DNA helix

by H. Millard © 2006

--Denver, Colorado has banned pit bulls.  This includes, according to the city's ordinance, "any dog that is an American Pit Bull Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or any dog displaying the majority of physical traits of any one or more of these breeds." --- Apparently, some people believe that genes matter in dogs and that some breeds are genetically more violent and dangerous than others.   Don't all dogs bleed red blood? Shouldn't each dog be judged on the content of its character and not his breed?  

--Meanwhile, a recent news report indicates that it will soon be possible to put together pictures of criminals (and non-criminals as well, of course) from any DNA that is available.  A piece of hair, some bodily fluids, skin flakes, oils secreted from hands and fingers and left on objects will all supply the necessary DNA.  All of these things and more can lead to a picture being created that gives skin color, hair color, eye color, height, how far apart the eyes are, the shape of the cheekbones, the size of the nose and much more.  And, that's just for openers. --- DNA is as clear as a blueprint. If it reads, say, brown hair, brown hair it will be. It is the script for us.

--An evolutionary theorist said this week that "Racial differences will be ironed out by interbreeding, producing a uniform race of coffee-colored people."  --- Aka the Tan Everyman.

--President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is asking Iranians to produce more children.  The nation now has a population of around 70 million and Ahmadinejad says it has the capacity for 120 million.  He wants those additional 50 million people. In a news report, Ahmadinejad said that the West doesn't want a high Iranian birthrate because of fears that Iran "would eventually dominate them."  --- A genetic struggle goes on all the time.  Could it be that many people are now starting to understand that to win, you need more of your genes and fewer of theirs?

--In Jerusalem, a foundation is trying to gather Jewish descendents of King David for a meeting.  The foundation believes that the Messiah will come from the line of David. --- That means from his genetic line--from his genes, his DNA.  If you don't have the right genes, you're not the right guy and you never will be no matter how many times you read the Bible.

--In Chile, the Kawesqar tribe is down to just 15 full-blooded members. Extinction looms. Half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth or whatever bloods don't count. So, the government and some private individuals are now rushing to write down the language and ways of the Kawesqar to they won't fade from existence.--- Ah, folks, the Kawesqar and all other distinct peoples aren't preserved when you preserve their language and ways. They're only preserved through their genes. If the genes die off, the people die off.

--At the turn of the century in the U.S., according to a recent news report, about 50% of the people in the country had blue eyes.  Today, only about 17% of the people in this nation have blue eyes. Blue eyes are one of those hated white things that have to be eradicated.

--Between 1900 and 1950, according to the same news report, about 1 in 10 Americans was nonwhite. Today, that ratio is 1 in 3. ----- Kind of goes along with the blue eye thing.

--Also in the same article is the statement that many advertisers now want honey-colored skin, brown hair and green or brown eyes instead of white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes to help sell their products.  The most successful models are now from Brazil. --- In other words, they're looking for the Tan Everyman and Tan Everywoman.

--Along those lines, Betty Crocker used to be white. ---She's been getting darker over the years

--Another report indicates that blondes will die out worldwide in about 200 years.--- Blonde hair, like blue eyes, is another white thing.

--The U.S. has now agreed to accept 10,000 Burundian refugees from Tanzania.--- Could it be that Blenders think the U.S. is still too white, so they're throwing more blacks into the gene pool?

--In mostly white New Hampshire, a cop was shot and killed this month in a very rare type of crime in that state.  The killer is black. ---What are the odds of that?

--Last month in mostly white Vermont, several whites were killed. Murders in Vermont are extremely rare.  The killer is black. ---Probably just another coincidence like the murder in New Hampshire.

--The Bush administration is settling many blacks from Africa in mostly white New England states.---Why?

--Pat Buchanan wrote in his book State of Emergency, The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America: "This idea of America as a creedal nation bound together not by 'blood or birth or soil' but by 'ideals' that must be taught and learned...is demonstrably false." --- In other words, a nation is its people and a people is its genes. 

--In New Zealand, a scientist says that there is an over-representation of the "warrior" gene in Maori men and this accounts for aggressive behavior. ---Not environment? Genes make us who we are? Hmmmm. Like it does in Denver?

--A scientist says that whether or not you believe in God depends on whether or not you have a "God gene." --- Genes involved in beliefs? Who'd a thunk it? 

--Before the recent invasion of Lebanon, many Israeli soldiers wanted to freeze their sperm. ---Some say there's a heaven when we die, but no one has ever proven it.  Pray for wings, but fertilize an egg just in case. If you pass on your genes, you know for sure that some of you goes on beyond the grave.

---The Russians are now trying to increase their birthrate.---Hey, why bother? Can't the Russians be preserved if their language is in books like the Kawesqar?  Why bother with all that making children stuff?


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