Thousands of illegal migrants demand priviledges

by H. Millard © 2006


When the neo-genocidists come marching in, Hurrah! Hurrah!
The elites will give them a hearty welcome then, Hurrah! Hurrah!
The politicians will cheer, the bosses will shout
The neo-cons they will all turn out
And they'll all feel gay when the neo-genocidists come marching in.

We live in a new age and there is a new way of destroying nations, cultures, religions, and peoples.

No longer do genocidists have to invade and destroy with armed forces. All they have to do now is send in millions of "immigrants." If there are enough of them and if the lands they immigrate to have weak leaders and don't stop them, those lands become theirs lock stock and barrel. Such immigrants aren't assimilated into the ways of the new nation, they assimilate the new nation. Then, the new nation becomes the same as the old nation but with a different name.

What a wonderful world. Genocidists can destroy entire nations, whole cultures, ancient religions, and distinct peoples and they'll never have to fear being tried for genocide or for crimes against humanity. They can even destroy the one world power--the United States of America. In a perverse, real-world version of "She Stoops to Conquer" multiplied by the millions, the great and mighty USA is being brought low. The neo-genocidists don't need nukes or jet planes. They just need sturdy walking shoes, a high birth rate, a corrupt system that includes a weak and confused U.S. president, crooked U.S. politicians who think they're better than the average citizens who elected them, and greedy businessmen who want cheap labor.

The term "genocide" confuses a lot of people. They wrongly believe that it just refers to the crime of one distinct people rounding up another distinct people and shooting them, or sticking them in gas chambers, or using some direct way of killing them off. They don't realize that the word genocide also means the destruction of distinct groups no matter what the cause. A flood, for example, can cause a genocide. Strictly speaking, if the genes (the "gen" in genocide") are destroyed, no matter how it is done, then genocide has occurred.

Had the Nazis done things the immigrant way, they could now own France and much of Europe. Silly them, sending in armies. They could have simply bred like crazy and then have their low end workers walk into France and England and all other European countries by the millions and then have those low end workers all demand immigrant rights so that they would all become citizens of those nations. Then, these Germans, who would now be citizens of France and England and all other European nations, could simply vote the natives out of office and run the governments. Why, they could even translate La Marseillaise into German and have German become the national language of France. Soon, all the French restaurants would be serving sauerbraten and schnitzel. Not to worry, though. It would still be France, right? I mean, it would still be called France. Hey, so what's the problem with having a few million immigrants? Are you a xenophobe or something? Illegal immigrants uber alles!

The same principle would have worked against the Jews. All the Germans had to do was have millions of their countrymen "convert" to Judaism and marry Jews. Then, eventually, the children being born would fall away from Judaism because of the mixed nature of the marriages and parentage. Eventually, there would be no more Jews. Of course, more than a few Rabbis and aware Jews are concerned that this is pretty much what's happening to Judaism today through intermarriage. Many in Israel, especially, have some real concerns that Israel will be swamped with non-Jews. Although many people are too PC to spell this out in more detail, the largely unspoken truth is that the real concern of many in Israel is not about that nation being swamped by different religions or cultures, but by different genes.

And, remember, genocide via massive immigration can be accomplished with no fear that anyone will be charged with genocide. "Hey, we're just immigrants. We're all human beings. We're just looking for better lives. All nations are nations of immigrants. No humans are illegal. If people decide on their own to let us in and let us become citizens, where's the genocide?"

And, isn't that what we're seeing around the world today but with slight differences?

Are humans so arrogant that they can't understand the basics of nature and think that they are somehow above nature and its processes? Are many humans (and especially Europeans and European descended peoples) so beaten down and afraid of being called names that they deny the reality that is right before their eyes?

A nation is its people. A people is its genes. Change the people and you change the nation. Like it or not, the general rule that can be formed from those axioms applies to all living things.

How are scientists trying to destroy Killer Bees? They're drone-flooding queen mating areas with common Honey Bees to increase the odds that the queens will mate with the common Honey Bees and not with the Killer Bees so that the new bees that are produced have common Honey Bee genes and not Killer Bee genes. In other words, they're practicing genocide against the Killer Bees by flooding areas where they live with the genes of common Honey Bees.

And, while we're mentioning Killer Bees, it should be noted that they look very much like ordinary Honey Bees and most humans have a hard time telling them apart. "Hey, all bees bleed pale amber blood." The real difference is that some of the genes of the Killer Bees make them more aggressive than common Honey Bees. Put that in human terms and we'd be saying that things such as personality and intelligence are determined by genes and that different peoples build different types of societies as a result of the interaction of their genes with their environments. In other words, genes matter. If you want to destroy a people, destroy their genes. ("Oh no! Ma, git down my varmint gun, that sure do sound like that feller said genes matter and ya knows Ma that's jest another way of sayin' that people is different from one another. We can't have that kinda talk around here.")

How are scientists trying to destroy fruit flies? They're releasing sterile fruit flies by the millions so that when they mate, no new fruit flies are produced. Want to do that to humans? Just convince them to use birth control measures and convince them that having children is passé.

Now, mix the two principles together in humans. Flood an area with different genes and at the same time promote birth control. What do you get? Check out the high immigration rates and the low native birth rates in most European nations. 

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