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You can believe anything you want, man,  and you never have to prove or justify your beliefs to anyone else.   You can keep your beliefs to yourself or you can share them with others. That's your call.

Belief is important.  I call what I believe God or the Ineffable Divine or the Greater Power or by various other names.*

I believe, from science, in the reality that all of existence is composed of ever smaller material things and then to non-material things behind the material  things in a taxonomy of existence that goes something like this: our everyday reality as we humans experience it, then smaller to molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, vibrations, frequencies, energies, waves, and forces. These ever small material things and then non-material things are the framework of and underpinning of our level of reality and maintain it, and they are in all of the world around us. They are in plants, animals, chairs, cars and everything else.

I further believe that in the subatomic realm  someplace, or maybe everyplace, there is a unique something that has no body but has intelligence, consciousness, a will, a purpose, a plan, and that we Whites are a special and unique part of that purpose and plan.  It can be called God. I also believe in nature and evolution which may even be partial or complete  synonyms for that unique something in the subatomic realm. I believe He/It is either in the subatomic realm or is the subatomic realm and existence itself. Who can know?  We can only speculate.

During our present Dark Age of ignorance and evil where good is called evil and  evil is called good and  in which many are trying to exterminate Whites, righteous pro-White beliefs are very important for our survival. Maybe that's why God has come with instructions and commands for us in this age.

The religious views I have come from Arman's Teachings. If you want to believe, just do it. That's what I do. There is nothing to join. No one asks who you are. No one asks for money. No one will contact you. No one knows who you are.  No one knows what you believe in your heart.  What you believe is your business and no one else's. In life you are going to have some sort of beliefs, whether you can articulate them or not and whether or not  they involve the bigger questions of existence such is there a God and why are we here. So, I've chosen my beliefs and they give me meaning and purpose. No more drifting, man.  I'm focused because I believe as I believe and no one can shake me of my core beliefs which are good, just, kind, true, non-violent and righteous.

If you follow  Arman's Teachings, which are all about life and living long and being happy and never harming others or doing evil, there are a few basic things you should do: Keep a light burning all the time. Say a short silent thank you for your existence morning and night, live right, live White, have the sacred symbols next to or on your skin or on a pendant or ring. Have as many White children as possible. Study and learn from everything and everyone.  Separate out from all non-Whites if possible so there is no DNA transfer.  Be a good person and do no harm and treat all others as you want to be treated.

Your home is your most important religious sanctuary. You can believe and pray all alone, or if you live near others with White religious beliefs, group meetings are even better. You are the boss of yourself, man.

As I said above, God is everywhere because He exists in the subatomic realm where the ever spinning, ever spiraling, ever moving dance of existence creates and maintains existence. This is the realm where matter comes into being from vibrations, frequencies,  energies, waves, and forces and which is behind our everyday reality. The subatomic level, responds to our prayers and the symbols we use in unknown but scientific ways that in earlier ages would have been called magic. Believe.  It is real. Your Whiteness--your sacred White DNA Code--is the key to unlock the secrets of the universe. Your sacred White DNA Code is the word of God written in flesh and it is the holiest of holy books. Open your mind and heart to it and activate your potential.

Below are my beliefs presented here in simple declarative sentences. I think all Whites should believe in these things, but it's up to each White to believe or not believe.

The short version is this:  My race is White and my religion is White. They are one and the same and cannot be separated. 

1.   I believe there is that which we can call God.

2.   I believe He is in the subatomic realm of existence that underpins everything and is the framework of existence and that He has no body and is ineffable.

3.   I believe that He is One and has no son or peers and is far different than is thought by most religions.

4.   I believe that He often works through nature and evolution and that he intervenes; often in subtle ways and often (but not exclusively) through or by things seen or felt in the air, sky and heavens.

5.   I believe He sends instructions, commands and laws to Arman for the right path for our evolution but that we must freely choose to take this right path by ourselves.

6.   I believe that He has selected White people and has given us the dormant  potential to evolve ourselves ever higher by awakening the potential and taking the right path.

