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  THE TEACHINGS by H. Millard (c) 2019  



By H. Millard (c) 2019

These are The Teachings given to us alone through The Teacher and these are some of our most deeply held religious beliefs. If you also sincerely hold these or similar deeply held religious beliefs or other explicitly White religious beliefs do not let anyone discriminate against you based on what you sincerely believe.  You do not have to belong to a government approved religious body or any religious body at all.  You just must sincerely believe in your religious beliefs https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/religion.cfm

We are believers in goodness, in beauty, in nature, in love, in our people, in our sacred DNA Code, in positive thinking, in kindness, and in making the Earth a better place, through us.

Find Inner Peace and Your Purpose in Life by Being Who You Were Born to Be and By Becoming What You are Destined to Be. Our highest destiny is to become Homo novum (new human) and this is what the Creator wants us to become by following Its commands for us.

"[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera."--Charles Darwin

Follow the Golden Rule and try to be a good, a moral and a righteous person. Honor all life, for the life force in one form of life is the same in all forms of life. Do not harm yourself or others and try to be a good example for others. Be peaceful and law abiding and try to live as long as possible to expand your Code by having as many children with your Code as possible. Try to be courteous to everyone and be slow to anger and quick to forgive.

None of us is perfect, but that does not mean we can't try to be better than we are.

You have a right to exist as you were born to be.  You were not born in sin and no other humans are born more righteous or more full of goodness than you. Do not look for trouble, and avoid trouble if you can. Do not try to be a hero. Graveyards are full of heroes who failed to expand their kind. There is no middleman between you and the ultimate however you conceive of the ultimate.

Have hope in the future and in a better world.

Here are three of the most important quotations for White survival and our selection for a special destiny if correctly understood and acted upon:


"[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera." --Charles Darwin


"Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection." -- Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA) Emphasis added.


“Man is something that shall be overcome.Man is a rope,tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss.What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”-- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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Some of us are called  white supremacists (and not in a good way) by the usual anti-White name callers who apparently don't understand that words have meanings.

Most of us don't usually bother with bigots, but maybe this is a good opportunity to discuss what we believe; since it may also be of some minor interest to others who may also have similar beliefs and who have been called names by anti-White bigots and haters, including by some unawakened or self-hating  Whites.

A white supremacist is one who believes in white supremacy. This is defined by Wikipedia as: White supremacy is the belief, and promotion of the belief, that white people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds.

We  checked many definitions of the term and the above is fairly representative. None of the definitions we've seen, including the one above, fit what many of us believe.

Thus, by definition, we can't be  white supremacists.

Truth be told, many of us know too much about evolution to believe that one type of organism, including one type of human, is across the board "superior" to other organisms. This just isn't the way life adapts and evolves. Superior? At what? In what environment? No organisms are superior or inferior across the board, they are just different.

But this begs the question about what we do believe about human beings and human races.

Unfortunately, for those who don't like reading a lot of words, we have to start way upstream from human beings and work down to them in order to explain how we've arrived at our views on human beings. Nevertheless, we'll try to keep this as mercifully short as we can. Naturally, this will entail leaving out a lot of details.  If you want the details, you can find the Teachings all over the Internet.

GENERALLY: We believe in the ways of existence. [You can stop right here if you want.  What follows just explains what this means to us.]

THIS MEANS (in part): We believe in cosmic evolution (continual change throughout existence).We also believe that existence started from absolute nothing and began with a single point--a First Cause (aka Creator, God, the Ineffable Divine).  We believe that change is the only constant in the universe including on Earth. This includes changes in organisms, including humans. We further believe that every organism in existence or which ever was in existence or which will ever come into existence is also its own single point that may or may not cause a branching off in new directions. Thus, you and us and every other organism are single points.  If we reproduce, we have started branching off.  If we don't reproduce, we are dead ends.

ABOUT LIFE ON EARTH: We believe that DNA (and the genes that are part of DNA) is the major determinant of the way life "IS," on Earth and that all life on Earth evolved from the forces started by the First Cause that started everything and which eventually led to the evolution of the first molecules of RNA and DNA. These first molecules of RNA and DNA were "single points," between so-called non-living matter and living matter.  These first molecules of RNA and DNA--these spiraling, code carrying, miniature cornucopias and life forces--then started expanding, like the universe itself. From out of those first molecules of RNA and DNA started pouring forth an endless supply and variety of life constantly being modified so that  life would survive and fill all niches where life is possible. The process of the expansion of the RNA and DNA continues as new forms of life mutate, branch off and evolve out of earlier forms. Hereafter, we will speak of DNA since RNA which is the messenger molecule is now secondary to DNA.

This march of the DNA is a natural process and is never ending as life automatically and endlessly "tries" to fill all of existence with itself and constantly tinkers with DNA in order to survive under all possible conditions.  As it branched off, this first molecule of DNA retained its basic core code that reads "life." All other parts of the code were remarkably changeable so that living organisms carrying the DNA code would be able to come into existence and not only survive, but be comfortable and able to make a living in every possible environment.

If you've ever scratched your head when you've seen science articles about humans being this or that percentage the same as apes, or rats, or flies, or even bananas, you needn't wonder about it.

The reason we share so much with all other living organisms is because we all came from that first molecule of DNA that crossed the threshold from so-called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life. It is not the similarities that are most important to us, but the differences. And, in the world of DNA, very "minor" changes can have major effects.

DNA is DNA no matter what organism it is in. The only difference is in the shuffle of the billions of combinations of the four chemicals that make up DNA.

AS FAR AS HUMANS GO: We believe that humans are just one of the countless billions of life forms that came from and which continue to come from the descendants of that first molecule of DNA. Just as there was a single point--the First Cause--that has been expanding and evolving ever since it began, so too was there a single point of every type of organism including humans.  This first true human--a single point--then became, largely through natural selection, the first cause of all  humans.

WHITE PEOPLE: A sub-species (perhaps even a full species) of homo sapiens; a branching off from other human types. We believe that there was a single point White person who was one of the descendants of people who probably arrived in Europe from other places. This single point White person; or, to be more precise, the mutated genetic code he or she carried, then expanded via natural selection and eventually became the norm for Europe as the individuals produced from this particular genetic code proved to be the most fit for the European environment with its reduced sunlight.

We believe that Whites not only evolved the outward characteristics that we can easily see--skin color, hair color and texture, eye color, bone structure, head shapes, etc. but that we also evolved internally, including in the way our brains work.

Now, to be clear, when we speak of a "single point" as with a single point White person, it's not really as clear cut as it sounds. We believe that  a person was born with a genetic mutation that made him or her whiter than others at that time. And as science tells us, whiter skin allows for the production of more Vitamin D in less sunny climes and thus helps prevent rickets. This person thus had a survival advantage over others. This let him or her live longer to produce more children. Some of those children carried the white skin gene mutation and passed it on to even more children.  Over the centuries, due to natural selection, the gene(s) for white skin won the battle with the darker skin genes in Europe and replaced them. It was the same with our other common white characteristics.

OUR PRESENT SITUATION: We believe that today, as never before, White people are an endangered sub-species and that we face  extinction largely due to the modern lack of isolation and the attendant gene transfer called miscegenation, and also because of  abortions, birth control, and by purposely having fewer children than we can have who share our genetic code with our mutations that make us, us.

OUR DESTINY:  We believe that destiny is not predetermined and that our highest destiny can only be achieved by avoiding the things that hold down our numbers and keep us from teeming. In this regard, we believe that we need a certain critical mass of our kind of human for us to progress. We further believe that we must follow a certain path in life commanded of us by the Creator. Suffice it to say, here, that the path requires right thinking and the right actions that follow that right thinking and that the most important part is to have as many children in our image as possible.

CONTROLLING OUR DESTINY: We believe that the changes  we see that constitute evolution are nature's default settings. We believe that we can change those settings to our advantage and that we can control our evolution so that we not only do not go extinct, but so that we expand just as we once did when we started as a single point in Europe when we branched off from the rest of mankind.

ISOLATION NEEDED: We believe that because White people are a later evolutionary development, that our White genes are not as fixed as those of other peoples, and that this is why it takes two White parents to make a new White child.  In other words, most of our unique genes are recessive. In the past, and with our European isolation and social taboos about miscegenation and abortion and without modern birth control measures, we were able to reproduce as nature (read the Creator) intended us to.  Those days are gone, and we must adapt to a new reality and we must now make conscious decisions to continue our evolution.

CONCLUSION: There you have it; some of our basic beliefs. But there is much more that flows from these basic beliefs.  For us, these beliefs are what answers many of the big questions about existence. We see in true science many of the laws of the Creator and one of our goals is correctly read and understand those laws.

The difference between humans and other organisms is that we can study and understand the automatic ways of nature and we can act to change the course of evolutionary history if we have a proper understanding of what it's all about and if we so desire.

As we indicated above, we believe that we can change the default settings of nature so that we evolve in the best direction for us, and we can leave blind hit and miss evolution to organisms that have less consciousness. And, no, this does not involve false eugenic ideas about breeding the few and the best. We believe that is counter productive.  In fact, we believe that to change the default settings of nature, we have to breed willy nilly with our own kind without being overly picky about our own people who we produce children with.

