separate out even from their own kind who do not believe and who have rejected the Teachings and who choose intentionally or through ignorance to live in sin and with evil.  Those of our kind who reject the Teachings will eventually cease to be.  No more will they be able to struggle to be and to be more.  They will have given up the struggle and will me First they will cease to be our kind and then they will cease to be altogether. Their destiny is nothingness. They will blend back in to the masses of other kinds of humans from which we evolved not too many thousands of years ago.  This is a natural law of evolution.  Isolate out or melt back in.  It is so because when there is the possibility of gene transfer, there will be gene transfer, and gene transfer from other kinds of humans to our kind is genocide for our kind and this stops us from evolving higher.  As we have taught before, evolving higher is a little like distillation.  The purer drops of a liquid evaporate out of the mass of liquid, but if they do not fully leave the container of the mass of liquid and fall back in, then they are no more in their pure form and become one with the mass again.  In time, those who stay on the path will become a separate species incapable of breeding with other types of humans.  This is the way to evolve higher towards the First Cause. This is the path that is set before us and which only we can take by reason of our birth containing the 46 chromosomes of our kind and the 3 billion or so parts of our Code. This is the path that we are commanded to take no matter what persecution we face from the ignorant and the evil doers.  This is the path of righteousness and light and it takes us away from the nothingness and towards the somethingness of the First Cause and it is the way we help the First Cause in our own smaller sphere of existence while also helping ourselves. Our lives are a test and a contest.  Will we choose the right way even though all around us say our way is the wrong way and even though all around us persecute us, or will we be weak and melt back in and devolve?  This is a test for each of us individually.  We alone must choose for ourselves.  No one can choose for us. If we follow the Teachings we will continue on beyond our individual deaths in the code that we pass on.  And, if that code is Code A, then we will be fully present as is normal for our species in our descendants.  Honor your ancestors for their chooses in life and in mating have led to you.  Honor your descendants for they are a step forward on the path as you were a step forward.

202.  The Teacher said we are asked about holy people and monks and orders of individuals who follow the Teachings who wish to dwell completely separate from the world in small communities, and by this they mean even before believers establish their own nation. The Teachings are clear that this is possible, but celibacy is forbidden of every believer.  Holy people and monks and orders of individuals who follow the Teachings are acceptable, but they must bear children in as great a number as possible.  Indeed, it is even more incumbent on such people to bear even more children than ordinary believers.

203.  The Teacher there is an error in thinking among some of our kind that they must be overly selective in who they consider to be our kind.  We say to them that their tribe is too small.  There are others who are not selective enough in who they consider to be our kind.  We say to them that their tribe is too large.  Our kind are the indigenous peoples of Europe no matter where they are born in the present world.  Their nation is their Code that they share with us.

204. The Teacher said that there are many people who constantly try to conform to the masses and the mass mind and who try to think and do as the masses think and do.  This is an error. These are fearful conformist people who are often slaves to societal conditioning of every age. In an age when miscegenation is banned by law, they are strong advocates against miscegenation, never knowing why the law is in place. Then, in an age when miscegenation is not against the law and is made trendy by the blenders, they are all for miscegenation. They are unthinking and are manipulated first this way and then that and are incapable of critical thinking or of being able to see correct patterns and truth even when they look directly at them.  They do not know what is good and what is evil and will switch good things into the evil column and evil things into the good column depending on how they are manipulated. The wise person, by contrast, looks inside of him or herself and finds what is true and authentic and walks the path of individualism, looking out for him or herself first and then for other is ever expanding circles and this is as it should be. It is these individuals who can think for themselves, who are curious, who study all things and who are able to make proper choices that are in tune with nature who are the ones who can take our path with us. It is only by leaving the masses and becoming an individual that one is then able to rise about individualism as individualism and a protest to joining with those on the sacred path to higher consciousness and a higher state of being that has left behind homo sapiens and become more and the replacement for them. It is these individuals who understand that good is whatever the First Cause wants, but who also know that good and evil are relative to them as individuals who carry Code A.  For example, good is what lengthens one's life to be able to expand the code by having more children.  Evil is what shortens one's life so that one cannot expand the code by having more children.  And, it goes on like this, for the first command to all living things is to expand your kind and no other kind. We have already discussed that every action we take is either good, neutral or evil, and we have discussed how to know which is which.  Those who follow the sacred path and who are properly guided are not confused by this.

205.  The Teacher said that we will be guided in the right way on the path.  Pray for such guidance.  Put faith in the the hands of the First Cause. We can't know all the forces and counter forces and various permutations so we just have to sometimes have faith.  And, believers who don't believe (yes that is possible) need to suspend their disbelief and if they can do this they'll find more happiness in their everyday lives. How is it possible to believe and not believe?  One can intellectually not believe and use reason to bolster the non-belief, but one can also use emotional intelligence to believe.  If you have no God, then invent one. There are reasons to do so and you may not understand them.  And, of course, if you invent a God, might it not be argued that the First Cause just influenced you to do so and that your thinking that you used your free will to invent a God, wasn't really your free will at all?

206. The Teacher said The DNA molecule is programmed to constantly tinker with life in order to find a way to inhabit every conceivable niche that will support life and make it comfortable and able to thrive.

Why? DNA "wants" to survive and expand, and living organisms are the way it does it.
You may have read that 98 per cent of DNA is junk. This is false. Nature is a frugal, form follows function engineer. The so-called junk DNA is DNA being used in ways not yet clear to science or is DNA in waiting to be used for new tinkering when conditions change. The revealed Teachings put you on the path to the change that is possible from the DNA that is within you. Code A is the step before.  It takes you to the threshold where you must choose to either cross and stay on the path to becoming more, or eventually fall back into the masses and not evolve.

207. The Teacher said that believers should live life to its fullest and experience much so that they can learn more about the ways of existence.  We have our senses to sense.  Do not deny them.  They send the signals to our brains that help us survive but also to understand.  Do what makes you happy in life so long as you don't harm others.  Be yourself and if you find the Teachings helpful them follow them.  If you don't find them helpful or if they don't resonate with you, then don't follow them.  There is no compulsion. This is an important principle in this system: the individual is important and should look out for himself or herself first and this also means that he or she should decide what makes sense to him or her. There is no piety in denying yourself.  The First Cause is joyous and is full of life and demands that of all living things as He expands and devours the nothingness with His somethingness.  You are a unique manifestation of the code and it is your duty to pass on your unique code to as many children as possible so that they too may struggle and compete in perfect joy as they move along the path ever higher.

208.  The Teacher said that one should understand a little about how the DNA code works.  It modifies things to new uses. A bat's fingers are made long and webbed to produce wings.  An onion is a modified leaf to provide food for the plant.  And, that's the way it is as DNA tinkers constantly to help itself survive and when it survives, the organism that it creates also survives.

