PHAGS (A different take by Homeless Jack)
by H. Millard © 2006

"The Blenders are at it big time, man, as they try to destroy distinct genetic peoples, distinct nations, and distinct religions," said Homeless Jack. "They want a plain wrap nicey-nice version of all these things instead of the extremes. It's just the latest anti-nature goofy scheme to try to build a perfect world without conflict.  It won't work, man.  You'd think some of these Blenders would be bright enough to understand that you can't go against nature and nature's imperative to constantly change things.  And, why don't they understand this?  Maybe because they haven't read Arman's teachings, man. If they had, they'd know that we don't live in a static universe.  The whole damn thing and everything in it is spinning.  The spinning means change and it also means cycles and turnings.  It is the builder and destroyer man.  And, if it ever stops, existence will stop. Because everything spins there is conflict.  It is eternal.  

"Blenderism is like Communism. Communism is a failure because it doesn't really understand the ways of existence, including human nature. 
"Anyway, the Blenders, in their foolish attempt to blend all races together, are essentially looking at people and saying: 'This one's too black.  This one's too white.  This one in the middle, this Tan Everyman, is just right.' That's what the Blenders want for all of humanity.  You must conform to their idea of what a perfect human being is.  Jump in the gene pool and emerge as a Tan Everyman. 
"I saw a photo of Blender-in-Chief George Bush the other day shaking hands with a Mongol dressed up like friggin' Genghis Khan.  It seems that Bush has settled a whole bunch of Mongols in Arlington, Va.  He's doing similar things all around the nation. Up in Minnesota he's settled a whole bunch of Hmong.  In New Hampshire, which is one of the whitest (and, because of that, one of the safest) states in the union, Bush is helping it become less white (and also, as a consequence of this, have more crime) by settling a whole bunch of Africans in the state. In Massachusetts, he's brought in gobs of Brazilians. It goes on and on, man, state by state.  Bush is trying to get the white out of the United States by swamping the place with non-white genes.  Then, when White kids reach marrying age, their chances of marrying White will be lessened. You don't see Bush calling for a big influx of Europeans, do you?  Of course not.  That would whiten up the place instead of taking it the other way.
"Bush could stop all this Third World immigration to the U.S. in a month, if he wanted to.  Don't doubt this for a minute. He won't do it though, because his mind is closed.  The Bush family is already on its way to becoming a Tan Everyman family. His brother JEB's family is already there.  Now, one of Bush's daughters is going to teach in Latin America. 
"Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, Bush is trying to get the Muslims to change their religion so that they're like a bunch of plain wrap Presbyterians but with prayer mats. See, that's what the Blenders are trying to do. They want to homogenize everything.  They don't really want diversity, man. That's just a PR term they're using to try to convince dim wits that they're better off when people unlike themselves live next door to them and when their daughters and sons marry these people who are unlike them. Ultimately, the Blenders want conformity. So, it's kind of like this man: If the Blenders have their way, the Muslims will be able to have, say, a milk bottle labeled as Muslim, but the milk in the bottle will be the same as the milk in bottles that have Catholic or Mormon or Jewish or you name it labels on the bottles.  It's American private labeling, gone mad, man.  It's like in supermarkets in the U.S. where you see different labels on containers but the stuff inside is pretty much the same no matter how different the labels look. That's what the Blenders are doing with religions.
"Speaking of the Muslims, man; Bush is building this gigantic U.S. embassy in Iraq right now. At 104 acres it's going to be the largest embassy in the world.  Does that make sense, man?  Not if the embassy is just going to be an embassy, it doesn't. Ask yourself if it makes sense to have a couple of billion dollar embassy with 21 buildings and 15 foot thick exterior walls in  that backwater sandbox called Iraq.  Embassy, my ass.  If you ask me, it's a friggin  21st Century crusader castle and a place from which the U.S. can impose its plain wrap Blenderism on the Arab world. It's like the old forts the U.S. used to build as we pushed our borders out into Indian territories in the U.S.
"You know, man, it's really infuriating that most people don't really see the truth about the Blenders. Some half-wits like to run around saying that Bush and those who think like him are globalists. And they think they're bright for saying this.  If you ask them to define globalist they'll usually use economic terms.  See, that's where they're going wrong.  Sure, the Blenders want a one world global economy, but that's just part of it.  Do I have to say it again?  What they really want is one blended human race, one giant blended nation, and one blended religion. They want us all to be the same.  In their eyes, that would make a perfect world.  Boy, are they wrong.