Nature screams out: Make more like yourself or you will be replaced.  We have to start listening and we have to start acting.

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Our God is the God your god would worship if your god were real.

Welcome to The Teachings of Arman and thank you for coming here.

The Teachings present a peaceful and meaningful way of life for those who truly understand, and this way of life puts followers in tune with the ways of existence and shows them that their lives are important and have purpose and shows the way to constant personal improvement and evolution.

The most important thing to understand immediately is that The Teachings are based on revelations and inspiration but are seconded by nature, true science, reason and the knowledge that evolution is real and that as a result, different types of living things are different from other types of living things and that we are selected for a certain True Path as a result of our particular line of evolution, but that we must intentionally and knowingly  take the True Path.

The basic concept for us as living organisms is this: DNA and Genes matter.

Different types of humans have different combinations of the components of DNA and genes.  Humans are not all alike,and the major races of humans are really, at a minimum, subspecies and except for the fact that the different races can interbreed we would be called separate species.

Nature is a frugal and tireless engineer of life and never stops tinkering with life and constantly makes changes in life from the time that first molecule of DNA came into existence from so-called non-living minerals and created the living minerals that life is.  The differences in life should not be ignored and this also applies to different types of humans.  We often say race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose to indicate something of the way things are and must be.

Some of the the most devout and religiously oriented among us may believe that we are selected by the First Cause. Those of us who are more secular may simply believe that we are the product of natural selection.  It doesn't matter which you believe. Both are equal and welcome, and this is so because true religion and true science are never in conflict.  To be specific: It is the DNA code that contains the life force that  is most important in all life that we are aware of (with the exception of certain viruses) and this DNA code makes each type of life what it is and gives each type of life abilities that are unique to each type of life and different from other types of life, even different from closely related types of life.

The Teachings are not for everyone because not everyone is the same, and this system relies heavily on the particular DNA code that makes White people, White people.  Arman, who we often call The Teacher, teaches that the reason many religions and religious-like systems don't work is because they have false ideas about the ways of existence and nature and in relation to humans they try to shove all humans into a one size fits all model, sometimes out of simple ignorance and sometimes out of prejudicial thinking about the nature of life and evolution that causes them to deny the reality of differences. Some of these misguided people think that they are being nice or kind by claiming all humans are the same.  The reality, however, is that they are being just the opposite and they are denying the uniqueness of humans.

We do not claim any superiority of our kind of human over other kinds.  We simply say that we are different and that this is the way evolution has worked and we believe that all human kinds must be allowed to follow their own evolutionary trajectories without being absorbed or blended away.

You say you're a White Atheist so you don't know if you belong here?  You do belong here and you are welcome here.  In your two word self-identification you said that you are White.  That's the most important thing.  You say you don't believe in God. That's okay. You probably believe in science and in nature.  Well, we also believe in science and nature.  You don't like the word God?  Yeah, some of us have a problem with it also.  Just call it nature.  We also believe in cosmic evolution and organic evolution, so if you believe in these also we think you're on the right track because these things are intertwined with our belief system. The Teacher says we should all be skeptical, that's why we have brains. There is plenty of room left in this system for skeptics to still take the True Path in a completely secular way with no reference to a divinity. Why?  Because living right is more important than actual and particular beliefs in this system.

The Teachings of Arman are pretty common sense.  There are only two things we can think of in the Teachings that might give pause to skeptics. The first is that Arman says he had an experience with a bright light and some singing from a source he didn't see.  And, the second is that Arman says he receives revelations.  Well, we weren't there so we don't know about the light and the singing so it doesn't matter to us.  Maybe it was just his imagination, maybe it was more.  We don't care. And, the revelations?  The way he explains them is that they seem to come to him in his mind.  Who among us doesn't get thoughts in our minds?  But, here's the thing.  We believe that the substantive things that Arman teaches are completely in accord with nature and science and that we can use our reason to prove or disprove them.  Well, to be precise, a few of the things he teaches might be put in the category of hypotheses in that they may not be totally proven yet.  We're thinking here about his Teachings that living organisms may be able to pick up the essences of other living and non-living things. Arman uses various insects and plants that mimic other insects and plants as examples of what he says adds to natural selection.

So, to the point, what are The Teachings about?

The Teacher says that what he teaches is that your purpose in your ordinary day to day life is to be happy and to have a sense of well being and a feeling that all is right and that you are where you should be and are doing what you should do and that you are a good and decent person who is a part of a unique and distinct people and that you are a contributing part of cosmic evolution and the ways of existence that are larger than any of us.

And, the Teacher says this can stand alone with no belief in a god or gods or anything supernatural. It is enough to believe in what is demonstrably real: nature, or as we say in a more inclusive definition: the ways of existence (which are the ways of nature and all natural laws).

Or, as one can see from reading on, that one can integrate this purpose--now consciously and directly stated--with the rest of the Teachings.

It is important to live consciously and to seek one's personal happiness no matter how one chooses to do so as long as one does no harm to oneself or others.  And, if you are like many of us, you may want to go deeper into the so-called "human condition," and as you do so, you will find this leads to even deeper areas about the ways of existence and the why and how of existence and your personal place in existence.

The Teacher says that each of us must individually take personal responsibility for our advancement. No one can do it for us.  Each person must take the effort.  One must develop self-reliance, self-discipline and learn that your destiny is up to you individually and personally.  There is no crowd to hide behind and you shouldn't try to find one.  Stand on your own knowing that you are a good and decent person and that you have a right to believe and live as you alone choose so long as you do no harm to others.  This is your natural right by nature.  And, you also have the right to spread your beliefs to others if you so choose.

To the most pious and devout, this system is everything in their lives and they live their beliefs every minute of every day.  To others, it is just a common sense and secular way of living; living intentionally and consciously with constant personal improvement in mind and trying to be a good person doing no evil.

Right at the start it is important to emphasize again and  understand that nature doesn't evolve sameness, but constantly causes organisms to diverge and separate.  This is why you'll often read of  new species of various organisms being found.  How did all these new species hide from us for so long?  Easy, many of them truly are new.  They have diverged from earlier species of their general type.  And, with this in mind, the Teacher says that we'll never end counting species, because there will always be new ones popping up.

Now, the above is important to our ways because the Teacher teaches that we White humans are diverging from the rest of humanity--we are a different kind and our evolutionary trajectory, if we consciously stay on it by living righteous and just lives in accordance with the Teachings, is to become an even newer kind. This is nature's highest way for us.  However, the Teacher says that there are forces that  are harmful to us and which act to blend us back in with the rest of humanity and not evolve and diverge along a separate path to full specieshood--which is one of our goals.  We believe in rapid evolution and rapid speciation.

How does this relate to finding personal happiness for you?  The Teacher says that being who and what you were born to be--the genetically determined person--with our unique DNA code is important to our happiness.  We must be, as we were born to be.  We must not try to deny our uniqueness and our differentness, but go with the flow of evolution that has led to us being the unique people that we are now, joined by a DNA code that makes us one distinct people, but with individual differences. The Teacher says that like snowflakes we are all different in minor details but we are all still snowflakes and are recognizable as snowflakes.

To be truly and deeply happy--to feel comfortable, to feel a warm contentment and to have a feeling of just rightness and being, without excessive stress and unhappiness we must first be genetically happy.  That is, we must consciously connect with our genetic essence that lies at the core of our beings.  We must not try to deny it and we must not try to be like other types of humans, that is to try to  be something that we are not.

A swan trying to be a duck will always be unhappy and a duck trying to be a swan will also always be unhappy.  DNA codes in living organisms are important.  Do not deny them.

We must be us.  We must be authentic.  And, the Teachings help us understand exactly what that means and what is actually part of our essence and what isn't but which is often layered on over our authentic selves by religious and social ideas that may actually be harmful to our purpose in life: to be happy.

This genetic link to our happiness goes against the current orthodoxy, but it is real. Do not try to deny it. Only we can take the path that is opened by our DNA code and no other way. We sometimes refer to the DNA code as the essence or as the right parts.  It is a physical part of us.  It contains the template or blueprint or recipe that made us. You can use any of these terms or similar ones. The point is the same. We begin with our DNA code. This code is evidenced by our physical characteristics, our emotional characteristics and our spiritual characteristics that make us the unique people we are.  Of course, our DNA code, if we could go even further back behind it would take us to the place where non-matter turns into the matter--which some might call the realm of the spirit, but which is really where the forces and energies of existence evolve into matter, including the matter that makes up our DNA. For most  purposes, we start most of our practical thinking with the physical DNA code that is manifested in the physical elements of DNA.

For some of us--call us True Believers, if you wish--but not all of us, The Teachings constitute the deeply held religious beliefs of those of us who follow them as intended. We believe that all of our Teachings,concepts, words, symbols, rites, rituals and ways are absolutely essential to this faith and must be used by true believers. We believe all of these things have been revealed to Arman who is known to us as The Teacher and that we must follow them as intended. But, we also say that you should use your intelligence, your observations and your reason to find your own way and those who do not believe in the more deeply held religious views of the True Believers, but who believe in the ways of existence as can be understood from nature and science are just as welcome. Our idea of a creator, is not of some human like being, but rather that which is behind it all.  A something that caused and maintains existence and which is evolving ever outward to bring somethingness to nothingness. You might just prefer to call this nature or the natural workings of the universe.  And, that's absolutely okay by us. We often think along those same lines ourselves.

