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"Hey, man," said Homeless Jack, "the Pope is in the news again and the dark forces are after him. The guy seems to have some understanding of the same stuff that Arman teaches. It's too bad the Pope is so wrapped up with Christianity, otherwise I might try to convert him to Arman's religion.

"The Pope pissed off gays and Jews in his new book 'Memory and Identity.' It's the Pope's understanding of how important life is that led him to write things that angered both groups. Kind of funny coming from the leader of a religion that seems to worship death.

"He got the gays upset because he says that gay marriage is part of the "ideology of evil" in the world today. Homosexuals want homosexuality to be considered normal. Normal? How can it be normal to switch the sexual urge needed to reproduce into actions that cannot lead to reproduction? God and/or nature wants us to go forth and multiply. See, I understand the Pope. He wasn't really commenting on the gay lifestyle, but on the fact that it leads to non-reproduction.

"Sometimes the Pope gets things right. Sex was not made pleasurable by nature just to be pleasurable or just to have sex. It was made that way so people would want to engage in it and thus make more copies of themselves. Anything that stops them from making more copies of themselves is unnatural. No, I don't mean that in a straight laced or blue nosed way but we need to learn the lessons of nature. We need to observe things around us and ask questions about why things are as they are and why we are as we are. Nature is an economical engineer. It doesn't usually make things that have no purpose. It is the same with the sex drive and sex. They exist to take inert chemicals and transform them into what we call life. But nature doesn't stop there. Nature "wants" each living thing to struggle to become the primary life form. And, that's what life is all about: struggle to be the one on top. Most living things don't have the intellectual equipment to understand this. It doesn't matter. Nature is the great thrower against the wall. It just keeps changing things, and living things are mostly on an automatic conveyor belt of change. They have no idea where they are going or what they will eventually become but they're changing anyway.

"You want to know how nature works and what scientists will one day understand about all of existence? It is the spinning that is important. The spinning is the engine of creation and destruction and the furnace and forge of existence. It is the changer and the changed. It is without and it is within. Stop the spinning and all will cease to be. Sometimes the spinning looks like a wheel. Sometimes it looks like a spiral. Sometime it looks like a swastika. Sometimes it looks like a faraway galaxy. Sometimes it looks like water flushing out of your toilet. It is the spinning that is the conveyor belt. The spinning brings the light and eats the dark.

"We humans are also on nature's automatic conveyor belt, but there's a difference. We can understand the way nature works and we can consciously direct our evolution by making various choices in our lives that can change the future of our family lines and the world. We can spin and we can surf the spinning forces of the cosmos.

"The main way we direct our evolution is through mating choices. If we choose not to have children, then we are genetic dead ends and what we are as individuals dies with us. We might as well not have lived at all. If we choose poor mates, we may doom our lines to extinction or lower states. However, if we have a proper mental picture of the ideal of our type, and if we struggle to find mates who have the physical attributes we see in this proper mental picture, then we are moving our lines toward that ideal one birth at a time. If our children are taught right and if they also carry that ideal in their minds, then they too will move us forward by mating properly. And, so it will go. If we mate right, we may correct flaws in our own family lines so that our children will be better than us. Our mating choices are probably the most important choices we can make in life. And don't forget, we live on in our children and our children's children and on and on so long as the lines remain pure.

"This mating stuff is an important part of the big picture. I figure the Pope understands this on some level, yet he messed up in life by being celibate. If the Pope really wants to do God's work, he'll put an end to priestly celibacy and he'll go out and have children while he still has some breath left in him. If he doesn't do this, his line will end with him. Pity. He has good genes and they'll be lost to us.

"Many other people are asleep and don't have any idea of the big picture. They just lead meaningless lives as though they're rats of something. They don't understand how we fit in the big picture. This whole thing about reproducing really is amazing. Lifeless minerals are transformed into a higher state that we call life and it's all done automatically through the simple process of sex. Amazing. We are like self replicating dirt. We should spend our lives making more of ourselves. With each new one of us, we have the potential of jumping to a higher stage of existence.

"So, you probably want to know how the Pope also managed to piss off a lot of Jews, right? He did it with the same "life" basis that was behind his angering of many gays. He simply compared abortion to the Holocaust. Both homosexuality and abortions stop life. Anyway, many Jews want everyone to believe that the Holocaust is the most momentous thing in history and to believe that nothing is close to it. They're wrong. Abortion is killing far more people than the Holocaust and it may help lead to the extinction of humans. The Pope understands.

"I don't expect the Pope to back down to either group. Even though he doesn't have all the correct beliefs as revealed by Arman, he's still pretty much right on the money about life. The dark forces hate the light and they hate life, and they'll attack anyone, even the Pope, when their ideology of evil is shown for what it is. Get ready to hear some people say the Pope is racist and anti-Semitic and homophobic.

"It doesn't matter who the dark forces attack, they are on the wrong side of the spinning and even though they try to deny the truth, the truth is the truth and it will win.

"This is for another conversation, maybe, but the dark forces--the bigots and tyrants among the elites in Germany and France and other nations who are trying to put out the light by persecuting their people and who are keeping them from reading or hearing the truth or displaying sacred symbols are going to lose. The truth is the truth and it will win."

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