(Homeless Jack's message gets stronger)
by H. Millard (c) 2005
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"They hate us, man," said Homeless Jack. "That's the way it's always been and that's the way it'll always be. It's cosmic. Dark hates light because light devours dark. That's how God wants it. And, what God wants is right. It's part of the eternal struggle.

"The problem many of our people have today is that they have been brainwashed and deceived by the evildoers into not understanding the cosmic difference between dark and light, good and bad, and how the universe really works and the nature of the struggle.

"I saw something recently about an official in another country castigating some white guy for a supposed hate crime--the white guy apparently said something that non-whites might not like--and the official spewed nonsense about how their nation has always been multiracial and mixed because "many races" had come there in the past, from Swedes and Danes to Romans, and how now that people from Africa are there it's just as it always was and that this is good.

"Someone should tell that official that the Swedes, Danes and Romans who went to that land were white people, just like the people who already lived there. They weren't of different races as the term is usually defined. They were all of the white race but of different nationalities and with very slightly different gene variants and frequencies in their population than the people who lived in the land. The mixing that occurred was the appropriate mixing of related people. It was cousins several times removed mating with each other. Someone should also tell the official that the people from Africa that he is now defending as part of that tradition of "mixing," really are of different races--maybe even of different species--if we define species without falling back on the incorrect definition of the term that relies primarily on the false belief that living things are of one species if they can mate and produce viable offspring. Those who think like that official are just plain wrong and are enabling genocide with such attitudes. Such people are often the real haters. If they prevail with their unscientific, evil and absurd opinions, many white people will be destroyed.

"The evil is so prevalent in the world today that otherwise sane people preach their own extinction through bedroom genocide and other means and they even praise it and get praise for it. I read about some white actress who has adopted kids of different races instead of having her own white kids. That's nuts. I bet in the subconscious minds of some of these whites who adopt kids of other races that these kids aren't really kids to such people--they're exotic pets, and the whites that adopt them are like the exhibitionistic attention seekers who walk around various boardwalks with boa constrictors wrapped around them.

"I used to feel as though I was trapped in a lousy science fiction movie and that I was the only one who could see the evil for what it is. When I first thought this way, I started to wonder if maybe I was wrong and the rest of the world was right. You see, that's how evil takes over the world. It fills everything so that it replaces forces out the good. Soon, everyone accepts evil as good and thinks good is evil. That's the way the human mind works; it's gullible and easily suggestible. That's why we can't follow humans or their philosophies or religions, but must follow God who is not fooled by evil.

"I might have been deceived also, but, thanks to God, I found Armanism, or it found me, in the person of Arman, and I realized I wasn't alone. That's when I really started to awaken. The veil was lifted. I started seeing how everything is connected and how God has ordered the universe and how He works and what He wants. Then, I started to realize that all this multicultural stuff really is evil. The world has gone nuts and is pushing devolution instead of evolution, death instead of life, mixing instead of separation. It's completely crazy. It's a wonder God hasn't destroyed everything and started over. My guess is that Armanism is what's keeping God from taking this action.

"You want to know what our primary purpose is? It's to have our genes dominate all other genes. To accomplish this, we have been given the internal command to breed as often as possible with the best partners possible who are of our type. That way, we will produce more of us who are like us, but who might be slight improvements on us. Of course, that's the primary purpose of everything that lives. Thus the eternal struggle.

"You want to know what true evil is? It's mixing and mating with those who are unlike us so that we devolve instead of evolve and so that we become extinct. Evil is also living without having children if one is physically able to have children. The mad, mad world of today doesn't buy this, but that's their problem. Believers will follow the real God's true laws and not be forced into breeding themselves away by mixing and mating with others or by remaining childless.

"In one of the revelations that Arman has received, God says: 'We began the spinning that brought you forth from non-sentient matter--from the very dirt and minerals under your feet--and we placed Our spiral of life within the lifeless things and made them have life and We started you on the path so that you can struggle to Us, but many of you have strayed from the path and you have become evil in your minds and in your flesh and you follow false gods and false leaders and you call evil good. Have We not sent you our Shining Ones and a guide to speak clearly and plainly to lead you on the right path? Have We not given you your senses so that you can know like from unlike, good from evil, light from dark? Yet, you deny your senses and you deny Us. Have we not made you male and female so that you may join together and multiply so that you produce more of you so that you can move higher? Have We not engineered all of that is in existence as We have revealed to you? Have We not told you to separate out from the others and to keep your own counsel among your own people and to not interfere with the others nor allow them to interfere with you? Have We not told you to struggle against unbelievers and the others? Have we not told you that We shall send signs with our spirals to help the worthy believers and to harm the non-believers and those who are not of the people who harm the people? Have We not told you that We shall rot the evil doers from within and from without with our spirals and they shall be as fertilizer and nothing more? Have We not told you to go forth and spread the truth of Us to all your people so that their Essence, which is Our gift to your people alone will be Awakened so that they may struggle in full awareness of the nature of the struggle and of Us? Have We not told you that the changes have started and that We set the trajectory before life existed and We alone know the events that shall come along this trajectory? Have we not told you that worthy believers who have prayed for Our forgiveness for any transgressions and who carry and display Our signs at all times and who remain true to Us and Our laws, shall be spared and they shall be the new ones after the fall of all the others if they struggle mightily?'"

"I don't get the last part of that," I said to Jack. "That sounds like an end of the world prediction. Is that what it is?"

"Got me," said Jack. "I'm just telling you what Arman told me. Arman says that we're supposed to try to find understanding and to do the things that we do understand and trust in God."

"A thought just came to me, Jack, what would keep believers from drinking poisoned fruit punch like some people in other religions?" I asked.

"Can't happen in Armanism," said Jack. "Death is not what we're about and dying for any reason is not our way. So long as we can breathe we can do God's work. It doesn't matter if we are in prison or in a hospital or wherever. We seek to live as long as possible."

"What do you say to people who say your religion is racist?" I asked.

"I tell them to go take it up with God. I also tell them that the word racist is too small a concept to describe this religion which deals with all aspects of existence. And, I tell them that calling our religion or our believers names may be a hate crime. This is our religion and it's revealed to us by God. It is what it is. We are what we are. We are ourselves alone. We choose to follow God, not man. We demand the same respect as any other religion. God has told us how to act in this world. We are to be humble, quiet and good people and we are to do nothing to anyone or anything that we wouldn't want to happen to us and we are to follow what God wants and fight for Him in the realms in which we exist."

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