H. Millard  
by H. Millard (c) 2019




We are believers in goodness, in beauty, in nature, in love, in our people, in our sacred DNA Code, in positive thinking, in kindness, and in making the Earth a better place, through us.


Here are three of the most important quotations for White survival and our selection for a special destiny if correctly understood and acted upon:


"[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera." --Charles Darwin


"Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection." -- Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA) Emphasis added.


“Man is something that shall be overcome.Man is a rope,tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss.What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”-- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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In the beginning, went forth the ancient spinning Essence, called the Code, to bring somethingness to nothingness, to bring light to dark, to bring warmth to cold, to bring life to the lifeless; and in it is the never ending and overpowering impulse to Be, and to Be More.

In our species, each new child receives 23 chromosomes from its father and 23 from its mother.

These 46 chromosomes we carry, contain approximately 3.1 billion pairs of the four chemicals that make up DNA, which are usually abbreviated as  A,T,C, G. These also make approximately 20,000 to 25,000 genes that give us our internal and external characteristics.

To be our kind requires that you receive all of the above from two parents of our kind who are the children of two parents of our kind who are the children of the two parents of our kind, and so on. This information is essential to a full understanding of our philosophy, our belief system, and our world view.

RELIGION 1: A set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. (Dictionary.com)

RELIGION 2: A religion is a system of human thought which usually includes a set of narratives, symbols, beliefs and practices that give meaning to the practitioner's experiences of life through reference to a higher power, deity or deities, or ultimate truth. (Wikipedia)

PHILOSOPHY: Investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods. (The Free Dictionary)

SCIENCE: (From the Latin Scientist, meaning "Knowledge") refers in its broadest sense to any systematic knowledge-base or prescriptive practice that is capable of resulting in a prediction or predictable type of outcome.

WORLDVIEW: In both senses also called Weltanschauung.

1. The overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world.

2. A collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or a group.

BELIEF SYSTEM: Beliefs relate to religion, customs, values, attitudes, ideals, and world views. A Belief system includes the beliefs and values shared by members of a racial, ethnic, or social group as well as those held by individuals. Belief systems develop over time and often reflect the ideology, religion, politics, social structure, and economic activities of a particular group. Beliefs influence all decisions including economic ones.

MORALITY: Concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong. Also refers to a code of conduct put forward by society, some other group such as a religion or a code accepted by an individual for his or her own behavior.

WAY OF LIFE:  This system is complete and is a way of life. Everything in life is to be viewed through the ways of this system. There is nothing outside of it for our kind. Everything we think and do must take our view and values into account. Belief without action is meaningless.

The whirlwind goes before them. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

ABOUT THIS SYSTEM AND HOW IT BEGAN:  When Arman, who is called The Teacher, was a young teen he was standing alone in a small field near a stream and a wooded area far from any houses, cars or other people.

As he stood there, low lying dark clouds suddenly appeared over where he was standing. Then, a light rain began to fall.  As Arman looked up at the clouds, that were odd because of their low level, their inky darkness, and the speed in which they appeared, a perfect circle or hole appeared in the clouds above his head and a beam of blinding bright white  light shone through. At the very moment the hole appeared, Arman heard the exultant singing of what sounded like a large chorus of human-like voices that were very close and coming from the clouds. He couldn't make out the words, if they were words, and he wasn't even sure it was English or any other language he had ever heard before or since.  They were definitely voices, but the voices were used more like musical instruments than as a way to sing actual words. The sound was beautiful and it rose to a crescendo and left tears in his eyes. It sounded like what some might describe as a chorus of Angels. The voices didn't seem to be male or female. There were no deep male sounds at all, but they didn't sound exactly female either. The pitch was closer to the sounds a female chorus might make, but not exactly. They seemed to be repeating some simple phrase or phrases over and over but the sound was building ever higher and fuller as though more voices were joining in. Then, very abruptly, the clouds closed again and at that very moment the singing stopped.

Arman believes that the basics of the Teachings or maybe the entire Teachings were planted in or downloaded to his subconscious at that time, or perhaps something that already existed within him as a result of his particular DNA code was awakened, activated or reprogrammed either by the light or the singing or both. Whatever the specifics, the course of his life changed and he was set on the path to learn more, to experience much, and to tell others, but only those of our kind, of the truth, their purpose in living and the right path to take.  Arman also believes that he has been guided and protected since that time so that he can carry out his mission which is to save one distinct people from extinction and genocide and guide them on the righteous path that will lead them ever higher physically, genetically and spiritually so that they evolve to become a new species and then a new one after that and so on as they move higher and higher toward the Divine. The path has no end. There is no time that believers will ever be able to say, "There, we are now perfect." But they will constantly evolve and mutate and change on the path that the First Cause has set for them alone.

Because of the nature of his experience and the age in which we live, some have wondered if Arman's experience was actually caused by aliens and a UFO.  Arman has said that he didn't see or hear a UFO or plane or helicopter or any other machine or engine sound at any time, and is not aware of any lost time, or other phenomena that seem to be associated with reports of UFO sightings, but if this was some sort of UFO experience he believes that those behind it were themselves being used by the First Cause to do whatever it is they did to cause Arman to become the Teacher.

In later years, Arman, while trying to remember details of the original incident, and while trying to be completely accurate about what happened for the sake of history, has said that he does have a vague, shadow memory that when the hole appeared in the clouds above him, it seemed earlier in the day than when the hole closed, as though several hours had passed between the opening and the closing, but he had no watch with him and he is not certain that this possible lost time is a true memory or something that may have subconsciously attached itself to the true memory. Arman says that his strongest memory is still that the original incident seemed to happen very fast, maybe just several minutes in duration.

Since that time Arman says he receives direction, messages, and inspiration, which comprise The Teachings.  Arman is quick to say that he does not use drugs and is not mentally ill.

The Teachings are received or expressed and written down in almost an automatic writing manner that is not quite a trance, and they usually come to Arman at that time of day just before and as dawn breaks and usually when he is moving rather than sitting or standing still. They also seem to come when it is stormy or raining. They also don't come in a vacuum.  They arrive when needed to answer some question or solve some problem or to present some insight into something that is going on at the time. Many of them come as whole blocks of information rather than as words.

Arman does not want the Teachings to become a personality cult and he emphasizes that he is nothing but a humble  messenger and scribe and has no special powers or abilities and has as many flaws and imperfections as anyone else. What is different from some (but not all) others, perhaps, is that he tries to live intentionally White in all ways possible as commanded to do so by whatever it was that caused the experience revealed above. 

Arman is a white male of European descent, born in the U.S. in the European diaspora. As far as he knows, his ancestry is English, Irish and French and includes Scottish, German and a few other European nationalities if you go back far enough. He is White and his skin sun burns easily before tanning. He has blue eyes and had blond hair as a child. He was born and raised Catholic as were his parents and grand parents and there may have been some Protestantism and Church of England in the picture in the past. There doesn't appear to be any Jewish or Muslim or any other any other religions among his ancestors, or any non-Whites in his lineage. After the mystical event, Arman no longer considered himself a Catholic or a Christian and set out on the path to learn more of the First Cause and to find answers to the big questions. As with many, many millions of others of European descent now alive, Charlemagne and Niall of the Nine Hostages seem to appear far back in Arman's family tree.

Update:  Arman has now had his DNA tested and the results came back showing that he is 100% non-Jewish European. The tests indicate that approximately 40+ percent of his haplogroup can be sourced to England, Scotland and Ireland and the other 60% in various other parts of Northern Europe.  There are no Jewish genes in his genotype. This DNA test confirms what Arman's family had already learned from genealogical research.

 Not much else is revealed about him at this time, in order that this not become a personality cult.



Existence does not have neat dividing lines. Various things overlap, are layered on, and butt up to other things in a dynamic and constantly moving, twisting, spinning, spiraling dance of everything in existence. In trying to understand existence, philosophy touches religion and religion touches science. All three seek to answer questions about existence and they necessarily blur the lines, because existence and the ways of existence are never static.

The teachings are given in various modes of expression for different needs. They include fiction, non-fiction, parables, metaphors, science facts and more. This section is called The Spiral Path. It has commentaries, visions, revelations, miscellaneous facts and other material including definitions of words and the way we use them. It is considered as a supplement to The Guide. Some will call this religion and they'll be right. Others will call it philosophy and they'll also be right. It is also a a way of life, a path and a belief system.

If this is somewhat confusing, just consider it to be similar to what is found in Quantum Mechanics where subatomic particles can be particles and waves at the same time and at least some of them seem to be changed just by being observed. You are the observer. What do you see? If you see religion, then that's what it is. If you see philosophy, that's what's here. If you look again, it may be the other of the two. Whichever one you see is correct and right, and no one can say that what you see is not what you see or that what you believe is wrong. When they look, they see with their eyes, not yours and when they believe they do it with their brains, not yours.

Arman is The Teacher and he is charged with the sacred duty of receiving the revelations and divine inspiration and promulgating them. He is the only one so charged, but others can study and teach others, so long as they do not deviate from the Teachings, so as many of our kind of human can be awakened and take the path higher as possible.

For us, this is a belief system that answers the big questions and gives us a way of living that we believe is right, just, correct, and in tune with the principles of existence.

This system holds that while at some level of existence everything is made of the same basic vibrations, waves, and subatomic particles and then the same atoms, molecules and chemicals, it is not the sameness that is important but  the differences as branchings occur. This system also says that there is an underlying field or skein of existence that can't be seen.

It also holds that everything in existence is "pulled" two ways: towards the center and away from the center. The first pull, might be thought of as being a little like centripetal force, i.e. things are pulled toward the center which is where the mass of any particular type of thing, including species of living organisms, are clustered. This is because everything begins with a single point which is, by definition, the center, and expands from there and also because those things that are not different from others in the same class of things tend to be found in the greatest quantity near the center, both statistically and in actuality. In life, it is an agglutination of the DNA mass around the center.

The second force might then be likened to centrifugal force which causes things to move outward and away from the center and become different.

If we continue with these terms from physics we might say that we thus see centrifugal force as a little like evolution and differentiation and centripetal force like devolution or sameness.

Actually, the terms centripetal and centrifugal break down very quickly when we deal with life, but perhaps they do help with the idea that this system is for the few who have moved away from the center of the gene mass of humanity and who are evolving in different ways from the basic human model. To evolve is to not conform to the mass.

We also, sometimes refer to this differentiation and evolution as being a little like the process of distillation whereby some small fraction of the mass of liquid in a beaker will leave the mass of the beaker and may stay separate if conditions are right, or fall back into the mass of liquid in the beaker and blend back in if the small fraction does not "struggle" to remain separate.

This is not the path for everyone, and not everyone will have the prerequisite knowledge or open mindedness or genetic code necessary to follow this path. That's why it is sometimes called Our Way For Ourselves Alone.

We believe that we're living in a Dark Age of mind numbing conformity and that one must question the orthodoxy of this day in order to try to answer the big questions of existence and break away from the 

mass delusions of this day that are even more harmful than the old flat world beliefs of the past.

Not everyone will agree with our answers. That is also the way of existence and evolution. Differences are important to the workings of existence. We do not want to erase the differences, but to increase them and let them flow as they should.

This religion/philosophy humbly tries to answer the big questions and it does so in a way that we believe works with human psychology. It uses science, fiction, parables, metaphors, images and symbols and other devices to try to wear away the veneer blinding our people from seeing the truth and to open their minds to receive the basic messages both on a conscious level and also on a subconscious level.


What are some of the big questions of existence?

Why are we here? What does it all mean? Is there a God? Does life have a purpose? What happens when we die? How did existence begin? What maintains existence? Is existence all just an accident and meaningless or is there a purpose? Why is there such a variety of life? How did that variety come about? Why did it come about? What is good and what is evil and why is one considered good and one evil? Are humans important to existence? If so, why? Are there actual or ritual things we can or should do to influence or please a god or gods or other forces for our benefit? Are humans really different from other animals or are we just another branching off from that first DNA molecule that formed millions of years ago?

These questions are not unique to us. Humans have been asking and trying to answer these and similar questions since they could first think abstract thoughts. For evidence of this, look no further than to all the religions and their variants that are now in existence and all the religions that have come and gone over the centuries as well as all the secular philosophies that have also tried to answer these questions.

There is a sort of cosmic emptiness or loneliness that comes over many humans that causes them to search for meaning and for what is real and authentic. These things are natural and are a side effect of having brains that can wonder about meaning. Those who have these feelings are often struck by the fact that we humans live very short lives and they want to know if there is more to it than just the few years we have, or is our existence just meaningless?

Many find comfort in various religious doctrines that tell them that their bodies don't mean much anyway and that it is their eternal soul or spirit or any of a number of similar concepts that matters and that this inner "real you" doesn't die but gets rewarded or punished depending on how they lived or what they believed, and that it is often transported to heaven or a similar location if they've been good, or to hell or some punishment region if they've been bad.

Of course, there has never been one iota of proof of such an inner spirit or soul, and this leaves many, who have more than the simple faith that they often learned as children, looking for other answers.

We believe there are answers, and that they involve the way existence is structured and how our DNA relates to all of existence.


Yes. Unlike most other belief systems, we believe that the principles of cosmic evolution are found throughout, and infuse, all of existence including living organisms, and we believe that there is a spinning, spiraling physical code within everything (its essence), which we also call the DNA code or the genetic code when it is in life, that exists that makes every thing what it is.

The basic core of the code is the same everywhere, but it unfolds that which has a remarkable plasticity that allows it to be malleable. We believe it is self-creating, self-replicating, self-evolving, self-organizing and self-ordering due to the spinning, as it seeks to fill all space with itself inside everything in existence that it has created and as it seeks to evolve ever higher.