The Teachings reveal the ways of existence and they mainly relate to our kind of humans--non-Jewish White people of  European descent in the White diaspora.  The single word to describe who we are--when it is stripped of various other definitions is--Aryan.  And, to be clear, we define an Aryan as a non-Jewish White person, born of a White mother and a White father and  of European descent or ancestry.

In existence there are many paths.  This is our path alone. No others can take it because no others have our DNA code.  White people are White people and non-White people are non-White people and all are as they because of their particular and unique DNA codes. Our White DNA code is one with us and makes us as we are.  Non-Whites do not have our DNA code and can never have it.

Our path is opened only by our particular DNA code and our DNA code is one with our White skin and our other unique characteristics that make us the distinct people that we are.  These characteristics, and most importantly our White skin, are essential to our beliefs and ways.  Our White skin enables our rapid evolution. Our path is both spiritual and physical and it is a complete way of life.

When we say this is a complete way of life, what do we mean?

It means, among other things, staying White, having large White families, living righteously and separately in peaceful ways from other kinds of humans, avoiding alcohol and drugs or anything else that can harm you and shorten your life, living plainly, seeking knowledge, improving ourselves, adapting, evolving, causing no harm to believers, praying morning and night, avoiding miscegenation and mixing, practicing non-interference and indifference to other kinds of humans, minding our own business and above all doing the will of the First Cause. It means practicing Whiteness each and every minute of our lives.  It means being White and staying White and expanding White.

The first thing to understand is that  this is not an organization.  What you see on these pages are "books," that set forth this religious philosophy and way of life. There is nothing to join. You don't send anyone any money. No one tells you what to do.  All you have to do is read, and if you agree that the Teachings make sense to you, then you may decide to live the life just by doing it.  We believe that those who are called to our Teachings by their genes have the mutations that are behind the call.  There is no compulsion to take this path.  You must feel it is right for you. We believe in the power of One. You are One. At the proper time, organizations will follow.

The second thing to understand is that the Teachings are peaceful.  They are against violence and illegal activity and are in tune with the ways of existence as revealed and inspired and passed on to us by Arman, who we usually refer to as the Teacher, and who received the initial revelations and inspirations and who continues to do so. We believe that Arman, for whatever reason, is "sensitive" to the will of existence and in tune with the First Cause.

The third thing to understand is that the Teachings are written in many different styles and sometimes use fiction and other literary devices in order to help awaken seekers to the deeper meanings of existence and their place in it. They also use science facts, including, but not limited to, those from physics, psychology and evolution among others to help with the Teachings.  We say that true science is never in conflict with the Teachings.

The fourth thing to understand is that the Teacher teaches that it is only through our particular DNA code (that we call DNA CODE A) that we can reach the higher spiritual, physical and evolutionary states, and that we must expand, purify and "distill" our DNA CODE A. However, we do not believe we are superior to others across the board--just different--and that the natural forces of evolution are the source  of differences, large and small, and that this is an inherent part of existence and that it is foolish to try to deny differences or negate them just as it is foolish to try to deny the physical aspects of our beings and wrongly believe that the "real" us is not dependent on and one with our flesh.

The fifth thing to understand is that we seek our evolution higher into a new species of White human who is incapable of bearing children with other types of humans.  We believe in rapid evolution and that if we have been born of two White parents, that we may have the keys in our DNA code.  It is up to us to activate the keys by proper beliefs and proper actions.  We often say we must have Right Blood (our DNA code), Right Belief (from The Teachings,and Right Action (living as taught in the Teachings) to evolve upward on the path that has been revealed as the best one for us to reach our highest possible destiny.

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You're in eternal gene wars and you may not even realize it.  These gene wars are waged automatically and silently and they never end.  And, they never can or should end. They are necessary.

They are the wars  between different versions of genes.  Most Whites* live their whole lives not knowing about the gene wars and they are the ones who are most at risk of going extinct in our new reality where non-White genes are flooding White lands.

By having a little knowledge about the gene wars--just an awareness of the concept, really--will help you survive our present Dark Age and help you expand your genotype and thus also help all other Whites to survive and thrive.  The more Whites there are, the safer is this dark planet for all Whites.

At the most personal level, the gene wars happen right in your own body as different versions of genes for the various characteristics that make you, you, battle it out for expression and dominance while you are in your mother's womb developing from a few cells to a complete individual. 

Your mother and father each contributed around 10,000 genes to give you the full 20,000 or so genes that make humans.   Many of those genes come in different versions.  A ready example is eye color. In simplest terms, If your mother had one color eyes and your father another, there was an internal  war or competition within you between the different versions as you grew in the womb.  Look in the mirror today and you'll see the winner.

When Whites have a child  with another White, the gene wars  go on internally, but the battles are relatively benign because the winner will still be White. That is, the result of two Whites mating  is a White child  as the two White genotypes are combined, and our race (many of us say we Whites are actually a different species) expands and continues on through the White child.  This is good for all of us as Whites and  this is as it should be. And, to be clear, even though you are White and I am White, your genotype and mine are also engaged in the gene wars. Yours "wants" all Whites to be like you and mine wants the same for me.  However, and again, if you win, I still win, because we share the same general White genotype and we are part of each other as Whites.  Your win will simply mean your descendents will have more of your minor features and fewer of mine.  They may have, for example, your ears, and not mine or your nose and not mine.  But, at the next lower level of existence in the DNA code, your White descendents are my White descendents.

So far so good. However, when Whites do evil and have children with non-Whites, the result is always non-White children and this is the contraction and the death of the White genotype carried by the White parent. This is bedroom genocide. This is the extinction of a White family line. This diminishes all Whites. This injects more non-White DNA into the White gene pool. This is a huge evil for us and this is not as it should be.

The genemies of Whites as Whites are all non-Whites.  Those among us of more delicate outlooks and language may prefer the terms competitors and competitions or even natural selection rather than genemies/enemies and gene wars. No matter. They mean the same thing. Call them what you will, but understand the basic principles because understanding them is essential to our survival as Whites, our expansion as Whites, and our evolution as Whites in this age when our once pure White lands are being swamped with non-White genes.

It doesn't matter if every  non-White on the planet is a  wonderful person, is smart, is good looking, has the same interests as you and you really like them.  They are not our kind--the White kind. They are still genemies of Whites--enemies of the White genotype--they can't be anything else. It is nature's way.  And, they are genemies simply because their genotype "wants" to win the war for survival and take over all lands and replace your genotype--just as your genotype wants to do the same thing to their genotype.  It is part of the program of life itself and it applies to all living organisms. They are your genemies and you are theirs. That's how evolution works. It is not something to be unhappy about or something that one should try to ignore or overcome. It is, however, something that we Whites should be conscious of so we can work for our survival and not simply be eliminated from existence without even knowing it is happening and without even fighting back to survive and prevail.

As individuals in our everyday reality, non-Whites may mean us no harm and we may mean them no harm, but this everyday reality is not where we need to focus most of our thinking. We need to focus on the genotype, the genes, the DNA code that we carry. It is on this basic DNA level where the gene wars are waged.  The danger non-whites  pose--at this level--is unconscious and a programmed part of nature's way of evolution.  The danger they pose is gene flow from their genotype into the White genotype.  You might even think of it as an infection they carry that can kill you even if they mean you no harm. Your defense is to remain separate and isolated from them as much as possible and to remain only around your fellow Whites.  This is not always possible but it is up to you to find a way even if it is just being separate and isolated in place. Mating with non-Whites is the death of the White genotype you carry and which you should protect and propagate in pure form.

What is the "goal" of different genes and genotypes?  It is to replace all alternate versions with themselves.  So, back to the eye example for a moment. All blue eye genes want to replace all other color eye genes and it is this way with all genes for all eye colors and all other internal and external characteristics of an organism and then for  entire genotypes as wholes.  And, all the different versions of genes for our characteristics--eyes, hair, skin color, brains, etc.-- will continue to be our genemies and ours theirs until one version comes out on top and the others are eliminated. But, even then, the gene wars will continue within the ones that win as nature fine tunes the type.

Even if we take conscious charge of our evolution and make the leap to full specieshood--a desirable status where we Whites will no longer be able to bear viable children with non-Whites--the gene wars will continue. Nature is the tireless tinkerer and backyard engineer with living organisms and it constantly tries to perfect life first to be the best in a particular niche and then to be the best in all possible niches. 

To ensure the best outcome for the sheer volume of life, nature must bring forth organisms with general adaptations so they can survive in many different niches. If things go our way, and by living consciously with knowledge of the gene wars, we are indeed more likely to have them go our way, we will develop general adaptations that keep us as White people but with some survival advantages that give us a leg up and the ability to roll with the punches that nature throws our way.  The way forward is for us to develop more intelligence, a higher breeding rate, a dislike of miscegenation, a desire to remain separate and isolated from other human types, quicker reflexes, more intuition, more cunning a stronger sense of our identity and a desire to maintain it unsullied.  In a few words: The way forward is for us to become more White, not less so.