209.  The Teacher said that believers must have the strength to leave the masses of humanity and their ways and mores and to not believe the lies that they believe about humans and life in general.  Believers know that the lessons of nature are all around us for those who have the eyes to see and understand and that this faith does not contradict those laws.  Man, in his arrogance, has made artificial laws that do contradict nature.  For example, nature's laws are set within us as a clock as to when we should start producing children and when we should stop.  We don't have to try to figure out the right time and we don't need human made laws to tell us the right time.  Our bodies know.  Our bodies are in tune with the First Cause through the code.

211.  The Teacher said that true happiness begins with knowing who you truly are at your core and your essence and liking it. Don't try to deny your genetic code or minimize it for that way lies oblivion.

212.  The Teacher said, I give you a word: Rezi.

213.  The Teacher said that a daisy is never a rose even if it grows in a rose garden.

214.  The Teacher said that nature is not fair.  It is inexorable and keeps grinding all life to find the best.  Believers have the method to ensure they are the best, if they truly believe and follow the righteous path.

215.  The Teacher said always stay in character as you method live.  Don't ever break character unless you do so to deceive haters and bigots and those who would harm you and then it is incumbent on you to break character to fool them.

216. The Teacher said that it is good to give charity to our kind and to help those with the most children among believers have even more children.

217.  The Teacher said reject the values that are not true values and which are just man made and artificial.

218.  The Teacher said that our world view, our view of man and genes and DNA and race, give us a survival advantage.  Do not deny our world view or the reality behind it.

219.  The Teacher said do not become infected with the DNA of others.

220.  The Teacher said that no human has any innate right to any land on the planet.  First in, does not count.  What counts is who can take and hold the land and populate it with their kind.  If they do this, it is their land.  If they fail to take the land or populate it with their kind, then others will do this.  This is the way of the First Cause and it is just.

221.  The Teacher said that you have no right to survive. You must make it so.  You have no right to anything but the right to struggle to get and keep what you value and you must always do this against competing interests.  It is no different with bacteria than with humans. Nature is nature and it is no respecter of any organism but those that fight to win.

222.  The Teacher said that we believe in expanding our code and only our code. Don't say that you're a believer if you don't want to expand our code and don't take action to do so.

223.  The Teacher said that believers may call themselves the Forty-sixers.

224.  The Teacher said that believers should seek strong minds in strong bodies as they method live.  Take no harmful substances into their bodies. Stay healthy.

225.  The Teacher said be true to this faith, but do not go looking for trouble and do not be boastful or loud and do not loudly proclaim some imagined superiority because of your faith or your code.  Be at peace with the peaceful.  Flee from trouble to preserve your code.  Do not seek to be a hero for false causes, for this puts your code in danger.  Your first command is to live as long as possible to expand your code.  Everything else is secondary.  A fool rushes into danger and a fool often dies and with the fool dies his code. It is not cowardice to flee from trouble to protect the code.  That is true heroism.Stay happy and flexible in life so that you may experience and learn much and pass this on to your many children.

226.  The Teacher said to use self-hypnosis as you method live.

227.  The Teacher said to be focused on your goals, not the methods to achieve them.

228.  The Teacher said that intent isn't necessary in genocide.  Germs don't intend to kill us, but they do.  Are germs good or bad?  It depends on one's perspective.  It is often the same with people.  Stay with your own kind and do not blend or mingle with other kinds.  This is the righteous path that is our kind's alone.

229.  The Teacher said that we will not move up with few numbers but only with a teeming population of our kind that forces out all other kinds before us.  This is nature's way, and it is our way.  Expand our kind and only our kind and try to fill all of existence with our kind; in reality, we will never expand to fill all of existence with our kind, because there are always other kinds to challenge us, but still keep this expansion as your goal so that you will expand as much as possible. It is through the chaos of a burgeoning population of our kind that we move up.  There is no other way.  Those who say we must breed quality over quantity do not understand that quality will come with the quantity.  This may not be clear to many, but it is true. We do not control all things and we cannot plan for all things.  All we can do is follow the Teachings and especially breed to our maximum and things will fall into place for our going up.  The First Cause has set for the way for us and it is to breed to our absolute maximum.

230.  The Teacher said that our reality is composed of individuals and our progress has always been the result of individuals who take action. Righteous individualism matters.

231.  The Teacher said that the ethics and morality of our way are all based on what is best for expanding the code of our kind.

232.  The Teacher said that genetic adaptations can happen very fast if the conditions are right.  And, the proper adaptations will help us along the righteous path.

233.  The Teacher said that because the spinning never stops, change never stops, and thus evolution never stops.  Control your own evolution or nature will use default settings in evolution that may not be best for you.  Why?  Because you are not the only organism that nature is working on.  It is working on all organisms at the same time, and other organisms will be competing against you. It is up to you to guide your evolution by following the Teachings.  They tell you the right way, and you can't figure them out on your own, because there are too many variables.  You cannot possibly know what adaptation your descendents will need in a hundred or a thousand years from when you live that you must start developing right now, but the First Cause sees the trajectory and knows it and has revealed it in the Teachings. Just follow them, and you'll stay on the righteous path and your particular version of the code will go and move higher.

234.  The Teacher said that each version of the DNA code is programmed to struggle to try to be the dominant form.  This is how the DNA code survives and improves so that it can fill all of existence with itself.  Living organisms are the means the DNA code pursues its program to fill all of existence with itself.
Most living organisms are blind to this purpose.  As the DNA code spins itself out, it changes and adapts to differences in the environment.  Heat, cold, wet, dry, windy, sunny, overcast and everything else in the external and internal environment are felt by the DNA code, and if they are long lasting enough, the DNA code changes the organisms it is in to survive in the changing conditions.  It does not change too fast, and this is to keep it from changing for temporary changes in the external and internal environment.  The changes in the environment must seem to be long lasting for the DNA code to make the changes to  he organism.

235.  The Teacher said that the struggle we have is not for an artificial, transcendent ideal, fut for the constant expansion and improvement of our code so that we as individuals, as families, as a people move to ever higher levels on the evolutionary scale of existence and in doing so move ever closer to the First Cause and the real meaning of all existence.  It is only through the physical purification and improvement of our code that we can move higher and all rituals, prayers and methods of this system serve this end.

This struggle is to be waged by the individual completely alone against the dull masses if this is necessary but is also to be waged by groups of like minded individuals who have the code who may from time to time join together for their mutual benefit and in common cause so the code may be improved and expanded.

Our emphasis on the code and the physical are two of the main elements of this faith system that set us apart from all others.

