Mexican Revolutionaries

by H. Millard © 2006

 One of the latest phony arguments for amnesty and for not enforcing our immigration laws, parroted endlessly by those who have not put their brains in gear, is some variation of this dufus gem: "There are twelve million illegal aliens in the country. Let's get real, we can't round them all up. Let's find a way to allow them to be citizens."

Well, we don't actually have to round them all up at one time. We just need to start enforcing our laws. Then, many will stop being illegal aliens by simply heading back to their own nations where they can enjoy the status of not being illegal aliens and where they can have all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship--in their own countries. Also, when we really start enforcing our laws, many more citizens of other nations will decide not to come here in an illegal manner.

It's time that the U.S. stopped being the path of least resistance for those seeking comfort away from their own nations. It's time that the U.S. became a difficult place to enter. Not only would this be good for the U.S., but it would be good, in the long run, for the nations that these people are leaving. When faced with a fight to make their own nations nice or take flight to another already nicer nation, too many people are taking that later option. It's too easy to flee. This keeps their nations from evolving into nicer places and is causing the U.S. to devolve into a less nice place.

No, we don't have to round up all twelve million illegal aliens. The problem will start taking care of itself once our politicians start acting like responsible leaders protecting the interests of U.S. citizens and making sure our laws are enforced.

Call it the traffic cop principle. The above phony argument sounds like this to me: "There are millions of people who break our traffic laws. We have speeders and red light runners and you name it. Let's get real, we can't stop them all, so let's find a way to not have to enforce our traffic laws."

Indeed, why have traffic laws and traffic cops at all since so many millions of people break the laws? Well, we need the laws in order to control the problem as much as possible. By having cops enforce our traffic laws, everyone who drives is aware that if they break the law they may be caught. This helps keep them from breaking the law.

And, why do we have any laws at all about anything? Because these are the rules that we're all supposed to play by so that we can reasonably pursue our ideas of happiness and live our lives pretty much as we want in a free society.

Oh sure, we have to give up some of our freedom to speed and run red lights but these are things that most people understand are necessary and reasonable in any society where you have many people living together.

The same thing goes for our immigration laws. They're there for very good reasons and they help U.S. citizens live in a First World society where they can pursue their American dreams as is their right as citizens.

Enforce our immigration laws half as much as we enforce our traffic laws and watch the illegal alien problem diminish overnight.

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