Today, we Whites are lumped in with all other humans in the general term "modern human."  Do not be confused and think this means all present day humans are the same.  We are not. We are far different from each other and this is the way evolution works.  It is the differences that are important.  It is the differences that bring  improvements.  And, we Whites are the new kids on the planet, so our genes are less fixed than earlier models and unless we avoid miscegenation, we are going to be swallowed up by the earlier, darker models of humans and we'll go extinct.

To be clear, the greatest threat to our existence as Whites is not from wild animals or diseases or natural calamities or nuclear wars, or even from those who hate us, but from those who can mate with us and cause our genocide via their genes.  We can be loved to extinction.

Neanderthals didn't die off because they were eaten by bears or other wild animals or even because of supposed hatred by so-called modern humans. They died off from physical love--sex with modern humans. They died off because they didn't fill every land where they lived with themselves and because they miscegenated.  They didn't understand the danger of miscegenation and they didn't separate out and isolate themselves from so-called modern humans. Then, nature took over and they committed their own genocide through mating with so-called modern humans. The Neanderthals were absorbed and  blended away by so-called modern humans.  That's why many modern humans--Whites and Asians, but not sub-Saharan Africans--have small percentages of Neanderthal genes within us.

Just as non-existence, cold, dark, death and stillness take no effort, energy or struggle to be, and  just require that there be no effort, energy or struggle for their opposites: existence,  heat,  life, light and movement  It takes no effort, energy or struggle to make non-Whites.  All of these things are, when there is no effort, energy or struggle for their opposites. Just combine any non-White with any White  or any other non-White and you end up with a non-White.  It takes effort, energy and struggle to make a  White. You have to have two Whites to make a new White.  There is no other way, and this requires effort and struggle and the effort and struggle are becoming even greater as our White lands are flooded with non-White genes.

The gene wars  play out in our everyday world as wars between the so-called races of humans for dominance and the extinction of those humans who are different from you.  There are no good or bad guys in this. This is just nature's way to evolve the best organisms for every niche.

Some people like to call themselves the People of the Book, and by this they usually mean they find their people hood in certain religious books.  This is absurd. We Whites are the people of the Code.  That is, we find our people hood in the genetic code that is contained in our DNA which gives rise to our genes.  Our Code goes back  further than any book written on paper or pieces of mud.  Our Code is within every cell of out body that has a nucleus. Our religious book is our DNA code.

It is from an understanding of the DNA code and genes that our true White ethics, morality and values flow, but this is for another essay.  Suffice it to say for the time being that we, each of us Whites, must look out for ourselves and our own self interests as Whites and be indifferent to non-Whites and not interfere in their destinies by either helping or harming them.  They are not our kind.  Let them survive or perish as the fates determine. Seek your happiness in a White context.

Here, again, are two very important quotations for our kind. If you truly understand these and live these, you are on the right track:

"[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera." --Charles Darwin 


"Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations.  This is the essence of natural selection." -- Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA) Emphasis added.  


*"Whites" with a capital W means non-Jewish white  people of European descent, no matter where they are born or live, who also have the seen and unseen physical, genetic and spiritual characteristics and features of our people.  It is a synonym for Aryan as used in Europe over the last few centuries. When a small "w" is used, white refers to  color and not to race (or subspecies or species). Definitions and charts of who is White and who isn't used by Germany in the late 1930's and early 1940's are helpful for an understanding while the 1/32nd blood quantum rule is used by some Whites while others use the 1/16th blood quantum rule. The notion here is to encourage more Whiteness: personally, in family lines, and in Whites generally and not less Whiteness. In this sense White evolution can be metaphorically thought of as similar to distillation as we seek genetic and spiritual purity and improvement as we seek to evolve higher and branch off even more and reach a point where we are no longer able to produce viable offspring with other types of humans--that is, when we reach full specieshood by all definitions of the term and become the prophesied Ubermenschen.

#                            #                                                                  #


Nature cries out to every type of organism:  "Make more like yourself. Expand always and contract never."  

Those that listen and act shall inherit the Earth. They are the strong and the fit. They live on through their offspring.

Those that don't listen and act might as well have never lived at all.  Stay away from these latter ones lest they infect you with their insipidness, their sterility, and their sickly lack of life force and energy, for they are empty husks who hate life and vitality.  They are eternal winter; spring never comes to them.  They have nothing to offer you. Ignore them.

#                                     #                                 #

 Stay with your own kind. This is how you survive, prosper, improve, expand and evolve.

#                              #                     #

The purpose of life is to make more like yourself in order to expand your particular DNA code and the DNA code of your kind.  All life has this same purpose.

#                                 #                    #

Are you living unconsciously?

Like many people, you may be living unconsciously and without any real purpose.  You may see your life as meaningless and you may be depressed or feel anxiety as you listen to the news or personally experience the violence and other problems of the world.  "Nothing makes sense," you may be thinking.  You may see the world around you as just full of random events and you may feel helpless. You may even be overcome with dark feelings of hopelessness such that you might have considered ending it all.  Stop! You are not helpless and it is not hopeless.  You can take charge of your life and your future and you can know true happiness, but these things require that you have an open mind and that you reject false beliefs and take the path that is right for you.  And, if you are one of our kind this is the right path, because it is one with the essence of you and helps you overcome your alienation from your true identity and be the person you were born to be.

Have you been searching?

Also, like many people, you've probably been searching for answers to the big questions of existence, and the meaning of life, and you may have searched through as many philosophies and religions as possible to try to find those answers. You've seen pop self-help movements, some with an overt tinge of spirituality thrown in and some with a secular cloak, and you've seen these movements gain popularity for a time with many celebrities endorsing them and with the proponents of these systems appearing on TV shows and selling books and getting rich, all the while beaming out with big smiles that are aimed at signaling your subconscious mind  that they have the answers and the answers make them happy and will also make you happy. Then, you've seen these movements fade away as the non-working things that they are.You want to find answers that are real answers, and not just feel good ideas that sell self-help books.

Why do some other systems/religions fail?

Why do these systems all ultimately fail?  There are several reasons, but the one that is most important is that most of them are based on the false view that all humans are the same, and most of them say that the physical parts of humans don't matter. This is a universalist view.  They preach that all humans can take advantage of their systems. This universalist outlook is considered loving and compassionate by a deceived world, but the reality of our existence is that there is not a one size fits all human. That's not the way nature and evolution work and it has never been the way they work and never will be.  This is because we live in a spinning, dynamic existence where everything moves in some way or another.  Even so-called inert minerals have movement within them as their atoms spin around.  Movement means change and change means evolution and evolution means divergence and differences.

The Teachings are based on revelations and inspiration but also on the ways of existence and the way everything works. The Teachings are easy to understand but may be difficult to accept by some, given the current orthodoxy of our age, and they require that you have an open mind and are able to reject the conditioning that is so common in society today.

Our way is not universalist

Our way is not universalist.  There are no happy face individuals beaming out from TV at you giving you  simplistic and pedestrian nostrums about how to be happy and how all humans can find spiritual enlightenment or whatever name they happen to use for some sort of blissful state

Our way is particularist

Our way is particularist.  It says that you have to have the right physical parts to take our path.  Not all humans have the right physical parts.  Sorry, but that's the way existence is structured. It doesn't mean we are better than others and we say definitely that we are not better than others, we are the product of evolution as are all others and we are just different as they are different in their own ways.

This is both a spiritual and a physical path

This is both a spiritual journey and a physical one.  They cannot be separated.

The world around you and existence itself are not as you may believe they are, and as you've probably been taught all your life, especially if you have internalized the false teachings and doctrines current in the world today regarding human races.

If, in fact, you have internalized these false teachings and doctrines, you may experience some cognitive dissonance as you read the truth in the Teachings, especially as it relates to man and races of man and evolution and as you begin to deprogram yourself from false beliefs.

If you do experience cognitive dissonance, it is suggested that you might want to read a general book on the basic processes of evolution, since evolution is an important and essential part of the Teachings.

We (the most orthodox among us) believe that the Teachings are divinely revealed and inspired and that the only authentic Teachings come through Arman who is also known as the Teacher. You will mostly see him referred to as the Teacher in the Teachings.

For some of us, this is a religious philosophy--it is our religion--and it is also a philosophy, a system and way of life.  We use the term God sparingly, because the word often has connotations that we believe are false. We mostly refer to the ultimate reality as The First Cause and we say that His/Its exact nature is unknowable and ineffable.

Although the Teachings deal with race as with all other aspects of human beings, the reality is that our Teachings start far upstream from race and are not primarily focused on race, per se. The Teachings start with the start of existence itself and cosmic evolution and then work their way downstream to the truths about humans. Our major beliefs about humans revolve around the DNA code that makes each of us as we are and we look to scientific facts from nature to help us reason and think about such things.

