Clinton Obama
Obama--Black, White, Beige, Yellow, Red and Green?
by H. Millard © 2008

In his column this week, George F. Will discusses Barack Obama as Will sees him, and as black writer Shelby Steele sees him in Steele's new book "A Bound Man: Why We Are Excited About Obama and Why He Can't Win." 

If I understand the discussion correctly, it appears that Steele argues that despite being half-white and half-black (more about this presently) and being raised by a white mother with white standards in a middle class environment, that Obama, instead of facing life as an aracial, has taken his life experience out of account and has gone to the dark side of things in that he is trying to fit into the world as a black man being held down by a racist white society.
Will, on the other hand, apparently believes that Obama doesn't really see himself as a black man, and has transcended race. If I were to put this in my own words, I'd say that Will believes that Obama sees himself as an aracial Tan Everyman. 
Even though Will likes the transcending of race that he believes Obama has accomplished, the problem with Obama, according to Will, is that he lacks depth and conviction (of a sort approved by Will) and that even though he has risen above race, he shouldn't be given control of nuclear weapons; read, he shouldn't be given the tremendous power that comes with being president because he doesn't have enough experience to handle the job well.
In other words, according to Will, this white-black guy who, in the black community might be called high-yellow, but who sees himself as neutral beige, looks good on the black surface, but is too green to be president.
Although some politicians might turn red with anger over such an assessment, we are told that the white-black, high-yellow, beige and green Obama does not anger easily and thus, doesn't get red. Whew!
Okay, enough with the colors.
The larger and deeper questions here are the ones I often come back to in my columns.  What is the nature of man and reality?  And, how should we, as thinking creatures, understand existence and our place in it so that we can improve ourselves and  fulfill a destiny that we ourselves will?
And, on the last point above, it seems to me that we are at a point in our evolution where we must, because we can, step in and will our evolution if we want the best for ourselves without simply hoping that indifferent nature will do right by us. In other words, we must take control of our own destiny and not be passive leaves in a breeze expecting nature to blow us to a fair shore, and then calmly accepting whatever is thrown at us, including, possibly, the rocky shoals of devolution and extinction.
If we, like all living things, really are just leaves in a breeze, then we, or least those of us who are aware, should take an active role in our own lives and our destiny and try to use our minds to build rudders to steer our leaves in what we consider the right direction for ourselves.  Focus on that word "ourselves" because it's important to our evolution to understand who is ourselves and who is not. And, this relates to Obama.
Let's go deeper for a moment. I won't bore you, here, with a long dissertation on this, but our evolution begins at the voodoo or ghost level of nature where existence comes into being from non-existence and is manifested to a point where we can "see" it as subatomic waves/particles. At that point when matter flashes into existence from non-existence, science takes over from belief.
Even when we discuss the pedestrian things of our everyday lives, we should, if we are to be true to reality, at least understand in the back of our minds, that we are a logical result [but most assuredly not the end result] of matter coming into existence. Our macro existence is underpinned by micro existence.
All of existence, including our bodies, is made up of the subatomic. Because this is true, we also contain within us some of that voodoo or ghost stuff--that whatever the hell it is--which gives rise to subatomic particles.
Furthermore, existence and everything in it is spinning. Maybe this is the ghost. Maybe not. This causes all matter to change and to diversify into different forms starting at the subatomic level and then moving up through all matter and into our DNA.
Plunge now into the world of belief inferred from observations. When existence began, says I, it did so through spinning. The spinning caused expansion. As the spinning continued, stars and planets were formed. Think spiral galaxies as a visual. 
On earth, so called inert matter (which is not really inert) evolved through the spinning into those spiral galaxies made small--DNA. The DNA continued to spin and created basic life--protoplasmic blobs.
 Life then continued spinning and expanding and evolved into different forms and eventually evolved into conscious intelligent life that is different from other forms of life in that it can intercede in what happens to it and can change the future by building the aforementioned metaphorical rudders to actually steer itself along the spinning forces of existence to a destination that we, ourselves, have chosen.
We, says I again, should live authentic lives aware of our true genetic identity in a conscious and fully awake manner. While we should not deny nature, we should also not fatalistically and passively accept its accidents and vagaries. Nor should we accept the false views of the blenders who are race deniers and genocidists.
