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Rosa ParksClinton & ParksPope & ParksNinety-Two-year-old Rosa Parks--an old dried up leaf whose spring was long ago--fell from the tree of life this week, as all that lives must. Seeing an opportunity for some touchy feely press, a bunch of goofy Great White Father and Great White Mother politicians slobbered all over themselves as they rushed to praise Parks for racial consciousness while they prepared to prop up her lifeless body in the Capitol Rotunda as a PR stunt. These GWFs and GWMs apparently want to send a message that they're not racists. This proves it. Parks' body is the prop. Photo ops with the dead woman, anyone? Maybe haul her body on a bus to set the scene? "Say America, did we mention that Parks is Black, and that she's one of the few people who have ever had their lifeless bodies put on display in the ROTUNDA?"

From all reports, Parks liked being Black and was proud of this fact of her birth. And, no, I didn't intend to write the usual bromidic "this accident of her birth." One's race is not an accident of birth. It is, except in the case of rape, the result of intentional mating decisions made by the parents. Parks was Black because her parents mated wisely and their line continued through her. Naturally, her Blackness is the reason she got the sweet Rotunda deal. Blackness is also the reason why Parks' racial consciousness is praised. It's affirmative action and double standards even in death in post-American America.

Prussian BlueMeanwhile, thirteen-year-old twins Lynx and Lamb Gaede--new vibrant young buds whose spring is now--who make up the singing duo Prussian Blue, were being told by some ratings chasing, numbnut, blender, talk show hosts that it is wrong and hateful for the two girls to like who and what they are. The girls are white, you see. Black and proud and you get praised. White and proud and you get condemned.

Of course, these numbnut media punks didn't mind booking Prussian Blue on program after program after program so the numbnuts could show their practiced shtick-like righteous indignation to pump up their ratings. Some of these numbnuts also inadvertently demonstrated how stupid they are about genes and the very nature of life itself and of the big questions of existence. There were even suggestions that the girls should be taken away from their parents. And, then what? Put them in reeducation camps where they can be conditioned to do what the blenders want? "Okay, all you white kids line up and repeat after me: When I grow up, I promise to marry a non-white and have non-white children so I can wipe out my evil white line and make my family non-white."

Many of these twisted white haters (even though many of them are white themselves) are the up to date versions of the small minded bigots who once hated Blacks or Catholics, or whatever other group was on the wrong side of the zeitgeist, not for any logical or scientific reasons, but just out of blind hatred and because everyone was doing it. Today, it's whites who like being white who are the object of the hate. Bigots don't change. They just change their targets. No doubt, the wiring in the brains of these pathological haters has been jumbled by the propaganda they so quickly internalize.

Have no doubt about this. These young white girls got nothing less than blind bigoted hatred from some of these low I.Q. media punks who routinely fawn over anyone who isn't white and who often pretend they don't hear calls to kill whites coming from non-white musicians. Blacks calling for the killing of whites isn't hate to these screwballs, but a couple of young white girls singing songs about their own people is considered hate. These idiots must have found their brains in a rabbit hole previously occupied by the Mad Hatter.

These phonies go along with whatever most other people in their cud chewing herd, clustered under the center of the bell curve, like loathsome creatures hiding under a rock, believe at any given moment. If cigarettes were the in thing, these clowns would be puffing up a storm. If burning witches at the state was the in thing, these jerks would be there with the matches. If claiming the earth is flat was the in thing, these fools would be telling viewers that round earth believers are haters. You've got the number on this knuckle dragging, slack jawed, sputum spewing cowardly lot with the predictable PC opinions. Many of them are the same twits who keep shilling for Bush's stupid long as it's your kids who are going and dying.

Indeed, the fact that these two vibrant white girls seem to like who and what they are has the haters foaming at the mouth. If these girls were black, the haters would be falling all over themselves to praise them. Most of these haters are not only blenders, they're also noblesse oblige racists. Welcome to the world of the brainwashed blender loons who are helping screw up post-American America.

