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by H. Millard (c) 2005
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The nation state, as we used to conceive of it, is on its death bed.

It has been put there by the recently achieved ability of millions of people to move from one side of the planet to the other, almost in the blink of an eye. Our modern version of "You can't keep them down on the farm once they see Paris" has been extended all over the earth. It used to be that a population faced with failing crops or floods or other problems would simply move a few miles down the road. Now when people face problems where they live, they can see better places on their TV's and many will then easily and quickly move to these better places that may be thousands of miles away and which may be inhabited by people who may be of a different genotype. The result is a massive movement of human populations that creates situations that are similar to what happens when you introduce non-native plants or animals into new environments where there are no natural factors to keep their populations in check.

Ground zero for many of the world's different peoples is, as we all know, the United State of America--a nation state that is dying faster than many others and which has already slid so far down, while the memory of what it once was is still so clear, that it makes sense to call it post American-America. It is an America where Americans--as we once defined an American--are rarer and rarer. We are not witnessing a slow change in demographics as a few others come in and are eventually absorbed. Instead, we are seeing an overturning of the existing demographics. John Wayne is gone. He's been replaced by Latino, Asian and Black actors.

This mention of the ascendance of non-White movie stars is not a frivolous thing. The ascendance itself is more than just an overcoming of so-called White prejudice against people with non-White skin. It is emblematic of an increasing number of non-White genes in the U.S. What's really going on is that Whites are falling as a percentage of the population--their genes are being swamped with a tsunami of alien genes--and as alien genes increase, they're fighting White genes for dominance in all areas of society--including in the movies. Without White genes dominating the nation, the White genetic "way" which resulted in our White culture and our formerly White nation, are things of the past. It is the death of America as a White nation. This isn't just happening in America, of course, but since we live here, this is where we can most easily see it. To try to maintain the U.S. as a nation state (and for some other reasons as well) the blenders are trying to get all people living in the U.S. to interbreed so that all genes are so mixed up that the nation won't fall apart into warring genetic tribes. While to some, the blending of different genotypes may sound like a worthy goal, it is really just genocide with a fuzzy name.

Yes, dear friends, the brave new world multi-cultural and multi-racial nation state doesn't know it's dying, but it is. The seeds of its death were planted and are coexistent with the whole mistaken notion that genes don't matter and therefore we should all just jump in bed together and produce multi-hued children.

While all of the foregoing may sound vaguely theoretical, the reality that the theory tries to explain is being played out on the streets of post-American America which have become killing and raping fields where Whites are the innocent victims and non-Whites are the attackers.

In post-American America, too many Whites are still living, at least in their minds, in the relatively homogeneous past that they grew up in. They are so brainwashed that they fail to see the pattern that has emerged. If they do see the pattern they are often too timid to speak the plain truth about these things. And, in not being able to speak the plain truth, they are unable to circle the wagons to defend themselves. Instead of seeing the common genetic factors in the rapes and murders, they see only isolated incidents. "Oh, it is so sad that this or that person was raped or murdered," they might say, but few notice that the rapists and murderers are often non-White and the victims White. And, if this is noticed it is often dismissed as not having anything to do with race. Perversely, these Whites who think that all the attacks by Blacks on Whites has nothing to do with race are often the same people who will go into a panic and stay away from the ocean if they are told that one shark may have attacked one surfer in the past ten years a thousand miles away. In other words, they fail to generalize from known facts about Black on White crime, yet they jump at generalizing in other instances where, perhaps, such a generalization is somewhat overemphasized.

According to The Color of Crime ( "90 percent of interracial crimes between Blacks and Whites are committed by Blacks against Whites." And, "Blacks are therefore up to 250 times more likely to do criminal violence against Whites than the reverse." I call that a pattern. Maybe you don't see it? Read on.

What's wrong with the majority of White people's pattern recognition skills that causes them not to see the pattern? The answer lies in basic psychology. They have been conditioned to not see the pattern.

