by H. Millard © 2008

Barack Obama is like a drum. Both make noise because both are empty.

As more and more people are now pointing out, Obama says nothing. He just strings together nice sounding words that are meaningless.

There used to be a black guy  in a city where I lived once who used to sell balloons from a busy street corner. The thing about this guy was that his voice was so low and deep, I swear, that it was almost below the level of human hearing. You'd walk past the guy and he'd always say the same thing, but you'd never see his lips move: "Buy the lady a balloon. Make the children happy."

It was almost subliminal. It was like monks in Tibet chanting OM.

I used to imagine that some--but not all--people might take a few steps past the balloon man, not consciously hear what he had said, but then have their subconscious buttons pushed--by the sound that they heard but didn't hear--and turn back zombie like while droning: "Must buy balloon for lady. Must make the children happy."
Like Obama, this guy was also an empty drum. But unlike Obama he wasn't a little snare drum. He was a hollow ancient tree lying on its side in the jungle that when struck with a log made the deep sound of creation that still echoes through the universe--OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!  
When the balloon man said his nothings, the nothings didn't need somethings beyond the balloons to be meaningful.  But, this guy wasn't a politician. He only had balloon strings in his hands. If Obama gets elected, he's going to have a lot more than balloon strings in his hands. And that, dear friends, should make you worry.

Obama has just enough of the vocal quality and delivery of the balloon man to have easily suggestible people think that he's saying something  important instead of something that is mostly just gas.
Here's a typical Obama drum beat of nothingness: "It's change versus more of the same. It's the future versus the past.... They are running on the politics of yesterday, and that is why our party must be the party of tomorrow."
The sad young zombies are showing up these days at Obama rallies.  They don't know what the hell the guy is saying, but their buttons are being pushed by the empty drum beat and they figure it must be important and they want to be part of it just to be part of it. 
Obama rallies are a little like the Haight-Ashbury and Woodstock that most of these sad young zombies never experienced. So, they get caught up in the moment and the energy.
 Now come reports that some of these zombies are fainting at Obama rallies.  
The voodoo gods are possessing their bodies and short circuiting their brains.OMMMMMMMMMMMMMAUMAUMAU.  It's a multicultural orgy of mixed symbols swirling around the presidential campaign as Obama tries to make the U.S. into a new Africa.
Obama's Afro-centric world view is starting to show. He even wants U.S. citizens--you and me--to pony up billions of U.S. taxpayer money to fight poverty all around the world--read, Africa, mostly. It's the old unworkable war on poverty crap again.
If Obama is elected, watch as the U.S. becomes even more of a Third World dump.  Watch as whites are driven down even more and are forced to pay reparations for slavery.  Watch as Obama uses the levers of power to completely destroy the U.S. as anything resembling a new Europe.
Watch as the U.S. becomes a new Haiti. Watch as the savagery found in Africa and in African-American dominated U.S. cities becomes the norm even in those now mostly white states where the Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers are smiling to themselves as they support their own destruction.
Of course, the GWMs and GWFs won't be able to put two and two together when they see the crime rates rise in their little towns and villages and they won't dare point out that most of the crime and social problems that is affecting whites is not from whites but from non-whites.  How can we know the GWMs and GWFs will react this way?  Because that's the way they react now. 
Try telling most of these dimwits that most violent crime and social problems in the U.S. today do not have white faces and they'll just call you a racist. Facts don't matter to them.  They're brainwashed to the point that they can't  be saved. They're sheep living among wolves who can't admit that it is not other sheep who are eating their fellow sheep, but  the wolves.
Meanwhile, over on the Republican side we have crazy John McCain who seems to be the personification of General Jack D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove.
Oh well, we still have Hillary in the race.  Who would ever have thought that Hillary would be the best of the worst?
Maybe a miracle will happen for Hillary and she'll be the Democrat nominee instead of Obama.
 Hell, I agree with that skinny conservative chick who said she'd vote for Hillary over McCain. Hillary's full of crap on immigration, but so is McCain.  But unlike Hillary, McCain will keep us in Iraq and will probably start a war with Iran and anyone else that pisses him off for whatever reason.

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