"I married a Monster from Outer Space!"

(And why he wants open borders)
by H. Millard © 2006


In my view, Bush wants open borders because he wants to blend all humanity, all governments, and all religions. Period.


It is said that Alfred Hitchcock always wanted to make a horror movie that would scare an audience without the use of the done-to-death dark haunted houses and ugly monsters. He wanted the horror to be in broad daylight with ordinary looking things. His film The Birds was one such attempt at this.

Now, if you really want to be scared in broad daylight with ordinary looking things, look no further than George W. Bush and his administration. The Bushniks and their shills seem to have no regard for human life (except theirs), or the truth, or the future of the United States or the continued existence of distinct peoples. They've given us wars, high gas prices, a huge federal budget, open borders, and the hatred of most of the world because of our ridiculous double standards including our policy of guns for Israel and running shoes for Muslims.

I don't think that Bush is intentionally evil, but I do think that he's very misguided and that when you strip away all the layers of his being you'll find at his core a very basic error in thinking (with various permutations) that is the fount from which most of his other errors logically flow. That basic error in thinking is common in our present Dark Age and begins with a false view of the nature of existence itself that then extends to a false view of the nature of man. And, yes, this actually begins, in this day, and in this place, with deep seated religious views that are often not even recognized as religious views. However, it would be a distraction at this point to delve too deeply into such views. That's for another time and I'll only touch on them lightly here where needed.

Suffice it to say that when one has a false view of the nature of man, things can go very wrong when you deal with the problems of man because you'll forever be looking for false causes instead of seeing the real ones that are often right in front of you. The main false belief, that Bush and the Bushniks seem to hold about existence and man, is that humans are somehow not part of nature and are thus above the laws of nature and that we are different from all other life. This view is often born of a religious belief that we humans are not really the flesh and blood of our bodies but that the real us is a spirit or soul within that is independent of our flesh and blood and which is seen as raceless in a plain wrap white sort of way, and is virtually identical to all other spirits or souls in all other humans. Perversely, while many of these people blindly accept this inner spirit belief, they also usually blindly reject, at least in its full ramifications, the scientifically provable fact that the real us is not a spirit or soul but our genes.

These false beliefs that I believe Bush and millions of others suffer from are part of what I have called, to be kind, a blending philosophy. It could also be called the mass delusion and mass psychosis of our day. From the false basic premises of blending have grown complex gingerbread like structures of lies and false explanations to maintain the psychosis. Occam's razor doesn't cut it with these folks.

To blenders, humans don't have different abilities simply because their genes are different--especially if the humans in question aren't white; no, they have different abilities solely because the environment is different.

Blenders will go so far as to accept the easily seen fact that our genes control things such as eye and hair color, but they'll usually not accept the fact that our genes control things that aren't seen, such as how we behave and our thought processes and the products of our minds--including the types of societies we build and maintain and how we interact with other people and things in our environment.

The blenders also have a usually unspoken but false belief that man has almost unfettered free will. In this view, "lowly" ants build certain types of ant hills and act in certain ways because of their genetic programs (which we call instincts), but we humans, in the blenders exalted view of humans, are above such things. Of course, if we were able to ask ants why they do things a certain way, they might also reply that it's not a matter of blind instincts or genes, but that they choose of their own free will to do things the way they do them. And, if ants had our psychology, they'd come up with a thousand rationalizations and justifications for why it is free will and not instincts that motivates them. Of course, we know better.

If we could only look at ourselves with eyes attached to a brain carrying a higher intellect, we would see that we humans also build certain types of things and act in certain ways because of our genetic programs and that different types of humans build different things and act in different ways from other humans because of their different genetic programs. To understand ants you have to understand their genetic programs. That's also the case with humans. Blenders such as Bush either don't understand this, or they prefer to deny it in order to maintain many of the fictions upon which our societies are built. This isn't to say that environment, in the broadest meaning of the term, isn't important, but it is the genes that cause living things to react to the environment in certain ways.

How bad is having a very basic error in thinking? Well, if you believe the earth is flat and that you'll fall off it if you go too far out in the ocean, you'll never explore. While that sounds absurd today, we all know that this was once the basic belief of much of humanity that bothered to give the subject any thought at all. Until that flat world lie was put to rest, we couldn't really understand the world around us. We were trapped in a mental prison by a false belief. It's the same thing with the beliefs of the blenders about all humans being the same. Until we put this lie to rest, we'll never really understand humans and why they are the way they are and why they create certain societies and invent certain philosophies.

I heard yet another so-called conservative pundit this week who said that he couldn't understand why Bush wanted open borders, then he said the answer suddenly came to him. Why, according to this pundit, the answer as to why Bush wants open borders is because Bush is all about free trade and simply wants a free trade area extending from the bottom of Mexico to the top of Canada.