As I've written before about this seeming inability of Whites to see a pattern of black crime against Whites, the situation is similar to the results of an experiment in conditioning using fish in a rectangular aquarium. In this experiment, a clear piece of glass was put in the middle of the aquarium so the fish couldn't get to the other end. Then, the experimenters would put food on the far side of the glass. For a time, the fish would swim full speed right into the glass as they tried to get to the food. This went on for a time as the fish got hungrier and hungrier. After a time, however, the fish "learned" that it was futile to try to get to the food at the other end of the aquarium, and they stopped trying. At this time, the experimenters removed the glass. With the glass removed, the fish could easily get to the food, but they didn't even try, and they died. Their brains had been hardwired to believe that they couldn't go beyond that point where the glass used to be and it was, for them, a barrier that was always there. Turn now to Whites and their conditioning and you see Whites who are unable to go beyond the invisible barrier to understand the pattern of black on White crime.

Maybe some Whites also get the word "pattern" mixed up with the idea of a "conspiracy" and subconsciously reject the notion of there being a pattern by reasoning not about patterns but about conspiracies. Thus, the person caught up in this mental trap, might subconsciously think that there can't be a pattern of Black crime against Whites because, surely, not all Black criminals communicate with all other Black criminals about attacking Whites. Still other Whites may get this all bollixed up by focusing on this or that nice Black. These are the dopes who often sound like Stepford people as they tell you that not all Blacks are bad. Yes, dopes, we know that! No one with half a brain says that all Blacks are bad. What some people, who do think about these things, say, is that it is a certainty that all Blacks are Black and that statistically there is a Black on White crime pattern that can't be refuted and which can't be dismissed as being non-genetic in nature.

The real conspiracy that exists is one carried out on a genetic level. The Black genes want to wipe out the White genes. Some would argue that this is because White genes are the newer model genes for humans and are the replacements for Black genes. Whatever the case, it helps, when thinking along these lines, to postulate that Black genes recognize the danger of being replaced, and strike back by causing their carriers--Black people--to attack and try to destroy White genes by destroying White people.

More and more aware Whites, but not yet a critical mass, are now arguing that Whites need to reject the current multi-cultural and multi-racial nation state and retribalize as a homogeneous people in nation states as they once existed--based on genes--not on pieces of paper or on the flavor of the day notion put forth by some other person who thinks things should be this way or that way. These aware Whites will argue that a true nation is a group of people of like genes and that they are a nation whether they occupy a piece of ground or not. When they all do occupy a particular piece of ground, then that ground takes on their nation name. But, it is not the ground that is essential to nationhood--it is the people.

Some Whites who argue in this way go even further and say that as we retribalize, we need to avoid too narrow a definition of our identity or we will simply fragment into smaller easily picked off groups as was the case in Europe, and we will begin forgetting that we are linked by common genes and not by language or food or other things that have been layered on top of our true identity. If we don't strongly believe that we are one people we will once again be thinking in terms of being, say, French or German or English or whatever. We will, in effect, forget who we truly are and substitute, once again, secondary identities for our true basic identity as White people. Our identity, say those who argue this way, must first and foremost be as White people, which they further define as "non-Jewish White people of European descent."

With a clear understanding of the genetic nature of a true nation, we can then begin to rebuild nation states that are homogeneous and which serve the genetic needs of the people of the nation. Some might add to this and put it this way: One blood, One people, One nation, One religion. Of course, that's pretty much what the U.S. was in the past, even though the people then living didn't often think of it in those terms. Perhaps that's part of the reason why America is now dying.

A "people" has to be able to look at its leaders and see brothers and sisters and cousins and uncles and aunts looking back. We bond on blood. Genes are the glue of a nation, not a constitution. A just constitution is simply the outward manifestation in writing of the genetic wishes of a distinct people as those genes responded to various influences that they encounter in the world.

While the nation state, as we once conceived of it, is on the death bed; it can be reborn, and a true nation state, much as the U.S. once was, can rise again from the ashes of the multi-cultural and multi-racial false theories of the present. However, it won't happen unless enough people wake up to the truth and make it happen.

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