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You see that headline up above, man? Asked Homeless Jack. That's what some awakened Whites believe and they point out that Hitler was trying to save Whites from our present day where we see Whites being attacked on every front because of the color of our skin and where we see rampant miscegenation as the White genome is being invaded by non-White DNA.

To Whites who are this awakened, Hitler was a savior, a religious leader, a saint, a prophet sent to save Whites. He is revered as such and his image and copies of Mein Kampf are often found where they pray. 

I did an Internet search for Mein Kampf and here's what popped up: "MEIN Kampf, Adolf Hitler's infamous and evil autobiography, is where the Nazi leader laid out his disgusting visionof the future. A new version of the extensive work, whose title translates as 'My Struggle', became a bestseller in Germany after selling 85,000 copies since being published a year ago. "  

I made four of the words bold  in the above quotation so you wouldn't miss them.  This is the way subconscious hatred of Hitler (and all Whites) is seeped into the minds of the unwary by the haters of Whites--just always use very strong negative adjectives as though these are views that everyone has or should have.  Don't be a chump, man, and don't buy what these White haters are selling.  

Hitler's Mein Kampf was actually not infamous, it was and still is famous.  It is not evil but is about what is good and right and even sacred.  It does not have a disgusting vision of the future, but a great vision of the future that we would now have had Germany won the war.  

We non-Jewish Whites are supposed to quake in our boots when we are called Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and Racists.  I don't quake, man. I know that people who try to stop us from free thinking and using our voices to benefit OUR people often hate our people or are White but are brainwashed into self-hatred so that they favor those who are against our people. I know that we are a good and decent people who worship God as He is and with His help we fear no one.

The line that we Whites are supposed to toe is that Hitler was evil and that no one should say a good word about him.  I don't toe that line.

My views regarding Hitler are strongly informed by my views of what it means to be White and by my religious views as bolstered by the true history of WWII and the events surrounding it.  I believe that God does intervene when He wants in human situations.  I believe He has a Will and a purpose of His own and that we are selected to help Him by doing His will.

Reports about Hitler that have been made sometimes say he seemed possessed when he spoke before crowds.  Those reports may be right, but contrary to those who say Hitler was evil, he was possessed by the spirit of God and goodness.  Hitler wanted to improve mankind and he wanted to save Whites from genocide and being blended away. 

Hitler's ideas were/are great for White survival and expansion.  Why should Whites hate him? Hitler never called us goyim (cattle). He never thought of Whites as lower animals.

Cut through the propaganda and lies and strip away the conditioning and get to the nub of the matter. Hitler was good for White people and although he was a creature of his times, had he come on the scene today, he would be seen to be completely pro-White and would now understand that Whites must unite as Whites whether they are from so-called Western nations or so called-Eastern nations.  

We are all one great white tribe and we face an existential enemy--all non-white peoples who want to wipe us off the face of the earth.  As I've said before, man, these non-white peoples pose a danger to our continued existence simply by their presence.  They may not individually hate us or mean us harm and they may even mean us well (according to their lights) but they still pose a danger just as a virus with no brain and thus no intent to harm us may harm us simply by its presence.  

Nature has blind workings that keep working whether we know it or not and as humans we are born to study, investigate and try to understand nature and in doing so we often mistakenly assume that some of the blind workings of nature are really just the workings of humans.

What did Hitler want ultimately?  Many try to answer that questions but  most don't get it.

Hitler received the Spirit of the Lord and that's why his speeches were so great.  That's why a nobody rose to lead Germany.  God intervened and wanted Germany to save all White people from extinction and to increase our numbers so that every piece of land on this planet teemed with our kind.  

Unfortunately, Hitler made mistakes and instead of staying inside the borders of Germany and increasing the population there until Germany was bursting at the seams, Hitler invaded Poland and this started the downward spiral that ended up with millions of White people--both Germans and non-Germans being killed.

Had Hitler just increased the birthrate in Germany and been patient, which is what God wanted him to do, the plan of the Lord would have worked, but many things were out of Hitler's control and events went the wrong way.

Still, Hitler is considered a Saint to many Whites who believe in the religion of Whiteness and they point out that the second world war was not the end of the struggle and was really just a battle along the way to bringing in God's light and goodness to the planet through the White genome.

Heil the Sacred Light that blesses us and infuses us, man.  Stay White in all ways and breed to your maximum but only breed White.  It is God's command for us alone.  Remember, man, we do not worship Hitler, we only worship God, but we do have our saints and heroes and he is one of them along with Nietzsche and Darwin and some others and we don't give a damn that White haters don't like who we say are important White people.  Hitler was one of us, he was not a hater of Whites. He never called us goyim (cattle) or thought that we were like farm animals.

Mind your own White business, be a good person, don't be impolite to anyone, use your common sense as you adhere to the religion of Whiteness and don't feel obligated to tell anyone of your religious beliefs unless you want to do so. Try to stay separate from all other kinds but do it politely and without making a big deal about it. speak softly and avoid loud and obnoxious people. Study all the days of your life and get the best education you can. And, most important of all, make as many more White children in your image as you can and start young.  We lose too many of our kind before they breed.  Don't be a dead end. Have White children starting today.

It is not other species that are a danger to us; they can't mate with us and destroy our White genome and family lines; they have teeth and claws but those don't bother us.

It is members of our own species who are of different races (really sub-species) who are a danger to us because they can mate with us and use our sperm and eggs to produce non-Whites. It is a fact that our biggest danger comes from other humans who are not our kind and it not even so much from direct violence from them that is the real danger, but the fact that they can mate with us. 

Those of us who are the most devout have symbols like this on us at all times, said Homeless Jack, and with this he displayed a homemade small 6 armed fylfot tattoo along with the symbol for DNA on the underside of his right forearm.

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