H. Millard  
by H. Millard (c) 2019

We feel sorry for our fellow Whites who are unawakened. They understand little about existence and many have internalized false beliefs about nature and the nature of man. They do not understand why Whites should remain separate from other races for all time. We are sorry to lose many of these Whites from our people as they live their lives as though they are asleep and they do not see or understand why they should do the four most important things that awakened Whites know are real and true: Live as long as possible. Remain separate from other races. Have as many White children as you can. Ask of everything: Is this good for White people and the White Genome?

As an awakened White person you probably already know to ask of everything: Is this good for White people and the White genome? And you probably already know that you must not ask: Is this good for humanity or for this or that other racial group? You must focus and particularize your ethics and morality on what is good for you as a White person and for the survival, expansion and evolution of the White race and the White genome (aka White DNA Code).

Generally speaking, what is good for Whites is anything that increases our population size and what is bad for Whites in anything that decreases our population size. For awakened Whites, the death of other Whites, even the death of a single other White, is truly a tragedy as we know that what is essential about us is our White Genome and every pure White carries the White Genome which is just waiting inside him or her to let loose a whole population of new Whites. It is what makes us, us, and it is what we share with all other Whites. The sheer mass of the White Genome is important and its mass increases as more pure Whites are born. The White Genome can only increase in size by Whites having more White children. To have more White children Whites must live longer and mate right.

Some of us keep the importance of the White Genome in mind by imagining it as though it exists as a distinct and cohesive biomass (a genetic collective) of which we are all a part and that we are all connected via a part of our White Genome in the quantum level of existence to this biomass.

When we speak of the tragedy of the death of other Whites with our understanding of the importance of the White Genome and how such a death shrinks the collective White Genome we also understand that miscegenation and producing babies with non-Whites is also the shrinking of the collective White Genome. A White and any non-White cannot produce a truly White baby. It will always have half of its genetic code from a non-White and even if it looks White it will not be truly White. 

Those who want Whites to go extinct will argue that there are no pure races and thus it is okay to miscegenate. Don't buy it. Of course we are all mixed to one degree or another if we go back far enough to look at our ancestries. The chemicals that make up DNA are the same in all living things. Nevertheless, we say that we must seek purity and perfection by mating only with other Whites and that this is how we will evolve along the right trajectory for our kind. Some of us believe these things religiously and believe they are revealed by he Creator and that we need make no further argument in their defense as we believe that the Creator is the ender of all arguments. What It has revealed to us is true and ends the argument. Others of us with a more secular turn of mind say it just makes common sense that we should only mate with others most like us if we want ourselves to have children who look like us and who carry more of our particular White Genome into the future.

Too many Whites are caught up in universal religious ethics and morality and mistakenly live their whole lives thinking this is the way things should be. It is not. Universal religious ethics and morality generally teach that one should treat all humans the same and that one should serve others--pathological altruism--no matter who the others are. This false idea is the progeny of the more basic false idea that all humans are basically the same except for different paint jobs and that underneath those different paint jobs the engines are all the same. Big mistake. Humans are not all the same. Not by a long shot.

In fact, the races are so different that Charles Darwin correctly wrote:
"[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera." --Charles Darwin

In believing the falsehood that all humans are the same and in internalizing this flat-world nonsense, one then thinks that all people are fungible. So, in such false thinking, if the White ones die off one wrongly believes it's no big deal because there are still plenty of humans around. Well, the reality is that if you are White and all the White ones die off including you and your family lines, you are extinct. You have no place in existence. The fact that other kinds of humans are around is essentially meaningless to you and other Whites. Those general parts of your White Genome that read such things as mammal and human still exist in other kinds of humans, but the parts that specifically read "Whiteness" are gone and it is the parts that read Whiteness that are most important and meaningful for your existence, both in your life right now and right here and in your afterlife as part of your ancestors.

Without these right parts that read Whiteness, a human is like a radio that is missing some parts and can't receive the "radio waves" aimed at Whiteness that are all around it. makes us and all other pure Whites the people we are. If the White Genome continues to exist, even when our bodies die, we are still existent, even without consciousness in other Whites and most fully, of course, in direct descendants of us as individuals. 

There is, however, something of us in all pure Whites. In other humans and other organisms, some of the more general human genome exists (after all, DNA is DNA no matter which organism it is in) but we are such a small percentage us in all non-White organisms, including non-White humans, that it is meaningless.

Other Whites must exist for us to exist and this applies to the future long after we are gone. And, speaking of all DNA being the same, we just remember it is the shuffle--the order--of the four chemicals of DNA that matters in what type of organism is created, not the raw chemicals.

Our morality--the morality that some of us follow, and which you may also wish to consider--is based on revelation which is exactly the same as the truths of nature and evolution. We have a solid and unshakeable understanding that what is right and good must be based on what is right and good for us as Whites. This means what helps us survive, expand, evolve and be happy is good and right.  If it is good for Whites, it is good. If it is bad for Whites, it is bad. But, herein lies something that must be understood. Good and bad for Whites does not just mean what is good and bad right now and for the person we see in the mirror. It also means what is good for our DNA code that is inside us and which makes us who and what we are and which also makes us part of all pure Whites.