7.   I believe the holy symbols of God are spirals and fylfots, often seen in the sky and heavens, and that we must have representations of such with us at all times and preferably on or next to our skin.

8.   I believe that our White skin and other White features  are the external signs of the inner DNA Code and are necessary for our link to God and if we lose our White skin or White features the Code is broken.

9.   I believe that God does what God wants for His benefit and that He picks sides based on what is good for Him and that this is holy, just, righteous and as it should be.

10. I believe that God has picked Whites in the competition for survival and dominance to evolve higher and closer to Him, but that there is no free ride and Whites must make it happen or we will go extinct.

11. I believe in Method Living to help with our evolution and to do the will of God.

12. I believe in Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action.

13. I believe that I do not have to prove or explain my beliefs or justify them to anyone.

14. I believe that we must struggle and compete to purify ourselves in spirit and flesh.

15. I believe that we must avoid all contamination from DNA from other kinds of humans.

16. I believe we must separate and not miscegenate.

17. I believe that we must have as many of our kind of children as possible.

18. I believe that we must avoid danger to ourselves and live as long as possible. Dead heroes do us no good.

19. I believe that we must be good, just, kind, compassionate and righteous people and that we must seek wisdom all the days of our lives.

20. I believe that we must treat all others with respect and dignity as we want to be treated.

21. I believe anything that holds down our White birthrate or results in fewer good Whites is evil.

22. I believe we should do no harm or evil.

23. I believe we must ask of everything: Is this good for White people?

24. I believe we must put ourselves first, then our close family, then our extended family, then all Awakened White people, then all White people.

25. I believe that what is most important in us, as in all things is the internal code that makes whatever exists what it is.  In the case of organisms on earth these are the DNA and RNA Codes with genes, etc.

26. I believe that living right and doing the right deeds is more important than specifics of belief.

27. I believe that we must not harm others with words or deeds and treat them as we want to be treated.

28. I believe that the greatest danger to our survival comes from other types of humans because they can breed with us and contaminate our DNA Code that is our sacred vessel of God and make our lines non-White.

29. I believe that our destiny is permanently united and entwined with our White DNA Code and that we must always keep it pure and that we must help it and us evolve higher and closer to God.

30. I believe Whites must mind our own business and not interfere in the business of any non-Whites and that we are to be indifferent to them and let God do as God wills.

31. I believe that Whites must rid ourselves of false morality that causes us to have too few children and that causes the deceived among  us help our genetic enemies destroy our kind through altruism.

32. I believe in individual liberty and that we may do as we wish so long as we do not harm others and obey the will of God.

33. I believe in self-determination and self-identification and self-sufficiency and all "self" expressions that help us expand our pure DNA Code and live happy lives following the path that God has laid out for our kind alone.

34. I believe that the essence of everything in existence is found in the codes that make each thing as it is, and that in organisms on this planet this code is found in our DNA and RNA.

35. I believe that our White DNA Code may be purer or less pure in some of us and the purer form allows a more conscious experience of God, but all Whites have the potential to one degree or another.

36. I believe in honoring parents and ancestors.

37. I believe that what we actually do, and how we actually live is far more important that the specifics of our beliefs.

38. I believe that each new pure White child born is equivalent to a million prayers.

39. I believe the death of a White person is a tragedy and brings sadness to God.

40. I believe it is important to increase the sheer volume of our White DNA Code in existence so that it expands always and contracts never and that we, as the beings we are who carry the White DNA Code within us, must  constantly increase our numbers by having as many White children as possible and by having as many of us live as long as possible. Our bodies are the temple of the White DNA Code. Without us, it does not exist. Without it, we do not exist.

41. I believe that God does not lack self esteem and does not demand that we do meaningless ritual things to appease Him.

* Believers used to frequently use the term "God Force," but that was before the Star Wars movies came out with a similar term. To avoid confusion with the fictional movie term, the non-fiction term God Force is less used by some believers for the time being.


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