Terri Schiavo
by H. Millard (c) 2005
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Anyone with proper awareness understands that genes are the foundation of all that humans are, what they've done or invented, and what they will become. Once genes came into existence, they became the first cause in all life as we know it. All else flows from them. Our religions, philosophies, forms of government, art and everything else that we have created starts with our genes. This sounds very basic and simple, and it is, but it is too often forgotten. If one understands the importance of genes and how involved they are in everything that we are, then one is on the right path to true knowledge, and one can then fashion or find a world view or religion that makes sense.

Unfortunately for the world, President George W. Bush is a man who does not understand the importance of genes, and he has thus become something of a bull in the china shop of existence.

Mexican Fox & BushLacking an understanding of the importance of genes has sent Mr. Bush off on a false dark path. From all that he says and does, it appears that Mr. Bush has become a true believer in a bizarre brand of aracial humanistic democracy that attempts to force the blending of all human races, religions and political philosophies into one mess that Mr. Bush wants everyone to believe is freedom. In fact, it is just the opposite. Mr. Bush's open border policy with Mexico, his attack on Iraq, and just about everything else he does in his official capacity are all part of the same aracial blending world view that does not understand the importance of genes and of the differences between different genes and genotypes. Thinking this way leads to a belief that all people are fungible and are completely interchangeable. It is a cheapening of what it means to be human.

No doubt, Mr. Bush believes that his way of thinking about reality is the right way and that it will lead to an age of milk and honey.

He's wrong.

"Goldilocks & the 3 bears"In reality, this type of gene-free humanistic democracy way of thinking is evil. It is anti-evolutionary and genocidal when applied to different human populations, and it is also anti-higher power. It puts all faith in humans instead of a higher power. Whatever humans want is fine in this type of thinking, even when what humans want is anti-life. To be caught up in this perverse gene-free humanistic democracy way of thinking is to want to fold the "extremes"--different races, different religions, different governments--back into the bland batter of mass humanity where the highest good is sameness, and where conforming to a plain wrap ideal--the only kind that can be shared and acquired by all--is the expected norm. It is existence as pablum, and it is a world view that is right out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears mixed up with one size fits all suits. Again, the problem with this type of thinking begins right at the foundation level of not understanding the importance of genes. Without that foundation, everything else is false, and life is not seen as important.

By contrast, seeking conformity to an ideal type is a good idea for healthy, genetically similar populations that like who and what they are. In fact, this process has usually been done automatically as natural selection works to cause us to see prospective mates as desirable or undesirable based on certain qualities that they possess in common with the ideal. By mating with those with the desirable qualities, and by not mating with those with the undesirable qualities, we improve our lines toward the ideal--we evolve toward perfection for our kind.

However, what ideal can exist when you have a genetically diverse population? How is beauty defined? Which eye color is the ideal? Which hair color? Which hair texture? Which skin tone? Which head shape? Which nose, lip, eye, ear shape? Which body type?

In order to not be "racist" one has to compromise and avoid thinking in terms of the ideal for what one really is genetically,and accept a blended version that is a Goldilockian ideal of not too hot and not too cold, but right in the middle. And, if the population is diverse, what happens with those usually harmonious things that naturally arise from the collective genes of a genetically similar population, such as religion and political philosophies? What are correct beliefs? Again, the extremes have to be eliminated in favor of God as pablum. In the area of political philosophies, we are faced with a sort of world wide federalism where each distinct nation gives up some of its uniqueness in order to fit under the bell curve with all other nations. It is collectivism based on discordant genetic elements, and it leads not to the human version of an orchestral masterpiece but to meaningless noise.

This is the world of George W. Bush. It is a conformist world of compromise and blending. It is a world where people must give up their essential genetic identity and all things that flow from that essential genetic identity. This is not freedom, dear friends, this is tyranny.

But, it gets worse. The one people, one religion, one planet world of George W. Bush is a lifeless stagnant dead sea in which life is never given a chance to thrive. Life isn't worth too much to people with this world view.

On another level, Mr. Bush's humanistic democracy and world view, often lead to evil and injustice. Where is it written that just because people vote for something or because they enact certain laws that this leads to what is good and right and just? Generally, if what we do leads to life and existence, then it is good. If what we do leads to death and non-existence, then it is bad. This is something that Mr. Bush apparently doesn't understand, because he doesn't understand genes and life. Witness his invasion of Iraq and all the deaths that have occurred. Terri SchiavoWitness the present case of Terri Schiavo--a small matter as the world turns, perhaps, but a major example of Mr. Bush's wrong-headedness. The law says that Ms. Schiavo's feeding tubes should be removed. Is that good or right or just? Of course not. We know this, because removing the feeding tubes leads away from life and existence and toward death and non-existence. If Mr. Bush really had a correct world view, he'd break the law and have the feeding tubes reattached. Damn the political consequences. In this case, might makes right. Who has more might than the President? How can it be wrong, to save life? Of course if he did this, it would set a precedent. So what?

Mr. Bush's humanistic democracy philosophy does not lead logically to saving Ms. Schiavo. It puts humans--so long as there are enough of them who agree on something--above what is good and just and right, and life itself. And, in this case, this means that humans voted to have a certain type of government and the government enacted certain laws. Thus, Ms. Schiavo is condemned to death by Mr. Bush's incorrect world view and his reliance on humanistic democracy and its laws, instead of on what is the right thing to do.

There are values that are higher than man made values. These are the values that scream out for life and existence and against death and non-existence. These are the values of light over dark.

When darkness comes in and says that it is light, those who understand the truth of genes see it for what it is, while those who do not understand, believe darkness is light.

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