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The Ineffable Divine willing, the Pure White Ones shall prevail and fill all the worlds with their kind to sanctify all lands and make them holy and just.

What some haters of our kind may call "racism," is from God, who we often call the Ineffable Divine or the First Cause or by various other names. We believe It (we often use It instead of He because It has no human body) exists in the subatomic or Quantum level of existence. While earlier generations might speak of It as spirit we often think of It as energies, forces, waves, sub-atomic particles, frequencies. We do not know Its actual nature and, of course, that is why we often call It the Ineffable Divine. 

We believe It has caused our genetic and biological selection to be a holy people and Its helpers at our level of existence which is the everyday world we see around us. We believe It has started to take a more active role in the furthering our continued existence and expansion at this time to correct the trajectory of future history and to keep us from going extinct as the distinct people we are and to greatly expand our numbers and purify our DNA Code to be better able do Its will.  We often use modern terms to describe Its ways and actions since these terms seem to make more sense in our age than some terms used in the past. Thus, we will often use terms from science, including concepts relating to computers and physics that we think better explain how the Ineffable Divine works than some of the vague and often mystical or magical terms used in the past.

The Ineffable Divine has written Its Holy Book inside the White DNA Code as It has throughout nature and has set in all that exists the specific operating systems, programs and defaults.  And, the Ineffable Divine downloads into matter and living organisms what It wishes for Its own purposes which are always good and just and holy. 

The laws of the Ineffable Divine written in that internal Holy Book for White people have some of the same general  provisions as for all other matter and all other organisms, but there are chapters in the particular internal White Holy Book that apply only to Whites as the carriers of the White DNA Code. Does this confuse you?  It shouldn't. Are your ways the same as those of a tree or a fish?  Of course not, except on the most basic and general levels of existence for all living organisms are you and they the same.  And, the ways of a White person are not always the same as the ways of non-Whites.  There is a process in existence of going from the very general to the very specific and this applies to humans as to everything else that exists. This should be no surprise to anyone who observes and understands how things work in nature.  If you bake a cake and use exactly all the same ingredients except you may make one vanilla and one chocolate, are they the same thing?  Of course not. They look different and they taste different. They are different. It is this way throughout existence.  Make one tiny change in things and the whole thing may be different. It is also that way with human races.

The recipe that makes White people is corrupted if even a small change is made to the ingredients. Thus, if a White miscegenates, his or her children will not be White.  But, the Ineffable Divine's law against miscegenation, as with many other laws, only applies to Whites.  Whites have special burdens and responsibilities on their shoulders as the ones who are selected. Other races can miscegenate among themselves so long as no White is involved but Whites are commanded to not do it or we will go extinct and we will be punished by the Ineffable Divine.  Whites are held to higher standards by the Ineffable Divine so we can do Its will and be Its helpers.

Whites have been selected to be the helpers of the Ineffable Divine at our level of existence and Whites must be a holier people and take the White path that no other kinds can take.  Whites have the keys to open this path and they are found in the White DNA Code.  Only those with the White DNA Code have these keys. No one should doubt this. Some wrongly say that all humans are the same. This is evil to say this. Human races are not all the same.  They do not look the same, they do not act the same, they are very different. The Ineffable Divine demands that Whites remain different and that they must separate out from other kinds to maintain and increase their purity.  Whites must not allow their White DNA Code to become polluted and corrupted by any mingling with non-Whites. Whites are commanded to help their evolution ever higher by following the instructions given to Whites by the Ineffable Divine.

The internal Holy Book written in he White DNA Code is often misunderstood by some people while some others may not even be aware of its existence so we use words to explain what is there.  Our words must never contradict what the Ineffable Divine has written in the internal Holy Book, and they must not deviate from the truth. 

Whites have free will and must freely choose the right path and be good people following the Ineffable Divine's laws for their kind.  Whites must always understand that they are a different kind and they must increase their differences to get ever closer to the Ineffable Divine and fulfill their highest possible destiny to become a new species of human that will be holier and more pure and no longer be capable of having viable offspring with other kinds of humans. Whites are also charged with saving humanity from what is coming by becoming the new humanity with general adaptations that make it more fit. For this they must evolve and their internal Holy Book is the instruction book on how to do this.

The Ineffable Divine also wants Whites to be happy.  It has not given Whites meaningless rituals and things that they must do that go against their better natures.  It essentially tells Whites to live fully, experience much, seek peace of mind, harm no one and love oneself and one's kind all the while thinking often of the Ineffable Divine and spreading It's love, light, compassion and justice by having as many more White children as their bodies can produce over a hopefully long and fertile life span. The very presence of Whites sanctifies wherever they are and the more awake they are and conscious of their special role to help the Ineffable Divine, the more holy is everything around them. The Ineffable Divine's life giving and purifying light shines out through their very flesh to dispel darkness as does the sun when it pushes back the darkness at dawn and throughout the day.

Whiteness--the essence of who and what Whites are and their innate potential to be more found in their White DNA Code with all its known and unknown, seen and unseen parts--is inseparable from true White religious beliefs. To some Whites, their religion is Whiteness, but this is more than just a belief in themselves as the beings that they see in the mirror. They truly and deeply believe that their Whiteness is their link to the Ineffable Divine and without their White genome, their white skin and white features, they lose that link. They see their White skin and White features as outward signs of the inner truth of their beings and also as recognition signs of their oneness with the Ineffable Divine and as his workers to carry out His will in their level of existence which is the everyday world they live in.