There is a sense of freedom that comes over one when one truly understands this emphasisi on the code.  Suddenly, things are clear and make sense and one realizes that one can care for oneself as an individual by focusing on the code without worshiping humans.  The code is within, yet it is larger than any of us as individuals.  It exists in all of those who are like us and is not in those who are not like us.  That is, our code is our code exclusively and their codes are theirs exclusively.  They and their codes are not our concern and they have their own paths to follow that are not our path.

But as we emphasize the code, we must make it clear that we are not worshiping the code and that we see it as that which was created via evolutionary forces ultimately by the actions of the First Cause that set the trajectory for all that exists and which will exist.

How do we conceive of the First Cause?  We believe the First Cause is beyond our understanding but that we catch glimpses of Him  in everything that exists.  We believe the First Cause is present through all of existence and is absent only from non-existence and that He is forever pushing existence further out into the non-existence and that is His primary goal.

What of morality?  We do not accept the morality that others try to force on us. We have our own morality and it is based on the freedom of the individual to chose his or her own morality.  This is not to say we don't have a group morality, because we do, but it basically says that the individual may do whatever he or she chooses so long as they expand and improve our code and no other codes.

236. The Teacher said that it helps some of our think about our beliefs by visualizing the genetic code
much as Darwin represented evolution. That is, a solid line starting from a dot with many
branches and branches off branches. The dot is the essential genetic code and it
simply says "life."  It is the same in all living things that we are aware of.  It's primary function
is to transform so-called non-living minerals into living combinations of minerals and to
constantly tinker with life so that the code will expand to fill all of existence.  It's secondary
function is to constantly improve life to make it more aware and conscious and intelligent as it
occupies every niche where it can make a living. Where there are oceans it adds additional codes for gills. Where there is sky it adds additional codes for wings.

237.  The Teacher was asked why God gives us commands?  He answered that this
is done because humans go astray and often substitute trendy ideas for what
is real and for what is good.  Even evil ideas tend to flourish among humans
who do not understand the long view of history as only God can understand it.
In the present Dark Age, humans are going astray in vast numbers as they
wrongly believe that the evil of miscegenation is acceptable for our people.  It is
not.  It never was.  It never is. It never will be.  It is a great evil and many
of our people will be destroyed and God's plan for our evolution will be taken
off the narrow path by those who practice this great evil.  It is also evil to practice
birth control, abortions of White babies, family planning, and anything that will
decrease the spread of our DNA code or which pollutes our genetic code.

238.  The Teacher said that you do not have free speech to insult God.

239.  The Teacher said stay with your own, with your own kind and with no other

240.  The Teacher said that our values are God's values for our kind alone.

241.  The Teacher said it is evil to help other kinds in any way.  Treat all
with respect, but do not help them.  Their fate is their fate and yours is 
yours.  Be an observer but do not help them survive God's plan for them.

242.  The Teacher was asked about those who are not White who say
they believe the Teachings and he replied that anyone can believe whatever
they want, but only Whites can get the real benefits from this faith because
the first requirment set by the First Cause is that one have the right blood--which
means that one has the right DNA code.  Belief is not enough.
And, when the faith is organized in a full structure, none  but Whites will
be allowed to join because the presence of other kinds of humans
adversely affects the communion we have with the First Cause.

243.  The Teacher said that rules for average believers are less stringent
than for those who are more devout.  The most devout bear the sacred
signs where they can be seen on the skin by all.  The average believer
may do this or not but still must bear the sacred signs someplace on his
body or next to his body. The most devout have the sacred signs 
tattooed or somehow permanently placed on their skin or in their skin.

244.  The Teacher said that this is the way and that there is no other
ways for us.

245.  The Teacher said that false ideas must be removed from the
subconscious minds of our people, for these false ideas lead them astray
and away from the First Cause and their highest possible destiny.

246.  The Teacher said that it is important for those who wish to take this path to
understand that Armanism is a religious philosophy and a world view, and a way
of life and that it includes all things of true science as well as revelations of things
that science has not yet discovered or which science does not yet understand.
The science of evolution plays a large part in our beliefs and teachings because
we believe that enlightenment or higher consciousness of whatever other terms are
used to describe an advanced state can only be achieved by having the right
DNA code, which we have by virtue of our birth.

247.  The Teacher said this is not a universal faith and can never be such because
it does not see mankind as one type but many.  And, there are many because
of branchings of evolution.  Some have gone one way and others other ways.
We Whites have gone our own way and our differences are shown in the color
of our skin and other external characteristics--but our differences are also internal--
and there are mimics that can appear to be like us but who aren't.  Still, as
a rule of thumb, no one can be one of us who is not a White person, as White
skin is the first external sign that is necessary and which cannot be changed.
It is part of our nature and is more than just skin color.  It is essential to us\
and to the First Cause.

248.  The Teacher said that in the fullness of time this faith shall be organized
so that every believer has an important role in the faith and so that there is
a tight command and control structure based on our principle of leadership
and the importance of the individual, which we call the principle of the One.

249.The Teacher said that there is no such thing as junk DNA.  Nature is a
frugal, form follows function inventor and doesn't add unnecessary things
to life.

250. The Teacher said that you have within your DNA code, elements that are
dormant and which can be awakened by following the Teachings.

251.  The Teacher said that the Teachings will help each believer develop
to his or her full potential in the here and now, and will help them on the
path to higher evolution.

252.  The Teacher was asked how we practice our religion and he answered
by living it every minute since our religion is a complete way of life.

253.  The Teacher said that you should live fully and experience much and
find much joy and happiness in your life and what you do.  This faith is not
a life denying, joy killing system, but is one that is full of life and joy. One
of the ways this is shown in our emphasis on bringing forth as many of our kind
 of children as possible.  Children are spring not winter, and all believers
are also of spring, no matter what age the calendar indicates.  We are not
a faith of the old and decrepit.  We are a faith of DNA youth and we 
are forever young.

254. The Teacher said that the power of secular authorities to regulate religions is the power to
control those religions, make them something not wanted, and to dictate their beliefs, rites and
ways.  This is an afront and no religion should go along with this.

255.  The Teacher said that believers are to handle matters between believers themselves and they are not
to inform on their fellow believers to the secular authorities. Believes will establish courts within the 
believer community to enforce just laws and handle problems.  The First Cause has commanded believers to
be their own government, have their own police, have their own laws, have their own schools, their own
stores and all other things that a completely self-sufficient, and self-contained community has.

256.  The Teacher said that wishy washy belief in the First Cause and the Teachings is okay at first
when one just starts to awaken, but this must turn into a rock solid belief once one gets fully immersed in our Teachings and practicing the faith.

The First Cause is real.  He does want us to act in certain ways and not act in certain other ways.  He does punish those who go against what He wants. He loves those who develop an iron will and who do not 
waver in their faith and he helps them on the path.