To repeat: You may be used to religious philosophies that are universalist in their outlook and which teach that any one can reach higher states or enlightenment, or oneness with their concept of God, or heaven or some similar or related concept, by praying or doing certain ritual things. These religious philosophies often teach that the human body is essentially meaningless or even evil and that the real you is a soul or some sort of inner spirit.  While this universalism may be comforting and may seem to be a pleasant and loving way to view all humans, we believe it isn't in tune with reality.

We believe that everything in existence has an inner code or blueprint or recipe that makes it as it is and which makes it different from other things in existence.  We see this inner code or blueprint or recipe also in living organisms and in humans.  We believe that this inner code--the essence of whatever the thing or organism is--is absolutely essential and that it is an error in thinking to believe that there is some sort of inner spirit that is not involved and intertwined with the physical code in such a way that the physical code--the DNA code--provides the right parts for the inner spirit to exist within.  The DNA code is absolutely essential, and this is what most universalist beliefs do not understand, and why they fail.

So, we say again, our way,  is particularist and we teach that, just as a radio must have the right parts, so too must we have the right parts to proceed along the path that is revealed to us for us alone. We teach that the human body is not meaningless and is not evil, but we also teach that what is most essential in each of us is our physical DNA code and also the unseen vibrations, energies, forces and frequencies that cause the DNA code to exist.  We also say there is a Life Force in existence that is within the DNA code.

We believe that the way to be happier as individuals and as a group, to realize our full individual and group potentials and to have a better world for us, is for us to evolve to ever higher consciousness and awareness and to move ever closer to a union with the divine while still in our physical bodies. When we write of evolution it must be understood that the concepts of branching off and divergence are inherent in that term.  Evolution means change. Change from what?  Change from others. And, this means physical change. This means that we don't believe there is a one size fits all human and, in fact, that the races of man are different from each other and have different paths and different destinies.  We are concerned with our path and our destiny, not with the paths and destinies of others and we believe in non-interference into the paths and destinies of others unless those paths and destinies harm us. Our attitude towards others is indifference, not enmity.


We believe:

1. In the First Cause.

2. In the ways of existence.

3. In evolution in general and in willed evolution.

4. In different DNA codes and in ours in particular.

5. In the necessity to remain separate and not allow gene flow.

6. In having many children with the full 46 chromosomes of our people.

7. In the Teachings.

8. In doing good and fighting evil.

Some of us believe that the First Cause has intelligence, a will and consciousness.  Others of us believe that the First Cause is the workings of existence and nature and that He/It can be explained by true science without resorting to a belief in a god, per se.

There should be no confusion over these differences in opinion, because, as we already wrote above, the First Cause is unknowable and ineffable and that means there will be differences of opinion and belief. We have our brain in order to question, reason and think and thus using our brain to do these things even involving our religious beliefs is the way we are "designed." Be as you were designed to be and do as you were designed to do, and you will be on the right path.

No matter what we believe or don't believe about the First Cause, we believers are unified in our beliefs about the reality of existence--existence exists--and the fact that we Whites must survive, expand and evolve along a White path that is our highest possible destiny.  Do not be confused and think that true science is a denial of religion or our beliefs--in fact, it is what we believe in also.

Alia Genus is  Latin for Different Kind. Novum Genus is Latin for New Kind.These names are preferred by Arman for this system and believers.

We see ourselves as a different kind even from Whites who reject our teachings, and who believe in things that we believe are wrong and who live in ways that we think are evil and harmful and whose values and ethics are not the same as ours.

Before proceeding, it is important to understand the following section

In our species, each new child receives 23 chromosomes from its father and 23 from its mother.

These 46 chromosomes we carry, contain approximately 3.1 billion pairs of the four chemicals that make up DNA, which are usually abbreviated as  A,T,C, G. These also make approximately 20,000 to 25,000 genes that give us our internal and external characteristics.

To be our kind requires that you receive all of the above from two parents of our kind who are the children of two parents of our kind who are the children of the two parents of our kind, and so on. This information is essential to a full understanding of our philosophy, our belief system, and our world view.

Here are a few things that a seeker should know about our beliefs right away:

1.  This is a way of life. We love life and find great joy in living, and we hate death.  We put living long, happy lives to breed to our maximum above everything else. Death before dishonor is not a slogan we support. Your survival, expansion and evolution, and that of our kind, come before honor or bravery or other man made values. You must survive and you must live a long and happy life. Doing rational things to make ourselves happy is our divine right. We do not believe the flesh is evil and to be overcome.  We believe in using our senses to their fullest. We are saddened whenever one of our kind dies or has no children or miscegenates, for each one of us is important.

2.  Our beliefs are particularist and not universalist.  This means, in part, that we do not believe there is a one size fits all human, and we believe that differences are absolutely essential and that we must remain different and diverge from other humans even more to stay on the correct evolutionary path to our highest possible destiny and that we must try to not blend in or mix with other types.

3.  We believe that our kind are a different kind (Alia Genus in Latin) and that we must be born of a White mother and a White father. But that this is not enough.  We must also come easily to these teachings as an indication that we may possess what we believe may be a survival mutation in our DNA code that some call a "racist gene."  Yes, we think true believers possess a mutation--a gene variant--that makes them different from other humans, including other Whites.  How many Whites have this mutation (if that's what it is), we don't know.  It may be hundreds of millions or it may be far fewer.  And, part of our work is to find, awaken and deprogram those with the mutation, who are trapped by false beliefs that keep them from self realization and their highest possible destiny by suppressing this mutation so that it lies dormant within them.  Wrong ideas are dangerous things for humans and can limit your natural potential and even override what is good for your survival, your happiness, your expansion and your evolution. Evolution is not static but is dynamic and groups within a species can evolve in different ways, and we see believers evolving differently from all other races and even from other Whites who do not have the mutation. Thus we are moving toward being a Novum Genus (New Kind in Latin).

4.  We believe in true natural laws and evolution and we seek our own conscious evolution into a new species, that will look very much as we do now externally, but which will be incapable of bearing children with other humans and will be able to bear children only with our own kind. And, we believe that our evolution will never stop.

5. Some of us--the most orthodox among us--believe in a First Cause that has will, consciousness, and intelligence. Some of us think of this as something like a cosmic mind that doesn't require our type of brain to exist, but which is both outside of everything in the universe and also inside everything in the universe.  We think of it as being kind of like an invisible cloud mind whose senses are everything that exists.  A rock sitting in the sun gets hot, and this is sensed by the First Cause. A tree grows, this is sensed. And, so it goes with all matter that is linked to this cosmic mind that we call the First Cause. The First Cause can be called God.

Others of us believe in a First Cause that is just the natural workings of nature. Still others of us believe existence has always existed and that there is no First Cause of existence per se but that there may be a First Cause of life itself (the first DNA molecule).  And, as you may have guessed, some of us go back and forth in our own minds as we try to understand the big questions of existence and what it all means. All are acceptable beliefs and no matter which of these you believe, they don't change our basic beliefs of the nature of reality and  in the command for us to remain separate while breeding to our fullest, and seeking our own evolution into a new species, and all the while loving life. We are born to be reasoning creatures, not followers of what someone else thinks, and we hold reason in high regard in this system.

6.  None of our beliefs can ever conflict with true science.

7.  When we speak of breeding our kind and similar things, we are  speaking primarily of breeding our DNA Code (aka Genetic Code, aka Code A, aka Essence) that makes us what we are.  We see this Code that we possess as that which must survive and expand always. Since this Code is one with us as we see ourselves in the mirror every day, and is inseparable from us; when we breed true, we fulfill this duty. Or, if we are unable to have children because of medical or physical reasons, helping others of our kind to have large families also fulfills this duty since this helps the general Code A survive and expand and each of us has this general Code A in addition to our particular version that we, as individuals, have.  We often say that we are like snowflakes. Each one of us of  our kind is different, but we are still the same.  We are all White people.

8.  We believe in non-interference in the destinies of other types of humans; we are neither to help nor harm them and they are to live or die as their own destinies determine.  The exception to this is if other types of humans pose a threat or a harm to our kind, then we must take action to prevent it. Our survival and expansion are among the very highest priorities we have.  This means that we must survive and expand as individuals and as a group.  The death of any one of us is seen as a great tragedy. We must live to fulfill our highest possible destiny.

9.  We believe in the individual and that the individual--each individual--must take responsibility for himself or herself and that each individual must practice enlightened self-interest (look after himself or herself  first, and do what is right for himself or herself) and not sacrifice himself or herself for others unless such a sacrifice helps the expansion of Code A and its evolution.

10.  In our belief system, evolution and our DNA code are critical and essential. One cannot truly understand our belief system unless one fully understands the great emphasis that we put on the DNA code starting right with the Core DNA code. And also important is our phenotype--how we look.  Our phenotype is a reflection of our genotype which is essentially the same as our Code A.  Those who do not look like our kind in the major characteristics  received at birth, probably aren't our kind.  "Trust your eyes" is one of our rules.

And, yes, there can be those who look like us who are not really us.

11. We believe that we must bear the sacred symbols on our skin or next to our skin.  Arman prefers the six armed fylfot and we've taken that as the symbol of our faith. We also believe that this symbol may be drawn in different ways and whether it is "crude" or refined is simply a matter of taste and artistry. Our fylfots must always have a central hub and the arms always trail in a counter clockwise fashion.  The hub is the heart of the symbol and it is it that we see as the essential part of the First Cause.  The arms show the movement of the hub. This symbol on white skin creates a link.  On non-white skin, it does nothing. We also use spirals and representations of the DNA molecule.