But, the real reason that blenders don't like these two girls is because they're cute and appear happy and they look all-American, in a pre-post American America sense. They're also so unblended looking that they could serve as poster girls for why whites should remain white. But, whites remaining white is not what the blenders have in mind, dear friends. These girls, whether they want to be or not, are walking advertisements for whiteness and the joy of life. Look at a photo of these girls and you can almost see the life force bursting out from the photo while yelling to the cosmos: WE LIVE! Instead of selling the phony company line on blending, which would get them the praise of the numbnuts, these girls seem to understand that it is good to be who you really are. And, they're doing this just by being themselves and living. How hateful.

What's that I hear from under the slimy rock? "Sputter, sputter, get with the program and jump into the polluted gene pool and let your family emerge without that horrible white skin. If you don't get the white out of your family line, you're a hater! You must become a Tan Everyman or a Tan Everywoman. You must conform genetically! No genetic non-conformists are allowed."

And, what of Rosa Parks? What was she really all about? Few really understand the true meaning of Ms. Parks. When she refused to give up her bus seat to a white man, she was saying that no citizen in a mixed society should be a second class citizen and be treated differently before the law than any other citizen just because of race.

Have we learned this lesson? Not at all. Now it's whites who are being asked to give up their seats and move to the back of society's bus. The fancy new name for "get to the back of the bus" is affirmative action. In truth, a Black who supports affirmative action for Blacks is as off base as a White who supported putting Blacks on the back of the bus. What was wrong in 1955 is wrong in 2005. Some may say that turnaround is fair play, but they're out to lunch. Fair is fair.

Don't get me wrong. What I'm saying is that mixed nations such as post-American America must, of necessity, treat everyone within their borders the same, and such nations inevitably lead to a confusion of genes and the blending away of distinct races. They are genocide machines. And, so long as they remain mixed, they will remain genocide machines.

Nations always eventually have problems when they, as public policy and law, treat some identifiable subgroup within their borders differently from other groups within their borders. It's a problem that is always going to exist with mixed nations. The answer, of course, is to not have mixed nations.

Whites or Blacks or any other groups who want to have their own separate nations, need to work to get those nations. And, if they do get their own nations, they need to keep them homogeneous to avoid the problems of mixed nations. Mixed nations don't work for the benefit of all the diverse peoples within the nation even when public policy and law are gene neutral. The blenders know this. Their answer to the problems of different populations is to simply blend away the differences. Blenders want to mix all races, religions and nations so we're all the same. Whites are the main target of this blending, because, as a group, Whites appear to be the major group that just naturally opposes such blending.

Another lesson to be learned from the Rosa Parks affair is that back when she was an item, many of her fellow Blacks snickered at her for asserting her rights. In other words, many Blacks had low consciousness and just accepted second class citizen status as being the way things were. They were conditioned. Today, we see many low consciousness Whites playing a part similar to the one played by the low consciousness Blacks who snickered at Parks, but these low consciousness Whites are snickering at their fellow Whites who have some consciousness.

What will the future hold for Prussian Blue? Well, the blenders will try to turn them away from their beliefs and would, no doubt, like nothing better than to feature one or both girls in the national press as renouncing their former "hatred."

Will the girls be able to stay true to their beliefs? Time will tell. If they really understand that they're right, and that those who say they're not, are the ones who are wrong, they'll be okay. There is no hate at all in liking who and what you are. It's the natural and healthy thing to do. It's nature's way. There is, however, hate in not liking who and what you are. Whites who hate themselves and other whites should be exposed for the neurotic sickos they really are. Maybe a few will wake up.

Anyone who wants to stick it to the genocidal blenders might want to buy some of Prussian Blue's music. Nothing succeeds like success. And, nothing will make the haters squirm more than knowing that the girls are selling more of their music as a result of the publicity generated by the haters.

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