The wise awakened Whites say that Whites are selected because of their White DNA Code to be a special kind and to do the work of the Ineffable Divine at their level of existence. When they honor their DNA Code, they believe that they automatically honor the Ineffable Divine. As organisms of flesh and blood, they recognize the fact that their flesh and blood is completely necessary for their spiritual and genetic development. Unlike some other religious beliefs, they understand that their flesh and blood is not evil but is good.

There are mysteries in this, but the awakened believe they are free to speculate and some believe that their specific DNA Code--that which makes White people who and what they are--may also act like a communication device with the Ineffable Divine and the purer they are spiritually and genetically, the stronger is the communication.  Others say it is like an inner temple where the Ineffable Divine visits or is there all the time.  Who can know?  After all, the Divine is ineffable.

Whatever the case, the awakened say they know from revelations in the Teachings that they are selected and that they must do the will of the Ineffable Divine who always has the good in mind and never evil.  The Ineffable Divine is also the God of life, love, compassion, peace, justice, nature, natural laws and evolution.  It is against anything that would harm the lives of the selected or shorten them even by a second.  It is also against anything that keeps Whites from reproducing the White Genome to the fullest extent that their bodies will allow and It wants Whites to make the world a holier place through their flesh and blood and by increasing the sheer volume of their White DNA Code which is the replacement for earlier forms. They believe they are commanded to make as many more like themselves as is physically possible and to expand their kind always and never contract. This, they see as their primary religious duty.

The White Purpose in Living

Awakened Whites, whatever their other beliefs, believe that it is important that White people continue to exist as completely White people and not be blended away via miscegenation.  They believe that the primary purpose of their lives is to multiply their White DNA Code.  They truly believe that the Ineffable Divine has commanded them to go forth and multiply themselves.

And, awakened Whites who have strong White spiritual or religious beliefs often believe their purpose in life is to daily help with White genetic interests, mainly by helping increase the sheer volume of pure White DNA in existence so that it fills all worlds with itself and leaves no room for anything that is harmful to itself.

They say that it doesn't matter if one is young or old, male or female, in prison or in the military in this or that job or whether one is rich or poor, healthy or sick, Whites have a purpose that is larger than themselves and they are the carriers and protectors of the White DNA Code that is within them from birth and in which the Ineffable Divine dwells. They believe they must improve themselves and have strong minds in strong bodies. They say that Whites are selected because they are born with the selected DNA Code. They often put it this way: To be truly White and holy as commanded by the Ineffable Divine one must have Right Blood (aka the White genome, aka the White DNA Code), Right Belief (aka belief in Whiteness before all else) and Right Action (aka living White and doing the will of the Ineffable Divine each and every day).

They believe that they must take direct physical action and not just dwell on theory. This means they must do something to help White genetic interests.  They say that Whites must ask of everything "Is this good for White people?"  They believe that they must help awaken other Whites.  They say that they must be good people, and be good examples for others and that they must be kind and gentle and speak softly and not cause grief in others and that they must not be loud and boisterous but be humble and do no harm and that they should be peacemakers who try to avoid conflicts and never cause others to lose their peace of mind.

They say be true and resolute in your work for the Ineffable Divine Lord you owe your life to It and it is within your White DNA Code. Do no evil and do no harm. Be a peacemaker and help others keep their peace of mind as you should also keep your peace of mind. Avoid stress and worrying. Live and let live and seek rational happiness not conflict. Expand your DNA Code always and never contract. Make all lands and all worlds White and pure.

How Should Those Who Follow the Teachings as Briefly Outlined Here Live and Act?

Those who follow the Teachings, often try to do as Arman says he tries to do in his daily life. This means live normal lives, work normal jobs and be humble and soft spoken. Always have a fylfot with four, six or eight arms with the arms trailing the central spinning hub which rotates counterclockwise on them in some form (Arman presently prefers the six armed form).  They may also have symbols of DNA. Such ones should also pray a short thank you to the Ineffable Divine at dawn and dusk.  They should follow the Golden Rule. They should try to be good, just and compassionate people never causing grief or anxiety in others and always trying to create peace and peace of mind in themselves and others.  They should seek to have as many White children (and never non-White children) as possible according to their natures as males or females.  They should seek wisdom and should study nature and the Teachings and all things all the days of their lives to be the best educated of people.  They should keep a light on night and day as a symbol of the presence of the Ineffable Divine. They should have a military appearance with short or no hair and uniform-like dark and plain clothes that are comfortable and functional. They should be indifferent to non-Whites and not interfere in their lives or destinies, but they should be polite and respectful and not cause them harm by words or deeds. If possible, they should join together for religious services and they should stick together for their mutual benefit against all who hate them and who want to persecute them.  They are to be one people, joined by DNA and always working to increase their numbers and multiplying their kind. Many of them use some of the rituals of their White European ancestors relating to the calendar. Everything they do, no matter how common or mundane,  they try to make holy by thinking of the Ineffable Divine and our particular DNA Code and as always they ask of everything: Is this good for White people?

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