'mutant' White Lion


(And end your alienation from who and what you are)
by H. Millard © 2007

There is a very high incidence of hereditary whiteness among those who received two mutated copies of gene SLC24A5, if recent research is correct.  In fact, approximately ten percent of all humans on earth carry this mutation--the entire white race, to be exact. 

No one knows exactly when the mutated gene entered the human population, but those with the gene interbred constantly so that it spread throughout whole families, then communities, then nations and then all of northern Europe. It then jumped to the North American continent with the Europeans who left Europe to settle here.
Never fear, though, George Bush and other blenders are on the case and are working to stamp out this mutation by blending those with the gene with those who don't have it. 
You can help Bush and the blenders, dear readers, by not mating with those who have a copy of this mutated gene.  You won't need sophisticated lab tests to tell if your potential mate has the mutation or not.  Just use your eyes.  If your potential mate has white skin and if you have white skin (and if you have other white features), then you both have the mutated gene.  This means that when you join 23 of your chromosomes with 23 chromosomes of your mate that the resulting child will most likely also be white. The child will also have your other mutations--your hair color and hair texture, your eye color, your cranial features, and on and on.  Indeed, white mutants breed white mutants when they breed with other white mutants.
It shouldn't be too difficult to stamp out this genetic mutation. As mentioned above, whiteness may be caused by just one itsy bitsy, teeny weenie small mutation in the aforementioned gene SLC24A5.
 In case you're counting, it's now believed that humans have approximately 30,000 genes spread out over their 46 chromosomes, so one  little modification to one part of one little gene doesn't seem like much, but it's apparently why there is a white race on this dark planet.
Despite the goofy statements of blenders such as George Bush and former president Clinton, who seem to frequently gush with misleading PC nonsense about how all humans are the same because we're all 99.9% the same genetically, nature always works with very minor modifications on a theme. 
 It is the cumulative effect of all these minor modifications that is important. Also, genes are all connected up in living organisms such that a tiny change here often causes a cascade of changes.  It's difficult to change this one little thing over here in our basic genetic blueprint and not have it cause changes elsewhere. Visually, one might imagine our genes as being like pieces on a chessboard, except all the pieces have strings attached to them and all other pieces.  Move this piece, and others are also moved. 
Change your skin color from black to white and a lot more changes than just your hue. Suddenly, the world is different to you.  The sun that never seemed to burn your skin very much in the past now causes painful burns. In fact, it makes you so uncomfortable that you may pick up and move north out of Africa to where the sun isn't as bright and where you feel more comfortable.  But, once you're there, you start getting cold in the winter. Your genes step in and mutate you to grow more body hair and in some cases to develop heat saving shorter limbs.  And, the cold air makes your lungs uncomfortable. Once again, your genes step in and give you a nose that acts as a chamber to heat the air before it gets to your lungs so you're more comfortable. But, if your nose is going to be thus, other things need to be changed...and so it goes...soon, a new race is born and if it remains isolated it will eventually become a new species.
I've used the word "comfort" above for a reason. As I've written many times before (but please excuse the digression)  all life seeks comfort.  The comfort sought may be psychological or it may be physical or both. Sometimes we'll put up with physical discomfort to attain psychological comfort. The supposed will to power as postulated by Nietzsche, is not the primary motivator of humans. In fact, a will to power is a psychological will to comfort. This seeking of comfort helps with evolution.
At any rate, scientists discovered the mutation in our SLC24A5 gene by looking at why some zebrafish are whiter than others.  Zebrafish, like all other living things, have many of the same genes as humans and specific genes are pretty much the same no matter what living thing they inhabit. Zebrafish with a particular mutation on SLC24A5 are whiter than other zebrafish.
And speaking of color, another scientist recently discovered that a gene that gives red eyes to fruit flies also gives red wing patterns to Heliconius butterflies. Obviously, this is a gene for the color red, but the red can show up in different places in different life forms and manifest itself in different ways.  That's genes for you.
Now, when we think of color; as in white people, black people, et. al. we have to remind ourselves that although our skin is our largest organ, race is about more than color.  Albino blacks have white skin and some darkly tanned whites can have skin that is darker than many blacks, but we do not think that the albino blacks are "white" or that the tanned whites are "black."
Is race important?  Sure. But, it makes more sense, in many cases, as we've learned more and more about DNA, genes, genotypes and phenotypes to often think in terms of the individual genes and groups of genes that cause us to be as we are. Racial descriptions will still do as a shorthand, but we must remember that there is more to this.
The more scientists learn about genes, the more certain it is that Genes-R-Us and that nature pretty much uses the same genes in slightly different ways in different living things to create the great variety of life that is on the planet. Nature always has a form follows function mindset.  Nature does not put useless tailfins on what it creates.  Everything that goes into a life form is there for a reason. If you think there is no reason for something in nature, then go back and read the two immediately preceding sentences.  There is a reason for everything in nature.