Nice try, Bunkie, but no cigar. Free trade is just a side issue for Bush, at least in my view.

I believe that Bush's real motivation, as I've discussed above, is wrapped up in blenderism even if Bush, himself, doesn't think of it in those terms. I believe it may even be coming from his subconscious.

Look, let's put this in slightly different terms. If I'm right in my opinion, Bush, like many whites, is aracial and a blender. He doesn't think there are different races of man or if there are, that they are different only because of minor "little" cosmetic things such as skin color. Blenders are not deep thinkers and they think of skin color as something like paint that is added almost as an afterthought. Thus, you may have a factory that produces identical breadboxes where some are painted white, some red, some black, some brown and some yellow. The paint is purely cosmetic. Each breadbox is the same under the paint.

Thinking in this fashion leads to an incorrect view of humans and human differences. But, here's the twist to this "aracialness." It's not really that at all. It's actually a subtle form of racism that holds that all humans are really white under the different paint jobs.

As I've written elsewhere, many of these white aracials--these blenders--subconsciously believe that the characteristics found in the white human type are the norm for all humans and that inside, all humans of whatever color simply want to let that inner white person out, but that because of skin color hatred, some whites have caused the inner white, outer non-white humans to commit more crimes, score lower on tests, run faster in races, and various other things.

They simply can't accept the plain truth of nature that it is genes that cause most of these differences. To admit the reality of nature is to risk being thought of as a racist. You know how that goes. "Racist" has become the all purpose smear word to brow beat anyone you disagree with. So, the blenders preach a flat world theory of race, and are forever looking for more funding for programs to overcome the differences they see all around them that seem to be color coded. Low school scores are not generally color coded white or yellow. They are color coded black, brown and red. High violent crime rates are not generally color coded white or yellow or red. They are usually color coded black and brown. Could these things have something to do with genes? Not in the eyes of the blenders. They won't accept this. Why? Because, remember, they believe that we are all the same inside and it makes no sense in their false belief system that skin color would cause low school scores or higher violent crime rates on the negative side of the ledger or even cause better running ability on the positive side. After all, does the different color on cars make some faster than others? So, if it's not genes that cause differences in the way humans are, reason the blenders, then it must be the environment, including racism, that gives us these results.

How do you get rid of racism? The blenders believe the way to do this is to blend away those minor little cosmetic differences by having everyone mate with everyone else. How do you do that if whites refuse to do it? You play the percentages by flooding white nations with non-white people so the mating choices increasingly favor matings with non-whites.

Speaking of the races all being the same, there was another article this past week about some doctors who are trying to find various minority groups to test various medicines on. You see, in the past, as I've written before, most medicines are tested on white people. Now, if all people were the same, this wouldn't be a problem, however, more and more scientists are now realizing that black, brown, red, and yellow people are not just white people with different paint jobs. They're different from the inside out.

This is reality and because it is reality, many medicines don't work the same in different peoples. "Damn racist medicines. Don't those pills know that we all bleed red blood?" sings the aracial blender idiot chorus. For example, last year, the FDA approved a heart medication specifically for blacks. "Damn racist FDA. Doesn't that agency know we all bleed red blood?" It's also been known since WW II that anti-malaria drugs that work fine with whites, cause blacks to develop anemia and fatigue. "Damn racist anti-malaria drugs. Don't they know we all bleed red blood?" And, certain groups of Asians develop a life-threatening drop in white blood cells when they are given certain anti-psychotic drugs that don't have that effect in whites. "Damn racist anti-psychotic drugs. Don't they know we all bleed red blood?"

And, while we're talking about this, what about mixed race people? Often, they're up the creek without a paddle when they need certain medicines and treatments because of the mixed bag of genes they carry. The major problem noted with this is when a mixed race person needs bone marrow. Trying to find a match is almost impossible. " Damn racist bone marrow. Doesn't it know that we all bleed red blood?"

All this is to say that, because he's a blender, Bush wants open borders. That's the way to force humans into one race, one nation and one religion world wide. It's no more complicated than that.

Unfortunately for the blenders, more and more people are saying that they don't want to be blended. And, it's not just whites who are saying this. Many non-whites are now demanding their own "cultural" schools and facilities. They don't want to be white and they don't want to be American. They want to live in this land, but be themselves. We are headed for big problems in the U.S., dear friends. Either blending will end up destroying the distinct races here in America, or it will fail and the gene wars that are already raging beneath the surface will be manifested as above surface civil wars and conflicts. Thank the blenders for not understanding a basic law of nature: genes "want" to survive and are programmed to reproduce themselves by mating like with like.

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