12.  We believe that our external characteristics are not trifles and we especially believe that our White skin is an essential characteristic that must always exist for us to follow this path and evolve as we must.

13.  We believe that our identity--as we were born, with the 23 chromosomes from a White mother and 23 from a White father are essential and integral parts of the faith and practices of this religious philosophy.  Separation from other types of humans and the avoidance of gene transfer from them to us and our striving for our evolution are also essential and integral parts of this system as well as bearing the symbols.

14.  We believe that there are no pure races of humans or pure species of animals since we all came from that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so called non-living minerals to living minerals and because over the centuries there have been many admixtures of genes and also because the DNA program for life always builds on what went before as it constantly tinkers to invent some organisms that can profit from every possible niche where energy can be found for the processes of life.  However, we believe that we must try to purify our DNA code along the revealed path which for us alone means to help the trajectory of "whiteness" meaning the way our people have been evolving naturally and that we should not blend back in with darker peoples.

Here are a few of our orthodox beliefs in another form. We believe these  distinguish our Teachings from most others and which may tell you whether or not you feel called to take our path. When the sacred symbols are next to our skin we believe a door is opened to us and also that we will be protected and guided.

Abbreviated list of the orthodox beliefs:

1.  We believe in a First Cause.

2.  We believe in the Ways of Existence.

3.  We believe in the Teachings of Arman.

4.  We believe in cosmic and organic evolution.

5.  We believe that our White skin and other characteristics, both external and internal, that make us a distinct people are absolutely essential for our spiritual and physical evolution and that the underlying DNA code that has given us these characteristics is our link to the First Cause. We are a different kind. We must be born of a White Mother and a White Father.

6.  We believe our purpose and highest possible destiny is to evolve into a separate species no longer capable of mating with other humans. We are to become an even more different kind.

7.  We believe that each individual has the responsibility of doing the right things to ensure his or her survival, his or her evolution and the expansion of his or her DNA code.

Additional information on our beliefs (the Orthodox view):

1. We believe that everything began with the First Cause who created existence and who maintains it and who causes cosmic evolution and organic evolution with the spinning, turning, circling, spiraling of everything in existence from the smallest things to the largest in both so-called non-living minerals and in living minerals which we know as life, including human life, and that all is owed to the First Cause who is the source of all.

2. We believe that we must do the will of the First Cause and that He has revealed His will to us through Arman. Some of us look at the First Cause as an intelligent entity that can be called God.  Others of us

see the First Cause as the natural workings of existence. In the Teachings, the First Cause is usually anthropomorphising, but this is a convention and the First Cause, whether He/She/It is an intelligence as we know it, or not, is something no one knows for sure.  We believe that there was a beginning of our universe and we believe there was also a beginning of existence itself, which in our view is larger than the universe (yes, this does get into semantics).

So, if some on our path do not believe that the First Cause has  intelligence, but is just the workings of existence and in the realm of physics, then why must we do its will?  Our answer is that in such a case its will is still the true natural laws of existence and we believe that by obeying the true natural laws of existence we can find happiness and purpose and evolve along a path that is best for us.

There are different degrees of faith, and all of our good hearted, open minded people, no matter their degree of faith can benefit from this system. Sometimes, it is belief itself that is important.  So, one can believe in the First Cause as an intelligence or one can believe in the First Cause as the natural workings of existence or one can believe that existence has always existed, but in this last view, there is still a First Cause that created life.  Any of these will work for our kind of human so long as they are genuine and deeply held beliefs.

Just as in some other religious traditions you will hear true believers often say that they preach to the non-believers and the sinners to try to make believers out of them, we in this system preach to those among our people who often do not yet have true belief.  We believe in reason and belief and we do not see these as mutually exclusive. You will find that while the most devout believe that the revelations that come to Arman are from a divine intelligence, these revelations are also in tune with nature (nature meaning all of existence) and true science, and can be accepted by the less devout on this basis.

3. We believe that everything in existence, including all life, is the product of codes (think recipes, templates, blueprints or programs) and that on Earth these codes are found in life behind and in the DNA, and that these codes, with all their major and minor differences, are essential, and without them, there would be no life and no organic evolution ever higher.  We also believe that one of the major problems faced by humans is found in attempts to deny or minimize the reality of these codes with false claims that all humans are the same and that all humans have the same evolutionary trajectory and  natures. This leads to evil attempts to blend all humans together to remove any visible differences. This is anti-God, anti-life, anti-evolution, anti-nature and anti-science.

4. There is not one human "race," but several, and that race means subspecies, and this divergence  is a natural result of the way evolution works to constantly branch off different types of all organisms.

5. We do not always use the term "race," and instead often use the  term "subspecies," to describe ourselves and other groups of humans. Some say that we are actually different species rather than just different subspecies, but as a convention we provisionally accept the notion that a species is one of several branches of a genus that cannot breed with other species in the genus and a subspecies is a branch of one of those species in a genus that can breed with other subspecies of the species.

6. We are the subspecies that is composed of non-Jewish, White, European descended peoples and we believe that our highest destiny is to become a new species.

7. We believe that our White skin color is not a trifle, but is an absolutely essential and necessary manifestation of our DNA code and of our being and identity, and is necessary for us to link to the First Cause.

8.  We believe that finding true "enlightenment" or "cosmic consciousness" or "oneness with God" or  any of the other terms often used for a higher state to be achieved by religious believers, requires the right physical parts and can't be achieved simply by praying, or chanting, or wishing it to be so, any more than a radio can pick up radio signals that are all around it, unless that radio has all the right parts. We also believe that the failure of many other systems to recognize the reality of the DNA code is one of the reasons that they simply don't work and can't work, and that our recognition of it is one of the reasons that our system does work.

9.  We believe that our particular  highest possible destiny requires us to become more "White," not less so.  By more White, we mean we have to  follow the correct trajectory that has led to us having evolved as White people in the first place such that all of our special characteristics that make us who and what we are, are improved along a certain line. Then, at the right time and with those improvements, we believe that true believers will cross the threshold individually to a higher state that will not only be spiritual, but will be physical. When that threshold is crossed, we believe that we will then be a completely separate species no longer capable of breeding with other types of humans.

10.  To proceed along the path, we must avoid gene transfer and gene flow from other peoples and must stick with our own kind and have large families of our kind only.

11.  We are peaceful, non-violent, law abiding people seeking our own way that is best for us now and in the future and we do not preach hate against any other peoples or faiths.  They have their ways and we have ours.  To all peoples, including our own people, we say: "To your own selves be true." We are guided by the Teacher who says that we should be non-strident, kind, honest, compassionate, humble, and sensitive to the feelings of others. We believe in the law of non-interference in the affairs of those unlike us, unless they pose a threat to us.

12.  We believe that natural true believers--those of our kind who are drawn to this faith with little prompting--may possess a special version of the code which haters of our people have sometimes

called a "racist gene" to try to disparage our people.  We believe this "gene" or special part of the code is a survival mechanism and it helps us stay separate from other peoples and helps us stay on the narrow path that we are commanded to take. We seek to increase the prevalence of this gene in our population.

Those on this path will be called racists and other names by those who hate our kind of human, but we pay them little mind as they are ignorant of the ways of existence and many of them even deny evolution and other scientific realities. They are simply not our kind. They are not our concern. Their opinions are of no moment to us.

To be clear, we do not hate any other kinds of humans nor do we believe that we are superior across the board--that's not the way evolution works.  We do, however, believe that we are different from them, just as they are different from us and we seek our own highest destiny for our kind alone by following the dictates of our conscience and the Teachings. Other kinds have their destiny and our kind has ours.  Our attitude toward other kinds is one of indifference and non-interference in their destinies.  We expect the same from them.

In this day, there is no formal organization of this faith.  There's nothing to join. There are no membership rosters. You don't send money to anyone. You don't get a membership card.  You just study the Teachings and live the life of a believer right where you are. However, those who so wish, may join with friends to study the Teachings and live righteous lives. The minimum number required for an effective group of believers is three true believers, with one of the three (or any larger group) being the leader who shall ensure the true Teachings are followed.

The Teachings are not up for debate nor are they to be changed, modified, or interpreted differently from the way they are presented and intended.  They are not the product of a democracy or of a man or men.  We believe they come from the First Cause through one person only and that they must stand as intended for all time.

That's it. That's all there is to it. It's very simple in concept, but  it's difficult in practice in a world that is trying to wipe out White people and have us blend back into the mass of humanity from which we evolved not too many thousands of years ago.

If we blend back in, we will cease to exist as the different people that we are, and our evolution along our path, will have ended.

For those who do not like our Teachings, we orthodox ones say:  Take it up with God (aka The First Cause).  Our Teachings are from God, and God is the ender of all arguments.  What He wants, is what we do.  We live to please Him, not other humans.

