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  OUR RELIGION OF WHITE RACISM by H. Millard (c) 2018   

 As long time readers know, some of us believe that Whites are a selected kind (you can read that as natural selection or divine selection or both) and that we further believe that we must live good lives and follow the Teachings in order to fulfill our highest possible destiny which is to evolve higher spiritually, biologically and genetically into the next evolutionary step for humankind.  We also believe that we must make this happen and that it will bring us closer to the Ineffable Divine.

We do not believe that we are superior to other races, just different, and that all races have pluses and minuses simply because that's the way evolution works to keep some form of life ever existent in a dynamic and ever changing universe. Thus, we should not be arrogant about who and what we are.  We are not perfect, but we are trying to perfect ourselves as God wants for ourselves alone.

Just to be clear, we do not hate other kinds of humans and we use the term "racism" to mean a belief in the concept race as a proper taxonomic category as valid as species or family or any of the other taxonomic categories. We further believe that so-called White Racism is a survival mechanism that helps us survive as individuals and as the distinct people we are and helps us avoid our genocide via miscegenation which would cause us to be assimilated into the non-White masses and disappear forever.  

We try to follow the Golden Rule which we state as "Treat everyone the way you want to be treated."  We also believe in being peacemakers, in speaking softly, in being humble, in individual and group freedom, in not butting into the affairs of non-Whites, in self-determination, in self-sufficiency, and in many of the other positive "self" attributes. And, we believe in living happy, fulfilled lives seeking and offering peace of mind to all.  We do not believe in asceticism but in enjoying life while being ever mindful of the special responsibilities we have.  We also don't believe in turning the other cheek.

Among us are many views on the nature of God, a word which some of us use interchangeably with the term Ineffable Divine as well as a few other terms. Some don't believe in such an entity at all, others have various other views.  Just one of these views, by way of example, is that this entity, God, did not cause the universe to exist, but that It evolved and awoke once the universe came into existence--or maybe the universe always existed--and that the Ineffable Divine then became the conscious living part of existence. Those who believe this way also often believe that the Ineffable Divine is always evolving and that we are part of Its evolutionary plans and that there is a spiritual link or correspondence based on light and white and also on certain shapes and symbols such as spirals and fylfots. Others have different views. Who can know? We do know that all beliefs that put Whites and Whiteness first and foremost are consistent with our various beliefs about God  because we believe that God wants us to believe in Whiteness first and foremost and if we do that but don't believe in God, we will eventually understand.  But if we believe in God, but not in Whiteness and if we live our lives wrongly, we will not understand.

We must keep as our most basic general belief not a belief in any versions of God or no God that awakened Whites may have, but the belief in Whiteness.  Some of us who do put Whiteness above all else say that this belief itself is what God wants us to believe and this helps with Its plans and is the same thing as a belief in God without so naming It.

While we are rational and intelligent people who often look to true science and reason for our answers, we also often believe things that are based on inspired and revealed beliefs alone. 

Among these are the belief that White skin and ideal White body, mind, facial features and characteristics, both seen and unseen, are completely necessary for our existence and our evolution which is linked to the seen and unseen light that comes from God in ways that we can't at present understand. We believe that anything that diminishes the Whiteness of us, our families, our DNA code, or the quantity of Whiteness that exists in the world  is evil and a return of darkness and we at our level of existence must do what God does in the larger sphere by pushing back the darkness that exists in the absence of light and White. In a practical sense this means we must never miscegenate and we must reproduce ourselves with many children to increase the quantity of Whiteness/light in flesh that we are. We are the bright stars made small in our  sphere of existence. Where we are there is the light of God pushing back the darkness and bringing Its somethingness to the nothingness.  Where we are not, there is darkness. We also believe that we do not die if we have pure children in our image who survive us.  The more such children we have, the greater is our presence in future generations.

Some of us say that in the beginning all was dark and then God awoke or came into existence as a tiny point of seen and unseen light in the darkness and from that moment on has been devouring the darkness with Its spinning, turning, spiraling light. Without God, we believe there would be nothingness which is all dark, all silent, all still, all cold.

We believe that it takes action to push back the darkness and that God is doing just that.  The darkness is what is when there is no effort put forth to bring light.  We see the stars in the sky as God's spreading of His holy light and we see the darkness that exists without this holy light as what exists without effort.  It just is until there is effort. It takes no effort to create the nothingness and darkness. It takes effort to create somethingness and light.  And, at our level of existence we see White people as God's light pushing back darkness, ignorance, sinfulness and all things that  can be called evil or not what God wants.  As above, so below fits our belief. We are God's helpers and hands at our level of existence.

We believe that we are in a new Dark Age and that too many Whites are asleep and need to be awakened in order for God's will to be completed through us at our level of existence. We believe that we are called to help awaken as many Whites as possible so that they may be saved from being blended away into the dark masses and so that they may help with our evolution towards the Ineffable Divine.

One mental test to see if someone does put Whiteness/God above all else is this: If you could save only 1 White from a sinking ship or thousands of non-Whites but not both, which would you choose?  If you chose to save the 1 White you understand that it is the White DNA code in the White you saved which is important to our survival and evolution and that the non-White DNA codes of the 1000 do not help with this work of God. You have also shown that you understand that you are not to butt into the affairs of non-Whites and that they, like us, have their own fates and must use their own ways to survive. And, if they can't survive on their own without our help, then this is as God wants it to be.

Is our way a religion, a philosophy, a way of life?  It can and should be all three, but one or two out of three may work for many of us.

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