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I figure that there's a very high probability that the U.S. or Israel will attack Iran. No crystal ball is needed so far. Both the U.S. and Israel have said as much. Both are being guided by arrogant and misguided neocon warmongers.

I also figure that the most likely result will be that Iran will fire a few missiles in retaliation and talk tough and then do nothing.

However, there are other possibilities. Indulge me as I suggest a reason why Iran might do more than I indicated above. I base what follows on a belief that humans are not so shallow as to be primarily driven by economic concerns as is often claimed in many views of the species. Man is primarily a gene driven animal. Genes give very basic commands. These commands are then manifested in various ways that may seem complex, when they really aren't. One of these commands, as I've written elsewhere, is a will to comfort. To fulfill their will to comfort, some men may be secondarily driven by a desire for economic gains, but others may be driven by spiritual interests, while still others may have this manifested in other ways.

At this point, and in support of the thesis about some men being driven by spiritual interests, I would ask the reader to consider that the U.S. usually practices dollar diplomacy. What this means is that we buy our friends. When we can't buy someone with our bribes, we usually call them crazy. That's what happened when the Ayatollah Khomeini came to power after booting out our bought friend, the Shah. That's what appears to be happening now with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who seems to be as little interested in material wealth as was Khomeini. "What a madman! Doesn't he realize that if he plays ball with us, that he can be a rich man? Mad. Mad. Totally zonkers. Certifiably insane." Well, you get the picture. In truth, he just appears to be more interested in the spiritual than the material. You can't buy the friendship of such a person. What can you offer when his eyes are on God? This is important to remember when trying to figure out what Ahmadinejad might do when the neocons attack him.

But, while thinking about the spiritual nature of Ahmadinejad and many Iranians, don't forget their genes. Most Americans probably think that Iranians are Arabs like the Iraqis. They're not. Most Iranians are Aryans. In fact, Iran means the land of the Aryans. Is this important? Maybe. Maybe not. Please be kind enough to keep indulging me as I write simplistic things in order to flesh out these thoughts about what might happen when Iran is attacked.

What is an Aryan? One definition is that it is simply a non-Jewish white person. Most readers of this column are probably Aryans even if they don't know it and have internalized the anti-white propaganda that there's no such thing as an Aryan. No such thing? You mean there are no non-Jewish white people? Sorry, white haters, the word does have validity when defined this way. Now, what do we know about Aryans? Well, history shows us that enough of them have such an aptitude and love for machines that we can probably assume this is a genetic trait. Aryans, generally speaking, like to invent machines, like to tinker with machines, like to constantly improve machines, like to make them more efficient. They especially seem to like machines that can go fast and which carry them on land, in the water, under the water, in the air, and to outer space. They also like other kinds of machines and technology; especially things that go rat-a-tat-tat or boom. And, it's not just Aryans with scientific or engineering backgrounds who like machines and have an aptitude for them. Check out NASCAR. There's a reason why most of those involved in automobile racing are white, and it's not because other races are excluded.

Okay, now take another leap and ask yourself what might have happened if instead of having wishy washy, turn the other cheek Christianity as their religion, the German Aryans in World War II were Muslims as are the Iranian Aryans. Would they have fought the war differently? Would they have coupled their love of efficiency and machinery with a faith that was so strong that they would have sent thousands of their people with very efficient bombs strapped to their bodies to blow up their enemies as Muslims now do? Would they have believed that what they were doing was what God really wanted them to do as do many Muslims today?

Now to the larger point of this column. Would the Second World War have gone differently had the Germans been Muslims, and, if so, is there a lesson in this about Iran today?

Here's a quick comparison of Iran and Germany using current figures from the CIA World Factbook. Iran has 69 million people. Germany has 82 million people. Iran has 1,648 square miles and is slightly larger than Alaska. Germany has 82,431 square miles and is slightly smaller than Montana.

In World War II, tiny little Germany--smaller than Montana, remember--gave us and Russia and many other very large nations a real run for the money. And, they did that without the religious zeal that we can expect from the Iranians but with genes that are similar to the Iranians. How would we have fared against Germans had they been wearing rags on their heads? Well, consider how bogged down we are in Muslim Arabian Iraq right now as a clue about the type of situation we might have faced in a Muslim Aryan Germany and which we might still face in Muslim Aryan Iran.

Again, it seems more likely than not that the neocons will have us attack Iran. The neocons want it and they're calling the shots in Washington right now.

Forget the rightness or wrongness of attacking Iran for a moment and consider that from a purely intellectual standpoint it might be interesting to see because of the mixture of Aryan genes and Arab religion.

What will really happen when the neocons have us attack? We'll just have to wait and see. Thus spake Zarathustra.

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