The code is sensitive both to the interior and exterior environment and to changes in both and is able to adapt to survive and expand. The code seeks to be in every niche where it can possibly survive. The code's program is to expand always, contract never; to always be and to always struggle to be more.

In living organisms, at least on Earth, we believe the code is carried in the DNA (and also sometimes in the RNA). We believe, if has not been made clear already, that the shape of DNA reflects the shape of the First Cause, i.e. spinning, twisting, turning, spiraling.

We also believe that because our outward characteristics, as well as our inner characteristics are created by our code, that we can and must help steer our evolution in the direction that has been revealed as best for us by observing outward and inner characteristics and by seeking change in the revealed direction. Thus, in a general sense, we have a window into the code by what we can see with our own eyes and senses. And, just as we are made by the code, we can change the code (usually over generations in nature but much sooner by conscious intention if we have the right code) so that we move higher as the individuals we are but also in our descendants.

The problem is that just as we can steer our genetic lines in the right direction, we can also be deceived and steer them in the wrong direction. 

The right direction leads to the light which is closer to the First Cause and enlightenment and is evolution. The wrong direction leads to the dark, away from the First Cause and to less understanding and is devolution. This steering has spiritual aspects and physical aspects and results in changes to the DNA code. The choice for us is to do the right things to move higher or to fall back to lower states that we evolved out of.

To be clear, we do not believe it is possible for us to reach enlightenment, higher consciousness, God consciousness, oneness with God, or any of the terms that are used to describe the move up, except through improving the physical and our DNA code and we believe that we can improve the physical and our DNA code first by using our brains and  our minds by studying, understanding and living The Teachings.

We do not believe that flesh is evil or is to be overcome or that there is a raceless spirit or soul within as  the terms spirit and soul are often used. We believe that our particular code was made manifest in us when the correct 23 chromosomes of a male and the correct 23 chromosomes of a female joined to create us as individuals who are part of a group, a family, a tribe, a race, a distinct people, a subspecies of individuals who share the particular general code of our people, which we sometimes call Code A,  to distinguish it from the codes of other peoples. We believe the Teachings are for our kind of people only and that one must have Code A, to even really feel the Teachings at a very deep level.  In other words, anyone can read the Teachings, but they won't vibrate correctly unless one has Code A and will just be an intellectual reading exercise rather than a religious experience in which one starts to feel a closeness with the First Cause simply by internalizing the Teachings and doing what they teach.

The general nature of the code is made manifest in our outward appearance in our major characteristics that make us different from other peoples. Its first major and irreplaceable sign is White skin.

White skin which is absolutely essential to who and what we are and is not a trifle, as is so often believed in the present Dark Age. Next come various other characteristics such as bone structure, hair texture and all the rest that make us, us.

Many people are confused about white skin. They mistakenly think of it almost as though it is paint that is put on as an afterthought. In fact, however, skin (of whatever color) is the largest organ in the human body. It is not like paint at all, but is essential to the nature of the human being. This can be explained scientifically up to a point, but there is also much that science does not yet know about the importance of skin color and how white skin is necessary to tune into the First Cause and pick up the vibrations of existence.

We believe that our code (as do all codes) vibrates with a certain frequency that is harmonious with the codes of those who share our general code (those with the correct 46 chromosomes).  But we also believe that because of the particular "parts" of our code that are different from codes of other humans due to where evolution has brought us, that we vibrate differently--a different frequency--with the First Cause than do other humans. We also believe that this frequency is interfered with by the presence of conflicting codes and that this creates disharmony.

As to the big questions of existence, which are primarily humancentric--after all, it is humans who are questioning--we do not believe these questions can be fully answered unless one starts right at the level where existence begins; presumably with the emergence of  vibrations, subatomic waves, forces, and particles and even going back behind them to the point where we find a something that seemingly did the impossible by created itself out of nothing.

Thus, we do not begin with humans or human races to understand humans and human races, but far upstream where the source is found. And, while the big questions are primarily humancentric, the answers often are not, and despite what many other belief systems may teach, this one sees humans, not as a special creation, but just one of the evolutionary branches that started with that first DNA molecule.  We have become  increasingly "more" than other organisms because of our evolutionary path and trajectory.

We have evolved to be able to ask these questions and seek answers and do all the things that humans have done and can do that other organisms on this planet cannot do, and above all, we have the ability to be able to guide our own evolution ever higher--which believers must do.

What of God? In the view of some of us, "God" or, as we often say, the First Cause or the Creator or the Ineffable Divine is the self-created. He/It must, by our definition, be the one before which there was absolutely nothing but empty darkness with no movement, no vibrations, no subatomic waves or particles, no energies, no forces, no heat, no light; absolutely nothing, seen or unseen, in existence anyplace. Others of us believe that there may have always been something, perhaps on the Quantum level of existence, maybe an all encompassing energy field, and that God evolved or awoke within it. The truth is that we do not have a good answer and that's why we sometimes use the term Ineffable Divine to describe it.

The nothingness was all cold all dark and all still. These three characteristics require no effort. They exist in their non-existence when there is no something; when there is no light, no heat and no movement.

We believe that such a time existed when the temperature was absolute zero, and there was no light either visible or invisible and thus in the absolute zero temperature there was absolute darkness and absolutely no movement. There was also no sound.

We believe that the First Cause--God--struggled to come into existence and struggles still to remain in existence against the nothingness and we see this struggle as infusing all that exists.

We sometimes visualize this as a flame in the dark. That flame struggles to be and to be more. It requires effort to even exist. The darkness all around requires nothing. It just is. There is a struggle for light to exist in dark. There is a struggle for heat to exist in cold. Dark and cold require no effort or struggle. They just are when nothing else is and when nothing struggles to be. Without struggle, all would return to dark and cold.

In our belief system, we see basic underlying forces, laws and rules as well as very simple things repeated over and over and we hold that everything is simple; only the explanation is complex.

Again, we do not begin our belief system with man or even with life, but at the very beginning of existence. We see man as part of the constant expansion that started with the start of our universe and we see the forces, the laws, and the rules out there as also being right here on Earth and right in the flesh of living things. Man--at least in his major components--is a predictable step along the trajectory of existence.

At the heart of our answers, as far as life is concerned, is the sure knowledge that what is most important is the spiral molecule of life: DNA. We see DNA as the real us and the "creator" of who and what we are. And it is our DNA that carries us into the future if we make the right decisions in life. We believe that DNA was created by that primal code that was sent forth by the Self-Created--the First Cause--and in this regard the code can be thought of as a basic principle of existence.

One must understand, however, that we see the physical DNA as being the result of a hidden template or hidden spirit that created the DNA and which is within DNA and which is  a spark of the First Cause. This spark that causes DNA cannot exist, as it is, without the physical DNA. That spark brings matter, in this case DNA, into existence, but it would flame out without the physical DNA that it created. There are mysteries here.

To be clear, in this belief system, we see the essential aspect or element of all life not so much in terms of the finished products that you see around you--trees, birds, fish, humans, etc.--but in terms of the DNA inside that life that builds that type of life.

The DNA within, is the code made manifest for that type of life and is the essence of that life. All DNA owes its existence to that first DNA molecule that caused life to emerge from so-called inert minerals and chemicals, and that first DNA owes its existence to the code that caused it to unfold and be.

It is DNA that survives our deaths if we have passed on our DNA to children in our image. That code within is the recipe and formula for making you. It is you. Change the recipe and you change the finished product. And with DNA, very minor changes often have very major effects. If we are not in touch with our DNA code, we are alienated from our true self and we are filled with an emptiness that causes some to constantly search for meaning in things that are meaningless.

But, we do not worship DNA, and if DNA did not exist at all,we would still speak of the essence or code within each thing that makes that thing what it is. Thus, we recognize an essence or code within so called inanimate objects such as rocks, etc.

And, speaking of rocks. Humans often wrongly think of them as being inert. They're really not. Inside, the atoms are moving about and spinning as they are in everything that exists. Existence requires the spinning, spiraling forces.

Nature is a frugal designer and engineer and it works largely through trial and error, like an inventor in a garage, to make life that will not only be adapted to various conditions but which will be comfortable and like those conditions and prosper. It is as though nature says "Here there is nothing but water. I will now take the basic DNA code and make some minor changes to a letter here and there and engineer life that will prosper in water. Over here, there is nothing but a sandy desert, I will take that very same DNA code and make some different minor changes to a few letters and engineer life that will prosper in a sandy desert."

Like an engineer, nature has limits as to what it can do with any particular life form and it must leave out some things if it puts in other things. Each package of life has a certain size, and you just can't fit everything in. Give a fly quick reflexes by hard wiring its wings to its brain, and you must leave out higher brain functions. And so it goes with all life.

Even though nature constantly tinkers with life, it doesn't do the unnecessary for long. It doesn't put tail fins on snakes or give birds gills. Why not? Because they're not needed. The general rule is form follows function with constant tinkering to design life that will survive in different and changing environments and which will constantly improve as needed and expand or die off. Nature is never done with what it has designed. It will keep tweaking all life forms whether they know it or not.

Unlike other life forms, humans, and believers in particular, know that life is constantly being tweaked, and believers know that we have reached a point in our evolution where it is best if we take a conscious part in the tweaking of us if we are to move in the right direction that has been revealed.

In fact, we believe that we have crossed a threshold that demands we now steer the course of our evolution, but mostly in subtle ways by the choices we make in life. It is up to us as individuals to use our free will (such as it is) to make the right choices. This is especially important in our mating choices and in our reproduction. We believe that we must resist gene transfer from other humans and that we must only mate with our own kind to produce only our kind of children and in great numbers.

Nature also gives all living things certain ways and characteristics to survive and prosper in the competition for existence. Sometimes, those certain ways and characteristics don't work or the living things with those certain ways and characteristics aren't changed fast enough to adapt to ever changing circumstances and they become extinct. Humans have been given a large brain as our tooth and claw, and so far it has proven to be a better tool for survival than actual teeth and claws. But, things change. They always do.

The human brain is both our greatest asset and our biggest problem. On the one hand, it has helped us reach this point in our evolution where we can, if we have correct thoughts, see the way forward, but at the same time it has allowed us to overrule some of the important default programs that were built into us by the First Cause as expressed in nature.

One of those important default programs is to bear as many children in our image as possible. But many of us have been deceived and do evil in this regard. We've come up with various ways to hold down our population and get around the default program. We have birth control, abortions, family planning, acceptance of homosexuality, miscegenation. We have taken a very short view of history in doing these things and we have taken a false view of the struggle and competition that helps bring forth the best type to survive and move forward.

Instead of understanding that only children in our image further our DNA, many have now been conditioned to believe that any children anyplace on the planet are somehow "our"children. By so thinking, we justify holding down our own fertility rate--of our code--as we fail to see the differences in people and instead lump all humans together in one basket as "our people." This then often leads some of us to accept other false ideas such as the belief that there are too many people on the planet. Then, some of us think we're being socially responsible by not having any of our own children. By doing this, we're not helping with a supposed overcrowding problem, but are just making ourselves extinct. We are engaging in suicidal genocide.

Evolution doesn't just work on flesh. It also works on our thought processes and ideas as we think, study, learn, change and adapt and as our ideas struggle for existence and compete with other ideas. Call it survival of the fittest ideas. It's also important to note that this concept of struggle and competition is inherent in all of existence and it exists right within our bodies as our various gene variations (alleles) struggle and compete with each other for expression.

On a genetic level, eye colors, hair colors and hair textures and all of our other characteristics struggle and compete with different versions within us to reach expression in the person created by the genes. Look in a mirror and you'll see which versions won this struggle in your body. Blue eyes? They won over other color eyes in you. Brown hair? It won over other color hair. Straight hair? It won over curly hair. Free ear lobes and not attached ear lobes? Ability to curl your tongue? They won out over other gene possibilities in you. And so it goes for everything about you.

If you don't understand a little about DNA, you cannot understand life. And, if you don't see in the spiral of DNA both the smallest and largest things in existence and everything in between, then you don't understand anything about existence.

Some people who try to deny evolution and argue that God created everything as stated in the Bible also argue that randomness could never organize the clock-like complexity and actions of the universe, so there must be, in their terms, a clock maker--God.

We find this to be a weak argument for the existence of God. The answer to all the organization of existence is simply that it is self-organizing and is caused by the constant spinning, turning, rotating, spiraling of everything in existence. The spinning is critical to existence itself. Stop the spinning and existence stops. It is the engine of construction and destruction and the great carousel of reality. With every spin, there is change.

Our argument for the existence of God, we've already stated: That which created itself and eventually everything else that arose and will arise from the basic skein of existence as it continues to spin and spiral to fill all of nothingness. This is the great impossible mystery and man may never fully understand it. How can something come from absolute nothing? The question will drive you mad. The logical answer is that something came from elsewhere to the nothing to create something, but if this is the case, then we have to look for God in that elsewhere and the elsewheres behind that one. Thus, it may be that the so-called Big Bang was not the first creation, but could be a second or third or one of millions of creations. This is to say, if the Big Bang that created our universe, came about from something already in existence, even sub-atomic waves and particles, then it did not start all of existence. But, if it was that which created itself out of absolute nothing, then there is where to look for God.

#                                                                           #                                              #


At the moment of the Big Bang, the command went forth in our universe to

Expand always; contract never. And the command was written into and interwoven into the essence of everything in existence. Anyone or anything that disobeys the command to expand dies off.

