No Amnesty

by H. Millard © 2007

Genocide is the mass killing of a group of people as defined by Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG) as "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; and forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."
Here's a clarification I want to make with how I'm using the word genocide in this column.  I'm using it to mean the destruction by any means of a genetic group. In my use of the term, criminal acts are not required.  Gen=genes + cide=death. Death of genes.
Flooding the U.S. with non-European genes, coupled with the massive "anti-racism" conditioning of our age, leaves European Americans vulnerable and open to committing their own bedroom genocide.
Before going on, let me be very clear.  I speak for myself.  I'm not a member of any anti-immigration group and I expect many people, maybe even most, in these groups will disagree with me.  So be it. We still have a little freedom of speech left in this country (but how long it will last is anyone's guess), and I choose to use a little of my free speech to tell others about the continuing extinction of European genes that is happening right before our eyes.
You can be excused if you're one of the slow boiled frogs who can't see the genocide.  It hasn't come with marching boots and gas chambers, but with walking shoes and smiles.
But genocide it is.
And, the present amnesty and open borders scheme being hailed by George Bush and some in congress is really just another chapter in the move to destroy distinctions between different peoples, nations, and religions and blend them all together into a bland and conformist Stepfordized world. Once again, I call that genocide.
You may say it is compassionate or modern or practical what George Bush and the other blenders are doing, but that's a very short view of history. In the long run it may mean the destruction of the U.S. as we know it and the extinction of all distinct peoples. The first to become extinct will probably be White people--we are the recessive people on this planet.
To understand why I call what's going on genocide, we have to understand a few basic concepts that most people seem to ignore.
First, we have to understand that race is a reality.  Race is to humans as breed is to dogs.''Race" is not a bad word. People come in races just as dogs come in breeds. The different races and different breeds have genetic differences from others of their respective species. Different races and different breeds also have different strengths and different weaknesses from others in their species. Greyhounds do run faster than poodles, for example.  Different races of people do build different types of societies.
Second, evolution is all about differences.  Current scientific thinking holds that all humans probably evolved from pre-humans living in Africa . Similarly, all dogs--from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, and everything in between, sprang from wolves. 
Now, as humans moved out of Africa, they adapted and changes as they lived under different conditions.  In this regard, nature is automatically accommodating and constantly causes minor changes--mutations--to occur that may allow living things, including humans, the ability to survive in new environments. 
Some of these changes spread through a population precisely because they do help people survive in certain conditions where it might not be possible or might be more difficult without these changes. 
 In fact, it has been estimated that nature makes about one "mistake" for every 10 million bases of DNA that are copied. That may not sound like many mistakes--mutations, again--but when you realize that each human carries about 3 billion bases, you can see that there are lots of changes going on all the time. 
These little mutations may not continue to exist in the population if there is no survival benefit from them. But, if there is a survival benefit--such as white skin to let in more sun to produce a proper amount of Vitamin D to prevent rickets in cold and cloudy environments--they may become the norm in that environment. 
That's exactly what happened. Humans who moved to Europe adapted and developed white skin and many also became blond and blue eyed and acquired a whole host of differences from those who remained in Africa or who moved to other lands. As the centuries passed, more and more differences crept in, not only in the things we can easily see, but also in the way people were and what they valued and the types of societies they built.  
And, speaking of white skin, recent research seems to indicate that a mutation in just one amino acid in gene SLC245A found in Chromosome 15 is why White people are white.
As it so happens, when you change one gene just a little, there is often a cascade of other changes that occur as a result. For example, you don't just get white skin--you get all sorts of other things along with it. Some may be positive and some negative.  In the latter category is a higher risk of skin cancer caused by the sun.  It's like the old, "if you want the bull, you have to take the horns" statement.
Given the ignorant temper of our times, it's probably necessary to add at this point that awareness of human differences does not equal hate and it does not equal a belief in a general superiority of one group over another.  There are just differences and they should be looked at and studied as coolly and scientifically as we look at differences between different breeds of dogs.
Once a group of people has such differences, it may wish to retain those differences. People in the group may like themselves just the way they are and not want to be changed. The usual way people state this is to say that they want their children to look like them. That is their natural right as human beings.  Now, in order to remain the way they are, means that they have to retain and pass on the genetic traits that they possess.
Here comes the real problem with flooding European gene pools with non-European genes.
Many of the traits that are found in European descended peoples are recessive.  This means that it takes two copies of a gene for these traits to be present for the trait to be expressed. That's why I wrote, above, that Whites are the recessive people.  It takes more effort to make us.  In simplest terms, if you have blue eyes, blond hair and white skin, your best bet in having children with those traits is to mate with others who also have these traits. In this regard you may have read news stories this past year about how some scientists are saying that blond hair may become extinct.  Why?  Because of an influx of non-blond genes into the gene pool. Put another way, we could say the default is to non-White characteristics.