It is time for us to choose our own fate, not just in our mundane every day existence as such choices are usually thought of, but in the long range view of history and existence. 
We must be the drivers of our destiny. We'll map out our path.  We'll select the roads. We'll make changes as we deem necessary.  This is our road and we must travel it alone, not as individuals, but as a group of aware individuals throwing our lot together based on genes, beliefs and actions.  And, if we make mistakes or end up going off the cliff, we'll at least do it with the knowledge that we lived for a purpose that we alone decided was right for us.
What I write of is a forward looking long range view of existence and our place in it. It is a lifting our heads high so we can look at the far horizon, while others are sleep walking through life with their eyes cast down to where they'll place their foot next on the sidewalk. It is a call to struggle consciously to move ever higher.
This place and time where we are now; this eyes wide open place along the blind conveyor belt of evolution does demand that we guide our own evolution, even though most of humanity isn't aware of this fact.  We who know these things, can never close our eyes again. We have become God's lonely insomniacs. We know that because we have thought these thoughts that we can make choices to go up or go down, but that we can never stand still and we can never make important choices--such as mating--without looking at the long term consequences.
We know that we must steer our leaves in the right direction and we know that the right direction is toward being more us, not less us.
Most humans are asleep about these things that we think and know. Some, such as Obama's mother and father, used their limited free will to choose a path that led in a direction that is not our direction.
They probably did so with no deeply conscious thoughts about the subject. Their choices led them to not go into the future whole and complete as they were. Instead, they each mixed their 23 like chromosomes with 23 unlike chromosomes and produced a child--Obama--who is unlike either of them as a totality. Instead of having 46 like chromosomes, he has 23 of this and 23 of that.
Obama is not half white and half black as some say because of his white mother and black father. He is black. And, it's not just skin color. It's head shape, bone structure, hair, eyes, etc. But, even though he is black, he is not fully black because he does not have 46 black chromosomes.  He only has 23. The genes on the 23 white chromosomes from his mother joined with the 23 black chromosomes of his father and created the spark to create a new life, but because most of the white genes are recessive, they were mostly there to jump start the battery, not be part of the car.
Remember, white "recessive genes" only means that it takes two copies of them to make a white person while it only takes one copy of black genes to make a black person.  That's why Obama looks black. He is black. This is not complicated.  It's very basic Mendelian inheritance.
Also, as I've written before, sight is the king of the senses for humans.  We can reason to this conclusion because it is the primary factor in our mating choices. Our primary purpose in life--which is the purpose of our genes--is to survive forever. We do this by ensuring that our 23 chromosomes which carry our genes, join with 23 chromosomes of a mate who is much like us. Then, we exist in our children.  Nature has given us eyesight to determine like from unlike.
If we are of sound mind, we usually instinctively know who is us and who is not us and we choose mates that will ensure our survival beyond the grave in the flesh of our children.
If, however, we are not grounded with a strong sense of self and group worth or if we do not like ourselves and if we want to overcome who and what we are genetically, we may intentionally choose mates who are unlike us to try to obliterate ourselves.
In our present Dark Age, we are told by the high priests of blending, that race does not matter. We insomniacs with our eyes wide open would differ. We see race and the genes that make race as the most important part of being human and we believe that to deny it is to alienate oneself from the most essential identity that any of us possesses. It is not that we should overcome race, but that we should overcome the false belief that we should overcome it.
Race is not evil.  It is to humans what breed is to dogs.  It is nature's way.  It is a step along the path to differentiation from others and to eventual specieshood.  Blending back in by mixing unlike chromosomes is a folding of humans back into the undifferentiated mass. This is just the opposite of evolution. Evolution is a distillation from out of the mass.  It always has been that way and it always will be that way.  Humans need to face that fact and use it to their advantage.
And to do this, they must not deny race and genes and human differences or try to overcome them to become Tan Everymen. They must seek to be unblended so that evolution can work and they must seek those qualities and characteristics in mates that will move them forward, via their children, on the path that goes to ever higher consciousness.
We are our genes and our genes are us.  Do not try to deny this fact of nature.  Do not try to overcome who and what you are.

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