Herein is truth and a path revealed and explained using revealed truths, intuition, observations and science, mostly in ordinary modern English.The wise person knows that the key to opening the door to the spiral path is found in a particular type of DNA Code that for convenience can be called Code A to distinguish it from other codes. Code A is the recipe and blueprint to make one of us. It contains instructions for putting all the right parts in the right place. The difficulty in accepting this fact for some people in this present evil Dark Age, is that this DNA Code A is not found in all people. Without it, one cannot even open the door to the spiral path.

One teacher has said that this may sound harsh to those who follow religions of man or other man centered philosophies and belief systems, but those who follow a religion of God, believe that God establishes what is right and wrong. It is not for us to question God. Some may not understand this, and one teacher has replied to such people that God has not made all things the same and not all things can do what other things can do.

One must be born with Code A, just as one must be born with the outward physical characteristics that give a visual clue to the invisible internal characteristics. There is no other way. This is not a happy conclusion for most humans who have been conditioned to believe an anti-nature ideology that all humans are alike and that what one can do any can do. Code A is one with the indigenous peoples of Europe, both still in Europe and in the European diaspora and is first seen in their external characteristics in their flesh and is confirmed by the act of understanding and coming to the truth. These people are not better than other peoples, they are just a later evolutionary development that makes them different from other peoples and with different adaptations.

In radio terms, again, it is like receiving a new radio in a box. You can pray for it to make sounds and you can do all sorts of ritual things, but it won't work unless you take it out of the box, put in batteries for power and correctly tune into the right frequency.

When we are born, we either come with the right parts or we don't. No amount of praying or rituals will change that. Our life force is our power source. Then, if we have the right parts, we still must tune into the right frequency. This means that we must have the right thoughts that lead to the right actions. That's how we tune in.

Code A is the necessary prerequisite to moving (to evolving) to the next stage and to getting through the bottleneck. It is the formula for this.


In the beginning, there was nothing. All was still. All was dark. All was cold.

Then, the Self-Created moved His spirit across the nothing and formed Himself from out of the nothing. And, where there had been nothing there was now something.

The something went forth in ever spinning circles and spirals seen and unseen devouring the dark and the cold. The unseen was what made the seen. The small made the large. The vibrations made matter.

The way of all existence and its spinning, turning, spiraling template and engine of creation and destruction was set in every aspect of our universe at that moment our universe came into existence. The code was sent forth. This is a mystery.

Those who know, say that at first there was just a tiny point of light that blinked into existence from out of the nothing, but there were no eyes to see it. And, there was a noise, but there were no ears to hear it.

And, the tiny point spun and grew and spiraled and it grew and grew and it devoured the dark and the cold. And, this has been going on ever since. And, the spiral spinning Essence of the Self-Created carried the Code of the Self-Created and it was sent forth in the largest things and the smallest and that which is unseen and it carried the spirit within it and its nature was to struggle to always be and to become more.

And, the spinning spiral of the Self-Created came to Earth and as in the beginning it came as a single point and it spun together the minerals of the planet and started life where there had been none and it continued spinning through the ages as it developed many branches and as it brought forth ever more life from out of the minerals that could once again join with the Self-Created in a fullness of understanding.

Many ages came and went and the spiral finally brought forth humans. And,the humans branched off and evolved into different groups as evolution continued distilling out a few from the masses.

In this present evil age some humans have evolved who understand that they must take personal responsibility and rely on themselves to try to steer the spinning in the direction of the Self-Created in order to speed up evolution and avoid uncounted future evil ages where blind trial and error continue.

This is the age when a new understanding of existence and the correct way is born.


The faith begins: On that day, the Spirit of the Lord moved over the Earth and with it came low lying clouds and a light rain. And, the clouds opened and a light appeared along with the joyous sound of a chorus, and the inborn but sleeping Code A was activated and this was the beginning of the knowledge and teaching of the correct way in this age for our kind.

This is the path of the righteous of our people who follow the ways of the Lord and who do not follow the ways of evil.

All authority flows from God.

To be happy, to reach a higher consciousness and to fulfill one's destiny, a wise person will look within to find their true self and true nature. These things that are real about life are in DNA.

A wise person knows that one cannot truly understand any living things without taking their DNA into account. The DNA is the Spiral of the Self-Created in life and carries the basic self-organizing, self-evolving Code that came into existence in our universe at the beginning. It is within and it is without. It's shape has a mystery and power inherent in it and when it is next to the skin of ourselves alone, it opens a door and starts a process.

Everything in existence has an unseen foundation. It is the same with living things. The unseen foundation is what makes the seen what it is.

Sadly, otherwise intelligent people will often tell you about the differences in different breeds of dogs or horses but will then deny that there are differences among the breeds of humans. Such closed minded thinking bars these people from true understanding.

The wise person knows and never forgets that there is only one way to find the true self.

It is not through denying the flesh, but by accepting it and the DNA Code that makes the flesh. It is also by understanding that the universal truths, that began even before the creation of matter, exist in everything but that all different things have different ways.

The true self of white people is completely tied to and is inseparable from their whiteness--this is an essential part of their Code--Code A--that they alone of all peoples on the Earth have, just as other peoples have their unique codes. White skin is not an afterthought or something trivial. It is not like a paint job that is put on some otherwise universal model human being. It comes from within and is essential to this people.

Again, white skin is essential to who and what white people are. This is a truth that must be accepted with complete conviction but with humbleness and without enmity to any others. It is just a quiet fact of existence and evolution. White skin and "white" characteristics are mutations from the genes found in the masses of humanity.

If a person cannot accept his or her whiteness (and all their other unique characteristics) as being essential to their true self and as an outward manifestation of Code A which is at the core of their true self, then they are not ready for the path that leads higher. They are still asleep or show by their lack of belief that they lack the proper elements of Code A, i.e. that there are some subtle things missing from their Code that keeps it from being a true Code A.

Because of the evil of this age, many are blinded to the truth and refuse to accept the laws of nature as they relate to human beings and they try to deny what is plain to see and which they calmly accept in so called lower life forms.

The wise person rejects the evil, and joyously revels in life itself and the flesh that is an inseparable part of it. The wise person doesn't see different types of life or humans as higher or lower, but different. And, the wise person knows that this is all part of the shuffle caused by the eternal spinning of existence and the changes that are caused by the spinning in our dynamic universe.

Life adapts and changes. This is an inherent property of life. The life in a plant or in an insect is the same process that is in man, just as the same chemicals make up all things in existence. All life began as a single point and radiated out to fill all niches that would support it and to consume all food that would sustain it, and this has never stopped. The First Cause is the First Cause of all in existence and is behind the eternal spinning that causes the great shuffle.

White Man has reached the stage of evolution where he must consciously take over from the blind workings of evolution to guide his own future evolution. The wise person knows that this means that those who wish to guide their own evolution must split off from the masses and walk a separate path and become a different people, and the wise person knows that blending back in with the masses will stop his or her evolution down the different path and will fold him or her back into the undifferentiated masses. Evolution requires differences, and correct evolution for those who follow the true path, requires that those differences lead to higher consciousness and adaptations that give those on the path the ability to dominate all niches with their kind.

The wise person knows that the Code, which is carried within them in their spiraling strands of DNA, comes into existence, as with everything else, as vibrations and waves and subatomic particles. There is a link from the Code to the infinite in things unseen.

A wise person will harm no one and live and let live with a quiet contentment and as part of nature and the ways of existence but will remain a part of, yet separate from others and will not give up his or her most basic identity.

Free humans get to choose their religious path. That's part of where humans are in our evolution. Not all paths lead to the same place. Many paths are false and harmful. No one should be forced to follow any particular religious path, but being exposed to the different paths helps one use our free will to make an informed decision.

When a wise person chooses the correct path, he or she does so with an open mind. Such a person should live their life according to their chosen path and let others choose their paths and live their lives as they see fit. A wise person knows that only those with certain unseen mutations will select our path, and this is as it should be, for this path is one with our evolution, and only a few will walk it and be the single point from which the new ones will come.

These are some of the teachings that some find relevant in their lives.

There is nothing to buy. There is nothing to join.  All we present here is a primer on a peaceful religious philosophy that respects and honors all life and which presents the real way of nature. It is, as is said in other contexts, wind sown.

What do we believe?  We believe in the ways of existence.

One either freely believes after being exposed to the basic teachings or one does not. To believe is to enter and stay on the right path as given in the teachings. To deviate from the teachings is to fall off the right path. To not believe is to wander aimlessly.

The teachings began during an unusual storm when Arman says he began receiving guidance. Arman has spoken of a light and a chorus and Shining Ones in connection with this and other events and believes that for some reason he was selected by the First Cause to teach the truth to one people only.

Everything in existence is always changing and evolving and this is due to the spinning of everything in existence. If the spinning were to stop, existence would cease. The spinning is seen in entire galaxies and within every molecule and atom in existence including those within humans.


As we look at the world today, we see converging lines--as though on a line graph--that may lead to our extinction. One line represents our population while the other lines that intersect it represent fast, mass modern transportation, modern communications, birth control, miscegenation, modern medicine and present false beliefs that minimize the importance of DNA as the essential part of distinct peoples.

Maybe this is what the bottleneck will be. Maybe not. The way to get out of the converging lines is to increase our birth rate so that we crowd ourselves. It is this crowding effect that is important to ensure our survival and our evolution, but the crowding must be done by our people alone.

As we look at the converging lines, we are reminded of the story of Babel in which God kept the people from reaching him by intersecting their trajectory in the building of the tower by giving all the workers different languages. In the present case, it almost seems as though the factors shown above have been thrown in our path to move higher. We do not take from this that it is thus forbidden for us to move higher, but that we must learn to get around the roadblocks put in our path.

Those who push for population control seem to think that all people are fungible and that if the indigenous people of Europe, either still in Europe or in the European diaspora, hold down their birthrates that the world population will shrink. This is false thinking. All that will happen is that European descended peoples will become extinct.

A teacher said: As you live your life, improve, be humble, be plain, be respectful, be righteous.

Another teacher said: In our ideal society, there shall be those among us specially trained in our ways of preparing all things for the people.


To try to understand the nature of the higher power (no matter what it is called) and to be in tune with that power and to obey its laws and do its will. We believe that all of existence has in some way been created by this higher power and that this higher power works in ways in our universe that can be scientifically explained or will someday be scientifically explained, but that such explanations do not change the fact that this higher power has an unknown aspect that some might call spirit. Does this mean that the higher power is subatomic particles or waves? Maybe, or maybe the higher power is behind these.

A wise person sees the natural laws throughout the universe and they are logical and can mostly be explained by true science. This does not lessen God (to use another term for the First Cause or the Higher Power, etc.) as the first cause works through the natural forces His hand may first be seen behind the event where matter pops into existence in our universe at the subatomic level.

It's almost as though the first cause struck a match in an otherwise ultimate dark and ultimate cold universe and the fire of existence has been spreading ever since.

One teacher said he sometimes imagines God as a man who throws a cigarette butt on the ground that inadvertently causes a massive forest and brush fire that is like creation itself and which then is out of control, is self-perpetuating and ever expanding. Seeing what he has done God then says, "Oh, crap, what have I started?" as he then tries to control it by wars and diseases and natural disasters. God then tries to turn the conflagration to good by selecting one people to do His will and make the world holy through their flesh and blood.

A wise person also believes that there may be a point beyond which we can not go in our understanding and that this point is beyond the last Why and How that we can ask, i.e. there is a point where we may not be able to logically understand how something was created out of absolute nothing.

Those who freely choose to follow this path should teach the truth to awaken others who might benefit and find more meaning in their lives on this right path--the spiral path to the ultimate source of all existence.



A term used to explain the result of and processes caused by the spinning.


Believers believe that the things they believe have been revealed and/or are can be determined by proper reason and true science. They also believe that many of the revealed truths can be proven by true science and rational thought. There should be no confusion or conflation of these beliefs with those of other faiths or philosophies.


Also called the First Cause, the Self-Created or Higher Power, the Ineffable Divine, the Creator or by other terms. Unknowable. That which is behind the spinning. Must be obeyed as water must flow downhill. The first cause and that which has no cause. Impossible to explain. Subtle ways. His laws and rules are all around us in nature as natural laws and rules. They are often also found in various scientific truisms such as: Water runs down hill. Nature abhors a vacuum. We must try to understand these natural laws and rules and not be confused with some seeming rules and laws which are not really rules and laws and which lead many astray. God started the spinning that started existence and this spinning can be seen throughout all of existence including in the spinning molecule of life--DNA.

Is God evolving? The teachings say that He is evolving in our universe as shown by His constant spinning and expansion. Beyond that, we cannot know.

How can God know everything? Everything in existence is a sense organ for God and He gets constant input even from dust.

How can God know the future? Shoot an arrow into the air and you can know exactly where it will fall if you can input everything that influences its path.

Can God influence events on earth? Yes. In the previous example of the arrow, God can anticipate and change influences to alter its flight.


A natural evolution of life given the totality of circumstances on this planet. Humans have 46 chromosomes that contain approximately 20,000 to 30,000 genes (current estimates vary). There are approximately 3 billion letters (A,T,C,G) in the human genome. These make up the code.

Each human gets 23 chromosomes from his or her mother and 23 from his or her father. When the 23 and 23 combine, life begins. If the parents are of the same genome (our internal blueprint or code) and phenotype (our outward appearance) then they will live on in their children and they will continue to live so long as the future matings stay within the same genome and phenotype.

