Carlos Mencia

by H. Millard © 2006

According to a column in the Los Angeles Times last week, Comedy Central's Carlos Mencia believes that "political correctness is a form of racism."

Amen. It often is. However, it is often an unconscious racism.

I've long written about what I call "noblesse oblige racism," which often finds expression as a "Lord Jim Complex, (LJ)" or in the form of a "Great White Mother (GWM) and Great White Father (GWF) Complex." These are terms that I coined that cover the types of people and their attitudes that Mencia is talking about.  As a matter of record, the main difference between the Lord Jims and the GWMs and GWFs is that Lord Jims (and they can be male or female) usually have deep seated guilt feelings (often for imaginary or minor things or for bad thoughts)  and have a greater need for self-flagellation and punishment to relieve themselves of those guilt feelings. However, the terms do overlap and one can have elements of both types simultaneously.

Here's an excerpt from the column in the Times that shows that Mencia gets it: "Early in his stand-up career, Mencia had a revelatory encounter when he confronted a white man offended by a black joke while the blacks in the audience were laughing. He had the realization then that "political correctness is a form of racism."

"It's not overt, it's not mean, it's not ill-intended, but the negative impact of it is you think you're superior to these people, so you're going to shelter them because you don't think they can handle it." (emphasis added)

We see a lot of that going on all around the world today wherever we have whites and non-whites mixed together.  You'll often see the noblesse oblige racists  with pious "look at me, I'm so concerned" Mother Teresa looks on their faces as they run over white people to help some non-white person who probably doesn't even need help.

The neurotics who have these complexes treat non-whites like helpless stray cats, or like little children, instead of like fully functioning human beings and equals. It's a form of racism. It's a sub-conscious belief that non-whites are inferior and often need the help of these GWMs, GWFs, and LJs to help the non-whites who just can't take care of themselves.

And, most other whites, in the twisted minds of the neurotic GWMs, GWFs, and LJs, are full of hatred of non-whites. The GWMs, GWFs, and LJs are often neurotically hypersensitive to the slightest insults, imagined or real, from their fellow "superior whites," to non-whites. In their minds, whites are supposed to act better than "them." And, to these noblesse oblige racists, it's not enough that their fellow whites not have hatred for anyone and that they just treat all people about the same in a sort of typically white sort of libertarian indifference. No, to prove that they're not racists, the noblesse oblige racists demand that whites  go out of their way to treat non-whites better than they would treat other whites. These neurotics also demand that whites not point out nature's own genetic differences in different peoples--such as different crime rates--even when such a pointing out is not about hatred, but is, rather, just an observation on the human condition.

Bad behavior that is routinely excused in non-whites is proscribed for whites. Of course, the noblesse oblige racists will never put it in these terms, because, as mentioned above, their attitude is often sub-conscious and born of a neurosis. Many of them have a deep seated neurotic need that causes them to "mother" their "inferiors." They just don't feel whole unless they're doing this. When they mother these others, they're actually satisfying their own neurotic need for meaning in their empty lives and getting brain shots of feel good hormones.

In this regard, these neuroses are somewhat similar to the Baron Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.Yup, GWMs and GWFs are often nutcases, as we say on the streets, but because they present a caring face to the world, they are often praised for their compassion instead of being seen for the neurotics that they are.

Today, you'll often see this smarmy attitude of superiority from the GWMs, GWFs and Lord Jim racists in regard to illegal aliens.

I actually sat in a community meeting once as a smarmy GWM stood up and said that "immigrants" shouldn't be held accountable for bringing knives to school. She said that "we" (white people) "need" to teach "them"  that this isn't right.

Why do "we" need to do these things? Because, daaaaahling "we" are superior--at least in the minds of the GWM's, GWFs and Lord Jims. See, if " superior whites" brought knives to school, we'd expect John Law to crack down hard, but if non-whites do it, well, daaaaahling, we need to teach them right from wrong.   

Dear reader, you're probably thinking that this same sort of thing is seen all the time in the prosecution of hate crimes.  And, you're right.  Let a little white kid give so much as a sidelong glance at a non-white and he's likely to be accused of a hate crime. Yet, let non-whites attack whites and use hate terms while doing so, and the cops will have a hard time finding any hate crime.  

How do you distinguish between those who really do want to help others in normal healthy ways and those who are neurotic?

Look for the serial nature of the help and the constant tilting toward those unlike the helper. Also look for signs that the helper is targeting whole classes of people who do not look like the helper. The neurotics need that feeling that they are superior and that they have gone below their station in life to help the poor and needy. This usually (but not always) means that they will seek out people who don't look like them and avoid those who do look like them. Another sign is often a beatific but stern mother or father tough love look.  And, one sure sign is to look for those whites who will proudly tell you things such as: "The inner city kids call me Mrs. White Homey or Mr. Pale Diddy Dog," or some similar term that encompasses both their whiteness and their connection to the non-whites, often in a subtle superior to inferior way.

In the book Lord Jim, the main character became the Christ-like savior of poor, backward natives (who, as "inferiors," were incapable of taking care of themselves) and was carried on their shoulders through the dusty streets while they all smiled and shouted "Lord Jim, Lord Jim, Lord Jim. Lord Jim then smiled back with his beatific yet humble smile looking like Christ on the cross, as befits a superior being who is slumming with his inferiors.

Our real life Lord Jims don't have to travel to the fictional Island of Patusan to get their psychological uppers and cause their feel good hormones to flow, they're turning the U.S. into such a place.

Of course, the good citizens of this nation who want to live in a First World community with low crime, good schools, and a high quality of life are the real victims of the noblesse oblige racists and their neuroses.  

Unfortunately, there are still too many whites who let themselves be brow beaten by the real haters and racists.  Witness the almost constant name calling coming from illegal alien advocates these days.

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