Today, many white people are alienated from their essential genetic selves and this is leading to all sorts of distortions in society, in their happiness, and in their sense of self and group worth.  In simpler terms, many whites are neurotic when it comes to race.
To get over the alienation of who and what we are, we must stop denying our essential genetic natures and get in touch with our authentic genetic selves, and with our mutations; all of them, that we've acquired as we've adapted to the lands where we lived before mass transportation.  We must not ignore race and the foundation of race--DNA and genes--but get in touch with what lies at the core of our beings and understand that these genetic things are not just footnotes to who we are, but are absolutely essential to our beings.  
We must not deny differences but understand them. If we want to evolve, and we should want this, we must not blend back in.  Instead, if we do think this is desirable, we must separate and isolate ourselves from the mass of humanity. Nature conjures up new species to fill every possible niche that will sustain life, but it requires isolation from others in order to work. 
Nature creates new species from out of the old species. It's method is to constantly tinker with genes to find something that will work better in a particular environment  than something else. And, nature has all life struggle with other versions of life for dominance over every environment. That's how life is improved. Living things that are isolated from others of their species diverge from these others and adapt to new conditions in new ways and eventually become a separate species incapable of mating with the old species. This is the way it is.  This is the way life survives ever changing conditions. 
Until the modern era with its mass transportation, humans were mostly isolated from other types of humans and were diverging and heading toward being different species. Now, with mass transportation, many humans are ending their isolation and are blending back together into a lumpen one size fits all humanity.  The blenders want this.  They apparently believe the way to end human conflict is to blend all human races, nations and religions together.  The blenders are wrong.  Human conflict is natural.  It is part of the struggle that started when existence started and which must continue so long as there is existence.  It is a natural result of the spinning that makes existence possible. 
The question for us is whether or not blending is desirable.  Should we welcome being blended?  Do we want to give up our mutations that have made us what we are?  Do we see no value in being who and what we are? 
Some believe that our highest possible destiny can only be achieved by separation and isolation and that we should continue the long march to separate specieshood that began when we became white people.
As in the past, the process of creating a new species is simple.  Those who are isolated will go through certain stages.  First they'll become a family. Then, they'll become a group of related  families. Next, if they are successful, they'll become a tribe or the equivalent of a tribe. Then, again, if they are successful, they'll become a nation. Finally, they will become a new species.That's the way it works. However, there is more to this than just the isolation that will limit mating to like with like.  We are also changed by environmental conditions and we have spontaneous mutations. So, there are some wild cards thrown into the mix.  If the mutations help us in a particular environment, they may become common.  If they don't, then they'll be bred out of the population in time.
Science is demonstrating that in the old nature vs. nurture controversy, nature is coming up as the leading factor by a long shot in who and what we are; even in determining the way we act and react in life.  No one denies that nurture has an effect, but the potentiality comes with the genes--our internal programs.  For example, when we get angry we may naturally want to strike out.  Some of us apparently have a genetic program that helps us restrain ourselves and others seem to have a genetic program that gives them less restraint.  That's nature, not nurture.
We are not blank slates when we're born. We come into the world with lots of internal software to help us survive and make more like us. This internal software--our genes--has a lot of flexibility built into the system to help us adapt and change as things change around us.   As already stated, our internal software has one goal--to help us survive so we can make more just like us.  
Some of us who have long believed that genes are by far the most important factors in who and what we are look at the almost daily discoveries about genes and find that we have never been contradicted.  Each new discovery just strengthens our believe  about genes and life and our purpose.  If ours is a dogma, then it is one that is always in tune with true science.
You often hear people who have been conditioned by blending saying that "there is only one race, the human race."  It's an absurd statement.  There is no human race.  There is a human species.  And then there are races, which are the equivalent of breeds in dogs.  Wouldn't you think it's absurd if someone said "there is only one breed, the dog breed"? 
Don't let the anti-white bigots and haters rob you of your genetic identity.  It is essential to you.  You must rid yourself of false identities and find your natural and authentic identity. Look within for the truth. Get in touch with who you really are. You were born with you.
We must not run away from our genes, but embrace them.  The Holy of Holies and the Sacred Books of life are not those written by fallible men, but are within us in our DNA.  They have been there since life first began.   We are the both the messengers and the message of existence.

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