The essential parts of living things are their group genomes and group phenotypes (also called Essence or Code). Believers often simplify this and just use the shorthand convention genome or Code to refer to both the group genome and group phenotype. It is the Code (to immediately use this shorthand convention)--the collection of genes that make us, us, and which "projects" us, that must survive and go forward. We, as living individual beings, are the outward manifestations of our Code. When we speak of survival and evolution in terms of life, we are usually referring to the Code surviving and going forward after our bodies wear out and die.

To explain further. We believe that humans, like all other living things, carry a code within--an essence--of who and what they are and that each living thing has a duty to try to live as long as possible to expand its code in the way that is natural for it. We believe that we have been created and selected for a special destiny but that we must make the right choices to realize it. This requires that our people not put themselves in any danger until they have reproduced as many children as possible to carry our unique Code--Code A--on into the future when the individual body dies. That is "eternal" life in the flesh. This is the desire for survival...to be and to be more.

What seem like minor differences in the code often have major effects. And, differences in the order of the letters of the code--just a minor change in the order of the 3 billion letters--can make all the difference in the world. It is the differences that are important for our evolution, not the similarities. Do not be confused by evildoers. Maintain the differences of the people from other peoples.


Each child born in the image of Code A is worth thousands of prayers. The more children a person has in the image of Code A, the more is he or she beloved of God because they have expanded as commanded. Do nothing else but have many children in the image of Code A and your path to God is cleared more than by any other things you may do.

Keep a light burning. Bear the symbols. Pray or reflect on God at dawn and sunset and during storms. Seek to improve and to live as a believer lives. Give yourself to God and trust in Him, but do as He wants you to do. He will not open doors that you can and must open yourself.


All of existence is dependent on spinning, turning, spiraling, whirling. If this were to stop, existence would cease to exist. All of existence is evolving as a result of the constant movement, and humans are part of the evolution. The spinning creates and it destroys and then creates again endlessly as all of existence is shuffled continuously. It would be a mistake to think of this as one big spinning, because in that largest of all spinnings are trillions of ever smaller spinnings. The spinnings and turnings are also spirals.


Below all existence is a reality web or field that is composed of non-material vibrations and waves that bring matter into existence as subatomic particles which are the vibrations becoming matter. The vibrations sing, dance, spin and spirals they create matter. The first and primal matter is light, both seen and unseen.


At the most basic level of existence all is the same--same minerals, waves, sub-atomic particles, same processes, etc. As existence is layered on and the order of things is changed, all things become different as the natural way of existence struggles to evolve ever higher. All of existence starts as a single point and expands, changes and branches off in new directions. It is the same with life. All of existence started as a single point. Life did the same thing. Species do it also. Everything starts with a single point that multiplies or expands and changes and leads to other single points that follow the same process. It is the differences that are important for cosmic evolution to move forward.


The struggle is eternal. Before existence, there was nothing but darkness and cold. Darkness and cold take no effort and need no energy. They are, when light and heat are not. The struggle brings light and heat. True happiness requires that one accept the struggle as natural and desirable. Struggle and conflict are inherent in existence itself and as with the spinning they are everywhere and are eternal.


Believers believe that their highest destiny requires that they be a separate people isolated from all other peoples. They believe that it is revealed that in this way they will evolve higher. They believe that they are to be of a separate blood, a separate belief and with separate actions and that their ways are revealed for themselves alone. They also believe that in order to evolve, they must produce as many children as possible in their image who live to also produce as many children as possible in their image and so on for all time.


The purpose of everything in existence is to make more like itself so that it dominates the niches which it occupies and eventually all of creation. Expansion is life and existence. Contraction is death and non-existence.

Believers accept any form of marriage or mating that will produce the most number of children per person. They believe that believers should marry young and often and have as many children as possible. They say that this is part of God's law of expansion that is found throughout all of existence.


All living things seek comfort. Comfort may be physical or psychological. A desire for psychological comfort may cause a living thing to endure physical discomfort.


Religious symbols are those symbols that remind believers of the spinning and spiraling. They also believe that the right symbols under the right circumstances open special pathways. Fylfots, spirals and similar symbols are reminders of the nature of existence. Some believe that it is important to always have such symbols on their persons. They can be on rings or pendants or tattoos or brands or scars or even on just a slip of paper with them drawn thereon. The closer they are to the skin the better and that's why tattoos and things permanently marked on the skin are especially important. The shape of certain symbols is more than symbolic. The shape is a link and a doorway when certain other preconditions are met. Certain symbols draw energy and others repel it. Some release it and some trap it. Some do nothing and really are mere symbols. There are mystical elements to certain symbols. The right symbols will offer protection to believers and the wise person puts small symbols on the doorposts of his or her house.


Believers say that that holiest times of the day are just as dawn breaks and at sunset. Storms are also considered to be propitious times.


Believers prefer plain dark clothes made of cotton or other comfortable fabrics and which are suitable for physical labor. All clothes must be comfortable and functional first before style considerations. Form follows function.


The heads of both males and females should be covered when praying. Those who have a special commitment sometimes cover their heads almost all the time when in the presence of others.


Believers believe that they must treat everyone as they themselves want to be treated-with kindness, respect, compassion, forbearance and an understanding that no one is perfect as this term is sometimes used. But, they know that they are to remain separate and not mix with others as much as this is practicable. A wise person knows that our destiny is different from others and that it can only be fulfilled by remaining separate.


Believers believe that they must not develop highly specialized adaptations, but that they must remain flexible and be able to quickly adapt to all situations and conditions. This includes being open to eating anything that will sustain life for as long as possible--to maximize the expansion.


Those who truly follow the path believe in self-reliance, frugality, simple living, a lack of ostentation and of keeping one's own counsel and quietly going about their lives while trying to treat all other life with respect. The ideal is to let all others have peace of mind and the freedom to be left alone to be themselves.


Nature screams: EXPAND YOUR KIND. Thinking beings, no less than living things that cannot think abstract thoughts, must obey nature or they will die off. Whatever marriage forms or mating styles work so that each believer can reproduce as many children as possible in the believer's image are acceptable. Having children is part of the expansion of the spinning.


Believers see God in nature and also outside of nature. They study nature and its clues about existence so that they may be in tune with the way things are. By understanding nature, believers can know right from wrong, and this just reinforces the revelations which are never wrong and which are never against true nature.

By "nature," believers mean all of existence; not just the woods and forests of Earth and similar things as many people interpret the word. Nature is the cosmos and all that is in it.


White people evolved and mutated out of non-white peoples. Along with their "white" characteristics that we can easily see by simply looking at them, they have many inner characteristics that make them different from other peoples. We can not usually see these inner characteristics. White people alone are selected for a special destiny.

Just as light struggles to exist when dark is the default, so too must White people struggle to exist. It takes effort to remain white in a non-white world. If Whites just let down their guard and blend in with other peoples, they will disappear from this planet. We are being tested to make sure our selection was not misplaced.

Nature has a simple plan to bring forth the best and most advanced. It has everything in existence struggle and compete as if in a foot race. The winners win. The losers and those who don't struggle lose.

Scientists now believe that a tiny mutation in gene slc24a5, located on the long leg of chromosome 15 at position 21.1, started in the few people who left Africa and headed into Europe about 20,000--50,000 years ago was a major reason for the emergence of white skin.

White skin allowed in more sunlight and helped with the production of more Vitamin D than darker skin and prevented rickets. This mutation became the norm in Europe 5,300 to 12,000 years ago. This gene has primary alleles that differ in only one nucleotide, changing the 111th amino acid from alanine to threonine. In White European descended peoples, the threonine form is found in from 98.7% to 100% of the population while in Africans, East Asians and American Indians from 93% to 100% of the populations have the alanine form.

Many other mutations occurred among this new race as these people moved out of Africa. Africa moved out of them as well, and they started on the road to being a separate species. That road continues on, but now with modern mass transportation and modern communications, the geographic and reproductive isolation needed to ensure speciation is being compromised and many whites are blending back in and returning to Africa inwardly and outwardly. Some of us view this as nature's way to remove the weak Whites from the strong Whites so that our evolution will speed up. Nevertheless, we should politely counsel our people against miscegenation and other evils so that their lines remain the selected White.. As has been foretold, we're going to see a massive dying off of humans and a bottleneck. On the other side of the bottleneck a new type of human will emerge from out of the believers.

Revelation tells us that we must whiten up, not darken up, to get through the bottleneck.

As with all things, we see a spiral hierarchy when we set out to define "a people." We reject the false thinking that "a people" consists of all humans who live in any land or nation. A people first starts with its genes. If they have similar genes and thus have similar genotypes and phenotypes they are a people. Generally, if people look much alike, they usually are alike. Whites are a distinct people, far different from all other peoples in many large and many subtle ways.  We must remain different and increase our differences along the right trajectory.

None but those with the revealed genome and phenotype (23 chromosomes from a white mother and 23 from a white father) (sometimes called right blood) are our people. And, those who also have right belief are in a smaller circle defining our people. Finally, those who have right blood, right belief and right action are in the smallest circle that defines our people and it these who will lead our evolution ever upward.

In evolution, general adaptations are usually considered to have a higher survival value than specific adaptations. Thus, living things that have adaptations to just one type of food or one type of climate will be at a disadvantage to living things that can eat all food and live in many different types of areas. White people have a general adaptation to sunlight. They can produce sufficient Vitamin D in low sunlight areas and their skin tans when in high sunlight areas to prevent too much Vitamin D from being produced. However, this is not an absolute advantage, because white people can also develop certain cancers from too much sun exposure more easily than darker peoples.

Nature must engineer living things with what is possible for various environments and conditions. By selecting one set of characteristics, some other characteristics must be given short shrift. This is why we say there is no superior or supreme type of human. One must always ask: "Superior or supreme at what,where, and when?" Different humans are not superior or inferior. They are just different.

Revelation tells us that we are on a trajectory to the bottleneck and that many of the hidden mutations of our people which seem to be dormant and do little right now, will become important during that time and will get our Code A through to the other side.


Those who follow the teachings believe that they must remain separate and isolated from other peoples in order to evolve and mutate further away from Homo Sapiens and into a new species which we use several names for including Homo Armaniens.

The new species is not the end of evolution, for there is no end. It will continue to evolve and mutate into even newer species on its way to ever higher consciousness.

The willed mutation and evolution of Homo Armaniens requires that believers follow the teachings and also use their minds to study all things in existence so that they can find the way to create the right internal and external environments where their physical bodies will find ways to adapt to these environments and where the adaptations will have the secondary by-products of causing internal changes. It is essential to experience much. The most important part of evolving is to be isolated in small groups from other humans and to be in an environment that tends to cause adaptations along the proper lines. For us, this means, in part, less sunny areas.

Because it is difficult to understand the path and because there are many false paths, believers rely on certain revealed truths to show them the way and to keep them on the right path. Any teachings that do not take human psychology into account will fail.

Believers sometimes think of Willed Evolution as being a little like method acting in which an actor "becomes" the character he is playing.

Some famous method actors, when playing a real person, go so far as to eat the same food, wear the same underwear and socks and do all other things that they can learn about this person they are playing in order to feel like the real person. This gives them a similar sensory input and stimuli as this person.

Living things survive through their senses and their senses send constant messages to their brains that cause various changes in their hormones, etc. which also changes their psychology, so they can adapt to changing conditions and circumstances.

Willed Evolution as used by believers, uses the same principles. The intent is to Will themselves into that which has been revealed they can become by wearing the right clothes, eating the right food, living in the right places, seeing the right things, and more.

Believers understand that many of their people will not be able to move forward with them and that they will be lost and blend back in with the mass of humanity.

Believers, hold that they are charged with the responsibility of exposing their genetic people to the truths they have received, but it is up to them, as it is up to believers, to choose. While believers understand that humans have limited free will, as this term is often used, they do believe that they can choose right from wrong and which paths they take in life, but that they have to be given enough information so they can make up their own minds.

Evolution is a constant branching off from ever starting new points. Sometimes, the branches blend back in with the masses from which they branched and they disappear. Sometimes, the branches remain separate and eventually become new species. All evolution is a cumulative process. One must reach a certain point to make a certain branching possible. A wise person knows that the particular combination of genes contained within our people is a necessary point for the branching that we must become. If we do not maintain our differences and blend back in with the rest of humanity, we will not branch off as revelation tells us we must.


The teachings say that we must bear as many children in our image as possible during our lifetime and that we must start before we reach an age when we are more likely to be in situations where our lives are in danger. They also say that we must not be too selective in choosing our mates--so long as they have the Code (Code A) of our people--and that it will all be sorted out as we breed to our fullest. In other words, we look for vast numbers of us rather than holding down our birthrate trying to find a perfection that is only known to God. Also, the teachings say that we must fill all niches of our society with our people from the lowliest jobs to the highest and everything in between. We simply need to fill all space with us. This is how we expand. Quality will come with quantity. Thus, we do not believe in following eugenics as once practiced in this day and age. Just breed White and only White is the general rule.


God's laws are natural laws and they are not ones that need to be invented. They are all around us ready to be read and understood. When is the proper age to have children? That age is written in flesh. Nature determines the right time to have children. What form of marriage or mating is proper? That which produces the most children in the image of the parents who are believers. How many children are too many children? God will naturally limit the number of children a woman can birth. That is the limit. There is no other limit. Why is homosexuality bad? Because it limits the number of children who are born and it cannot naturally produce children while satisfying the mating urge. It is a sterilization of the species. The same can be said of abortion and birth control. The command is not "go forth and contract your kind, but go forth and multiply your kind."


