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 How race whipped are many Whites today? How long is a string?

I think many non-Whites are bemused, bewildered and sometimes irritated at the timid way Whites act in regard to race and wish that Whites would just get over it and be who they are and be proud of it. I would liken this feeling to the creepy one we sometimes have when we're around a bunch of mewling cowards.

In a story that sounds as though it sprouted legs and escaped from a certain tea party and crawled out of a rabbit hole, the Church of England has named a guy named John Sentamu as the Archbishop of York. Some of the things Sentamu has said--such as his attacks on multiculturalism--would probably make many timid Whites feel a little uneasy and want to take a few steps away from him lest that birds of a feather thing get the tongue cluckers out in force. Some other Whites might even want to get aracial brownie points by loudly and self-righteously proclaiming, to anyone who will listen, that Sentamu has made White supremacist statements and, by golly, they're going to speak out against that kind of White person.

So how did outspoken John Sentamu get the big gig in this loony PC Dark Age? Easy. Sentamu is not English. He's not European. He's not White. He's African. He's Black. He's so black that he's almost purple. Indeed, he's so dark that some might say he looks like hole in the universe in the shape of a man.

And, what does Sentamu do as soon as he gets the attention of the press? Why, he Mau Maus the English people for denying their history and national identity. Huh? You read that right. You're not alone if you're starting to feel a little topsy turvy. Of course, the maddening thing is that Sentamu is correct. Ironically, he's also a living example of his argument that the British don't know much about their history or their national identity or, to go even further, about genes. If they did, they wouldn't have appointed him to his position.

I'm not black like Sentamu, so perhaps the Brits won't politely listen to me as I tell them the truth. But, let's give it a try. With simple sentences. See folks, you English are a European people. You are a White people. Your history, your culture and your national identity are all wrapped up with your genes. Ah, see, that's what makes you what you are. Got that so far? Sentamu, on the other hand, is not English. His genes are different. Get it? Can you see that he does not look English? So, why did you English appoint an African as an Archbishop of the Church of England? I mean, it's not called the Church of Africa.

Maybe Sentamu is one of the few men in the Church of England with any life force in him and maybe that's why he got the job. Maybe the sissies gravitated to someone with vigor, even if he isn't really one of them. Perhaps, in their minds, because he speaks English, they can pretend he is English and this makes them feel like men again. Anyway, Sentamu spoke like a real Englishman with gonads and that's what they want, even though he's not a real Englishman. Sentamu also told the English that they need to reconnect with their roots to avoid further political extremism. Well, geez, if the Brits reconnect with their real roots they'll boot Sentamu off the friggin' island. Or, maybe not. After all, the English can't seem to understand that Sentamu isn't one of them.

Another example of a non-White telling Whites to stop being neurotic sissies and to be what they are and to be proud of it, came from a Comanche Indian named David Yeagley who teaches some college classes someplace or other and who has some columns on the internet. In "What's Up With White Women," Yeagley writes about how he was disturbed when a White female student, who he calls Rachel, praised Indians but at the same time knocked her fellow Whites by saying "My race is nothing." Yeagley then writes, "But I don’t feel so proud when I listen to Rachel. It gives me no solace to see the white man self-destruct. If Rachel’s people are 'nothing,' what does that say about mine? "

Yeagley is right. But why does it take an Indian to tell the truth about our Rachels? Why aren't more Whites writing about people like Rachel? Why do we so often calmly accept the self-haters among us? Why don't we tell them that we don't want to hear their rot. Their self-hatred is more than just a matter of their individual rights. When they hate themselves, they hate all of us. Our gene pool is the joint possession of all Whites. Any Whites who harm it, harm all of us. And, harm often starts with evil words.

In a slightly different but also similar vein, Thomas Sowell, who is Black, had a column recently in which he wrote about how people tend to self-sort by race and all manner of other things such as education and IQ, and that government should butt out and stop social engineering by forcing people on each other. That's not something that many Whites would be able to write in the main stream press where Sowell's columns run. When Sam Francis wrote similar things, his columns were cancelled. And, maybe that sort of social pressure regarding racial matters put on Whites, often by other Whites, is one of the main reasons that Whites have become as scared as frightened mice about race and society and life itself.

Maybe that's part of the reason why Whites have become an old and decrepit race with one collective foot in the grave. Maybe that's part of the reason that Whites lack the generative force needed to keep being a vital expanding people. It certainly seems part of why our birth rate is so low. We have become a people of winter, not spring.

But, here's a deeper truth about all this that many may not realize. It is we ourselves, we White people, who are tamping down our internal flames. We have put a psychological cap on them. We are holding ourselves back. In a way, we're a people like the guy in the old Werewolf movies who tries to control what's inside him by locking himself in a jail cell when the moon is full.

It's time we awakened and let our inner White people be as nature intended. We have the power in our minds to change our winter to spring, but it's going to take a lot of effort on our part to learn to uncap those internal flames of the life force that once burned so brightly that we conquered this whole brown planet and didn't bother saying, "May we please?"  

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