Generally speaking, many of the darker features: eyes, skin, hair are dominant.  This means they only need one copy of a gene to be present in order to be expressed.  So, if a blue eyed person and a dark eyed person have children, most of the children will have dark eyes. Again, blue eyes require blue eyed genes from both mother and father while dark eyes only require one parent to contribute dark eyed genes.
Genes are carried by chromosomes. Humans have 46 chromosomes.  We get 23 from our father and 23 from our mother at the moment of conception.
Because, as we noted above, most uniquely European-American traits are recessive, we need to have two parents with European genes in order to have our genotype (our internal blueprint) and phenotype (our outward appearance) continue and not become extinct.  Thus, we need 23 European chromosomes from the father and we need 23 European chromosomes from the mother. Now, it does get more complicated than that and there are thousands of genes on those chromosomes, but this is the basic idea.
If you live in a country where there are many people with the genetic traits you want to preserve, your probability of mating with someone with those traits is higher than if you live in a country where there are few others with those traits. It's just common sense.
Thirdly, the U.S. was a new Europe for most of its first hundred and fifty or so years of existence.  Forget that sop about it being a "melting pot."  That term was coined when different European "nationalities" (not races) were coming here.  In the U.S., the English married their Irish and French and German and Swedish and other European cousins.  They then became a plain wrap European on the American shores. 
 They were still genetically like their cousins in Europe. Take any European-American and plop him down in any European nation and he'd pretty much fit in and not be seen as an outsider.  Of course, the same thing holds true with African-Americans and Africa and Chinese-Americans and China as well as with other groups.  In other words, we are our genes. That is the sources of our essential selves, not the country in which we live.  Nationalities are artificial.  Genes are authentic. That's the point of this essay.  Genes matter and genes are us.  With different genes, we are, literally, not ourselves. With a nation full of different genes, the U.S. will become less and less like a new Europe and more and more like other parts of the world as European-Americans mate with the ever more available non-Europeans.
European-Americans have been browbeaten into submission in this country with the term "racism" and similar words.  We have mostly learned to shut up and not be ourselves, lest we be called racists; which is usually defined to mean racial hatred. 
My guess is that most European-Americans don't hate anyone because of their race or anything else, and generally we get along fine with all peoples. We cooperate with everyone in areas where we have common interests and we treat others as we want to be treated.
Still, no matter how much goodness is in our hearts, we fear that if we talk about our own people--European-Americans--or openly and honestly discuss race and genes, we will be put in the same column with those who might attack others because of their race. 
Frankly, this must have been the way it was during the Witch hysteria in Salem, Mass. Anyone who spoke out against the injustice being done to some people was, in turn, also labeled a Witch, so people just shut up.
So, today, we self-censor ourselves.  We shut up. And, in shutting up, we harm ourselves and those to come after us.  We become like whipped dogs and we become less than we can be and should be.  We are no longer fully functioning human beings with the intellectual and emotional freedom to let our minds go where they will.  We become neutered. We become aracial eunuchs.  Everyone else can have a race or ethnicity, but not us.  We have to be "above" nature.
I'm saying this has to end.  We must take back our right to be and we must take back our right to self-identity and self-determination and I also believe that this is directly related to controlling our borders and deciding who to let in and who not to let in. 
On Thursday, key Republican and Democrat senators announced an agreement with the White House on an amnesty bill that will continue the invasion of the U.S. by millions and millions of non-Europeans who will dump trillions and trillions of their genes in the gene pool which may eventually cause the extinction of European-Americans.  Call it bedroom genocide. That's what it is.  And, it will probably come one or two traits at a time.  Fewer blonds.  Fewer blue eyes.  Darker skin. And then on and on and on.  Soon, there will be no more Europeans in the U.S.

Of course, things are never as simple as they sometimes are written on paper.  There are also moves among some non-European peoples to regain their own genetic heritages that have been watered down by the influx of European genes into their gene pools. We see this in Hawaii where the native Hawaiians are trying--but, they don't call it this--to distill out the European genes from their people.  We also see it with various American Indian tribes. And, there are some Black groups who  want to remain black and not be watered down by White genes.

Some of these peoples understand what many European-Americans are afraid to say:  Genes matter.  Without American Indian genes, for example, one is not an American Indian no matter how often one dresses up as an American Indian.  It is the same with all other peoples.  All peoples begin and end with genes.

The psychotic blending zeitgeist of our age demands that all peoples, all religions and all nations be blended together.   This is anti-evolutionary, anti-life, and  genocidal. People are not fungible.  They are all different and they have a right to remain different.

George Bush and those who think like him are destroying distinct peoples, distinct nations and distinct religions.  In the U.S. they're doing this by swamping the European gene pool with non-European genes.  Why isn't this called genocide?

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