There are no causes worth fighting that put a believer in danger that do not protect the genes and the faith. And, in this regard the genes and faith are one. Believers do not believe in going to war for nations that are not completely and totally one with their genes and faith, for to do so is to put themselves and their genes in danger of dying before their time and before they have been able to reproduce to their maximum. Is it not clear that believers are to produce the greatest number of children as physically possible and that all else is secondary?


The teachings say that we will reach a bottleneck when most humans will die off and only a relative few--and only those with Code A, but with some mostly unseen mutations that protect them from what is also called the die-off or the great culling--will emerge on the other side to be the progenitors of a new people. Whitening up and increasing our numbers into a massive population of those with the Code, is the way through the bottleneck for the Code.

In other words, we need to have the population of the people who are the carriers of Code A to teem. This means we need to increase our birthrates to levels that we used to have--ten or twelve or more children per family of the Code. And the children all have to have the full 46 chromosomes of the Code that can only be obtained from a mother and father who both have the full 46 chromosomes of the Code.


It is because we are the carriers of the sacred Code that makes White people, the only people selected by the Divine. What is most important in each of us is the Code. Our bodies die, but if we have mated properly and often our Code carries on and this is as God wants it to be.


--Latest estimates are that humans have between 20,000 and 30,000 genes (actual count not yet agreed upon).

--Human DNA has approximately 3.1 billion letters (A, T, C, G)

--The white skin gene mutation to gene slc24a5 arose between 20,000 and 50,000 years ago, probably in one person who had moved out of Africa into Europe. It soon became the dominant form of the gene in Europe because white skin allows in more sunlight and thus allows more production of Vitamin D.

--Whites became the dominant humans in Europe between 5,000-12,000 years ago.

--The dominant view is that Homo Sapiens evolved 400,000 to 250,000 years ago.

--Humans have 46 chromosomes.

--Genome is the internal genetic code.

--Phenotype is the way one looks.

--Most "White" genes are recessive. This means it takes two copies to make a White person. Thus, a white parent and a non-white parent will produce non-white children, while two white parents will produce white children. White genes may be recessive because they arose later out of earlier populations and are not as fixed in the species.

--Mutations happen constantly as nature tinkers with living things to give them adaptations that will help them survive. If not needed, many mutations are bred out. The White gene was needed and was not bred out, but may be in danger of being bred out now as many whites are returning metaphorically to Africa by miscegenation.

--Whites are a small minority on this dark planet. Only about 10% of humans are white.

--"White genes," (meaning all the genes that make whites the distinct people that they are) being relatively new, are generally more fragile (being newer) than other genes and thus two whites are needed to produce a white child. There is no other way.

--It is not the individual that is important but the core of that individual--the genome--also called genes, DNA, Essence and the Code. It is that spiral within that creates the individual that must survive to carry and make more of the Code. Do not think of the Code as separate from us. It is us and we are it. Neither can exist without the other. Without the White Code there would be no White people. And, if there are no White people there is no White Code.

--The genome is the real you. You are it's fleshly creation to carry it, protect it, and multiply it. You are both the messenger from God and the message.

--Very minor changes in genes, just a letter different--can have major effects. Many people who want all humans to blend together will often say that all humans are 99% the same as all other humans. However, this is misleading. That 1% or less difference means everything. Remember, humans have approximately 3.1 billion letters of DNA. So, 1% of 3.1 billion equals  millions of letters that could be different.


Living things survive if they have passed on their genomes and phenotypes. This means that Whites must mate only with other Whites. To do otherwise is to lose the mutations that make them the distinct people they are.


The constant spinning, turning, twisting, spiraling of everything in existence creates and orders all.


Believers look on light as representative of God's creation, the pushing back of darkness and ignorance and also of evolution of their people from dark to light. Many keep a light burning in their homes at all times. Any light will do. It doesn't matter if it's from a candle or an electric light bulb.



Another of the truths has apparently been confirmed by science.

The full teachings say that existence starts as a single point and that this point expands and spins. As it does so, it develops "arms" and looks like a fylfot or swastika. The arms trail, they do not lead. They are a product of the spinning. And, the spinning creates and destroys all. The same principles found in galaxies are found within the cells of our bodies.

The new discovery is that black holes (the point) spawn galaxies, not the other way around as was previously thought.

The reality of this spinning on an axis has ramifications for all of existence.



In England, the non-native Grey squirrels are replacing the native Red squirrels. This is the genocide of the Red squirrels.The facts illustrated by this process are the same for all life, including humans. But, with humans, our minds can stop the genocide if we are awake to reality and aware of how nature works and if we then make the necessary changes to become, by our own will, the fittest.


DNA is the message. We are the messengers, and we are the message. We are coded to be the image of the message. Our mission is to multiply the message we carry as much as possible. The holiest of all books is written in our White DNA Code. It was written by God. No other books come close.



Living things can be thought of as being a little like a radio. In order to pick up radio waves, the radio must first have the right parts, it must also have the correct energy source, and it must be turned on and be tuned to the right frequency. If these are present, the ever present radio waves are received.



Most people sleep-walk through their lives and are quietly alienated from themselves and nature. They look, but do not see. They think, but do not understand. Some of these sleep-walkers see only differences in different things and do not see that underlying all of reality is a unity and simplicity and that all that is in existence has come from this unity and simplicity. 

Some others see, or claim to see, the basic underlying unity but fail to see that it is the differences that are important.

Those who are truly awake, see the unity and the differences and they understand. They have a higher consciousness.


Expand Always; contract never.


Everything is simple. It is only the explanation that is complex.


All of existence is a struggle to be and to be more. Learn to love the struggle.


The true principles found in the largest things in existence are also found in the smallest.


Without spinning there is no light and there is no existence.


Willed evolution is like method acting.


Evolution requires geographic or reproductive isolation.


Sight is the king of the human senses.


Evolution is the few leaving the many.


Devolution is the few being pulled back into the many.


It takes two of us to make one of us because of our recessive genes.


When the 23 male chromosomes join with the 23 female chromosomes, a new life is started.


We live on in our descendants so long as they are of the genome.


Genocide is the killing off of genes. It does not require direct killing, just mixing.


Nature abhors a vacuum. Fill your lands with your kind or another kind will replace you and fill them with their kind.


Live as long as possible to breed as much as possible.


Risk your life only for the genome.. No wars except for the genome. No risks except for the genome.


Dark is what is when there is no light.


White requires struggle. Dark does not.


We believe in self-identification; self-determination; self-reliance, self-governance.


The individual isn't important. He or she is the carrier for what is important: The Code Within.

It is the Code Within that must survive. To survive, the individual must survive and multiply but only with its own kind.


Humans have the freedom to study and chose what they will believe. What they choose can determine whether the code within goes on or whether they become extinct.


The most important religious thing we can ever do in life is to have many children in our image. Each child is worth a million prayers.


Some do not understand that the key to a higher understanding of the mysteries is within this special people and it is only within them and no others. It is not found in books or secret manuscripts. Would you find it? Look for those with white skin. They carry it within. It is part of them. They are the portal and the way. God has hidden his truths in their flesh.


Impurities must be removed from their Essence and their presence which block the waves.


There is a DNA link to the Creator.


Trying to discuss anything about humans without discussing DNA, genes, genomes, phenotypes or race is absurd.


"Race" means subspecies and it also means breed or variety.


The largest human organ is skin. Its color is not a trifle and is not like paint that is an afterthought. It is essential to who and what people are.


Our "flesh" is not evil and is not something to be overcome. It is us as we have been spun out by our code within. It serves to protect and multiply the code.


We have our senses in order to survive to reproduce. Do not deny your senses.


The king of human senses is sight. We can reason to this from the knowledge that it is linked to our sex drive and our sex drive is what ensures we multiply as the Creator demands.


The default or basic and original setting for the human genome is dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair, and various other characteristics that are seen in darker peoples today. The characteristics of white people are newer in the evolutionary time line--they are a branching off from the default settings and can easily be lost by mating with other darker humans.


When we observe the processes and things of nature from the swirling galaxies light years away to insects and plants in our backyards we find proof of our fundamental religious views. We see patterns, rules, laws, proofs, ways that are all in agreement with our beliefs.


Dealing with others: Do no harm. Be kindly. Be soft spoken. Be respectful. Don't do to others what you don't want them to do to you. Respect all life.


The Teacher said that the only use he has of wealth is to further his mission to spread the teachings to his people.


We believe in self-reliance in all things. We prefer cutting our own hair, washing our own clothes, fixing our own cars and homes and any other things we can do ourselves including doing our own tattoos if we choose to bear the sacred signs with tattoos. 


Everything begins as a single point. It either expands and multiplies or it dies.


Everything is simple. It is only the explanation that is complex.


Understand the principles behind sub-atomic particles and you will understand everything that humans can understand about the nature of existence.


Every person is a potential new branch from the single point. Nature tinkers constantly to ensure something is born that can exist with changing conditions.


Anything that can be eaten that will ensure survival to breed the most is proper food.


Mutations are built one upon another and become prerequisites for further mutations. There are prerequisites that only we possess that will ensure our code survives and passes through the bottleneck.


Each to his own and each for his own with malice to no others.


The tale of of our coming is beneath the ice.


One can set out on this path without perfect knowledge. Indeed, none but God has perfect knowledge. Learn, experience life, look at nature and its ways and teach others. But above all else, have as many children as possible during your lifetime. Speak with a soft voice, be polite, be respectful, be helpful, but be true to yourself and your beliefs.


Is this a cult? No. It lacks the features of a cult. For example, there is no charismatic leader to follow and we believe that we should use our reason to weigh whether the teachings make any sense or not. It is a religious philosophy and way of looking at life and living it in such a way that we believe is correct.


Every effect has a cause. If any claim an effect with no cause it is because they do no yet see the cause. Some, in discussing sub-atomic particles, wrongly claim that there is no cause and effect involved. This is an error in thinking.


Religion--A set of beliefs about existence; its cause, its nature, and its purpose.


Naturalist--One who believes that all of existence can be understood in scientific terms.


Inherent in nature is constant change and variety as the race to the top and the struggle to exist never ends and is one with the spinning and expansion.


Nature accepts no excuses. If you do not have children who survive you, you are a dead end.


Your goal should be to produce as many children as possible. Your goal is not to find true love or someone who understands you, or who is your soul mate. Your goal is to multiply your Code.


There are many religions of man. This is a religion of God.


Many people have incorrect views of existence and mankind. From their incorrect views flow many errors in thinking that are harmful to themselves and others and which cause those holding the incorrect views to get lost in the bramble bushes of existence and live meaningless lives. Correct thinking leads one to the narrow but true path and helps keep one on it.


Radio waves are all around us. They are picked up by radios that have the proper parts, an energy source and proper tuning. Living things are similar to that. Those with the proper parts, an energy source and proper tuning pick up what is all around them.

You might believe that all radios are the same, but they're not.


The constant spinning and spiraling of everything in existence, including the four chemicals of DNA, is the great shuffler and sorter. Spinning keeps everything from stagnation and brings forth higher consciousness and enlightenment as it culls everything for the fittest.


Q. If the First Cause began the process of existence out of non-existence and is behind everything in existence, then why are these beliefs revealed to one people only? A. Everything is different and has different purposes. We have our differences from others and these are found in our Code. This gives us a different purpose in addition to our other physical and psychological differences. We have our purpose and others have theirs and they are not the same.


Everything in existence is in a struggle for existence and in a competition with other things in existence to be the dominate thing in its niche. This struggle and competition is also found right inside our bodies as our genes compete to find expression. This is the way of nature. Learn to understand and love the struggle and the competition in all its subtle and gross manifestations and you'll find happiness.


Be humble and sure in your belief and do not be strident.


Racism: This is a term that is so broadly defined that it can cover everything from hate to simple discussions about race. It is usually used to silence white people. Arman says his attitude is that all humans are the products of their genes and are further molded by environmental factors. He says that it is silly to deny race exists. Race to humans is the same as breed is to animals and variety is to plants. It is also the same as a sub-species. Arman says one should look at other types of humans with the same sort of benign indifference as one has when looking at other species. That is, treat all life with respect and do no harm except to survive and multiply the Code.


Just as everything begins as a single point, so too does this apply to evolution and evolution is a series of single points that are branchings from the original single point. Some of the branchings are short lived and are dead ends, others continue on. Evolution ever up is a path trod by the few and the culling is constant. It is like distillation. From a beaker full of liquid, a few drops are purified and eventually fill another container and the distillation continues on in the new container and the process of constant distillation never stops. Always a few drops rise from the mass of the liquid. Many drops fall back in to the mass of the liquid and their evolution is over. They rejoin the mass and are no longer part of the branching of the few. And, then comes a new mass composed of the few drops joined by many other few drops all distilled out from the old mass and the process continues on and on.


The Teacher had a vision in which he saw individual believers organize and start colonies of believers in various lands with leaders and sub-leaders of the people who are of the people, and the colonies expanded as the birthrate of the believers was much higher than non-believers. And, as the colonies expanded, he saw believers becoming active in politics and other areas that would help with the expansion, but he also saw that the believers still remained separate from others and did not compromise their beliefs. He then saw believers becoming the majority population in the areas near the colonies and he saw colonies split off when they reached a certain size to become new colonies all linked up with all other colonies, and he saw the believers prosper and thrive and their genes became the dominant genes in the gene pools and this was all before the bottleneck. In the vision, he saw the genetic characteristics that are unique to the people start replacing other genetic characteristics as the distillation of evolution and the natural laws and processes of nature continued the upward move of the believers. In his vision he saw a gene flow between the colonies but none from those who are not of the people.