There is no other God but the First Cause.  He alone is the cause and the sustainer of all of existence. He is unknowable and can only be seen in the spinning and turning.

Obey the First Cause always and do as He commands and never show Him disrespect or allow any disrespect of Him.  You are his servant and you are to do His will.  Disobey and you shall go out of
existence and be no more than fertilizer.

The First Cause does not dance to the tune of humans. He does what He wants and what He wants is always right and is what must be.  

The First Cause gave the Teachings to one person only who is Arman and who is called the Teacher, and this is the way the First Cause and all of existence works.  It starts with one and the one touches another one and it spreads and it grows. 

257.  The Teacher said that a man or woman who says that they would have children except that their mate doesn't want to have children or is physically/medically incapable of having children  must find a way to have children, often with other mates.  The command from the First Cause to expand your DNA code always, is given to each of us as individuals in the first instance such that we are individually commanded to expand the code within our bodies with no excuses.  And, we are to do this according to the way nature has determined we can do this.  A man can expand his code much more than a woman given the fact that a woman can only get pregnant once every nine months.  A man must not be on the woman's calendar, but must do what nature has given him the means to do--have many, many children.  This is the morality of nature and it is the way put into nature by the First Cause for a reason.  Humans have invented morality that tries to upset the natural order, and those who follow false human morality are doomed to extinction.  Many things will happen to the Earth and other planets that we will someday live on, and we cannot anticipate them all.  Many of these things will wipe out vast numbers of our kind.  It is only  by expanding our code to its maximum that we can get through some of what is to come.  After the individual, the command is also given to us as a distinct people, so we as a people must also all expand our group DNA code as much as possible.  Obviously, the means to do this is by having the individuals of our kind all obey the First Cause.  It is so with all of what the First Cause has given us: it begins with the one and expands.  You are that one.  As am I.  As are all of our kind as individuals.  Each One, must try to make his or her One, a vast army all from his or her loins.

258.  The Teacher said that in every age there will be evil ones who will try to destroy the people and this faith that is their salvation and their way toward the First Cause and which protects them from evil.  Oftentimes, the attacks will be oblique and the evil ones will try to outlaw the Teachings or the Sacred Symbols or our ways of life and our methods and they will enact laws against us to give themselves cover for the evil that they try to do. In doing so, they may find weak seeds who claim to be believers but who will counsel believers to change things here and there and to modify our Teachings and Sacred Symbols and our ways to be acceptable to the evil ones. Such ones must be rejected.  Our faith, our cohesion, our unity as believers and as the deme that we are require that we stay true to the Teachings and that we display our Sacred Symbols and that we practice our faith and our ways as commanded by the First Cause and as written by Arman in the Teachings.  Study the Teachings each and every day and try to gently tell others who may have the potential about them, so that they too can learn and can take up this faith and start on the path to the First Cause and so that they can find purpose and meaning in their lives.  The First Cause has been clear that no censoring or changing or modifying or minimizing parts or the whole of the Teachings is ever permitted  and this is one of the reasons that the First Cause has revealed the Teachings to Arman alone, so that there is a single point that moves forward with no confusion. The Teachings are not the product of a committee or of consensus or of multiple minds.  They are from the single point that is the First Cause through the single point that is Arman and on to expansion to those with the potential.

259.  The Teacher said do not be full of pride, and speak to all men, even if they are not our kind, as though they are important and special and that you are not above them.  Be respectful and bow before all you meet and do not be boastful for this gains you nothing.  Be deferential and do not invade the personal space of others.  Treat all others kindly and with the respect that you would like to be given to you.

260.  The Teacher said be open an seek knowledge and learning from all and from everything and question and observe everything and seek to learn even from those who may seem less intelligent and from those who are not our kind.  There is knowledge to be gained from everything and everyone.

261.  The teacher said you are the single point after Arman if you choose to be so, and you may preach the Teachings to others so long as you stay true to the Teachings, but do not teach them in strident or boisterous ways and let you manner always be as a servant and be humble and respectful of all.  To lead is to follow.

262.  The Teacher said that the wise person speaks little but does much.  The Teachings are of little help to our kind unless you take action and live them. And, this responsibility is upon each of us as individuals.  It is not wise to simply wait for others to do something so that you may timidly follow. Each one of us, is to  take the responsibility and if we find those among us who are more knowledgeable or who have more energy or have stronger faith and we wish to follow them as they preach the Teachings then this is also a wise path to take.  But failing to find such others does not relieve each of us of the responsibility and in such a case each of us must be the one.  How do you start on the path?  You read the Teachings and you try to live them as best you can right where you live and right under your present conditions.  You first must read the Teachings. You must then determine that you wish to follow them.  You must then say: "I wish to follow the Teachings and I accept them as true and from this moment forward, this is my faith."  You then must take up the Sacred Symbols and have them next to your skin always.  You must then pray at dawn and dusk.  You must wear the plain clothes that are proscribed.  You must cover your head as proscribed.  You must think like a believer and you must live like a believer even if you are the only believer you know and even if you are the only believer in the world.  Then, will you move forward.  But, do not stray.  Read the Teachings each and every day and study them and study nature and all that you find around you.  Be aware and learn. To become a believer, you must be a believer  and to be a believer you must become a believer. You are the highest authority for yourself and when you open your mind and your heart and when you put yourself in the hands of the First Cause by becoming a believer, a heavy weight is lifted from you and you are now living for a much greater cause than yourself and you are now doing what is important and it matters not that you may have little money or worldly goods, if this is the case, for these things are as nothing and you are as important as any other person on the planet because you are a believer.

263.  The Teacher said that nature works via trial and error; form follows function, the path of least resistance; survival of the fittest; nature abhors a vacuum and similar simply stated principles.

264.  The Teacher said be sensitive to all, but do now cower and do not back down about this faith. Do not let them censor our words, our symbols, our practices, our ways--ourselves.  We are doing what is good and righteous, and those who oppose us are evil.  Do not ever doubt it.  Do not ever doubt yourself.  Do not ever doubt the First Cause or this faith given to us by Him.

265.  The Teacher said to build Temples and Centers and other buildings where the believers may congregate and do the work of the First Cause and worship in groups and let the believers live near the Temples and Centers and other buildings and fill all the homes with believers and open stores and other businesses in the area to cater to the believers and as the believers grow in numbers, let them expand outward always from the Temples and Centers and other buildings until all the areas around such buildings are full of believers. Let those respected by the congregations of believers be clerics and guides and teachers and leaders and scholars and let them organize and further the faith and help the faithful in all ways, but let them be the strongest in belief and knowledge of the Teachings and let them be the ones who do not deviate in any way from the Teachings.  Let them be kindly and sensitive to the needs of believers and let them know that they are not higher than ordinary believers, they are servants of believers who have their titles because of their personal characteristics and their knowledge.

