Spiral Path

by H. Millard © 2006

I think, therefore I am. - Descartes
       I think more, therefore I am more. - Homeless Jack

"What is real and what is false? What is essential and what is not? What is a genuine purpose and what is not?," asked Homeless Jack. "These and many similar questions are being answered incorrectly today, man. We live in ignorant times. An era of fools. The world is full of pitch-fork carrying yokels demanding that we all conform to their stupid ideas of reality that have been pumped into their tiny brains by other men who know the simple psychological buttons that need to be pushed to manipulate them.

"It might not be so bad, but our science has outpaced our intellects and our understanding of reality. We don't understand the real lessons of nature; and when nature is mentioned we often wrongly think of latter day hippies who also say they are for nature, but who don't really understand nature.

"We accept the lies of those in power for no other reason than that they are in power and because we're too stupid to use critical thinking skills to be skeptical about their lies. As a result, we do dumb things such as sending our kids to die in meaningless wars for the elites. Then, too many of us have to visit the graves of our children killed in the meaningless wars and what do we do? We mindlessly wave little flags and try to convince ourselves that our children died for a reason. We have to believe this or we might go mad. Then, we continue backing President Bush and never question his sanity or his motives. And, we don't question the fact that it's not Bush kids or nephews or nieces who are dying. If it's so important that our kids put themselves at risk, why isn't it also important that the Bush family put its kids' lives on the line?

"And as our children--our kids--our genes--our kind--are wiped out, President Bush is flooding this nation with people who are not our children--who are not our kids--who do not have our genes--who are not our kind. Our children--our kids--our genes--our kind--are being replaced.

"Bush and his pals see us as fungible economic units. Bush doesn't see himself as one of us. Our worth is only in making Bush and his pals money or in risking our lives protecting their business interests. We are not really distinct human beings with distinct genes to them. We are expendable. If we or our kids die off, it's no big deal to Bush and his pals. We can be replaced by other economic units from Mexico. In fact, Bush is hard at work doing this right now.

"Man, did you know that about 74% of the 2,500 or so Americans who have died in Iraq to date are white? That's about 1,850 young whites who mostly haven't had children yet. Instead of eventually being parents and grandparents and great great grandparents down through future history in our family lines, they're dead. They'll be a little stubby line on family genealogy charts. A broken branch. They are dead ends. We have lost their genes. They are out of our gene pool. We have lost part of us. I cry for them--every single one of them--and also for us, man. I really do. That's our sacred life that has been taken from us. They have been torn from our collective body and we are less because of it.

"Meanwhile, while our blood, and it is our blood, is draining into desert sand thousands of miles from our shores, America is being invaded by those with different genotypes who are changing the gene pool. And, when the sweethearts of those killed in Iraq look around for new love interests, they're going to find that their choices for finding ones like them are limited but that there are many of the others who are available. And, another family line is destroyed.

"Not many people understand what is going on, man. They're too stupid. They're too brainwashed. Not only do they not get the big picture; they don't even get the small picture. They are mostly caught up in false death religions with fairy tale beliefs about a glorious after life and a bizarre belief that they have a raceless inner spirit that is the real them.

"They don't understand that the principles that animate them and give them life are basic principles of existence. Maybe if they understood this and could think things through, they'd start to see what is important and what isn't.

"I want to grab some of them and shake them and ask them if they want to see ultimate reality and God, man. Unfortunately, even if they did look, most wouldn't get it. Do you want to see these things, man? Flush your toilet. Drain your tub. That's it.

"Don't understand? The secret of the universe--the unified field theory has always been right there in front of us. It is the spinning. Wheels, circles, coils, turnings, spirals, cycles, tubes, orbits, storms. It's all about completing circles and roundness. It's all about circular movements. It's all about the endless and blind shuffling of everything in existence from entire galaxies with trillions of stars right down to our DNA and our genes. It's all about completing the circle over and over again.

"All of existence is like a huge cyclotron. Roundness is the thing. Spinning is the method. The spinning is the thing itself.

"When you really understand this, you can start to understand what you have to do in life man. Arman's teachings show us the way.

"I saw a news report this week in which some scientists said that some species of animals are changing genetically, within just a few generations, to adapt to rapidly changing climate changes. Big discovery! Big deal! That's what Arman has been teaching for years. It was revealed to him. Arman tells believers about the right climate and other conditions, including the right fabric to wear, that are needed for their evolution to their highest possible destiny.

"With a little guidance, we can use our brains to will our evolution, man. That's part of the Spiral Path."

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