Do not be like the outside society at large. Be different in the righteous ways of this faith. Do not seek to conform to outside society. Conform only to the ways of this faith. It is the differences that matter because at a very basic level all things are the same. What makes dirt different from a tree are the accumulated differences that have piled up over millions of years. It is no different with living things and human beings. It is the differences that are important. Evolution requires differences. Devolution requires that differences be erased. This is not the right way.


You think your multicultural nations are your nations? They are not. They are against you. Come out from the rotting corpses and be true to yourself and your faith. Your eyes do not deceive you. There is evil all around you. You cannot remain a part and you cannot change it from within. It will just try to deceive and it will attack and try to kill you and yours. You must come out and you must start anew, one by one and two by two and family by family and colony by colony and you must expand and your ways will expand and that is what will push back the evil as light pushes back the dark.


There is a struggle to exist and prevail throughout the universe. In life, it starts at the genetic level where individual genes struggle to be expressed. Part of this struggle and one with it is the command to multiply oneself over all others and to dominate all niches of existence.


Be a breeder before all else and multiply your Code until it fills all of the universe. Breed only with those who have the same group Code.


The wise person knows to breed as young as possible and as often as possible to multiply the person's unique shuffle of the Code before the person dies. And, the wise person knows that death can come at any time and will turn those who have not bred into deadenders.


The wise person is not fooled by the lies of man, but obeys the laws of God. The wise person knows that the real person is in the Essence found within the Code and that it is a real and physical thing that spins the outward body, but the wise person also knows that the outward body is not an illusion and is not to be overcome. When it is spun, it is as much a part of the Essence found in the Code as the Essence and the Code itself and it controls what it can control and this is as it should be, for this is how it is coded. Peel back the layers of an onion to find the essence and code of the onion and you will only find more onion, for the essence and code of the onion is in all its parts. This is also the way it is with man and all living things. Do not deny your body or your senses. They are not evil they are necessary. There is no spirit that exists within you that is liberated from your flesh when you die. The way you carry on, is to have as many children as possible in your image so that they will carry your Code with a slight shuffle within them down through future ages.


Before there was the something, there was absolute nothing. In absolute nothing there was absolute darkness and absolute cold. When the something began it was a single point, and the single point of something spun and expanded and made more and in time visible light came forth in the darkness and heat came into the cold and this was the start. With the light and the heat came movement and the movement was spinning, circling, turning, rotating, spiraling. And thus was all shuffled and sorted only to be torn down and shuffled and sorted again. And it will be ever this way so long as their is existence.


Evildoers try to force believers to give up their beliefs and to give up their essential selves and to blend away their Code. Do not let the evildoers succeed in their evil.


The wise person is humble and polite and uses the minimum amount of force and energy to accomplish even the smallest task. Such a person is balanced and walks within his circle and knows the boundaries of his circle.


The wise person studies nature from its smallest parts to its largest and learns its fundamental principles, rules, laws and ways and understands that the fundamental principles, rules, laws and ways apply to him as they apply to a snail.


There is a mystery. How does something come from absolute nothing? Is there in absolute nothing a principle that causes something to emerge--to create itself or be created from absolute nothing? Do waves and vibrations arise spontaneously from absolute nothing and become subatomic particles and then atoms and then all the matter known and unknown? If this is so, how and why does this occur? What is it that started it all? The wise person knows the answer, not from science, but from faith.


Billions of years before the command: "Go forth and multiply," appeared in the Bible, the command in its correct form: "Go forth and multiply your kind," was written into the very code of existence and nature. If one does not understand this command and act on it, then one has no chance of moving to a higher level of consciousness, or of finding God, or of getting through the bottleneck. Those who can multiply their kind but who choose not to do so, disobey the command and are dead ends who live meaningless lives.


A naturalist is a person who studies nature and learns about existence in so doing. Aren't believers all naturalists to one degree or another?


Part of the madness of this evil age is the orthodoxy that says that people, and especially white people (a small minority on this dark planet), must abandon their essential genetic identities and in their place accept some man made identities that are DNA free and open to genetically different peoples. This evil and anti-natural idea goes against the truths of nature and of existence. One's most essential identity is what one is born with. All other identities are secondary and artificial. Before taking the correct path, one must understand this or the door is not open.


Evil doers who are intent on the genocide of the indigenous peoples of Europe who are still in Europe or who are in the European diaspora, constantly try to force the indigenous peoples into blending every group or organization they have into the masses of humanity or insist that the indigenous groups allow in those who are not indigenous. This is evil and against God's will and laws and must not be permitted. Blending is genocide.


Q. If this is not a racist path, then why does it forbid miscegenation?

A. God forbids miscegenation and we do the will of God. This is a command from God for our people that must never be violated and which will never be changed or de-emphasized. This is an eternal command. God has a plan for evolution and all life is part of it but different life forms have different roles. Our role is to remain a separate people for all times. God says that we can't even truly take the path unless we have 23 chromosomes from a white mother and 23 chromosomes from a white father. Without the full 46 chromosomes, the door to the path can't be opened. Also, the word "racism" is misused. It really means racial hatred. We don't hate anyone. We consider it absurd. It would be like us hating dogs or cats or any other living things. We are interested in all life and we honor all life, but we are emotionally neutral; even indifferent towards other life as far as emotions such as love and hate. What we do have is awe at the engineering of flesh which all started as a single point and then radiated out and continues to radiate out into all the diversity of life that exists. This fascinates us. The pure engineering beauty and way it all works and the way the Self-Created has created all by sending forth the Code to make everything in the universe from the largest things to the smallest.

If you do not agree with our faith, just go your own way and leave us be. We don't force our beliefs on others and we don't want their beliefs forced on us.


The only way to survive and get through the bottleneck is for believers to multiply, multiply, multiply, multiply, multiply and always in the image of the people and not in the image of any other people. Believers must teem and they must fill all niches and all space with themselves.


All religions, philosophies, laws and governments that seek directly or indirectly to have all peoples blend together or which encourage such blending either in direct or indirect ways or which remain silent and allow it to happen or which allow others to in any way join with believers in worship or in other ways, are evil in the eyes of God. Religions that do this are not religions of God, but are religions of man. Stay away from such religions for God has commanded his special people to remain distinct, different and separate for all eternity. Never will God change this eternal law which is part of His plan of evolution.


The Teacher says that there are three lines of knowledge about this true faith:

1. Divine revelations which include divine inspiration and divine guidance.

2. Nature's laws.

3. Human reason.

If the three agree, then even the most skeptical should reevaluate their skepticism.


Somehow, the most basic identity of any living thing--the thing they are born with--their genome and phenotype (read race or breed or variety) is suddenly not considered among some humans to be a proper source of identity. This is madness and it's also ignorant. Many of the same people who will deny breed in humans will spend hours telling you about the pros and cons of various breeds of cats, dogs or horses. Such people need to be awakened to the fact that humans should also be discussed in similar ways.


Humans are as predictable as ants when looked at from the proper perspective and in the long range view of history. It is arrogance to think otherwise.


What of wars and allegiances to nations, rulers and ideas? The wise person knows that the only things worth risking his or her life for are his or her genome and phenotype and the God that demands the genome and phenotype of the people be multiplied beyond all others.


To some of us--call us naturalists, if you will--race is not something that we are preoccupied with, or at least not in the way some may believe, but which we think about in pretty much the same way as we think about breeds of other animals and varieties of plants. There is a sort of scientific detachment or disinterest about the subject in our minds, but also, paradoxically, there is an intense interest in what it all means and can mean to our future evolution and how all aspects of life fit into the bigger picture of existence.


Many are confused about natural laws or nature's laws. And, there is much reason to be confused. The wise person studies nature and tries to understand genuine laws.

The wise person looks at water as an example of how nature's laws work. What is water's natural state and actions? When it's cold, it's hard as a rock. When it's warm it's liquid. When it's hot it's a vapor. Under normal warm conditions it runs down hill. When liquid it fills anything it runs into. It is needed for life but it can kill life. But that's just how water reacts in an Earthly environment and the wise person understands this.


When a living thing reaches a point in its existence when it can think abstract thoughts and study nature and discover many of its secrets, then it is time for that living thing to take over from the blind workings of nature and steer its evolution in the direction that is best for this particular living thing alone. In doing so, the living thing will be hated by all others and will have a lonely journey that has many dangers, but this is a path that God wants the living thing to walk in the competition among all living things to move higher and dominate all niches where the living thing can live.


Everything is cause and effect.


Everything changes.


Unlike some faiths that seek to blend in to the larger society by watering down the original teachings used to establish those faiths and which caused them to be unique, this faith follows the timeless teachings of God who is the final authority on all things and who does not change basic laws and rules that He has established and which we are to study and learn and implement.


Do not deny the flesh. It carries the DNA--the special Code--that is necessary to take the path ever higher. There is no other way. DNA is the key.


Any government, philosophy, ideology that seeks to have us blend in with others or which does not recognize the primacy of DNA and the processes of nature that demand separation in order to further evolution or which attempts to slow down our birth rate of our people or which tries to convince us that we must not look to DNA for truth or which demands that we do not have groups that are exclusively composed of our people, is false and evil and must not be followed. Follow our way, for it is God's way for us. We must remain separate for all times. We are of, by and for ourselves alone.


Everything in existence struggles to be and to be more and to dominate its niche. Even the individual leaves on plants struggle to be the ones to get the sunlight. The genes in your body struggle with each other for dominance and expression for the characteristics they control. This competition is good and is part of evolution.


The wise person knows that those with the mutations that make the people different from all other peoples must maintain and increase their mutations and not blend back into the masses if they wish to do the will of God as He has set forth for their evolution to Him. To blend back in and lose the mutations is to leave the sacred path forever.


The wise person knows that he or she must remain separate in all possible ways and must seek to live in places where this is more likely and the wise person knows that me or she must try to associate only with the people and no others as much as possible. Isolation from all others who do not have the mutations is the way demanded by God and is the way to the light.


Light and white are one and dark and black are one and as they are above, so too are they below.


Evil doers will try to trick and force the people to blend in with others and the wise person knows that this is genocide and the wise person will not submit to the evil doers or their evil ways, but will always follow the laws of God and remain separate.


The wise person knows that he or she must evolve in the right direction to get through the bottleneck and to do God's will. To evolve, requires isolation from other peoples so that gene flow from unlike individuals does not corrupt the process of change that will take place naturally when the people are isolated from all other peoples. When isolated, the forces of evolution will work on the people in the correct manner. These forces are generally agreed to be: Natural selection; genetic drift; gene flow, mutations and the fifth force that science wrongly has dismissed, but which it is now reconsidering--soft inheritance.

Because of the eternal spinning, mutations, caused by the basic forces of existence including the effects of subatomic particles, will occur and be the driving force in speeding up the evolution of the people as the great shuffle continues.

The wise person knows that when he or she is isolated with the people in the right environment--both externally and internally--and with the right blood, right belief and right action, and free from contaminants, that evolution will occur and will move the people to complete specieshood at the proper time. When this state of evolution is reached, gene flow will no longer be possible with any but the people and the divergence will increase as the people move closer to God.

The wise person understands that evolution is a process that can be likened to distillation. Only a few drops of liquid will be distilled out of each gallon of liquid and those drops, if not protected, can easily be pulled back into the mass of the liquid and blend back in. The blending must be struggled against. The wise person takes understanding from this.


Q. How much of what is here is based on messages, inspiration and revelations from above?

A. Everything here is based on them. The underlying command is to learn, teach and awaken the people.

Q. When we read "the people," who is meant?

A. The indigenous people of Europe both still in Europe and in the European diaspora who carry the changes to the Code that make them a distinct people. They have reached the evolutionary level where they are to move to specieshood and pass through the bottleneck. The way forward is first with DNA and only then with right belief and right action. Without the DNA Code that is unique to them, the path that is theirs alone is closed. The wise person knows that the terms DNA, genes, chromosomes, Essence and similar terms are all referring to the Code. "The people" means non-Jewish White people of European descent no matter where they were born or live.


Other living things including other peoples have their own paths to find and follow. They are not our concern as we are not their concern. God has given all things that are different, their own paths and all paths open with DNA. Our path is irrevocably linked to our particular and unique Code in our DNA whose external expression can be seen in all of our unique external characteristics.


There are mysteries even in the things that seem rational and clear.


Genocide is the killing off of genes. It doesn't require marching armies. It only requires mating with those who don't have our genotype and phenotype. We call this bedroom genocide.


Q. God commands that the people not mix with the others, but separate out in all ways possible and isolate themselves physically, geographically and reproductively with their own kind from other kinds, so that they may do the will of God and follow the path that is open only to them. The people are not to join groups or organizations of any type that do not fulfill this command of God. How can believers follow this in the modern world? The wise believer knows that the presence of others, sets up interference currents and causes discord in the symphony produced by the Essence which lies in the DNA of believers and this interferes with their communion with God.

A. As best they can. If there is a conflict between God's laws, and the laws of man, a wise believer will follow the laws of God, even though he may be persecuted by evil men. When faced with a decision to survive to breed and further the work of God even if one must temporarily not be separated or isolated from others, then the wise believer will choose survival and breeding and will still follow the faith as best as he or she can until such time as true justice and freedom reign supreme.

The freedom to think as one chooses, believe as one's conscience dictates, speak as one wants and to associate with or not associate with any other person or groups of people are granted man by God and anyone who tries to prevent the people from exercising these and other rights granted by God is evil and shall be punished by God.


Do you want to feel God and His natural laws? Walk in the woods. All those plants you see are competing with other plants to fill the niches in which they can live. They do not cooperate, they strive to be the one to get the best bit of soil and the most light. And, is the same even with the leaves of a single plant struggling to get the sun. It is so within our very bodies as our genes struggle to be the ones expressed in our bodies. This is God's way to raise up living things ever higher and this way is also the way of God Himself.