266.  The Teacher said that many believers find more value in homespun and homemade clothes and other items for our religion.  Tattoos and similar marking on the skin of the sacred symbols are also homemade and so it is with jewelry with the symbols. Such things made by the hands of believers for believers are in tune with our principles of self-reliance.

267.  The Teacher said that some ask why this faith is only for White people, and believers may reply because that is the way God wants it or, if they wish, they may reply with questions of their own such as "Why is flight only for those with wings?"  "Why is breathing water only for those with gills?"  Our ways are based on our DNA code which is different from all other DNA codes.

268.  The Teacher said that some have asked if we are trying to evolve ourselves. The answer is that we are. We believe that our evolution is the purpose given to us so that we can move closer to the First Cause, and we also believe that as we evolve, we will live longer, be happier, be healthier and in general be a people that can live in peace and contentment so long as we keep following the Teachings and do not deviate from them.

Evolution will happen whether we will it and direct it or not and here will be some being who will replace present day humans.  We ant that being to be us, but we know that if we leave evolution to its blind ways, that being may not be us.  In this regard we might think of evolution as a little like a meandering stream.  It can simply take the path of least resistance or we can step in and build channels and walls and other devices so that it will follow a path that we think is best.  That is what we do with our evolution.  And, we have the Teachings to guide us as to the best ways for us.  We are not fatalists who simply accept things as though they are preordained, we struggle to make things turn out best for us and our kind alone.

269. The Teacher said to each his own and to his own only and to no others.

270.  The Teacher said that no one should try to force their values or their religious views or world views or beliefs or ways upon us.  We have our own values, our own religious views, our own world views and our own ways.

271.  The Teacher said that we are a different people with different ways, different values and a different destiny and we are commanded by the First Cause to remain different for all time.  We are made different in the first instance by our DNA code and then we are refined even more by our beliefs and our actions.

272.  The Teacher said that ours is a particularist faith and not a universal one.  Trying to convert all humans to our faith is alien to us and cannot be because this faith is based on the DNA code that we alone possess. Those who follow this true path need not wear their faith on their sleeves and it is not our way to stick our faith in the faces of others.  We simply want to believe as we want and to practice our faith quietly among our own people.  It is not our way to interfere in the ways and destinies of other peoples or other faiths.  We have our own destiny and our own ways, our own  destiny and our own faith.  We ask of other peoples to simply leave us alone so that we may follow our faith as we alone deem right and as we are commanded by God.

273.  The Teacher said that our communities of believers will grow organically and will start with our centers around which believers may decide to live and raise their families and open businesses.  Believers may also want to seek out small existing towns and move there in large numbers and start taking part in the life of those towns by running for political offices and doing all the things that one does in society.  In time, if the believers expand as they should, the towns may become almost exclusively populated by believers. In their daily lives, the believers must not be strident in their beliefs. Religion is a personal matter and one needn't broadcast one's views to others unless one so desires.  But even if one does feel it necessary to broadcast one's views, a wise believer always remembers that only our kind can benefit from the Teachings and only our kind can be members of this faith.

273. The Teacher said that if you want to understand, you need to go ever smaller and in doing so, you will go ever larger.  By this he meant that you might start with thinking about something specific in our everyday world. It can be anything. Take a tree for example. It is what you see and what you can touch.   However, it is made up of ever smaller parts.  Imagine yourself getting smaller and smaller on the surface of that tree.  You'll go down through the wood to the molecules, the atoms, the subatomic particles and you'll eventually reach waves, forces and energies.  These smaller levels are all also real.  They are what is behind that tree.  And, when you get to the level of waves, forces and energies, that tree flows into all the rest of the waves, forces and energies of the universe.  This does not mean the tree is an illusion, or that all things are the same. The tree in our everyday world is very real.  It is solid.  It is a particular type of thing.  It is this way with everything in existence.  And, when you do get to that level of waves, forces and energies, you are on the level where God exists and where all things are part of Him and where He does his magic. At this level, the smallest of anything in existence is part of the largest thing in existence because it all flows as one vast undulating, circling, spinning river of existence.

274.  The Teacher said that there is much we do not know about existence and we have been given knowledge on a need to know basis by the First Cause.  Our need to know is rooted in our need to evolve ever higher, and it is in this area that we receive most of the revelations.  It is this actual, physical evolution that is the reason we have been given the revelations.  And, our actual, physical evolution is sacred. 

275.  The Teacher said that some people are confused about universalism versus particularism.  Natural laws are universal, but this is where the confusion comes in.  They are only universal when all aspects are considered.  For example, we can say that water is a liquid.  But, to be completely accurate we also have to say it is liquid at certain temperatures and under certain other circumstances. We can add that it freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. But, that's still not complete. If the water contains a lot of salt, then it will not freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. And, you can go on with more aspects that need to be just right. The point is that we must consider all aspects of universal laws to be accurate.

It is the same when we consider universal laws concerning humans. To understand why the laws of existence as we teach, work in our kind of human and not in others, one has to completely and correctly define the humans involved.  We have a particular DNA code that allows for our evolution in a slightly different way than other kinds of humans.  If they were the same as us in their DNA codes, then they would evolve as we can.  But, they don't have the same DNA codes, and you can generally (but not always and there are some major exceptions) trust your eyes to know who has the code and who doesn't.

276.  The Teacher said to live intentionally from an early age and focus on the truth of the First Cause as revealed by nature and the Teachings.

277.  The Teacher said that while it is required that we have the sacred symbols next to our skin and while it is best that they are on and in the skin permanently, it is also permissible, and especially during times of persecution and for the safety and advancement of believers, that they may be put on the skin temporarily with ink or other substances that may be washed off and it is always permissible to have the sacred symbols on pendants and rings and other jewelry.

278.  The Teacher said be moderate in all things, be patient, be honest, be compassionate, be moral, be kind and be sensitive.

279.  The Teacher said that praying and other things should be done regularly for them to work.  They should be come habit.

280. The Teacher said that our faith does not contradict reason or true science.  

281.  The Teacher said that a seeker must actually practice this faith for it to work.  Simply reading the Teachings is not enough.  Action is always required.

282.  The Teacher said that he is just the messenger and no more.  He is the vessel through which the Teachings come, but has no special authority and is no different from others of our people.  He is a servant.

283. The Teacher said that believers must desire to live in peace and harmony with the forces of nature and the First Cause and to get along in the world, no matter their circumstances  as best they can while holding firm to the Teachings.

284.  The Teacher said that we are born into the world with our senses, and we must not deny our senses or pretend that we should rise above them in order to be holy.  Look with your eyes.  Hear with your ears. Taste with your tongue. Feel with your skin. Smell with your nose. The world is here to experience. Do it.

