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By H. Millard (c) 2019


Don't you know that there are good people of all races?  Yes, of course we know this.  However, even saying that is a distraction from what some of us believe and is a red herring. At any rate it is not our responsibility to sort them out. In the long run, there is nothing to be gained by mixing with any of them, so we try to not mix with any of them. Our beliefs require us to stay separate for all times and to avoid as much contact with other races as reasonably possible and to stay with our own kind as much as possible without being rude about it and often without any fanfare or being obvious about our choice to remain separate.  And, yes, we do have the right to make that choice.

So, here again is what some of us believe.  And much of this consists of scientific facts that you can easily find in books on evolution and genetics if you know how to read through the fog of words to the truth of what is really being said in most such books.

The heart of the issue, and what you must clearly understand, is that we Whites are in automatic eternal gene wars as are Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows and all subsets and ethnicities and individuals and it is so for all living things. This is a natural part of nature and evolution.  

In addition to individual genes "being at war" and competing, whole genomes also compete for existence and dominance.

Among humans this is is all about the genes and genomes of one type trying to wipe out the genes and genomes of closely related types who can bear viable children with them. And, of course that means all other humans. With humans this sometimes takes the form of wars, but the wars are not usually seen as ultimately being about genes even though they are. No, with wars there are various rationales as our conscious minds believe the wars are about freedom or economic issues or whatever, but at their heart most are about genes.  A simpler example of how these rationales work is how mentally healthy men will look at women and usually pick the genetically healthiest ones (genetically healthiest often means  the most attractive ones).  The men may think it's about sex appeal, but their genes are really directing them toward good mates to produce good children.  So, a man doesn't usually say, "Hey look at her she has good genes and I want her to have my children."  He will usually say," Hey, check out her boobs," or something like that.

Because the races of man can breed with each other, there is the very real possibility that "pure" races will blend themselves away and cease to be by mixing with other races.  Whites are the most vulnerable for this blending away not only because we are only about 10% of all humans on the planet and thus can have our genes simply swamped and wiped out by the genes of the darker peoples but also because we are the new kids on the evolutionary block and many of our genes are thus recessive and when competing with a gene from a non-White, the non-White gene is often the one that is expressed. 

We evolved in Europe to be very different from all other peoples and we are a pure race in the sense that we are the products of two White parents. Sure, if you go back far enough you'll find non-Whites in most or all of our blood lines someplace or other and this is often used by haters of Whites to deny that Whites are pure. Don't pay them any attention. The further back the non-White genes are found, the weaker they are, so if you get a DNA test and you find you have some non-White percentage from long ago in your results don't be concerned. Your White genes have obviously won if you look 100% White.

The darker peoples can simply love us to death with bedroom genocide whose official name is miscegenation.  When Whites breed with non-Whites the children produced cannot be considered White even if some may look very White. This is because at least half of their 20,000 genes come from the non-White parent.  It would be like building a car with 10,000 parts from this model and 10,000 from this other model.

To be White you need two White parents.  Jews say that to be Jewish you must be born of a Jewish woman and any other race male.  We have a higher standard, and some of us believe the Creator has selected us to for special duties and requires that we have two White parents.  But, don't let this slight bit of religious talk put you off. Those who believe as we do who are atheists or who don't believe our revelations, still believe that we must have two White parents to be  White. We consider any Whites who believe in staying White and not mixing with other races to be as brothers and sisters to us even if we may disagree on many other issues.  

Eternal gene wars is our way of saying that genes compete for existence and dominance and it is also similar to the concept of survival of the fittest and natural selection.

There is no hate involved in nature and evolution in the eternal gene wars.  Eternal gene wars will always exist whether you are aware of them or not, but if you are aware of them you can consciously join the battle by ensuring that your line remains as pure White as possible by avoiding as much contact with non-Whites as possible and remaining separate from all non-Whites and by breeding often and breeding only White.  No hate is required, just knowledge of how nature works.

Another important thing to  always remember is that there are forces that hate Whites and who want us to mate with non-Whites so that we will become non-White baby factories at the same time as we turn our families and our race non-White. This is bedroom genocide and it may seem like soft genocide, but it is genocide nevertheless.

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