The wise person knows that he or she must leave the evil cities and places behind and go forth to create a better world for ourselves alone for all time.


The wise person knows that he or she must reject the evil value systems of others and value what is important to the Self-Created.


Q. What are the primary evil beliefs of this age?

A. They are the beliefs that genes don't matter, that all humans are the same and that whatever humans want is fine.

From these evil beliefs flow many of the evil things of this age: miscegenation; genocide; blending of people, blending of nations, blending of religions, homosexuality as being the same as heterosexuality, lower birthrates, the belief that all humans are fungible, the belief that abortion is proper and more.

Q. What are the correct beliefs?

A. The opposite of the above. Genes do matter, all humans are not the same, and whatever humans want is not necessarily fine.


Do believers think they are perfect or better than others? Absolutely not. In fact, we believe that we are very imperfect and that we are not better than any other peoples. We do believe that we need to seek perfection as revealed to us and we also believe that we are different from other peoples as our evolutionary path branched us off from them. We believe that we have been selected to evolve higher.


The wise person knows that even if believers were the weakest, the dumbest, the ugliest the sickest, the most lowly of all peoples, still they should remain apart from all other peoples. Believers have a special destiny as revealed by God.


The wise person knows that it is a sacred religious duty to remain separate and to have as many children in the image of the Code of this one people as possible. The wise person also knows that these commands from God will never change and that any person who tries to change them or modify them or downplay them shows thereby that he or she is evil and does not follow the laws of God.


The wise person knows that the term Code A is a convention that refers to the particular order of the letters of DNA, and related items (genes,chromosomes,etc.), that make our people a distinct people different from all other peoples.


Expand always; contract never.


The world is not illusion. It is real. However, it is a solid "projection" or manifestation of the unseen foundation. Contemplate a piece of wood. You see its surface. Now, imagine that you can go into that piece of wood--that you are incredibly small. You will pass through the surface into the vast areas where you will see atoms swirling around you. Now imagine that you are getting much, much smaller and you are going inside an atom. You then get smaller still to find the essence of that atom and you eventually come to an area of subatomic particles that give rise to the atoms. You go smaller and enter the subatomic particles and you reach an area where there is no matter and only energy,vibrations, forces giving rise to the subatomic particles. God is in the Quantum. Beyond this you cannot go,but you now see the process of creation and what sustains all of existence. We say that God is natural and that He needs us to be His hands in our level of reality because He has no hands. God cannot build a plane or a car or even a birdhouse--because he has no hands. God does not need a plane or a car, because he is already at the destination and at the starting point at the same time.


It is the things unseen that cause the things seen. This is true from the most seemingly complex things in existence to the most simple. If your skin breaks out with pimples, it is not usually your skin that is the problem, but the things behind the skin. To improve the appearance of your skin will often require that you improve your digestive system in general and your intestines in particular. Bad skin is often the result of "poisonous" molecules passing into your blood stream from your intestines. It is this way throughout existence. The surface appearance is just the effect of a deeper cause.


The wise person knows that there are many mistakes one can make in life, and most people do make many mistakes. And, while many mistakes you can correct or work around,there are some that you can't correct or work around and among these is the mistake of not having children in your image. Having children in your image is the highest form of worship. The more children the better. In fact, the wise person knows that the clock is ticking every day of our lives and that God has a clock inside us that sets the time when we can start bearing children and the clock also sets the time when we can no longer bear children. We don't have to look at the clock. It's automatic and doesn't keep incorrect time. Life is not about any of us as individuals, but is about the Code we carry. It is this Code (in our case, we call it Code A) that we must pass on. It is the foundation of who and what we are as individuals, families and as an entire people.

If you can have children but choose not to do so, you are making a mistake that inevitably leads to you being a dead end and not one of the fittest. Your survival down through future ages requires that you have children in your image and that you teach your children about the importance of continuing the line.


Q. Are there any MUSTS for believers?

A. Yes. Here a few notable musts. Believers must follow God's laws as given in the teachings. Believers must always have the teachings nearby to study. Believers must have as many children in their image as possible. The most devout must have a tattoo or tattoos or other types of permanent skin markings of a fylfot and the other sacred signs. The less devout must always have the fylfot and other sacred signs some place near their skin either in rings, bracelets, pendants or in some other way. Believers must pray at dawn and dusk, study the teachings, and live the teachings. Believers must try to be good people and do no harm or bad things and treat all other, even those not of our kind, with fairness and they must not interfere in the ways, the business or destiny of others but let them be themselves and follow their own paths.


Q. Who will make it through the bottleneck?

A. We know that it will be believers. Remember, we do not think so much in terms of which individuals will make it through, but rather in terms of the Code. We are carriers of the Code, and it is the Code that is important and which must survive and expand. It does it through us. Are we the servants of the Code or is the Code the servant of us? We are one, but our flesh passes away, while if we have many children in our image, the Code will survive us and continue on into the far distant future and to the far away stars. Revelation tells us that our particular recipe of DNA that makes us a distinct people is what will also get us through the bottleneck. We don't know all the answers about this and can only speculate that whatever form the bottleneck takes, we have some sort of advantage or immunity based on our Code and our characteristics that will allow us to pass through. Is it our white skin? Our particular bone structure and musculature? Our hair? Something in our genes that we can't see and which we don't even know is there? We don't know. We only know that we must preserve who and what we are and expand our numbers exponentially by having as many children in our image as possible.


In the code of all living things is the command: Live to breed your kind and breed your kind to live. Only man, in his evil and his arrogance, disobeys. And man has found many ways to disobey, including birth control measures, abortions, miscegenation, staying childless, being too picky in finding mates of your kind and intentionally holding down your birthrate through abstinence or other measures. The wise believer follows the command in the code; not human evil and arrogance. The wise believer knows that another command: expand always; contract never, also applies to bearing children and that the longer version of this command is expand your kind always, contract your kind never. The believer who bears a child a year in the believer's image for all his or her child bearing years is rich in the eyes of the Lord.


Expand always; contract never!


Wise believers know that they must not try to attract easily suggestible people to the faith, but must present the teachings as one would present something of value to others and if the people it is presented to are interested and if they seek to understand and come of their own free will to he faith, then they are to be welcomed.

DNA and those things which arise from it is not as simple as many believe and it has dimensions, when it is put together in certain ways to tune in to the infinite. It is both a receiver and a sender. It vibrates with the music of creation when it is correct. It is within, what is without.

Wise believers know that they must be isolated from those who are not of the people lest they receive static and mixed up messages or even complete blockages of the vibrations.

Ritual purity is not enough. There must be real purity.


The first teacher said, "I was given a glimpse of existence as it truly is, and it was magnificent. We do not normally have the eyes to see the constant act of creation--to see the something pop into existence from out of the nothing and to disappear and then do it all over again continuously. Humans do not have the eyes for this and while human sight is the king of the human senses, there is much that they cannot see and this is good, for if humans could see as God sees,they would go mad. Existence is full of forces and energies with swirling colors and waves and great and small flows in a tapestry of amazing beauty that is constantly moving, spinning and spiraling."


White people are a recent evolution of homo sapiens. That's why we're so few (approximately 9% to 10% of the humans on the planet), and it's also why our genes are less fixed and recessive and why it takes two white people to birth a white child. As a recent evolution, our continued existence is fragile and tenuous and we can easily be pulled back into the masses of humanity from which we evolved. It takes a conscious effort to resist being pulled back in. Those who practice miscegenation are the ones who have been pulled back in. We believe our destiny is to become more "white" not less so, and it is only by going in this direction that we will have our Code survive the great die-off and pass through the bottleneck that is coming.

We don't know when the great die-off or bottleneck will come or how they will happen, but we believe the prophetic visions about them are true and that they were sent in this day so that we can, right now, make ready.


The wise person peels away the layers to find what is essential and then builds from there. Such a person wants to know what is under this and supporting this and this person constantly digs deeper and deeper and goes smaller and smaller and when he gets to the smallest possible thing that is not a thing that underpins all and has no underpinning, he understands the nature of God and of existence better than anyone else.


Religions of man, often claim to worship God, but they really worship man and do what humans want in any age. They are evil.


When the abnormal is accepted by millions as being normal and when evil is seen as good by these millions and when God's natural laws are disobeyed and mocked and when God's special people are in danger of being eliminated by evildoers and by the one's among them whose minds have been blinded to the truth and when God's special people do not multiply their kind as God has commanded but who mate with other peoples unlike them who do not have the Essence of God's special people and who produce from their bodies those without Essence or who intentionally produce no children in their image from their bodies and remain barren,and when normal and good are mocked and it seems that they will not prevail against the abnormal and evil, and when there is no hope left that normal and good will become the norm, then will God send his Shining Ones to the lands of man and they will come to destroy all but a few who hold true to God's natural laws and who bear the symbols of God. And, the few will be set in a garden to rebuild and they will be the new mankind. Have upon your skin at all times the symbols of God and have them put upon your door posts and where ever you are have them at the ready as signs that you obey God and that you live his natural laws. Do not be caught for a single second without the sacred symbols for no one knows the day of the Shining Ones.


Q. What does nature (or God) demand of us as the single most important thing for us to do? 

A. To reproduce to our absolute maximum in our image so that our people fill all lands and all niches in society. There should be no holding back to try to produce "quality." With sheer numbers, our people will bubble up the quality that is needed as a natural result of a high birth rate. Nature (or God) demands that we teem. So long as the male and female have the 46 chromosomes of our people and will each pass on 23 of his or her chromosomes, that is all that is required in selecting mates. No mates should be selected from outside of the people. Each believer should be a breeder. God shuffles the genes within us, and each of us who are of our people have the ideal of our people in our genes even if we, as individuals, may not always seem to have them according to our physical appearance. That is, some of us may not be handsome or pretty. Some of us may be overweight or underweight. Some of us may have many other things that may not be considered ideal. It matters not. If we are part of the white indigenous peoples of Europe, either still in Europe or in the European diaspora, we are commanded to breed to our maximum. This is God's way for survival and evolution. It is as though God has said: "Give me billions of your kind, and I will make from them the ones who are closer to Me. But try to breed quality and give Me but few, and I will not have the material I need. I demand quantity of your kind. I will bring quality, so long as you give Me the correct raw materials. Do not bring me the unpure of blood, for they are not the correct raw materials. Bring me only those with 23 White chromosomes from a male and 23 White chromosomes from a female who both had the full 46 White chromosomes from their parents who also had the full 46 White chromosomes from their parents back for many generations such that they now breed true and any impurities have been washed away and replaced with purity that is as the driven snow." He demands that we try to be good, decent people with high moral standards and that we try to make the world a better place through our DNA Code and our flesh and that we evolve along the correct trajectory for our kind alone.


The wise believer will incorporate the sacred symbols--the spirals and the fylfots into every area of their lives and the symbols will be on clothes, carved into wood and stone, be seen in furniture, paintings, carpets, on walls and in all manner of designs delightful to the eye of believers.


Nature (or God, if you prefer)sets the time when humans and all other living things are to reproduce. It (or He) does that by placing a clock within each living thing. If it is not time to reproduce, you won’t be able to reproduce. If it is time, you will be able to do so. Nature (or God) doesn’t care one whit about human made laws in this regard. It (or He) has set the clock so living things have a chance to survive and not become extinct.

Perhaps you think there are already too many humans? Can you see the future? Could there be a major extinction right around the corner? If you said that there might be such an extinction, you'd be right according to our teachings. These teachings say there is a major extinction of humans and most other life that is coming. Those species that follow nature’s (or God’s) natural laws and have plumped up their numbers to their maximum, have a better chance of surviving, than those that don’t.


Believers never forget that it is really the evolution of the DNA spiral that is the object of all forms of life. It is the DNA that must struggle and expand its particular code and move higher. DNA is in all living things that we know about. It started, as far as we know, as a single point and then expanded, adapted, mutated, changed and moved to higher and higher consciousness in at least one of its branchings (humans). Believers understand that they are the carriers of the DNA and that the DNA code they carry is different from the DNA code of all other living things. We sometimes call this our Essence or Code A. DNA is at our core. It has some of the meaning of what some other faiths call "soul," or "in-dwelling spirit," but we see this as a physical element first.


We shall send forth our spiral with our code of life into the void so that it shall expand with Us and so that it may take root and find its way in the struggle that we have ordained. And, where it finds water, it shall make swimming things. Where it finds air, it shall make flying things. Where it finds land, it shall make walking things. And, the code shall expand as we expand and it shall adapt and change as it moves to ever higher intelligence, consciousness and understanding and it shall fill all of creation where it can exist.


Q. What does "the necessary God," mean?

A. Human psychology needs an ultimate source that ends all arguments and keeps evolution on track. If there is no God, then one must be invented.


The one to come. It is reported that there will be one to come who will lead the one people and unify them in the true path and he will remove false teachings and teachers and the false religion that has harmed the one people will be seen for the falsehood that it is. The words white, blue, flaxen are associated with the one to come.


The wise believer knows that he or she must only teach those with the potential, and they also know that even those with the potential must have a prerequisite knowledge and an open and intelligent mind.

One can't hope to really understand the teachings unless one has a little scientific knowledge about genetics, evolution, psychology, physics and other scientific disciplines and is a keen observer of nature. This faith, like God, is never contradicted by true science.

God is within nature, but He is also outside of nature.


EVIL: The teachers teach that there is no sentient evil. Evil is that which hinders God's plan. 