285.  The Teacher said that when a "couple" can't have children, it is not usually the fault of the couple, but of either the man or woman who make up that couple.  This does not relive the fertile member of that couple from passing on his or her DNA code, and the fertile member must do so.  The command from the First Cause is given to each of us as individuals to expand and improve our DNA code, and each of us as individuals must do so.  And, part of the command is that we must only mate with other Whites, and preferably with those who believe as we do.  But if White mates cannot be found who believe as we do and follow the Teachings, then other Whites are acceptable partners.  The First Cause commands us to have as many White children as possible.  All else is secondary.

286.  The Teacher said that we do not strive for the evolution of all mankind for that is impossible and is not the way evolution works.  We strive only to evolve our kind.

287.  The Teacher said that evolution must end for humans as we are now as it does for all other organisms for evolution has limits in every organism.  When we reach our limit, and we Whites are near that point, then there is a threshold to cross, and on the other side is specieshood.  

288.  The Teacher said when we become a completely separate species incapable of breeding with old humans, we will still look much as we do now and will easily pass for the old humans.  Many of the changes will be internal.  Externally, there will be minor differences.  We will be Whiter--meaning that we will have more of those things that are seen today as White characteristics both in color and in our organs and features. We will be slightly different, but not so much that others will stop on the streets and stare at us.

289.  The Teacher said that the past is done.  We look to the future. We will make our future. We have no romantic ideas about past golden ages nor do we have such ideas that in the past our people were somehow better than they are now.  Again, we look to the future.  That is where we will be better.

290.  The Teacher said that an important point of our system is our belief that we can will our evolution as a result of our particular DNA code, which we call Code A, that we are born with.   But, in order to will our evolution, we must follow the Teachings and live the Teachings each and every day and not ever fall out of character.  Method living is the way.

291.  The Teacher said that some people still ask: "Why don't the Teachings apply to all humans?" The answer is because not all humans are like us.  Every type of human has a slightly different DNA code. That's why they're different.  In other words, their parts are different from our parts.

292.  The Teacher said that the Teachings have come in this age because they are needed now, and we are ready to move higher.  

293.  The Teacher said that the First Cause gave these messages to one people only.  And they have been given in this age because they have gotten weak and have forgotten why they are here and they now practice evil and miscegenate and hold down their birthrates intentionally and do all manner of things that offend the First Cause.  The Teachings are their last chance to get back on the path whose trajectory was set by the First Cause billions of years ago with the creation of existence.

294.  The Teacher said that he prays in the morning and in the evening.  In the morning he says "Thank you lord for letting me have another day to do your work," and in the evening he says "Thank you lord for having let me do your work all day for you."  The Teacher said that's all that needs to be said by true believers, but they may add other simple prayers of their liking that are in tune with the Teachings.

295.  The Teacher said live a long and happy life and remain young all the days that you live and have wonder at nature and all of existence.  Do not become old and decrepit in your mind.  Your mind is what helps you evolve.  Do it the right way. Think as a child every day of your life.

296.  The Teacher said that many humans have set up wrong humancentric premises about God and good and evil  and then they wonder why their imagined "all good God," allows "evil," and not just "good."  The reality is that they define God incorrectly and they mistakenly believe that humans are somehow above the fundamental processes of nature.  God, who we usually call the First Cause, in this faith, is not all good as humans define good--which is, to them, always in relation to humans.  The reality is that He is the first, the one, who started existence on its trajectory.  We must define good and evil in relation to Him, not in relation to us.  What goes against what He wants is evil and what is in accord with what He wants is good.  What He wants is to expand always and contract never, and He wants to evolve minerals to ever higher consciousness and intelligence and He wants the DNA code to spread and fill all of existence with itself, for this is pleasing to Him. On one level, it doesn't matter which organisms spread the DNA code, because at its core it is the same in all organisms that we are aware of.  On a higher level it matters that those organisms with higher consciousness and intelligence are preferred to spread their particular version of the DNA code, because this is how organisms evolve closer to the First Cause.

297.  The Teacher said we are to become a  New People.  It is our highest destiny.

We first separate out from those who are not White.  Then we separate out from those who do not believe.

We are a new people started with a one born out of the old and diverged from them.

Those who come to our beliefs with but a faint call have the so-called racist gene which is really a survival gene or genes that makes them naturally resist miscegenation.  These are the ones who will bring the new Whites into existence who will cross the threshold into specieshood.

298. The Teacher asked: What must you do in life?  And, he answered:  You must survive as long as possible--don't be a hero, don't risk your life in wars for false causes or do anything else that might cause your early death--to produce as many children in your image as possible.  And, you must ensure that your children also survive to have as many children as possible, and they must do the same with their children, and this must go on forever.  And, if you are romantically involved with a person who says that he or she doesn't want to have children, then you must find a different person to be romantically involved with who does want to have children.  None of us are born as couples.  We are all born as individuals and the responsibility for spreading our DNA code is upon each of us as individuals.  Do not fall into the false thinking of believing that  you and whoever you are involved with are a couple and that the couple trumps the individual.  It does not.  You must survive and you must breed and this is upon you alone, and this is upon all of us as individuals alone.

299.  The Teacher said our duty is to expose all of our people to the Teachings. Once exposed, it is up to each of them individually, using their own free will, to either come to the Teachings of not.  Those who come easily to the Teachings may have the DNA code variants that make each of the believers part of a deme within the subspecies of Whites.  Just as their are external signs of who is us and who is not us as compared to other humans, there are also internal signs and these are seen in behaviors and personalities and intelligence and the coming to the Teachings or not coming to the Teachings. Those who are easily conditioned to become miscegenationists and who blend away all their ancestors and are weak seeds lack the internal signs.  They may look like us externally, but they are not us.  They are evil walking for they go against the laws of the First Cause that demand that we alone, of all human types, avoid blending ourselves away.  Miscegenation is a great evil in the eyes of the First Cause and He will punish those who practice it.

300.  The Teacher said we must never forget that we are a different kind and that we must remain a different kind forever.

301.  The Teacher said that each one of us carries an entire new White civilization or army within our bodies.  Now, we just have to breed with other Whites to let this new White civilization or army come into existence. It is up to each one of us individually.  No one else will do it for you to let your White civilization or army out of your body.  You alone must do it.

302.  The Teacher said you should escape from genocide by staying separate and isolated so there is no gene transfer from other kinds of humans.

303.  The Teacher said that one doesn't have to be strident and obnoxious in one's beliefs.  One can just mind one's own business and quietly stay separated as best as possible and especially always avoid gene transfer from other kinds into your family lines.

304.  The Teacher said that so-called "original sin" that is talked about in some other faiths is actually miscegenation.

305.  The Teacher said we need God to keep us on track. Fear Him alone.  Fear breaking his laws and especially fear breaking his laws about miscegenation.

