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"Listen to what this article says, man," said Homeless Jack, "as he immediately started paraphrasing a recent news story that he was holding:  

"Scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck Institute in Germany and the University of Sydney say that they've discovered that so-called inorganic galactic [material] can take on attributes of life.
"But, here's the thing that really caught my eye, man. The scientists said that the galactic dust that takes on attributes of life first spontaneously forms itself  into helixes and double helixes. Then, with that shape, the dust has memories and can reproduce itself.
"Also, according to the article, some scientists are now suggesting that the helix could be a common structure that underpins all life."
"So?" I asked.
"Man, haven't you been listening to Arman and me?  This is what Arman has been saying for years. The helix is the spiral that Arman has been talking about. No, Arman didn't mention space dust, but he says that the spiral shape--the helix and double helix--is part of the spinning.  See, the whole friggin' universe. Scratch that--all of friggin' existence depends on spinning. And, with the spinning comes the spiral.
"You know what the universe is? It's a giant cyclotron. But, according to Arman, it's not flat like a cyclotron built by humans, unless you looked at it from the top.
"If you could look at the whole universe from the side and could see the things not visible to our eyes, it would look like a tornado. And, a tornado is a spiral and it also looks like a helix.  The universe creates and destroys by spinning. It is nature's way.  And, not only that, it is mirrored throughout creation. 
"You see it in galaxies, black holes, hurricanes, the water draining out of your toilet, in DNA, in subatomic particles and in everything else in existence if you know how to look. 
And, if you have the right ears you can hear it in nature and in some music. We're all spinning around at mind blowing speed, man. Stop the spinning and we blink out like a candle that is doused.
"Anyway, do you understand what I said about this space dust and DNA, man?   DNA looks like a hurricane or tornado seen from the side, but from the top it looks like the top of a hurricane seen from a satellite.  It also looks like a fylfot.  Arman gets it man. He says believers must have the right symbols on them at all times and right next to the skin if possible. Images of the fylfot and the spiral are keys, links, and more.
"I know this doesn't make complete sense to you, man.  You're locked into the way most humans think about these things. You want to see a string between the lever and the thing acted upon.  That's a logical way of thinking about things in our cause and effect universe, but there are actions that happen without the visible strings. Do you see a string between the garage door opener in your car and your garage door that opens when you push the button?  This is similar to that.  The symbols are the buttons and the strings are unseen.
"You can't even begin to find the answers to the big questions of existence until you understand a little about the spinning, the circling, the turning, the spiraling nature of things.  This is essential. It's why there is an is. It's why there is a something and not just a nothing. It is the way to be and to be more. It is life. It is nature. It is evolution. I've told you before that symbols are important and can be more than just symbols.  The shape and form of these is important.
"Imagine, cosmic dust spontaneously forming what looks like DNA and then acting like DNA.  Who would have thought it possible before this discovery, except Arman? He wasn't surprised by this discovery.
"If you understand some of this, you'll also understand that all of existence is just simple things repeated over and over and over again and that seeming complexity is in the repetition caused by the spinning. The whole universe is constantly being shuffled by itself. It is a big spinning self-organizing machine and it is also that which is spun and organized.  It is sorting and ordering itself endlessly.  And, it shuffles things billions of light years in size, but it also shuffles at the subatomic level and also in our DNA. It's all about spinning, man. 
"If you want to know why there is life, there's the answer.  If you want to know if there's a God, there's the answer.  If you want to know if there's meaning in existence, there's the answer. Understand the spinning and you understand  it all.
"The spinning began with a single point and it has been spinning outward and expanding ever since. As it is, so must we be. But, we must BE consciously. We must expand constantly or we die."
"Why does any of this matter to us?" I asked.
"We're in this universe, man.  We're a part of it.  Why are we here? Why are we the way we are?  What are we to make of race?  How should we live our lives?  What is important and what isn't? Is there a God? What happens when we die?  All of these questions and all other similar questions can only be answered by understanding the basic nature of existence and by looking at how the spinning causes it all. 
"And, to truly understand existence you need to look at that which exists beneath the subatomic particle level. What will you see at that level?  Spinning and spirals and circles; just as you see in the whole expanse of space.
"The eternal spinning, circling, turning and spiraling is the underpinning of existence and of Arman's philosophy and religious teachings, man. It all flows from this.
"Live long and multiply." 

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