And, when asked why God would treat different kinds of humans differently, the Teacher has sometimes said it is what God wants, and sometimes he has answered the question with his own questions: Why is it that fish can breathe water and humans cannot?  Why is it that birds can fly and humans cannot?  It's all in their DNA codes. Our White subspecies has a DNA code that has put us on a certain trajectory different from other trajectories.

One should note that we try to be sensitive to all peoples of all subspecies and all  faiths and we do not try to impose our beliefs on anyone, and we expect the same sensitivity and courtesy from all others. You will note that we seldom discuss other faiths and we try to never criticize them. They have their ways and we have ours.

13.  We orthodox believers, believe in the concept of a God, or as we usually say, a First Cause, and that what is behind this concept is unknowable, and we say to those who reject such a concept that they are making a mistake and that human psychology must be given its due.

#                   #                      #




The Teacher said: "We are a different kind and we are separatists by the command of God, and we must always remain different and separate, and uphold His divine laws. This is our way for ourselves alone. Burdens and responsibilities are put upon us that are not put upon other kinds, and we will be hated by other kinds, but we must never waver and we must stay strong and follow the Teachings that come from God and we must never mix with or blend with other kinds."

The Teacher said: "The natural laws of evolution are God's laws, and understanding evolution and its basic forces helps one to understand God's will, the Teachings, and the meaning and purpose of life and the way up. These natural laws of evolution are found first in Cosmic Evolution and then in Organic Evolution. What is large is small and what is small is large. It is the differences, no matter how small they seem, that are important."

Do you want to find answers to the big questions of existence?  Look to science and nature. Study biology and evolution and physics and all things that show you how existence works. Don't accept teachings that do not make sense or which deny reality. Religious beliefs can be religious beliefs without myths and they are no less religious if they are scientific.


Does life have meaning?  If so, what is that meaning?  These are two of the big questions that humans have been asking since there have been humans.  To answer these and other big questions, man has developed many philosophies and religions.   Millions of people have been satisfied with the answers found in some of these philosophies and religions.  We, on the other hand, are not satisfied with their answers. However, we do not want to attack  their answers or their beliefs and we wish to leave them alone as we wish to be left alone.

We believe that we have the answers for ourselves alone.  They have come to us via revelation, inspiration, observation, guidance and reason. We believe these answers are in the Teachings.

Our answers start with the single point that we believe brought somethingness to the nothingness.  We see that single point as the First Cause and we believe it is expanding and evolving and that everything in existence is part of the process of the First Cause.

We represent the First Cause in the most important way with the fylfot.  It is an essential and sacred symbol of this faith and the most basic manifestation of the faith for most believers.  Our fylfot always has a central hub with arms trailing around it. The central hub spins counterclockwise and, again, the arms trail.  The arms are always rounded as they follow our belief in the constant turning spinning of everything in existence in circles which are the natural shape of existence. Think spiral galaxies and hurricanes seen from above. The most sacred form of the fylfot has four arms but we also use versions with two arms and six arms, although these later two versions are not considered as sacred as the four arm form.

We believe that when the First Cause created Himself, He started existence itself on a trajectory that carries His Essence ever outward in all directions from that first point that He Was at the beginning. He became the center because the nothingness extended all around where He started. He brought the light, the movement, the sound, the heat  to the nothingness that was, without His presence, just darkness, stillness, silence, cold.

The center hub of the fylfot is the essence of the First Cause or some might say the throne of God. The arms represent the constant spinning that keeps everything in existence and also represents the expansion of the First Cause ever outward into the nothingness with His somethingness.

Our fylfot is not to be confused with other similar symbols that may represent the sun moving through the heavens or other things. And, just to emphasize the most important parts of our fylfot: the arms must be rounded and must always have a central hub and the whole symbol must always spin counterclockwise with the arms trailing.

Just as we see the letters of DNA (A,T,C, G) (about 3.1 billion of them in humans) being shuffled and tinkered with constantly by the First Cause, who is the cosmic shuffler, so too  are our human letters and words shuffled by Arman, who is also called the Teacher, in order to explain the messages he has received which answer the big questions and tell us the will of the First Cause and how we are to live and proceed to take the path to higher states that are closer to the First Cause.

We believe that all life on Earth originated from that which was behind the first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to living minerals--life.  We believe that the "behind" is the realm of waves, vibrations, frequencies and spirit. It is the place where is born the unexplainable. We also believe that this first molecule quickly began branching off in order to try to bring forth organisms that could survive and prosper in every possible niche and environment and that this is a process that never ends and will always continue and was and is part of the program of that first molecule of DNA and its progeny.

We believe that we White humans are one of the branchings that eventually evolved from that first molecule of DNA that also evolved various forms of life before us, and that we evolved out of earlier life forms including from earlier forms of humans some of which are still alive in this period  before the next great leap upward.  We believe that it is the differences that are important and that we must, in order to fulfill our highest possible destiny, not blend back in with other human forms that we evolved from and that we must seek our own evolution along the revealed path such that we will diverge even more from other human types and become a separate species no longer capable of breeding with other human types.

We do not believe that we are superior to other human types across the board, but that we are different, just as they are different from us.  We see our path as also being different.  We believe in living in conformity with the laws of nature when they are correctly interpreted as they are in the Teachings and we believe in living in peace and harmony with all of existence.

It is up to each of us, as individuals, if we are prone to think about such things, to finally decide what makes sense to us about reality and what doesn't. That way lies happiness and contentment.

Will the shuffling of DNA ever be finished? Not in our dynamic and changing universe it won't. It has been said that the only constant is change. We agree.

Important parts of the Teachings are repeated in different ways.  This is so, because there are different audiences and different levels of awareness and awakening among our people and not everyone understands at the same time or in the same way.  Arman has used fiction, non-fiction, science and other means to convey the truths behind the Teachings. Arman also humbly says that, with some extensive exceptions, many of the messages he has received are often more like complete packages dropped in his brain rather than as individual words given in dictation. Why was Arman selected to receive the messages?  He doesn't know, but has said that he may have just been at the right place at the right time on that day when the clouds opened. He also says that the First Cause could have picked someone better and more perfect to receive the messages, but that since he is the one who received them, he'll do his best to do what the First Cause has demanded of him.

What do we believe in just a few words?  We believe in the ways of existence.

The purpose of the Teachings is to guide you and to change you so that you will act in ways that will do the will of  the First Cause and so that you will live consciously and purposely while furthering your own evolution while living a full and happy life in the here and now.

We believe in living and letting live and in getting along with everyone, even if they are not our kind, or if they are our kind and are either believers or non-believers.  We know that we are not perfect and we know that no one of any kind is perfect and we approach life in a non-prideful, kindly, bemused manner, overlooking imperfections and minding our own business.

Whether, at first, you accept the First Cause as an intelligence behind all of existence--the Supreme Being-- or as a mindless and basic force of existence is up to you and both views are welcome for entry into the company of believers.

We do not see these as conflicting initial views, but simply as differences in individual human psychology. There are levels of understanding and those who come to this faith do so with different levels of understanding and psychological needs based on many factors in their lives and their experience. We encourage everyone to not accept the teachings on faith alone, but to use their reason.  We believe that in time, all who come to this faith with the right parts, and with open minds and open hearts will find faith in the First Cause either as an intelligence that started it all or as a force of nature. To skeptics, we say do not minimize the way the human brain works and the basic needs it has regarding how it views existence. A faith that does not account for human psychology is doomed to fail.

We who are true believers know that the First Cause is real and that we must obey His commands. Even those who come to the truth who have skeptical faith at first may eventually learn the truth and the reality of the First Cause. So, come in, you who are skeptics, but keep your minds open and if you have the right parts and if you take the right actions, the First Cause may reveal Himself to you in His own way.  True, committed belief is the way to have moral certainty, solid ethics and a good life. It is also the way to move along the path, but we all awaken in our own ways and in our own time. But, if your reason doesn't let you accept the deeper beliefs of some of us, you're still welcome if you are one of our kind and if you at least live as we do and follow the teachings regarding having many children and staying separate from other kinds. With us, it is always the DNA code before belief. Method living--taking the right actions--can bridge gaps in belief.

If you are down and feel that life is meaningless and that you have no purpose, study the Teachings and act upon them.  Life is not meaningless and you do have a purpose.  Life's meaning is to expand your DNA code. That is also your purpose.  If you are unable to have children for medical/physical reasons, then you can still help with the expansion of the code of our kind of human by studying the Teachings and taking action to help others have children or you can help them with money or labor to let them have more children or you can teach so that others of our kind come to the Teachings or you can do anything that will help with the cause of protecting, improving and  expanding our code always.  No matter where you find yourself, even if you are in prison, you can teach others and you can move forward.  Remember, you possess a particular version of our code that is unique to you as an individual, but you also possess the more general code of our people, so if our people expand, your code also expands. Thus, even if, as already stated, you are medically/physically incapable of having children, you will still benefit by your work, because the code of our kind will expand thanks to you and the actions you take.


A major part of the Teachings is focused on willed evolution in order to move closer to the First Cause. The evolution that we seek is spiritual and physical and it is this physical evolution that makes us different from most other systems.