306.  The Teacher said that some weak seeds among us want to promote White culture and White survival, but they also accept some miscegenation and mixing.  Some ideas are mutually exclusive.  There is no White culture or White survival with miscegenation and mixing.

307.  The Teacher said to seek constant improvement in your life.

308.  The Teacher said that the first rule of your life is to survive.  Everything flows after that.  Why must you survive?  To breed as many more of our kind as possible. If you are healthy and can breed and if you choose not to breed and if you are our kind, then your life isn't worth anything and you might as not have lived at all.

309.  The Teacher said there is no cause worth dying for except for the survival and expansion of our DNA code.  There is no honor in dying.  Do not be a hero, and remain away from danger to yourself so you can survive to breed.

310.  The Teacher said that there is a link between whiteness and plasticity in the DNA such that many white organisms, including white humans, can evolve more rapidly and in more different directions than many non-white organisms.  This is seen in both plants and animals. If these white ones mate with non-white ones, this ability is lost in their offspring.

311. The Teacher said that your white skin is not just skin, and the color is part of your essential self.  Do not minimize it or let others minimize it or its value.

312.  The Teacher said that you are what you boldly proclaim yourself to be and which you plausibly maintain you are.

313.  The Teacher said there are many false beliefs that plague our people and which help keep us oppressed.  One of these is the false and evil belief that a little miscegenation is good.  It is not.  No miscegenation for our kind of human is good.  It is evil.

314.  The Teacher said that your religious views are your own business and you owe no explanation of them or proclamation of them to anyone unless you decide to explain and proclaim.

315.  The Teacher said you may always practice this faith alone, but it is always good to meet often with others of the faith to let you know that you are not alone and that you are part of that DNA code that is unique to our kind.

316.  The Teacher said that if Code A could talk it would say: "Before any of your nations existed.  I was.  After all of your nations cease to exist, I will be, First Cause willing."

317.  The Teacher said that each of us as individuals are individually and personally responsible for the survival, the expansion, and the evolution of Code A which we carry in our bodies.  We have entire armies of us, inside each one of us.  We must let those armies out by having as many children as we can possibly have.  It must be repeated that we do not come into this world as couples.  We come as individuals, male and female.  Each of us  both male and female must produce the greatest number of our kind of people as is physically possible and each of us must live as long as possible to do this.  Dying young as a hero or through stupid actions or any other means is never a good thing for our kind.  Live to breed, breed to live.

318.  The Teacher said that some ask what it is he teaches and he replied that he teaches truth and reality and how to live according to the ways of existence for our kind alone.

319.  The Teacher said that struggle and conflict are natural to the ways of existence, because existence is not static but is dynamic.  Learn to love the conflict and the struggle and you will be happy and victorious.

320.  The Teacher says that there are things in existence which some call magic, because they are not understood, but that they too have a cause and effect even when the cause of the effect can't be seen or which may seem unconnected to the effect.  In this regard we say that having our sacred symbols next to or on or in our skin is a cause of some good effects.  They open a channel to the First Cause and this is possible because of our particular DNA code.  Know, too, that there is a law of attraction in having the right sacred symbols, but they only work on our kind alone and only on those of us who have the right beliefs and right actions.

321.  The Teacher said that the Teachings are like a magnet to those with the special DNA code and they are like iron filings. Believers are to try to expose the Teachings to as many of our kind as possible, and those who come to the Teachings with little coaxing are the right ones.  Those who do not come, show thereby, that they may lack the proper DNA code even if they appear externally to have it, or it may be that they haven't been given the Teachings in the right way so that they overcome the conditioning or it may be that they are simply not ready yet, but will come in their own time.

321.  The Teacher said that we don't select leaders.  We discover the ones who have been selected by the First Cause and we do this by praying and meditating.

322.  The Teacher said you can find peace of mind no matter what troubles you if you but focus on the First Cause and what He wants and take your strength from Him.  If you rely only on yourself, you will not find true peace.  But, this does not mean that the door in front of you will be opened for you if you do not take the action to open it yourself.  Take understanding from this as from all of the Teachings.

323.  The Teacher said look to the skies for their is a wind sent from the far places and the First Cause often works in subtle ways on the breeze.

324.  The Teacher said that our nation, our religion, our ways are from our DNA code and are not based on paper or ideas.

325.  The Teacher said that we are not to interfere in the affairs of people who are not our people.  Their fate is theirs alone and ours is ours alone.  It is not up to us to save them from starvation or disease or to save them from dying.  That is up to them and their fate.  We are nothing but observers and must not help them in any way.  They are not our kind.  Our non-interference is a rule sent to us by the First Cause.  We are to care for our kind alone.

326.  The Teacher said that your first duty in life is to survive.  Your next duty is to spread your DNA code as much as possible to expand it always.  Do not try to be a hero.  Do not fight in the wrong causes. Avoid danger.  Survive.  If there is danger, speed away from it.  You get nothing from dying young and no one cares if you were noble or heroic.  Believing that you should be a hero is false thinking and if you believe this way then you have been wrongly conditioned to so believe.  Shed this false belief and all other false beliefs and survive to breed our kind.

327.  The Teacher said that believers must understand that race means subspecies and a subspecies is a group of like individuals on the path to full specieshood if they avoid gene transfer from others who are not of the subspecies.  Our kind must separate out from all other kinds so that we do not have even a smidgen of gene transfer from them which would pollute our DNA code the way a little sewage will pollute a large container of water.

328.  The Teacher said that the crime and social dysfunction we see in modern societies is not primarily the problem of our kind.  These things are from other kinds.  We must resist the attempts to lump our kind in with other kinds.  We are not the same kind.

329.  The Teacher said that we must empty our minds of all the false beliefs and conditioning that we have been subjected to since birth.  It is only by doing this that we can strip away the dross and get to our true selves--our genetic selves.

330.  The Teacher said that our people are oppressed and few even know they are oppressed.  The oppression is shown by the fact that so many of our kind are afraid to be who and what they were born to be and that they run from any expression of Whiteness.  The oppression is put on them by their fear of being called racists and thus they self-censor.  They are in intellectual pens waiting for the slaughter just as cattle waiting for the slaughter are kept in flimsy pens waiting for their slaughter.  The cattle could easily break out of their pens, but the real restraints are in their minds.  So they just wait to be killed.  Break out of the pen in your mind.  It is a pen ringed around with words such as racist, White supremacist, neo-Nazi, extremist and similar terms.  They are flimsy words.  Don't let them keep you trapped.  Get beyond them.  You don't do this by meekly denying them, because this is cowardly and forces you deeper into the pens and reinforces our enemies who want all Whites to be killed off or blended away, which is the same thing as killing us off.

