(Why I'm voting like a Schwarzenegger clone on November 8)
by H. Millard (c) 2005

 Back when Arnold Schwarzenegger was running for governor, I urged immigration reformers to vote for Arnold even though there was another guy in the race who was favored by most immigration reformers.

My reasoning was simple.

I believed that Arnold didn't need the job ( I always like that in a politician). I believed that Arnold really wanted to fix broken California. I believed that Arnold has, in his makeup, a strong--maybe even an obsessive/compulsive--psychological need to succeed when he says he wants to do something and that he won't rest until he does succeed.

And, here was the clincher for me. I believed that in order to fix broken California, Arnold would have to take on illegal immigration--I could see no other way--and that if he didn't do this, he would fail--which, as mentioned, he can't stand doing.

I still believe all those things and I believe that Arnold will fix broken California if the voters show the mental strength necessary to give him the chance. I also believe that to get to the real meaty issues involving illegal immigration, Arnold first needs to get his propositions passed on November 8.

Have no doubt about it. These propositions that Arnold supports in one way or another: Props. 73, 74,75,76, 77 and 78 and the two that he doesn't support: Props 79 and 80, are all about Arnold. That's all you have to know. They're not about the issues behind the propositions--they're about Arnold and whether he has the support of the people or not.

Personally, I'm voting exactly as Arnold wants on these propositions.

Like Arnold, I'm a union member. In fact, we're in the same union. As a union member, I've long been disgusted that union bosses take my money and use it to support politicians and positions that I may not support. In this election, the union bosses are trying to get voters to go against Arnold. These bosses can take a hike as far as I'm concerned. I may be a union member, but I'm not a union fool. I find a more basic identity beyond my union membership, thank you very much.

When I was in the Marines, I learned a lesson that I've always remembered. Real toughness starts in the mind, not in the muscles.

It's well known that Arnold has the muscles, but it may be news to some that he's shown, during his short time in office, that he has mental toughness and a strong mind focused unwaveringly on his goals.

Arnold was never a Marine, but he'd have been a good one had his personal history been different.

Unfortunately, the electorate isn't as strong as Arnold. Too many voters have weak minds and believe the last thing that is said or they believe and internalize the expensive propaganda messages put out by the manipulators and they begin to waver in their resolve, or they are incapable of understanding that a war is won with many small battles. You don't get to go to the next battle until you win this one. And, this battle on November 8 must be won to let Arnold move on to the next one.

My suggestion to immigration reformers is that if they want to see genuine immigration reform in California, that they get out the vote for Arnold and pass all the propositions he wants passed and defeat the two that he doesn't want passed.

It's no more complicated than that.

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