Where some others go wrong

In thinking of the so-called human condition, many other philosophies and religions start too far downstream and try to deny the reality of the physical. Thus, they will talk about evil flesh, or about a spirit or soul within, or about the mind, but they will deny the reality of the physical that is the real and physical recipe to manifest us as the person we see in the mirror.  Because of this denial, they will never find the right way.

We, on the other hand, start with the DNA code as a physical reality.  We say to understand man, or any organism,  this is where you must start.  It is this DNA code that is behind our body, our mind and our spirit or soul.

We can no more find God or enlightenment or higher consciousness or any of the other terms used for similar ends, without the right DNA "parts" than can a radio pull in radio waves, even though they are all around the radio, unless that radio has the right parts.


The Teacher said that we do not believe we are better than others or that we are perfect--far from it.  We make mistakes.  We have weak seeds among us.  We have those who break God's laws. What we do believe is that we are a different kind just as other different humans are also different.  We believe that we have a highest possible destiny and that this destiny is completely wrapped up in our genetic code and cannot be achieved except through our particular genetic code.  Furthermore, we believe that our white skin is not a trifle, but is an absolutely essential part of our genetic code and our highest possible destiny.  We believe that by following the Teachings--all of which are revealed or inspired--that we are on the right path to our highest possible destiny which is a process of evolution.  We are not here to save humans, as they are today, but to replace them with a newer model. We must purify ourselves genetically, physically and spiritually.


We are a different kind and we demand the right to believe as we wish and to practice our faith and display our symbols openly as we are commanded to do in every nation and as guaranteed under Article 18, Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, 

conscience and religion; this right includes 

freedom to change his religion or belief, and 

freedom, either alone or in community with 

others and in public or private, to manifest his 

religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship 

and observance. 

Article 18, Universal Declaration of 

Human Rights

#                            #                              #



Awakened Whites love life and we especially love our form of life.  Your first rule of living is to survive.  Do not be confused.  Your first rule is not to be brave or to be a hero. Your first rule is to survive.  And, to survive you must seek to avoid injury to yourself. You must use and do whatever is necessary to survive and avoid injury. Sometimes you take flight, sometimes you fight, sometimes you use lies and guile and your intelligence and words.  You must make the right decisions in different circumstances.

Avoid the physical fight if you can, because even if you win you may be damaged.  If you must fight, do it completely and fully and do it to win.  If you are attacked, destroy the attacker. Don't try to be polite and don't try to fight fair. Fight to win and avoid as much damage to yourself as possible.

Why is your survival the most important and the first rule of living?  It is because the only way you can increase the quantity of your DNA code in the world is by living to produce children who are like you and who are our kind.  Do not die without having as many children as necessary to ensure that you will live on in them.  And, the more children of our kind you have, the greater will be your genetic influence in the future.

#                                                              #                                              #


Arman says it helps sometimes to think of our DNA Code that each us carries as part of all other White DNA Codes as though we are all part of one volume or quantity or even mass of the White DNA Code and that it should be our goal to increase the volume or mass of our DNA Code as though we are a liquid filling a bucket, but the bucket in this case is all of existence.  Imagine clusters of our DNA Code and the clusters are us as individuals and as families and we see these clusters as though they are pools of White "paint."  And around them are other colors of paint.  We must increase the volume of our clusters so that we spread out in all directions and push back the other color paints so that we fill all of existence with our DNA Code and thus make all of existence more holy by our existence.

#                                 #                                     #

Arman says that if you believe in the fundamentals of Whiteism and live them, you are good in the eyes of God even if you do not believe in God or even if you do not follow all the details of Arman's teachings.  It is the Whiteism that is key to our evolution and even those who have never heard of it but who live pure White will be rewarded.

#                                                      #                                                #

Arman says the White DNA Code is what makes us selected and it is holy and gives us special responsibilities and duties to make the world a better place through us.  No others can do it, because they do not have the White DNA Code.  It is as essential as are having the right parts of a car, a radio or a computer to have them work correctly.  Your White DNA Code is not your own but you must protect it and preserve it and help it purify as part of the sheer volume of DNA Code of which it is a part.

#                                                       #                                                   #

Arman says you should try to be good and just and lead a good life. Seek your own happiness as you see fit, but in the context of Whiteness.

#                                                         #                                                  #

Arman says that we must not butt into the affairs or destinies of those unlike us for this harms their dignity and self-respect and such butting in can't but send a message to their subconscious minds that they are inferior since it always the superior who helps the inferior and the parent who helps the child.  And, those unlike us must not butt into our affairs or our destiny.

#                                                          #                                                #

Arman says that one of the main differences between his teachings and what others in other religions believe is our unchangeable belief in the necessity of us remaining pure White in all ways and evolving along a White path exclusively.  In other words we rely on our DNA Code as essential to how we worship the Ultimate no matter how each of us  may conceive of Him/It.

#                                                             #                                                  #

Arman says that history is made by the different ones who become heros of the masses.  The eternal hero, the savior, the one who saves an entire people comes in real existence and is talked about in fiction.  We Whites will have our savior.  He is coming.  He will not make the mistakes of past ones who were also here as our heros but who seemed to have failed for one reason or another. He will stand upon their shoulders.

#                                                              #                                                    #

Arman says that if you think a being called God is so petty and small that he demands humans worship him in meaningless rituals that He is not the real God and is much too small. But a God is necessary as the ender of all arguments and to lay down the proper laws so we do not go astray.  Only such a being can see the long trajectory of history and can influence, often in very subtle ways, what happens now so that a million years in the future something good will result of what was influenced now. Humans can barely think in terms of decades let alone millions of years. Whether such a God is real or not may be argued and pure Whites should question and argue. We have brains and we must not deny them and simply accept what others say, however, many will come to believe as we believe because what we believe makes perfect sense and doesn't contradict true and settled science. We believe in reality and truth.

#                                         #                              #

Arman says that you should rationally seek the most happiness for yourself as possible within the context of your essential White self. You have enough free will to make moral choices, and you should do so. But don't let others dictate what is moral to you.

#                                             #                                           #

Follow God's laws for our kind.  Some are general and some are particular. The most important laws from God for our kind alone are to do everything to surive to produce more of our kind so that the volume of our DNA Code increases and fills all of existence.  Much flows from this law and it would fill volumes to explain each thing that does flow from this, but if you are one of our kind, you can figure most things out from this on your own.

#                                                  #                                      #

Arman says that we should not be altruistic toward those unlike us but that we should help our own kind who need help and who are also willing to help themselves.  Give a favor, get a favor.  Be loyal to yourself and your DNA Code and to those who are loyal in this manner who are our kind.

#                                                     #                                     #

There are general truths and laws and there are particular truths and laws. Too many of our kind do not practice the particular truths and laws and thus break God's laws for our kind by thinking that our kind are some sort of universal kind no different from other kinds.  This is a great sin to think this way.

#                                                  #                                #


The First Cause demands that we not miscegenate, but we know some of our kind will do so. Some of our sages wonder if this is the way it is supposed to be and they argue that in nature, those organisms that are not strong are replaced by other kinds.  Could it be, they wonder if Whites are actually much stronger than we think  and are absorbing other peoples when some Whites miscegenate? Can it be that we are purifying them by absorbing them as we absorbed the Neanderthals?  And, could it be that the First Cause's demand that we not miscegenate actually be His way of keeping proportions in balance since He know the result of miscegenation and how the mixing works and will work for thousands and millions of years along a trajectory that only He can see? The First Cause is subtle in His ways and does not make mistakes. He knows how to mix just the right proportions and He knows how to influence humans to do His will and He knows how to make things come out for the best in the long term.  We are too limited in our lives to be able to see the far future.  We can only do what the First Cause demands of believers in Arman's Teachings. Perhaps we are to be the new Adams and Eves, we few, and we are to be the fathers and mothers of any and all Whites who exist a million years from now. We know that we can speculate about these things and we know that the First Cause doesn't mind such speculation but encourages us to be skeptics and to question everything. This shows that our brains are helping us move forward. We do know that we who follow Arman's Teaching and who stay on the path are told that we are to be progenitors of the new ones who are born of our flesh and that they will be healthier, smarter, longer lived and purer than we are and that they will no longer have the danger of being able to have viable offspring with other forms of humans and we seek that day for it is to be a holy day when we are much closer to the First Cause.

#                                            #                                                #

Arman says that if any of his Teachings conflict with true and settled hard science, then follow true and settled hard science   because this means he has misunderstood the revelations, which can never conflict with true and settled hard science. Be careful if you do this, however, because soft science can lead you astray as soft science is often used to deceive you into harmful beliefs and practices such as miscegenation or the belief that all humans are the same. All humans are not the same and nothing in true and settled hard science can ever change this reality.  If you read or hear antying that conflicts with this absolute reality, then you know someone is trying to deceive you.

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What is the secret of existence?  It is movement.  Everything in existence must have movement either internally or externally. And, the movement is always spinning, turning, spiraling.

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The laws of the First Cause for our kind alone are only binding on our kind alone.

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There is no point in your personal survival if you do not make more like yourself.

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A great evil wants humans to stop evolving ever higher and this great evil is trying to get Whites to miscegenate as we are the selected ones to evolve humans higher and to bring in God's goodness, justice and righteousness through us.

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