331. The Teacher spoke to a man who said that he wasn't going to have children, and the Teacher said, do you think your little life is worth something?  It is not.  Your life is meaningless unless you serve the purpose of the First Cause by expanding your DNA code and helping it evolve along the White path that has been set before us.  It is our DNA code, that is one with us, that is important.  It must not be stopped from spreading by having more of our kind of children.  Our DNA code must expand to fill all of existence for our type of organism.

332.  The Teacher said that he is a proponent of the truth and reality and that his Teachings are from the First Cause and are not the product of man and are not open for debate.  They are.  If one does not believe after being exposed to the Teachings then it may be that one lacks the necessary genetic material to believe. One must follow one's DNA path, and while most people who look like us share our DNA code, there are those who look like us who have different codes in relation to their ability to believe and in the way they are.

333. The Teacher said that our laws, rules and ways are God's laws, rules and ways for us alone.  They have come at a time of great need for our people and they are revealed and inspired and come through one person only as this is God's way of controlling the content and ensuring that evildoers and misguided people do not misinterpret or change God's expressed will to us.

334.  The Teacher said that it must be repeated often that nature's first command to every living organism is to survive.  And, the reason that organisms must survive is to breed and multiply their kind in an attempt to be the dominant kind in moving every higher.

335.  The Teacher said that God has spoken to people in the past, but they didn't understand what He wanted because either the lacked the right parts or they were evil or they were simply not smart enough.
He has come now, again, and speaks again, but only through one person and this person has the right parts, is not evil and is intelligent.

336.  The Teacher said that life is like driving an automobile.  You, as the driver, are expected to control it and avoid crashing.  You are personally and individually responsible and you must do the right things in driving that car.  It is the same with your life.

337.  The Teacher said that a true believer affirms that there is only one First Cause of existence and only one who has received the Teachings from the First Cause.

338.  The Teacher said that the First Cause said you are to be merciless in fulfilling your purpose. You must focus on the mission.  The mission is everything when you have the right mission.  And, the right mission is to life as long as possible so that you may breed your kind until your kind is a mighty people teeming and filling all of existence.

339.  The Teacher said if it is not clear, it must be made so, that our kind must have a White mother and a White father--two White parents.  There is no other way to be our kind.  This is revealed from God and it can never change.

340.  The Teacher said that God has decreed that any non-White who intentionally kills a White person is automatically under a death sentence from God.

341. The Teacher said that we are not a special creation.  We have evolved to be special in the sense that we can now make an evolutionary jump.

This is a time of great danger for believers.  Homosexuality, birth control, miscegenation, abortion family planning.  The world around us says these things are okay. God says they're not. Who are you going to believe?

God has put special demands upon us so that we can save mankind by our separateness and isolation and our evolution into the new man to replace the old.

It would be easy to just go along and do what many humans want, but this is not what is right or what God wants. We must do the will of God called also the First Cause.

342.  The Teacher said that those who do evil against our people do evil against God. They are the enemies of God and they are not to be suffered in this world or any others and they are to be destroyed so that they may never do their evil again.

343. The Teacher said that our ethics are of the highest order.  Our most basic principle is to do the will of God, and this is revealed only through Arman. Why only through Arman?  We believe that this is to keep false teachings and teachers from leading our people astray either now or in the future.  Arman speaks for God to us. There is no other.  Under this most basic principle are many other basic principles that follow the most basic one.

The next most important basic principle is to do everything possible to see that Code A survives, is kept pure, expands always and contracts never and evolves along the path revealed through Arman.

344.  The Teacher said that we should live happy, fulfilled  lives looking always for ways to improve ourselves as individuals but never taking ourselves too seriously.  Do not be dour.  Enjoy your life, but always in the back of your mind have the idea that your purpose in life is to protect, improve and expand Code A--that which is one with you and which has made you, you.  Seek to become the next one in all ways and do this by method living--by imitating the next one, by being self-reliant, by the way you cut your hair, by the way you live, by the clothes you wear, by the food you eat, be what you want to become--the next one.  The next evolutionary step. 

345.  The Teacher said, for us, our evolution is the equivalent of there higher states or similar terms that are often found in other religions.

346.  The Teacher said we have a survival instinct to help us live longer to make more like ourselves.

347.  The Teacher said there is no free ride in nature.

348.  The Teacher said some things are forbidden to us for all times and some things we must do for all times.

349.  The Teacher said that competition is natural.  Even individual sperm compete with each other to see who can fertilize the eggs.  The weak are eliminated and the strongest gets to fertilize the egg.

350.  The Teacher said that religions should not have to be government approved.  This just gives governments of men just like you and me power over what religions can believe and do.  This is an abomination.

351.  The Teacher said that the First Cause wants us to live this way: Stay White, Breed White, Purify White, Do good, Study and learn, get a good education, Be Happy, Take care of yourself and yours, Multiply your white kind only, Do not ever change the Teachings.

352.  The Teacher said that you don't have to reveal your adherance to the Teachings to anyone if you don't want to do so.

353.  The Teacher said that miscegenation is a great sin and a great evil  It sneaks into our bedrooms and destroys our kind.  Never breed with any non-Whites.

354.  The Teacher said there is an Impulse in existence. Know it.

355.  The Teacher said to use all your senses. Do not be an ascetic, but use your senses correctly and live consciously sensing as you go.

356.  The Teacher says that he does not debate the Teachings.  They are as they are.  They are all inspired and revealed.  They are the will of the First Cause.

357. The Teacher said that we must not rely on fallible human reason to try to understand the reasons for the rules and laws made by God.  God's laws and rules need no justification.  They simply are and must be obeyed.  For example, when God tells Whites that we must never miscegenate, that is, that we must not bear children with any but other Whites, this is the law.  Fallible humans may argue that all humans are the same (they are wrong) and that there is no reason that Whites should not bear children with non-Whites, but they are very, very wrong and counseling such miscegenation is one of the biggest sins and evils that Whites can ever do. And,when God says he selected Whites as the one people to move humanity forward with an evolutionary leap to full specieshood by all definitions of the term such that Whites will not be able to bear viable children with non-Whites and thus reach a point in evolution where it is no longer possible to sin and do evil by polluting the sacred spark of God within the White DNA code it is not for us to reason about this, but to accept this as a revealed truth from God.  God does what God wants.

358. The Teacher said it is important to understand that when God selected us alone for this great leap forward and to be the moral people on this planet dedicated to do what God wants us to do, that this does not mean we are superior to other peoples.  It just means that we have a special burden put on us to be different than others and to live separate and isolated from others and to not be part of humanity that is not us.  We have a special role to fulfill and we have this because we were selected by God to have it.  We have  a religiously and morally superior purpose. There is no racial or ethnic superiority in the selection of our kind.  There is only difference. 
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