"Will  the Blenders succeed in developing a genetic Tan Everyman who has a completely inoffensive and pabulum style religion that is acceptable to all people and who lives in what will essentially be one bland American style artificial nation for the whole planet? Will we have Mayberry, Iraq and Mayberry, Korea? 
"I don't think so, man.  The Blenders will take a lot of lives along the way and cause trumped up wars and conflicts that needn't be, but they won't succeed at the end of the day, because what they want is not in tune with the universe, man. In fact, they're already sputtering out.  Good, decent people increasingly reject Blenderism as the genocide that it truly is. Even Time Magazine has an issue coming out that discusses the end of the Bush doctrine of remaking the world.  Don't count on Time or any of the other main stream press to use the term Blenderism, man, but that's a big part of the Bush doctrine, if you ask me.
"And as far as the genetic Tan Everyman goes, the Blenders will cause a lot of people to buy into that, but not everyone. Those who don't buy the mate-like-with-unlike lies will  be repositories of pure genes held for future generations.  And, here's a secret I have for the Blenders, man.  White people are phags."
"What?!" I asked. "Fags?"
"No, no, no.  I don't mean fags with an 'f' but phags with a "p," man. Come on, man, what the hell's wrong with you?  White people are like the white cells--the phagocytes--that are in blood.  We absorb things, man, and we bounce back.  We're more adaptable and diverse than other peoples.  Do you see many Japanese with blond hair and blue eyes, man?  Of course not.  But look at white people.  We have black, brown, blond, and red hair and all shades in between.  We have brown, grey, green, hazel and blue eyes and all shades in between.  See, we're unique, but we're still all one people.  And, our genetic uniqueness within a white package is the reason why we invent so many things.  It's that stuff about correspondences, again, man.
We also quickly develop immunities to most diseases. That's built into our blueprint--our genotype.  It's part of our program. We're also programmed to think the kinds of things that I'm telling you and to become more than we are. And, here's another thing. You've probably heard that stuff about humans all having a whole bunch of junk DNA--meaning that scientists don't yet know what it does--well, it ain't junk man.  It's the raw building blocks for more adaptations and  evolution and it also contains earlier DNA building blocks.  It just sits within us until the conditions are right and then it triggers things and expresses itself.  Scientists don't know this yet, but this stuff is especially adaptable and usable in white people.  It's like we've got a whole box full of spare parts inside us  just waiting to be called into action depending on changing conditions. And, we're programmed to bring these things on line pretty fast.
"Here's another thing. Go out and look at many of the Indian tribes that are opening gambling joints.  You'll find a whole bunch of blue-eyed "Indians."  You know why?  It's because the white genes are bouncing back in their family lines. The Indians are being absorbed into the white genotype.  The same thing will happen to most other people so long as some other factors are in place that we don't need to go into right now, man.
"While some Blenders are trying to destroy white people, and even though they think they may be succeeding, in the long run their efforts will actually destroy non-white people. 
"It's metaphysical, man. There are correspondences in the universe that are real but which we have a hard time understanding.  This all goes back to things I've told you before. What we're seeing on earth are just the same things we're seeing in all the vastness of space and also in the tiniest things we can find.
"Some of these things are so simple that most people don't believe them. It's like I said before, man: Everything is simple, it's only the explanation that is complex. How simple? Well, the "natural" state of existence is darkness, man.  That's just how everything is when there is no energy expended.  Nothing is needed to keep things dark except the absence of energy which produces light. Light is white, man.  Get it?  And, as I've also told you before, all of existence is turning.  That's why we have light and why we have evolution and conflict.  It's all part of the same thing.  The big turning is reflected in the small turnings that are right within our bodies as in DNA or in the processes within our cells.   As above, so below.  It's all connected, man.  It all makes perfect sense.  It's all very logical but it's the logic of that which is more than us and we can't fully understand it.
"Look, man, it's like I told you before, many white lines are going to become extinct.  Some others will remain pure because they have separated out from others. Others will be like phags.  In the end, we are going to be the fathers and mothers of the next step for mankind.  And, man, nature works by distilling out the few from the many and sending the few forward until they become the many."
"Jack, I don't get it," I said. "You constantly rail against miscegenation because you say it will destroy us, and now you say that we're phags and we won't really be destroyed. Which is it?"
"Hey," said Jack,  "I'm just a guy living in a cardboard box.  Go think about these things for yourself and maybe you'll understand."

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