by H. Millard © 2005

Homeless Jack was on a roll. The subatomic particles were strong.

"I see them, man, these dried up lifeless husks--these dead ends--these childless white people," said Jack. "They disgust me. They're here now because their ancestors had children, often 12 to 14 of them per couple. That's the way it should be. But, look at some of the descendents of those prolific ones. Lifeless husks. They disrespect their ancestors and their lines. They're useless protoplasm. They're effete and dried up with no sap rising in them. They've the last of their lines. And, those of us who follow Arman's teachings also know that they are disrespecting God. These dried up husks think they're going to heaven? I'll tell you where they're going. They're going to holes in the ground where they will become inanimate minerals fertilizing the earth. Period. They're not getting out of those holes, man. They're being recycled as dirt. And, their graves will be danced on by those with genes unlike theirs who were prolific.

"Some of these lifeless husks believe the fairy tale that they have a raceless spirit within them that is somehow completely separate from their flesh and that it will go on when they die. They think that this inner spirit just somehow inhabited this or that hunk of meat. They're wrong man, at least in the way most of them think about this. Arman says that many humans are arrogant and vain and think they are better than anything else in existence and that they alone have this inner spirit...because they are these high and mighty creatures--humans. What garbage. They're ants. Humans are part of the rest of existence and the rules remain the same for all of existence.

"Arman says that we can't really understand anything about the Ultimate--call Him God--and His ways and His will except what He wants us to know. And, He has not revealed what the lifeless husks think He has revealed. The lifeless husks follow the evil death loving lies of imperfect men who have invented a false god in their own image. One of their most pervasive and evil beliefs is that flesh is bad and must be overcome. They see no value in having children. They believe in celibacy and denial of the flesh as signs of holiness. They are a sad lot, man. Arman, by contrast, see holiness in leaders who live simple, honest lives with few material goods and many children, but who do not deny the flesh. Unfortunately, the evil ones have turned their uptight religious views into secular laws and demand that we all follow them. They talk about life, but they worship death. Look at many of their laws, especially those involving morality. The kernels of these laws are the death religions' views.

"Look at the persecution that flows from such evil kernels. One current example is the persecution of some people who follow the original teachings of Joseph SmithJoseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism. The persecutors are using their own religious laws disguised as secular laws to hunt down and imprison these fundamentalist Mormons who are only following their peaceful religious doctrines as their consciences dictate. We're not talking about people who say that God told them to go out and kill a bunch of people or anything like that. We're talking about peaceful people who believe in polygamy and separation. Because of these two beliefs and the practices that naturally flow from them, the persecutors have tried to whip up hatred for these people with trumped up nonsense, just as their small minded and bigoted forbears did in Smith's day. This is evil, man. Now, don't get me wrong, Arman's teachings don't have anything to do with Mormonism or any other religion, but he says the original Mormons got it partly right in their ideas about having forms of marriage that encourage having many children and in their teachings about remaining separate from other peoples. Arman says God revealed similar things to him and that God commands believers to do whatever is necessary--such as having many wives--to increase the birthrate and to multiply the people with Essence and also to separate out from other people. Arman says that in areas that encourage life and perfection of life, religions should be allowed to follow their own religious dictates so long as they cause no harm. And, in assessing harm, the state must be careful not to define it down to justify having the state take action against these people on trumped up or false pretenses.

"We are told that we have religious freedom, yet the government has us on a short lease so our freedom is the freedom of dogs tied in the back yard. The government demands that we follow the religious beliefs of religions that we reject and pretends that these religious beliefs aren't religious beliefs but are just secular laws. And, if we don't follow those beliefs or live our lives in ways that are consistent with those beliefs, the government steps in and enforces the disguised religious laws--as with the persecution of the fundamentalist Mormons.

"In a free society, religious believers, if they wish, may form religious communities--even if these believers have less than a perfect belief and even if they are isolated and not part of an actual physical community all living in one area. Those in such religious communities, just as with everyone else, have a God given right to self-definition and self-identity as part of their religion and community, and they have a God given right to follow their religion as their conscience dictates. Such communities often have their own laws, rules and mores different from the larger society in some ways, yet the people in these communities may also be part of the larger society in various other areas of life that truly are secular. In other words, if they wish, religious people should be able to be part of their own religious communities that are free of the laws of the larger society in certain areas--especially in those areas of morality and marriage and similar things. What harm is there in letting people practice polygamy if they believe that's what God wants? What harm is there in letting fundamentalist Mormons, for example, set up their own towns away from other people where they live as they believe God wants them to live? That's what the people who are being persecuted did. They mostly live in a couple of out of the way desert burgs in Utah and Arizona. They don't bother anyone and one has to go out of the way to even find them. All these people are asking is to be left alone. Yet, people with other religious views are going out of their way to persecute these people. That's very wrong.

"But look, I don't want to get too sidetracked here. I was talking about the lifeless husks. Absent true revelations and even absent a belief in God, we must rely on true science to tell us about existence and we are fools if we conjure up fairy tales to make our meaningless childless lives seem as if they have meaning. We have no meaning if we can physically have children in our image and we don't. I'm not talking about people who because of medical reasons can't have children, man. God has a purpose for these ones and does not punish them as he does with the purposely childless lifeless white husks. When God has given you the power to bring forth children, you must do so. If God has not given you this power, then he has another plan for you.

"We believe that the spirit within, which is part of our Essence, can be imagined to be a little like the scent of flowers. In other words, it is part of, rises from and is dependent on DNA and genes and it comes into existence as soon as we are conceived.

"Some of these lifeless self-indulgent husks say things like ' Oh I've never found the right mate.' To hell with that. Nothing in life is ever totally right. Nothing is ever perfect. We just live fully and learn to love the struggle and try to do our best according to our lights, man. Along the way, we pray for guidance and we listen to that inner voice that comes from our Essence in our DNA which connects us to the Ultimate. One of the things it says is 'If you've got seed you must find eggs to fertilize. And, if you have eggs you must find seed to fertilize them. Put your white seed and white eggs together.'

"Look even if your faith isn't strong at any moment, as long as you go through the motions of belief and so long as you have as many children as possible, you'll be okay.

"Sometimes I even question my belief, man. Then I think about it and realize that I do believe because it makes sense to me. The stuff that Arman teaches is just plain logical and scientific even as it is also mystical and religious."

"Jack, I have to go," I said. "Leave me with a concise thought, will you?"

"Multiply," said Jack.

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