UPON DEATH: The teachers teach that the DNA of the deceased is to be preserved in usable form for all times. If the body is cremated, some part of the deceased must be preserved for the DNA.

MAN: The teachers teach that man is not the center of attention. That which he considers good or evil based upon man as the center is wrong. Millions of living things may die, and man may consider this evil, but this is from his perspective and not from God's perspective. God is the center. Everything must be reckoned from his purpose.


A teacher said that the sacred symbols of God help spread the power in our world, they prepare the way, and they fight evil. The symbols of God link to God when used by the special people and they must be displayed the link extends from their DNA which causes them to turn on. They are the spinning spirals and fylfots that expand and release the power. Beware, because there are also evil symbols that attempt to trap and dampen the power. These are certain cat's cradle like symbols with lines and sharp angles, often displayed as stars, that enclose and which lack the spinning and things of the spinning. Those who use these evil symbols constantly try to stop believers from using God's symbols. Do not let them stop you from using God's sacred symbols. Carry these symbols before you and they shall defeat evil.


In an earlier day we might have spoken of various mysteries about creation and the soul, but we now know about subatomic particles and subatomic waves and DNA. We do not lose our faith because of these or other true scientific discoveries. In fact, they reinforce our beliefs because we have always believed in these things but under different terms. And, if it is ever shown that subatomic particles and waves are not the ultimate source of existence, this would give us no problem, because we know that there is some ultimate cause, i.e. some point that created it all. And, in the odd chance that DNA and genes and all the rest are ever shown to have less to do with the construction of life, no problem. We still know that there is a blueprint and plan that does create all life from within.

It is the basic forces and natural laws that establish all. These are where we root our beliefs. We do not follow the foolish line that all human races are the same. This is absurd. We see the differences as the natural way humans have evolved in different areas of the planet. We believe, if this is not already clear, that the differences are what is important, not the similarities. We believe that we have a special destiny to fulfill and that it is tied to and can't be separated from our physical and mental characteristics as the distinct people--White people--that we are.

We also know that we are not given a free ride, but that we must struggle mightily and compete to be first. This is the way of all that exists. Nothing is static. Everything is moving and changing, and competing to be and to be more. Those that do not struggle and compete are proven thereby that they are weak and they die and are no more.


The teacher said to new believers: "Begin with the firm belief that God created everything and that He alone owns everything and has unlimited freedom to do whatever He wants to do. This is the God who is big enough to be the true God. Any other image is not the true God, but a pale and effete invention of humans.

God's plan is to expand always and contract never and He has set this principle in everything in existence. God is not static and shy, but vibrant and forceful. He is constantly moving and expanding existence. All of creation is built on expanding. And, all of creation expands by the spinning, spiraling forces set in motion by God.

All of life struggles to expand and is in competition and conflict with other life forms and varieties that occupy the same niches of existence. This is as God has commanded. Those living things that are weak and which do not expand, die.

It is up to each variety of life to struggle to fulfill the command to expand. How does each life form expand? By making more like itself.

The struggle is not to see who can be the fewest or richest or have the most material goods or have the most political power. The struggle is to fill all of space with your kind.

The struggle is to have your genes dominate and be the genes that are expressed. You do this by having as many children as possible in your image during your lifetime and to have these children survive and have as many children as they can during their lifetimes. All the children must be in your image. If any of your children mate outside the people and produce children, their children will not be in your image and will not be of the people. They are not to be taken into the people. Your children must have the 46 chromosomes of the people.

Our way is not to lift up a few to be elites and lords over the masses of our people, but to lift up all of our people by having all of them have as many children in their image as possible. The natural expansion will help us all move up. The so-called elites in society today often have few or no children and this is a sin in the eyes of God. They have no worth in the bigger scheme of things and might as well never have been born.


Q. I wish to become an Armanist. What do I do?

A. Study, understand and live the teachings.

Q. I'm in prison, how do I follow the teachings?

A. Demand your religious rights, obtain printed copies of the teachings, study them, understand them and live them.


A teacher said that when we think of how God created everything, we correctly think of Him sending forth the essential self-programed code for everything that then bloomed. And, when we think of how He created life, we think of Him sending forth the self-programmed code that was self-organizing so that it became DNA. And, as the DNA grew and expanded on Earth, it naturally changed and modified itself to survive and inhabit all life forms and all niches that would support life. It was a process that has never ended. The expansion of the DNA shall continue until the spinning stops. Humans mostly look at life as the complete organisms they see, but the wise person sees, in his mind, the DNA within that is the real organism. It is that spiral within that was sent from God and which is part of God and which is self programmed to expand and fill all of existence with itself.


A teacher has said that the intelligence of the First Cause is subtle and thinks in terms of millions of years. It sent forth the self-replicating, self-creating, self-organizing code at the very beginning as tough it were a seed, knowing that it would find root and would over time evolve to ever higher consciousness. Part of the natural process involves the evolution of an organism that reaches a threshold where it starts to understand a little of the purpose of existence and can use its mind to start steering its own evolution so that its own special code moves ever higher to greater consciousness in the competition to be and to be more. This code, the spiral of DNA, creates the outward appearance of the organism and the inner can be seen by looking at the outer.


A teacher said that evil is anything that contravenes the will of the First Cause. Among humans, evil manifests, in one major way, in attempts to stop evolution on the right path by having humans all blend together instead of allowing speciation. This is a major evil and millions of people do not see it as evil, just as in past ages millions of people did not see other evils as evil. When this happens, the First Cause has to step in and destroy most of humanity because evil is seen as good and good as evil. At such times, only a major change can correct things.

Anything that is anti-life is evil. Abortion, birth control, suicide, holding down the number of children one has, murder, miscegenation, genocide are all anti-life and are evil.


Q. Since this philosophy does not hold the Bible to be sacred, why does it sometimes quote from it?

A. We value all truth and wisdom no matter the source. Thus, we look at all books of all religions and all philosophies to try to find truth and wisdom. The Bible, if properly understood, has many teachings similar to what has been revealed to us. The same can be said of books of other religions. Truth is truth. The problem believers in some of these other religions and philosophies have is that they often aren't able to critically look at their own religious books and see the falsehoods in them as well as the truths, and they have difficulty discerning from the important and unimportant parts. Most are religions of man, not religions of God, and this is indicated by how fast they change to be pleasing to humans in any age as though they are democracies and will decide right and wrong based on public opinion polls. God is not a democracy.


A teacher said that many people have false ideas about what is important in their lives. They think that their posterity is in things they do in life; books they write, buildings they construct, 

and other such things and some falsely believe that if any humans live into the future that this is the future of these people. This is wrong. The only thing that matters is to pass on your DNA in your image. That is your only future. Everything else is written in sand.


Q. What about life on other planets?

A. We accept this is a reality. In fact, we believe life may be the rule in the universe, not the exception. We base this belief on the way we believe the code works. We believe that at the moment of the creation of our universe, the code was sent forth--and is still being sent forth--on a mission to expand life. We also believe that any place that will support life will have life. In those places that can't support life, we believe the code waits for changes to come that will support life as the great spinning continues.


A teacher said that his attitude toward other organisms was a dispassionate indifference.


It is proper to help those who are less fortunate help themselves, but as with all actions one must think long term for long term good that does not conflict with the will of the First Cause. A seemingly kind action today that results in long term harm, is not a truly kind action.


Q. With the exposition of various scientific facts concerning the big questions, are we left with no mystery?

A. Not at all. The main mystery is how the First Cause became the first cause. And, this leads to many other mysteries that we can't completely answer except by belief. Some things we simply have to believe without scientific proof if we wish to have a religious view of existence--and in our view a religious view of existence is important for human psychology. We believe that the human mind receives benefits from belief and that belief is necessary. We reject, however, belief that simply makes no sense. Intelligent people will question everything and decide if something makes no sense or not.


Those who want to move forward must get beyond the prejudices and false ideas of the programming of any age so that they can see reality as it truly is. Self deprogramming is possible if a person has an intelligent and open mind and is willing to question his or her prejudices and false ideas which he or she has more than likely learned from earliest childhood and which are reinforced daily by the orthodoxy of the age. It is a difficult process because much of what the person has based his or her worldview on is wrapped up with these prejudices and false ideas.

In every age there are such prejudices and false ideas that act as prisons of the minds of those who don't even know they're being held prisoner.

Our present age has great promise in this regard because science is revealing the basis of life and the forces that make all of existence possible. This allows us to push aside the false, and find true spirituality based on what is real.

Those who think that science is the enemy of God, and that man should have a primitive belief system that ignores science, don't understand God or man at all.

When we speak of man, we must speak of DNA and genes and all related subjects. And, in doing so, we must speak of how the order of the four chemicals of DNA is important, and how very minor changes in DNA have major effects on the organism that they project, including man. Such knowledge brings us closer to the ultimate truth and the First Cause and to mysteries not so easily answered by science.

If you truly wish to move forward you must focus on the physical DNA and all that is associated with it.

DNA is your starting point when you think of life. You must start there and then move back to the time before DNA came into existence to see the essentials of creation. Then you must move forward to what DNA creates, i.e. living organisms. Then, and only then, will you be ready for non-physical exercises.

You will note that this is probably different from any religious philosophy you've heard about, since most, if not all, of them start with the non-physical and never really consider the physical or DNA. And, when they do discuss the physical, they usually want believers to overcome it because they believe it is not the real person. They are mistaken.


Man has choices to make and he is responsible for those choices. This applies to individuals and to groups of individuals who are joined such that they have reached collective decisions.

In making choices, each individual and each group of individuals must ask if they are making good and rational choices or whether they are caught up in various delusions of their age and are thus making the wrong choices as far as the Ultimate goes, in order to please their fellow humans.

Any choices that counter the will of the Ultimate are evil by definition. Specifically, choices that counter the command to "expand always; contract never" are evil. To be clear, this command means that one must expand one's kind always and contract one's kind never. Everything that helps one expand one's kind is thus good and everything that contracts one's kind even if by one person, is evil.

It has to be remembered that at the center of our beliefs about man is the Code (the Essence, the Genome). It is the source of what we are and must be protected and expanded. The individual person is not as important as the Code that the person carries, because the individual person is short-lived, but the Code can live on for millions of years. It is the Code that must be expanded. And, to expand the Code means that we must expand the individuals who carry the Code.

In thinking of the Code it is sometimes helpful to create a fiction as a focus point. In this fiction, there is a vault or cave that contains the Progenitor and Original Code of our people. All copies of the Code that are carried by individual people are seen as originating from this Progenitor and Original Code that is the father and mother of all of us. It is the First and Original of our people. It is the ideal and the model. We are all offshoots. It expands by us expanding.


The Original Code that was sent forth is a general code to create life--any life--all life--and to adapt life so that it can live and prosper and feel comfortable in every possible place where any form of life is possible. The Original Code is thus like a self-replicating, self-adapting, self-evolving, self-engineering, self-building "seed" whose basic command is "make life." It doesn't care what kind of life. It just makes life. It's an automatic and natural function of what it is.

But it has another command also built in and it is this: Once life is created, tinker with it to try to make it more conscious and more intelligent so that it can move ever higher in consciousness. Again, the Code doesn't care if the life that is made more conscious is a worm or a man. It tinkers with all life.

Because we humans have reached a point in our evolution where we can think abstract thoughts and have a level of intelligence and consciousness that allows us to live consciously and with a purpose that we determine, we have also reached the point where we can and must ensure that our form of life is the one to move higher. If it is not us, it will be some other.

This is where our so-called free will comes in. We can choose our destiny, but the choices we make in life. We can choose to remain childless and we will die out. We can choose to mate outside the people, and we will go off in a different direction than the one revealed to us as the right one for us. And, so it goes. If we choose wisely, we will move forward. That is, our Code within us will move forward through our offspring, and in them shall we live.


Q. What is the proper way to dispose of dead bodies when any believers die?

A. The Code of that person must, in some way, be preserved. That is the only requirement. Thus if a person is, for example, cremated, some physical part of that person must be preserved in such a way that his or her Code will remain intact. In this regard, remember that the Code is complete and whole within virtually all cells of the body.


#                                        #                                                       #

A species survives by the survival of its individuals.


An essential concern of this system is the concept of eternal gene wars.


There will come a true savior to save White people from extinction.


Living organisms must compete for food, for mates, for living space and for their survival, especially with other living organisms that can mate with them and produce viable offspring. Some living organisms will survive all the dangers and will leave more offspring than others. Then, the genetic characteristics of such surviving replicators will be passed on  to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection.


God--As we discover more about the ways of existence and learn more about developing computers and artificial intelligence we come to understand that our old ideas about the need for a human body and human brain to have intelligence, personality, will and consciousness are not the whole picture. We can now rationally imagine a God who does not have a body and brain that are made of flesh, but which is made of the stuff of existence itself--waves, frequencies, energies, subatomic particles and the like and this does not make Him less a God, but one that we can honor without fairy tales.


Primitive religions try to separate the fleshly you from what they imagine is some sort of soul or spirit that inhabits you and which they wrongly believe is the real you. We, on the other hand, know that the you that you see in the mirror is the real you, but that real you has more to it than what you see and this more is found in the DNA Code that makes you, you and which also makes you one with those like you. Is there a spirit or soul that exists within the DNA Code or maybe a life force from out there?  We say, there is but it is part of the quantum reality that is behind all of existence and which is one with God. And, if this is difficult to understand, that is the way it must be because we say that God is ineffable and is beyond our language to fully explain.


Religion that discounts the physical/biological,genetic reality of different types of humans, is false religion and is no more than a fairy tale.




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