"White Path"

by H. Millard © 2007

"I had a dream," said Homeless Jack, "that I was on my deathbed, and my wives, my children and my grandchildren were gathered around. All four hundred of them. I wanted to leave them with words of wisdom to guide their lives.  Here's what I tentatively came up with.

"Thank you for coming. When the chemical reactions in this body cease and I am no more, I will not have died.  I will live on within all of my children and in their children and on and on, so long as they multiply within the people itself. I am but a leaf on a tree. When I fall off, the tree will live on. Don't forget, who and what you are and don't ever disrespect yourselves, your ancestors or your people. Remain true and remain pure and the tree will flourish. 

"Our family is part of the indigenous peoples of Europe in the European Diaspora.  We are a White family, in a White tribe, that is part of the White race. We ARE the White people.  We came from something and we are part of something. We are a separate and different people on this planet and we must remain so in order to evolve and to fulfill God's commands to us.  We have risen out of the mass of humanity like bubbles rising from a pond and that's why we are a tiny minority. We must continue to rise and not  fall back into the pond.
"We who follow Arman's ways are linked three ways to each other: by blood, by belief and by action. To those of our people who are not yet believers, we are still linked by blood.  But, their blood has not yet been activated by belief and action. This weakens them and makes them susceptible to devolving. We with the three are like radios with all the right parts and we are turned on and tuned in to receive invisible  waves. Those with the blood, have the right parts, but they are not turned on or tuned in to receive the waves.
"They are asleep and are sleep walking through life with no genuine purpose and no meaningful direction. They don't know who or what they are.  They don't know like from unlike.  In that state, they are easily deceived by evil doers who can substitute false purposes and wrong directions so that these sleepers will end up destroying their blood and themselves.
"The sleepers must be awakened as Arman has awakened us. We must activate their blood.  Each of us has the authority and the responsibility to awaken others and to teach them the truths as revealed in the teachings. 
"Once awake, the sleepers will have to decide whether to  choose the righteous spiral path of light that we are on or the dark path that will lead to their destruction.  They can choose to move ever upward to the light, or downward to the dark. They must choose for themselves, but we can guide them. First, we must tell them the truth so that their decision is conscious and informed. God does not want to punish the unconscious sleeping ones who have not been awakened to the truth. He only wants to punish those who have heard the truth and have rejected it. 
"Know always that our true and authentic identity flows from our genes, not from artificial nations or other things. Our genes are sacred and they are our link to God and each other. Our genes are us and we are them.  Without them, we would not be. They are the inner version of the outer spiral. They must not be violated or made impure.
"Because our genes are sacred does not mean that we cannot study them. The truly sacred is never in conflict with true science.
"You probably know this, but it's worth repeating for an understanding of why Arman teaches some of what he teaches. Science talks of recessive and dominant genes. The terms are not very good, but that's what we have.
"In simplest terms, recessive genes require that two copies be present to express a characteristic while dominant genes only require one copy.
"Many of the external signs that we believe indicate the way of evolution for us are recessive. It takes two similar mates with these signs to consistently produce children with these signs.
"Remember how I told you that each human has 46 chromosomes--23 from the father and 23 from the mother? If you choose mates from our people, your children will be like you.  However, if you choose mates from the others, your children will be like them.  Again, that's because it takes two of our like genes to make many of our characteristics, but it only takes one of their genes to make theirs. This is part of the struggle.
"But there's more to this talk of struggle. It is also this way throughout all of existence. 
 Light must struggle to exist, dark does not have to struggle. Dark is, when light is not. We have light on this planet only because the sun--our star--uses tremendous effort--energy--to keep on burning. The sun "struggles" to be.  If the struggle stops, the light stops.
"Our genes have branched off from the rest of humanity. We are mutants, we white ones, on this dark planet, and our mutations are not yet fixed. They are not  the norm and they are not stable. 
"There are choices that each of us must make that will determine the fate of our people and this planet. If we choose one path, we shall go down and be blended back in with the rest of humanity.  If we choose the other path, we will go up and evolve higher and eventually become a different species--a different form of human that has left behind many of the problems that afflict present humans.  To go down requires no struggle.  To go up does.
"We are a people with the potential to fulfill God's command to evolve higher.  We have reached the point where we must will our own evolution by the choices we consciously make.
"When we speak of the struggle, we must remember that all life is a series of struggles and conflicts. This is caused by the eternal spinning of existence. It is completely natural. Without the spinning, nothing would exist. It is the builder and destroyer.  It is the way up and the way down. 
 "We can lose our language and our cultural artifacts, but if we still have our genes, we are whole. Evildoers will try to deceive you into making your genes impure.  Do not listen to them. At all costs, keep your genes pure so that you may do the will of God.
"Know that all the different types of humans are different from each other. They are different because of their genes.  It is sinful to mix genes.  This is an abomination.  You must mate like with like. Use your eyes as your first and most important way to know like from unlike.  If another human looks like you--if they have the external signs--they are probably like you. But, of course, this is not guaranteed.  If in doubt, there are scientific tests that can tell the truth.
"Your first purpose in living is to multiply your kind.  If you do nothing else in life but multiply your kind to your fullest, you will have lived well.  You should try to live as long as you can so that you may have as many children in your image as is physically possible.  Men can have more children than women because of the facts of our biology.  This is neither fair nor unfair. That's just the way it is.
"Why should a man not have one hundred, two hundred, a thousand children if he can do so with as many wives as will have him?  And is it not said by Arman that each man is to become a tribe from his own loins? A woman will be limited usually to a child a year during her childbearing years. Arman says that a woman has approximately 36 childbearing years so theoretically a woman, even with single births could produce 36 children in her image.  However, it is unlikely that many will do so.  A dozen children per woman should not be a major problem for those who believe that we must multiply.
"As you go through life, stay true to these things, but do not be hateful or despise or insult others. Treat them as you want to be treated. This is our way. They have their way. Be honest and upright.  All life is sacred, but all life is different. And, the differences are what is important to evolve higher.
"So, what do you think, man?"
"Well..." I said.
"Never mind, man.  You may get it someday.  Live long and multiply."

#  #  #


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