Of course, there are universals, but there are also particulars. And we must, as White people, look out for ourselves as White people first and always, and put nothing in front of or above Whiteness. This means, in part, we must not put false universal religions above Whiteness. Everything must be for Whiteness. Our lives, our religions, our world view, our philosophy, our culture, our nations, our beliefs, our politics...everything...must put Whiteness above all else. There must be no fragmentation of ourselves-no alienation from our most essential selves--our White Genome--all must be integrated into Whiteness and flow from it. We are a distinct people. A tribe. A Race. A genetic collective. We are not the same as other peoples just as they are not the same as other peoples. We must not blend ourselves away by mating with other peoples. Period.
To understand why across the board universal ethics and morality are wrong with respect to us as Whites, one needs to understand the reality of the gene wars (you may prefer the terms gene struggles or gene contests), which are eternal and necessary for evolution to work.

The gene wars are simply different versions of genes trying to replace other versions for the same characteristics, and the gene wars start in us during our conception. When the male sperm, carrying approximately 10,000 genes, meets the female egg, also carrying approximately 10,000 genes, there is a competition as the various versions of genes compete for dominance to build a new human.

There are thousands of competitions that have to be fought and won when the male and female DNA codes meet to create a new human. Which characteristics from the father or the mother will win in the new human? Which eye color, hair color and texture, nose shape, lip shape, body type, brain characteristics and on and on and on will the new human have? Now, these gene wars seem fairly benign within our bodies, especially when the mother and father are of the same race, but when they are of different races, the gene wars are not as benign and one race beats the other on various characteristics including one of the most obvious characteristics: skin color.

Francis Crick put it this way:"Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection."-- Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA) 

With the above in mind, you also have to understand that you have a natural right to exist and to exist as you are, as a White person. You have that right simply because you do exist.You are the most important person in the world to yourself. It cannot be otherwise. Without you, nothing else matters to you since without you, you are nonexistent. And, as you think along these lines you must realize that no one is more important than you or has any more right to exist or to any part of existence of the planet than you. This is your planet. Kings, Queens, presidents, prime ministers, billionaires, religious leaders, whoever--no one is more important than you. You take no second seat to any of them.

You are you, and you are important. Without you, there is nothing for you.  You have a right to exist and to seek happiness and you have the right to your freedom. You have a right to associate with or not associate with any other persons for any reasons you so choose. You are the King or Queen of yourself. No other humans and no groups or governments of humans have a right to restrict your peaceful freedoms and when they do try to restrict them, they must not be obeyed. You have all freedoms that do not directly harm others. You have the freedom to think and act in your own best interests, to believe as you want, to express yourself as you want, to comment freely as you think is appropriate on any and all matters that concern you. You can associate or disassociate with any individuals or groups of individuals or races or ethnicities for any reason that you want. It is your life, it is your business and it is not the business of others to tell you who you can associate with or not associate with.

You are here. All of existence, for you, depends on your existence. Nothing matters if you are not here. It is the same with the rest of us. But, you also need to understand that you, as the person you see in the mirror, are created by your White Genome. Your White Genome has many aspects.  In you, some aspects of the White Genome are absolutely unique and not like any other genome.  However--and going from the specific you to ever more general levels--you share the next level of that code with your family and then your extended family and then with all Whites, and so on and so on and you can keep extending this right out to ever more general categories such as mammals, organisms, minerals, subatomic particles and energies because at some level they are part of you. 

However, it makes no logical or practical sense to go beyond Whites for your identity. Feeling one with all minerals, for example, because you are made of minerals makes no sense. And, feeling one with all non-White humans also makes no sense. So, we stop our identity train with all Whites. Whites look like you and think like you and act like you, as looked at statistically, because they are like you. They have the same White Genome that reads non-Jewish White person as you do.

Our ethical and moral code--what is right and what is wrong--flows naturally, in a secular sense, from the ways of existence as they really are, and informs our understanding of the primary importance of our White Genome and our genes to our existence as we see ourselves in the mirror and as the recipe that makes us who and what we are and for our future life within our offspring if we mate correctly with our own kind.

Just a few words here about some of what is immoral for us as Whites because we are White, and these are particular to us and are part of the extra burden we carry to do what is commanded of us alone by the Creator.

It is immoral for Whites to butt into the affairs of non-Whites or to let non-Whites butt into our affairs. We have our White trajectory and destiny and non-Whites have theirs. The different destinies should not be blended together or mixed. It is immoral for Whites to miscegenate, to have abortions if the baby is White, to limit our family size, to commit suicide, to practice celibacy, to not have as many pure White children as possible, to knowingly or foolishly put our lives in danger, to go to war for false causes. In other words, we must survive, we must live as long as possible so that we may breed to our maximum and it is by breeding to our maximum and by breeding only White that will help bring about our evolution to a higher type. It is necessary to have vast numbers of our kind for the plan of the Creator to evolve a higher type of us to work most efficiently. We may not understand why this is so, but it is revealed.

Some make the mistake of saying we must breed for quality. This is false thinking. The Creator demands we breed for the most Whites possible and has revealed that quality will follow naturally.

The highest morality for Whites is to be truly White. To be as we are born to be and to not hobble ourselves with false morality and false values which is what false religions do to us. We must be us. And the us that Whites are is a race (we're really a subspecies, but we'll use the term race here for convenience) that invents, explores, builds. We are scientists and engineers by nature--at least in our ideal forms. It is part of our nature. It is part of our DNA code.

Our happiness depends on us facing the world as Whites and in not trying to be less than we can be and in not trying to fit non-Whites into our genetic program or societies or us into theirs. They do not have our genetic program and they are a bad fit into Whiteness, just as we are a bad fit into their genetic programs.
1. White Genome is a synonym for White DNA Code.

2. Whiteness, White, and Pure Whites as used here refer to non-Jewish Whites of European descent no matter where they were born or live and who are the children of two White parents who are themselves the children of two White parents. 


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